And you thought I was ridiculous

I love it when someone writes and and out-ridiculouses me. This is such a time. Alert reader Carrie G. has just educated me on what she calls "sea urchin belly" a delightful form of fur overflow when her kitteh Scout sits like this:




LOL, girl! L to the O to the L.



  1. I’ve noticed male (neutered) cats tend to get sea urchin belly easily. CUTE!

  2. belly puff! Sooooo soft. And don’t you love those neat little front paws?

  3. I call that the “mop”. Heh.

  4. I can see that. Fat kitteh belly.

  5. I LOVE IT!!!
    that cat is just too cute–i’m going to have to gobble him up, he is that cute! with his cute little collar and tag and sea urchin belly! :o)
    just love it.
    can’t stand it.

  6. chet's momma says:

    scout’s trying to suck it in….>*< oofah!

  7. My Maude has that; we call it “udders” around here. And as she’s a black cat her little pink nipples show up really well on them. It’s especially funny when she’s running towards you and you can see them flopping around side to side.

    (Poor Maude. She’s being humiliated in a public forum with no way to defend herself.)

    Oh and I love the MEOW picture frame in the bg.

  8. BELLY!!!!!

    Egads, what is this, The TriSnorgathlon?

    [Damn this slow internet, or I’d have been first! ;)]

  9. Yeah, it’s cute on a cat. On me, not so much.

  10. bless, my friend’s cat mitsie has that – tis completely cutafuzzle

  11. martha in mobile says:

    aka ESO – “Enhanced Snorgling Opportunity”

  12. We call that the change purse. It’s where they keep their dubloons.

    Or the dust ruffle, though the dust ruffle is more the effect of long fur on the tummy on an otherwise shortish furred cat.

    p.s. for a stray cat related etsy store fundraiser, click homepage link.

  13. Proof that the Catkins diet does not work.

    Not that it was ever necessary. Never mock the floppy floofiness!

    And Scout is an EXCELLENT name. If Carrie owns another kitteh, please make it be called Catticus!

  14. At our house it’s called “penguin belly,” or with a tip of the hat to the Japanese: “pengu beri.” Because doesn’t it look like that little ruff of fur n fat that a daddy penguin cuddles his egg in?

  15. ShelleyTambo says:

    I think all altered animals get the paunch easily.

    Thalia, your cat sounds just like mine! Her “tiny little boobies”–vet’s term, not mine–never went away after she had her litter. (The litter that came with her to the shelter. She was promptly spayed once I got her.)

  16. “Dust Ruffle” LOL! Perfect. I’ve got one of those at home.

  17. ‘Round heah we call that the “cat flap,” and both my boys have it BIG TIME.

  18. Omg, “penguin belly”, “dust ruffle” and “change purse”. Those are awesome!

    Maude’s never had kittens, just pink nipples on a black belly. You can see all 8 of ’em laid out in two neat rows when she flops over on her back in that happy sleeping cat pose.

    Totally redonkulous, to use a glossary word. 🙂

  19. Veronika M. Boggess says:

    My kitty, Punkin, just passed away yesterday, 9-19-06, at the age of 15-1/2 years. This kittys coloration and markings remind me of her. She was what is called a sealpoint tabby and she had blue eyes. Thank you for posting your picture – I shall miss her!

  20. BWAHAHAHAH… sea urchin belly. Oh yes, we got alot of those at my house.
    One of our foster vets once called it the “indoor cat belly.”

  21. AWW, I fostered a 14-yr old kitty girl whose mom died and she had that! I called it jelly belly, no kittens, just age. Thalia, yes, whenever she ran toward me her belly flopped side to side. I loved her even more for it… Jelly girl. 🙂

  22. Scout's Mom says:


    Scout’s mom here. Thanks for all the *kind* comments.

    Scout’s Sea Urchin Belly is also known as the Trouble Bubble. I think some day he will knock himself over when he runs down the hall because of the swaying of the belly!!

    My other cat is Col. Mustard. (But I like Catticus!).

  23. Whatever you call them, they look very uncute after being shaved for belly surgery, especially on a white-bellied cat. “What’s that horrible pink thing lying on his feet?” “That’s his stomach.” (Christopher, I’m sorry, but it didn’t look good. Poor guy was a starving stray when we took him in, but he made up for it real fast– like Scarlett O’Hara: “As God is my witness, I’ll never be hungry again!”)

  24. LOL, sea urchin belly. now THAT is funny!

  25. cat hang

  26. Aw, my kitten Chula acquired one of those right after we had her spayed. She’s still a cutie patootie though–click on my name for pre-spayed pics. She’s the calico, and the black kitty is the late, lamented Buster.

  27. ShelleyTambo says:

    Thalia, maybe not so much like my cat. My cat only shows the two that are on her cat flap. I have tons of pictures of her laying on her side, a black blob with bright pink spots toward the nether end. Between that and the belly wobble, she’s getting kind of sensitive about her weight.

  28. Oh my goodness, the look on his face, the paws, the flabby-flab…he’s full of the ridonkulousness!

  29. Veronika – Condolences on the loss of your kitty companion. My boy is 12 and I’m hoping to have him healthey and around for as long as is his time to be with me.

    As for me and Elvis, I took him to the vet not too long ago for teeth extraction as he had bad gingivitis. I made the joke, “Yeah, we’re both getting older, gaining weight in our pooch bellies and have bad teeth.”

    The vet and tech just kind of looked at each other and didn’t know what to say. I, however, cracked myself up. I had just undergone two root canals so I thought it was particularly timely.

  30. Oh, Veronika, so sorry about your Punkin-poos. Furry luvs to you.

    I’m so glad that my Simone isn’t the only one with boobies. She overgrooms the last two, so they’re pink and round with little nibblies and everything. Just two of them. Positively pornographic.


  31. My spayed and neutered kitties all drape like that, especially as they get older. Ages ago, my 1st special cat, a creamy, one-eyed male named Fini, had the biggest ever. It would easily cover his back feet when he sat up. A vet back in Sebastopol called it ‘Jungle Pouch’ and I think that’s appropriate for pint-lions, or trough-tigers or whadev..

  32. Mr. Kitty disapproves of your judgement of his urchin tummy.

  33. Veronika, my sympathies on the loss of your lovely girl.

  34. Is it me or does he look annoyed? Like why isn’t HIS picture in a fun frame like the one above his head?

    Maybe he’s holding out for a complete shrine to his redunkness.

  35. Shelly Tambo: “I think all altered animals get the paunch easily.”

    Er, um, yes, that’s my excuse. I must be altered.

    (Bemoans the fact that blobby bellies are cute on cats and dogs, but not so cute on humans.)

  36. So that’s what its called! All three of my cats have that same belly. And here I just thought they were fat…

  37. This is known around here as “apartment flap”!

  38. sea urchin belly is raDical!

  39. Furry, kitty udder.

  40. Now, my cousin taught me to call urchin belly (which is completely awesome, btw) a FUPA.

    That of course stands for Fat
    er, um, never mind.

  41. My kitty has one of these. We call it a petticoat or pantaloons.

  42. you guys r silly says:

    I LIKE your theory about why he “looks annoyed” but that
    his picture in the frame!!!
    He’s on the left, and his buddy, Colonel Mustard is on the right!
    Yay for Scout & his flubby trouble bubble and Yay for Carrie !!!

  43. We called it Reverse Camel Hump… somebody needs a Tummy Tuck! Our Cleo had one, but she did NOT enjoy having it snorgled.

  44. She’s not fat, she’s just big-furred.

  45. Ahh! Snoodle da belly!!!

    My sister’s cats both have the floppy belly thing going on. And her youngest Kira(a.k.a. Kira-boo, or Boo-Boo) is a tuxedo kitty with a pink belly. So My sis calls her, “Pink belly Boo!” {giggle}

  46. Hees face loooks verrry suspicious.

  47. What a lovely fellow. He can come sit on my desk anytime, even with belly floppage.

  48. Scout's Mom says:

    He’s not annoyed. He is just scheming — if he’s not getting himself in trouble, he’s not being Scout!

  49. Heeheehee! Scout looks and sounds like my Evil Max, who is a girl but totally rocks her sea urchin belleh! And here I was feeling guilty because obviously something was wrong – the other two kittehs don’t have it, even though they’re all indoors and speutered.

  50. cripes I thought that was his tail at first – like the meerkat pic – I thought we were doing a tail theme. Sheesh.
    And yeah I agree with whoever it was that said cute on a cat, not so much on me! 😉

  51. michellemybelle says:

    Veronika – me and my kitty have you in our thoughts. Hang in there!

  52. Speaking of fat on cats, anybody else get this on their cat?:

    a) bony-feeling spine (usually indicating too skinny)


    b) big roundish belly in front (indicating quite the opposite)

    I can’t figure out why my Tumbleweed doesn’t spread his fat over himself a little more evenly.

  53. Maria in San Francisco says:

    One of our kats has that –’round our house, it’s called a Fluff Udder!

  54. Veronika, sorry to hear of your tragic loss. Hope your memories of your cat stay strong and happy.

    Isha has that. We call it “swag belleh.” “Hey, catso, got the swag belleh,” then I tap it with my fist like a punching bag. She hates that.

  55. Ha! We call that a “cat flap” at my house too. Our tabby Lucille has always had one and she’s not fat at all. She is spayed though. Hmmmm…

    Cheetahs have them too, apparently. They need the extra tummy skin so they can stretch out as loooooooong as possible when they run.

  56. Laurie C, could just be gravity.

    I’m starting to think that maybe cats are marsupials…

  57. Nice Mittens….

  58. I call it “cat udder”. You know it’s feeding time when you see cat udders swaying in the breeze as they come to you.

  59. All I know is that its where my cat stores all his Love

  60. See? Even cats can get the dreaded ‘Dun-laps’ disease.

  61. My friend and I were just talking about this last night! She always called it a purse and I always called it a pouch. In fact, my cat is named Sophie but I sometimes call her Pouchie.

  62. Oh my gosh…we call our cat’s “her wallet.” Just like her change purse! That’s amazing.
    My dad did make the comment once that if we fed her just a little bit more, we’d have our own cat “Rumba,” like the robot vacuum cleaner.

  63. Cats with dewlaps are the best. To see my three poosie cats toodling down the hallway with their little bellies swaying back & forth? That just slays me, slays me I tell you!

  64. It looks like it keeps his feet warm!

  65. Ahahaha! It’s great to hear so many different names for that kitty belly! Around our house, we call it “The Dangle”. Westley’s swings quite nicely as he trots to his dinner dish, but Mookie still has a nice taut tummy, being just short of 2 years old.

  66. My cat looks EXACTLY like this — stomach flap and all. I’m at work, and now I’m sad because of your picture and now I miss my cat. 😦

  67. Ooh! Ooh! We call our Morganna’s belly her “post-uterine sag,” but that’s really too technical most of the time, so it goes by “the fuzz.” instead. I really like “fluff udder.”

  68. At our house, we call these the “low-rider parts.” But I’m liking “cat flap.” And “sea-urchin belly.” Lucky for me, both my kittehs *love* the tummy-snorgling!

  69. Change purse! I love it!

    I asked my vet about this when I adopted Benny, age 5, because his is REALLY big. Like when he runs to the kitchen for his kibbles, it swings back and forth quite violently. Fatty, age 9, has just a small bit of fluff there even though he is shaped like a football and weighs about the same (Benny has a much bigger body shape).

    The vet said it is a fat storage pouch, and in some cats it is naturally much more pronounced than others. She didn’t know of an official name for it.

    Who’da thunk? Does make for excellent pantaloons, but Benny would probably claw my face off if I tried to snorgle it. He’s the ‘reserved but wants to sit nearby’ type.

  70. michellemybelle says:

    I call it “pudge” on kiki, but I’m really liking “cat flap” and “apartment flap.” They’re all so descriptive – good work!

  71. acelightning says:

    My neutered male marmalade tabby – age 15 and still goin’ strong – has a modest bit of a paunch like that. I call it a “sporran”, after the pouch that kilt-wearing Scots have hanging on their front…

  72. Redzilla, I was also about to compare his belly to a penguin. The little white paw there even reminds me of an egg. 🙂

  73. darbysangel says:

    While I think the sea-urchin belly is absolutely adorable, that’s not my favorite part of this little guy.

    It’s the FEETS!!! Look at those feets! Snow-white and so poufy and perfect…

    I love aminal feets 🙂

    (yes. aMiNal. say it. It’s fun. Aminal!)

  74. omg…he’s all like “I’m hot,” posing there all serious-like. Little does he know about the fluffy little critter sitting on his feet, ruining his image.

  75. No time…..for comments…just REALLY LOUD LAUGH at Sea Urchin BEeeeelleeeeh! HAAAA!

  76. Cute pic! Oddly, i have an adorable female tabby named Scout who looks like this ones relative.

  77. I call it the “I’ve Been Nuetered! Paunch”, because on both of my boys it showed up soon after being fixed.

    I LOVE all the different names people have for it.

  78. In our house, we call it their “skirt”

  79. Our Bijou has this, and we call it her sag sack. Very floppy when she runs!

  80. It’s a kitty hatching a tribble!

  81. Paunchy Villa! My Beauty has a bit of swingage himself. He likes me to knead it while he kneads my blanket.

  82. I love Scout’s expression. He’s so aloof and dignified. He’s like, “Are you photographing my gut again? Oh, give it a rest woman! You sicken me! Truly. You’re so trashy.”

  83. in my family we call that “bonus beast”–because it’s a part of the cat that you can only get as a special reward after taking very good care of him for a long time.

  84. Only one of my five cats has it, but I thought it might have been because she had a litter of kittens when she was brought to the shelter. Of course, that wouldn’t account for the fact that male cats can get it too. But it’s just so funny when she runs through the house and it swings back and forth, so we call her “Flabby Abby.” Sorry, Morgan. 😦

  85. mif sez: “in my family we call that “bonus beast”–because it’s a part of the cat that you can only get as a special reward after taking very good care of him for a long time.”

    That is so sweet, I like that!

  86. Heehee…. ok, around here it’s an “udder”.

  87. Scout….Catticus (Finch)—shades of to kill a mocking bird..LOL

  88. Lol bills!

  89. Swing tummeh! Both of my girls have this!

    The look on this kitteh’s face reminds me of a slimy middle-aged guy at the bar. “You know you want me. Yes, I know you do,” as his paunch hides his view of his feet.


    My kitteh (10 yrs old next month!) has a tummy flap. When she runs, it flips from side to side.

  91. you guys r silly says:

    *FLUBB* !!
    MY kitty likes me to
    her’s when I give her a big hug & a smooch. And I always say to her “Here’s your flubb!!!”

  92. On female cats I call this “WombDropper”. I had a manx who went by the various names of WombDropper, Wombie, Womber.

  93. All 3 of my cats have this. But 2 of them have it so bad that their “flaps” swing wildy from side to side when trotting!

  94. In my neck-o-the-woods, we call it “pouch”

  95. Trouble Bubble! Scout’s Mom, that is adorable! lol I have a girl kittypus who suffers from the same affliction, Sugaree is her name and I love to sing her the song when she runs and it sways, “Shake it, shake it, Sugaree…”

  96. Scout's Mom says:

    Ha! That is too funny!

    There was a commercial a few years back for a pet superstore (I think) that showed a very large gray kitty with a very pronounced S.U.B. trotting down the hall, belly swaying WAY back and forth. The song playing was “I feel the earth move under my feet…” Totally cracked me up!

  97. I love the look on Scout’s face. He’s all like dont take my picture, DONT you do it! DONT DO IT!!! NOOOO I look SOOOOO F-A-T! I will scratch your eyes out thus-ly!

  98. butteredtoast says:

    how much cuter can you get

  99. Spambot Alert! Spambot Alert! Sic the kittens on it! Fling puddin’s at it! Cry havoc, and let slip the Pugs of War!!


  100. Ha! My friend jo called it tummy skirts, but I think sporran and dust ruffle are FAB.

  101. Danette Westfall says:

    Our two cats have it and we call it their “belly poof”. They are very sensitive about theirs and don’t like them being touched… but I just absolutely love to snorgle them! The hair is so soft on their belly poofs!

  102. Weighing *ahem* in on this issue a bit late, but I’ve heard that phenomenon called “spay sway.” My silver lynx point Siamese mix Smudge, sadly missing since August, had a beautiful example of it, all flipsy-flopsy when she’d trot around.

  103. Sea urchin belly? man that’s a big ol’ kitty sack if I seen one. My 18 year old girl “Catrina” has one too. Her kitty sack wiggles and jiggles, swings and sways, and works as a swifter when it drags on the ground.

  104. Around my house we call it a wuggie…