The first ever bat on C.O.

We’re not against bats here at C.O. headquarters. Really. It’s just hard to find a prosh-enough bat to post. Well, those days are over thanks to alert reader Melissa S. Melissa spied this previously "overlooked source of BEF!" from a mile away. I like his little wing nubbins.


Bats off to you <groooooan> Melissa S. 😉



  1. I love bats!

  2. They’re just cute little flying mice! Love them and be nice to them!!

  3. Eep! It’s a schweet little face.

    Batties get a bad rap. They’re pretty darn good at keeping the mosquito population at bay–try installing a bat house on your property.

  4. Oh! I love the reddish muzzle~
    Tis a fruit bat, eh?

  5. bats are sooo cool.

    love the bats.

  6. michellemybelle says:

    His little nosey is so shiny – I love bats too (especially when they’re all wrapped up in baby blankies looking all adorables and junk).

  7. It’s amazing to watch “batrobatics” as they swoop around catching mosquitos. I keep my pets vaccinated for rabies in case they encounter a sick one, but by and large they’re wonderful little critters.

  8. Awwww, I love the beady-eyed baby bat! His little blankie is so prosh…

  9. We had a whole population of bats living in the mess-hall attic, at one of the summer camps where I used to work. They were our good luck charms & they ruled… except when one would get lost and end up flying around disoriented in a bunkhouse.

  10. w00t 10th post 😀

  11. Wow. I think a bat is cute. What is the world coming to?! Hee!

    Hey, they eat bugs, right? Then bats are my friends.

  12. Oh man – I love bats but my sweetie picked up rabies from a cute little brown bat this summer and now I just can’t look at them the same way every again!

  13. If you look at him upside down he looks like a furry Yoda. Snorful, snorful.

  14. InsanityKnocks — more like InanityKnocks, eh? Sheesh.

  15. Well, he IS very fuzzy. I could snorgle him a little.

  16. Sass… I hope everything is OK. The shots are still nasty, but the alternative…

  17. Bats are fuzzy gargoyles. I should get one as a pet. He could eat all my skeeters.

  18. FINALLY! I love it. Bats = one of my favorite animals!

  19. I used to work at an old dairy that had been converted into a nursery with a gift shop upstairs in the barn. I do love bats, I think they’re really fascinating and kinda cute in a gargoyley kind of way, but sweeping up their poo, and digging it out of the cracks in the flooring because it’s gotten caked in there, isn’t really fun.

  20. Yay! A bat on CO! They are so cool to watch. I think it’s Austin, TX that has a big bat cave. Some have cute little faces but mostly i like them for their insect eating abilities! No bugs=happy me.

  21. Oooh, look at the pwetty Mr. Batlingtons. Wiff his liddle droopy ears…


  22. cute ikkle batty bo

  23. Do you all know that bats are big carriers of Rabies? Not so cuddly after that. You cannot legally keep a bat as a pet. At least in my area. Check with local conservation department. There are very strict rules about that.

  24. Christine, you’re harshing my CO buzz.

  25. Bat in a blankie? Something’s not right here….

  26. martha in mobile says:

    We saw, up close and personal, the tiniest wee ickle bats at the Florida Caverns (in the Panhandle, near Marianna). Touchably close (though of course we didn’t, having good bat manners and all).

  27. shutterbug74 says:

    Christine, lots of animals carry rabies. Here is some info on bats and rabies:

    You have a better chance getting killed by a dog than by getting rabies from a bat.

  28. Angela Berry says:

    Where is his mommy?

  29. There’s Nuffinghams… then there’s Eeyores. But wherever evil lurks (however mild and non-threatening it may be), I will be there. Lurking. In a blankie.

    – Batman

  30. er… cape. Make that, in a cape.

  31. I think that’s a kevlar cape, T. Whatever he’s nestling in, in terms of cuteness he is battng 1000%.

  32. Love, love, love bats. Very anerable, AND they eat mosquitoes! Woohoo!

    I woke up to one flying in my bedroom last summer. I threw a towel over him, opened my window, and let him out. Boy, did he screech when I got him! Anyway, it was a happy ending. I don’t know why people get freaked out by bats.

  33. That’s just freaky, I just this evening went bat-watching!


  34. Thanks for the love, MamaDawn – he is okay now, but there were a couple of days when we werent sure if we’d gotten to the doctor too late.

    The shots do have the interesting, documented side effect of causing a month-long period of “malaise”, which seems to be a codeword for “grumpiness” 🙂

  35. [gives Aubrey a double-dewclaws-up salute]

  36. We had one swooping around in the house just 2 nights ago!! Griffin kitty & i chased him & i caught him with a big goldfish net & set him free. he was very cute, but NOT very happy!!

  37. Sass… I thought “malaise” was what husbands got when they turn 50 (at least mine did… serious grumpiness and a very large motorcycle he promply totaled). Glad all is ok now. We like our peeps malaise free.

  38. He looks like he’s chewing on the edge of his blankie. Do bats teethe? 🙂

  39. There was always this chirping outside my old house at night and I used to sigh happily and think “cicadas.” Then my vet said, no, it’s bats. And they all have rabies. *shudder*

    I still think they are adorable, but, like adorable fluffy spiders (whom I love), I think I will keep my distance.

  40. fear not the bat; you are more likely to get food poisoning from the potato salad at the company picnic than get rabies from a bite.

    let’s not propogate the bat hate.

  41. awwwww! little bat-ling!

    *pets very carefully*

    I saw a very little batbaby at the zoo – it looked like a wrinkly wet leather glove until they took it out to feed it from a little syringe! slurp slurp!

    Then they tucked it back into its little blankie basket, and it rustled around a bit and then stuck one teenytiny claw out to grip the edge of the basket. Cuz it just felt better with feet up and attached to something!

  42. Also, interesting bat-baby fact…Mommy bats usually hang upside down, but when they give birth they turn right-side-up, hang by their little wing-nub-thumbs, and then squirt the baby out and catch it with their feets!

  43. MD – Mostly he just announces “Hey! I’m rabid!” in a petulant tone of voice when he doesn’t want to do something 🙂

    And I think it’s a pretty reasonable proposition to think that bats are awesome/cute’n’fuzzy/beautiful wild animals and still keep in mind that if you are bitten you have to go to the doctor immediately. It’s totally possible to have it both ways…

  44. Eeeeeeee! Baby fruit bat! Yaaaay!

    I love bats! bats bats bats! Oh, and the Austin, TX bats live under a bridge, actually, not a cave.

  45. I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally see a baby batty on CO! I worked with flying foxes in Australia (Austrop — ) and I can tell you that these are some of the most intelligent, curious, and beautiful animals I have encountered. For more baby batty goodness — .

  46. I loved seeing the eensy weensy brown bats in Mammoth Caves in Kentucky. They were no bigger than my thumb. So cute!
    This guys eyes are amazing! Buggy buggy, where’s his buggies?

  47. There is a well known bat cave betwixt Austin and San Antonio- Bracken Cave. (closer to San Antonio)

    Has the largest population of warm blooded animals – in the world . 20 million Mexican freetail bats. They show up on the weather radar at night.

    Plus there are many, many other large colonies of bats through out Texas. Given that we STILL have tons of bugs and skeeters, I can’t imagine how bad it would be without our bat-ly friends.

  48. *happy-shriek!!*

    Wing nubbins!!!! xD

  49. fatal fluffy, what bizarre but cute little bats on your link! More wonders of our diverse planet. That yawn in December looks more like a Tasmanian devil than a bat.

  50. omg, look at their HANDS!
    The pics on your link are fascinating, fatal fluffy.

    Simply incredible creatures!

  51. What, not one single comment on the teeny bitsy fluff of a wisp of fur sticking out of his right ear?!? It’s like a tiny cowlick!

    Yay bats!

  52. Thats cute, but not nearly as cute as Honduran White Bats which look like fluffy snow balls and live in packs on the undersides of Palm Leaves. i found a video, but for some reason it will only play huge and pixilated.

  53. Theres a small picture at the bottom of this link:

  54. My ladytype and I went to the zoo last week, and we saw Upside Down Bat Nookie. Yeah, there was a whole lot of nature going on in there.

  55. Yay bats! Eating nasty bugs which will be much more annoying and give you diseases more often than batties.

    There are lots o’ bats at Carlsbad Caverns, too.

    I have a stuffed bat. When you squeeze his tummy, he plays the Alfred Hitchcock theme.

  56. (chewing on edge of bankie)


    (stops chewing)


    (continues chewing)


  57. “But wherever evil lurks (however mild and non-threatening it may be), I will be there. Lurking. In a blankie.”

    Oo, Theo, you do like to get peeps have their Fanta to go to their noses, do you? *vigourous headshaking*

    Bats are pwetty. Saw one bat-baby last summer, climbing on the wall. I almost stuffed it into my mouth. Then it occured to me that it wouldn’t be a very good idea.


  58. Whoever said that his/her vet says all bats have rabies should be lucky that the vet is probably dealing with domestic animals alone. Bats with rabies get sick and die; it isn’t a “chronic” disease with them. That’s why if you see a bat on the ground, obviously disoriented, neither you nor your pet (cat, dog or squirrel monkey) should handle it — that one probably is infected. Bat Conservation International has been dealing with the hate-on for years. It’s a shame that “knowledgeable” people like vets perpetuate rumors rather than read up on the problem (or lack of them).

    I <3 bats.

    Bats <3 bugs.

  59. “Eating nasty bugs which will be much more annoying and give you diseases more often than batties.”

    Yay for massive bug destruction! Where were the bats Sunday night when I was accosted by a cricket the size of my fist?

  60. Bats are disgusting
    wait till you see this one walking on it’s wings.


  61. I think I’ve been to that cave between San Antonio and Austin. The one I went to is an abandoned railroad tunnel. We went around dusk, and the bats streamed out for hours. Every so often an albino one would streak by like a little comet amid the smokey cloud of browns and grays.

    I’ve also watched the bats leave Austin’s Congress Street bridge at dusk. There’s a TGI Fridays down on the river there with a patio. Perfect for bat viewing in the summer, when you can get a table.

  62. Always been a fan of Fruit Bats, or Flying Foxes. They don’t have the squished in faces of the echo-locating bug-eating bats.

    Only snuggle with Australian Fruit Bats, please. In Africa, they may be reservoirs for the Ebola virus.

    I read that the nearly 1,000 different species of bats make up 23% of all known mammals.

  63. Ponygirl, the links were great. Little white snowball bats! Unbelievable!

    But, what is OCC?

  64. “Oo, Theo, you do like to get peeps have their Fanta to go to their noses, do you?”

    Of course not, Scofield; Fanta is its own punishment.

  65. Punishment, yes. My cats are disapproving me very much now. No Fanta-spilling in this house.

  66. Peg of Tilling says:

    Just to let you know, Lee Gibson, I’m stealing the phrase “whole lot of nature going on” to use at the next appropriate opportunity because it’s really really funny.

    Also I’m pretty sure the next bat I see will not give me rabies, but I am pretty sure he or she will get caught in my hair…except for this cute little guy who clearly has a bright shiny batty soul.

    And I know the hair thing is irrational but I may just go put on a hat anyway.

  67. I hate mosquitoes. Bats eat mosquitoes. Therefore, I like bats. (And this photo is really cute!!)

    I too have been to the Congress St. Bridge in Austin and the Bat Cave — near Fredricksburg (??) TX. I’m not a rep for the Hill Country of TX, but it’s a great place … and a great place for bats. You haven’t seen anything until you’ve been thisclose to a MILLION plus bats flying overhead! What a trip!

  68. Elf Owl, that’s James River Cave in Mason- not far from Fredericksburg. “Only” 2 million of ’em in there.

    Bracken is private land, owned by Bat Conservation Internation.


  70. punk penguin says:

    whenever i drive through a certain part of town at dusk, i get a bat serenade. love them. like mj said, they are cute little flying mice (‘cept some aren’t so little.) bats with rabies are not common at all. i’d worry more about the raccoons. there is a myth out their that prairie dogs carry the bubonic plague. myths. let’s not buy into them.

  71. aww, batty. i prefer microbats (the insect-eating kind) to megabats (the fruit-eating kind, like this one), though. i mean, check out mr tiny here!:

  72. Here’s my two cents worth about bats:

    Cute – well, obviously…just look at that picture.

    Am I scared of bats? Hell, yeah. I’m also terrified of rats, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, etc.

    I know that they are adorable from a distance…

    …it’s the up close and personal that I can’t stand.

    No offense to rodents, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to crush them in my hand (’cause I don’t know my own strength), and they will either

    1. Be very dead, and I’ll feel horribly guilty and cry a lot, or

    2. Be very angry with me and sink their ever-growing incisors into every bit of soft tissue they can reach.

    Either way, I’m screwed by my clumsiness.

  73. little gator says:

    I’ve seen film of bats crawling on their wings, and I think it’s adorable.

    I have a tiny stuffed(as in toy, not taxidermed) bat named Belfry. A friend of mine went to Transylvania last summer and was kind enough to take him along. Now I have a bat who has been to the land of Dracula.

    He stayed in her luggage the whole time, pretending to be a pair of socks.

    ps Fruitbats REWL!

  74. jonny

  75. little miao says:

    baby batty is so cute, tucked into baby blankie!

  76. Yesh, fawn lust! That is the kind of bat I saw in Mammoth Caves! Teeny tiny and cute as a button!

    And, little gator, that is SO cool that Belfry got to go to Transylvania! Heee!

  77. I feel strange about Sass telling the internet that I was a little rabid. It’s kind of similar to telling everyone at your office picnic that you have leprosy. I actually had two cute brown bats that had gotten in my apartment and were not pleased about it, but I will admit that even as they were swooping at my face I couldn’t get over how adorably fuzzy they are. Love your local bats, just don’t _love_ your local bats, ya know?

  78. janet with Angus and Misha says:

    Yup it’s all true. Bats are very cute. Bats sweeping across your face while you are sleeping are a lot scarier than snakes on a plane (well maybe)–also bat doo-doo really messes things up. So cute, you bet, helpful critters, sure, but attractive nuisances… like mice, which are really really cute.

  79. This picture reminds me of my favorite Shel Silverstein poem:
    “The baby bat
    screamed out in fright –
    ‘Turn on the dark!
    I’m afraid of the light!'”

  80. I like his wing-nubbins and his little, horned ears. Wee batty behbeh.

  81. Just to mention:

    The bat in hair thing is a myth as well. I spent time in Cueva de Villa Luz in some of the bat prone areas. The bats were *very* shy of people and panicked whenever they came near and cleared out. I had hundreds and hundreds of bats flying around my head and body and I was able to move quickly around the cave without them running into me (waving my arms and stuff).

    Echo-location really does work!

    Its also rare that they carry rabies and you should *always* give them a chance to leave a place before calling animal control (They will just kill it and test it and force you to get rabies shots). A bat with rabies is one that is acting strange. If its flying well then it doesn’t have rabies!

    Whee bats are cute! Leaf-nosed bats are funny looking ^^

  82. okay he’s cute and i appreciate the bug-eating and all, but i’d still freak out if i found this in my attic.

  83. warrior rabbit says:
  84. Woods Walker says:

    there are few things as enjoyable early in a summer evening then watching bats fly around. Knowing that they eat mosquitoes is a definate plus.-Woods Walker

  85. I love the bats! Little sweet peas!

  86. cuties! In French their called “chauve souris” ie. bald mice.

  87. Awwww… I wanna nibble his li’l right ear straight, and tuck that flyaway back in, then give him a teeny-tiny kiss on the tip of his nose.

  88. Wow, thats really cool! What do bats sound like?

  89. Jackie31337 says:

    Holly – you’re correct, it’s Austin, but it’s actually a bat bridge. They roost under the brigde and then fly out in HUGE numbers at twilight. I visited it once. The only downside is that the place where you get the best view is a bit stinky.

    I used to be really afraid of bats, to the point that I didn’t look up at the sky around dusk because I was afraid of seeing a bat. When I was little, my neighbors used to throw acorns into the air to get the bats to swoop down after them. One night, I was sitting on the hood of my parents’ car, and the acorn happened to come down right in front of me, with a bat chasing it. I’ve since gotten over it, and now I agree with the “flying mouse” people: bats can be cute too.

  90. First time my stomach has flip/flopped looking at C.O.

    Bats-good for keeping the bug population down, but otherwise…ick.

  91. yay Shel Silverstein!

  92. YAY!!!! fruit bats are so cute, i love flying foxes.
    love the eyes…thanks for the batty

  93. Josh: but what a great story you’ll have to tell people! (Once you get over the malaise/shots after-effect).

  94. Elizabeth Spinner says:

    Eeee! Little battie moist nosicle. And I just want to put those little velvety ears in my mouf.

  95. It looks like he’s had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Why else would a bat be under a blankie?

    Feel better, little bat.

  96. It couldn’t be… Stellaluna, could it?

  97. Awwww! BAT! I think they’re all adorable. I remember riding my bike through the park with my dad in summer, at night. The bats moved so fast they hardly seemed like more than a little darting spot. One flew under and around my dads handle bars so fast he didn’t even notice it 😀


  98. Bat in a bankie!!!

  99. baybee bat, baybee bat, baybee baybee baybee bat! lookatthebay-beeeeeeee!

  100. Stephanie S. says:

    I wish I lived near a bat cave. that would be awesome. I love bats.

  101. Yay! Froot Bat! (I don’t like the others though.)

    I remember hiking in a cave as a 10-year old with the rest of the tour, and a bat pooped on me. Ewwwwww. Of course, the others weren’t spared either!

    But fruit bats/ flying foxes are lovely. Just like winged puppies!!!

  102. This is what totally sold me on hairless cats. My little black girl looks almost exactly like a bat, including the enormous ears. Her nickname is Die Fliedermaus.

  103. Totally Adorable!!! 🙂

  104. I loves me some bats. Austin does have the Congress Avenue bridge, which was actually re-done several years ago after the bats started roosting there, to make it MORE bat friendly, and with the amount of bugs we have, we can use all the bats we can get. At the building where I work, we have some “extras” that roost in the cracks of the parking garage. If I’m having a rather crappy day, I’ll go take a look at the little cuties all smushed into the cracks and listen to them squeek. Rather adorable.

    Oh, and the Mexican Freetail Bats that we have around here (austin) help to polinate the Mexican Agave plant, which they use to make tequila. Not only do they eat bugs, but they help many people get drunk. YAY LITTLE BATTYS!!!

  105. I’m trying to understand why a bat would need a pacifier? Cute as get-out, would’ve been cuter if it had been a smaller one so you could see more of his face, but why would a bat want one?

  106. LOL, Cranky! Let’s get our priorities straight here…

    I’ve found bats in my house 4 different times and each time felt an awe, a fear, and enduring curiosity about each. I got them out with aquarium nets. One of them, when I got him, squeee’d and pee’d. Poor little bugger. Must have been terrified. I find them beautiful and full of mystery.

  107. Looks like I’m not the only Texan to invoke the Congress Street Bridge colony in conversation…

    When I was a graveyard-shift security guard, I had the honor of rescuing a Mexican Free-Tailed bat (the kind that, erm, “hang out” at the Bridge and make the place smell like musty corn chips,) that had been blown into the side of the Bank One Tower. The building was just a few blocks from the Bridge so the chances were likely that the little feller was from that colony. He’d been stunned but didn’t look hurt, so I scooped him up in some Kleenex and let him recuperate on the counter behind my security desk. (Hiding him from my field supervisor was tricky, though…*LOL*) His body was not much bigger than my thumb, including his head! And everytime I passed the desk he would set up a supersonic racket that wasn’t so much a noise as it was a weird dimming of all the surrounding noise, as your eardrums became overloaded.

    He finally settled down for a while and slept, and then shortly before sunrise I set him out on top of the ticket kiosk for the parking garage, figuring he’d find his way home again. He was gone by the time I got off my shift, hopefully safe at home and telling his buddies about the weird smelly human in the khaki shirt…


  108. Yay Cranky! Thanks for the reminder about the agave plant! 😉


  109. Talk about bat-nerd…I took a trip to Austin this summer specifically to see the bats, both at Congress Ave and at Bracken Cave. If you become a member of Bat Conservation International, you can join the list to go to one of several visits per year to Bracken Cave, the largest colony of mammals in the US. You can’t get there any other way, so join today! (Yes, I am a BCI booster)

    And re: rabies: The simple rule is never handle a downed bat in anyway and you are pretty safe from getting rabies. Call animal control, maybe put a box over it to keep pets out, but don’t touch. Simple, yes?

    If CO overload ever wants more cute bat pictures, you just let me know! I’ve got TONS. Yeah bats!

  110. Squee!
    “One batty-bat, two batty-bat…”
    Teh qte!

  111. D2D — that’s a wild story. I’d like to hear (er… *not* hear?) that for myself.

  112. One word…

    BEEP! (pokes little guy gently on the nose)

  113. Weee it’s so cute i want to snorgle it! i really wish i had one as a pet, i think it’s a flying fox which pretty much looks like a puppy with wings. Here are some more cute examples:

  114. MagillasMom says:

    My dad turned me on to this site a few months ago, I come to look at new oics three or four times a day (addict, yes) but this is the first time I have posted. I love bats!!! I am one of those that anything that eats bugs has to be good. And for them to be so cute on top of it?! Makes me kinda batty:)

  115. MagillasMom says:

    oics? meant pics…

  116. I’m not sayin’ the little bugger isn’t cute. I’m just sayin’ we need to be careful and respect WILDlife. Emphasis on the wild. You have to be careful about what you post on the web and I don’t want someone that is uneducated seeing the cute picture and thinking it’s ok to have one as a pet.


  118. Holly, Austin, TX is the home of “the largest urban bat colony”. They’re quite the attraction and Austinites (with some initial coaxing) have come to love them dearly. The colony that calls Austin home is the Mexican Freetail bat for anyone interested…whole history etc. at

    by the way, I’ve been lurking around CO for some time…first time I’ve posted though! Greetings all.

  119. Grrrrr – bat haters make me mad. I too used to be terrified of bats. I still get nervous to hold one, but I am not afraid of them. Once you educate yourself (if you so choose) about an animal it is impossible to be terrified of it.

    Bats flying in hair: Same concept as bats flying around campfires. As we all learned as kids, most of heat escapes thru the top of our heads. Hence, why bugs, mosquitos and gnats hover around your head, therefor attracting (possibly!!! ) a bat to your head. Hence the bat in hair myth.

    Rabies – fewer than 1% of the TOTAL bat population has rabies. As mentioned before, due to their size the disease kills them very quickly if they were to contract it. Plus bats in the states eats insects and maybe fruit. No blood suckers, so they cant catch it that way. The chances of actually contracting rabies from a bat…. let’s just say, play the lottery instead. You would have a better chance of winning that.

    Sorry for the long post. I hope I educated some people today. Bats are awesome. They eat mosquitos. Just like anyway wildlife, dont play with them! 😉

  120. Shannon, again says:

    Just wanted to say sorry if I hurt any feelings. If you or someone you love did contract it, I am really sorry and the odds are really low that that would happen!

    I’ve been there tho. My Dad got Lyme Disease from a tick he picked up in the park I worked in and he didnt even go in the woods. What are the odds??

  121. Wait a minute! Am I seeing this right? Is this a Bat-on-Rock moment?

  122. Oops! Make that “Bat-on-Rack” instead of rock. LOL

  123. Tisha — Bats-N-Racks! Yepper. Even looks “Flying Fox”-ish, but I’m no authority.

  124. I guess bats are similar to rats in the sense that they suffer from idiotic folk talkes and superstitions that have no real basis.

    Cute ickle batty baby :>

  125. Aww, cuuuute battiness. ^_^ I just want to snuggle it.

  126. Cuteoverload has gone batty!

  127. Ooooooh-er! I love this picture. Bats are cute, particulately (Spelling?) this one. And Rouge the Bat from Sonic merch. <33 We need more skunks, though. Just thought I'd say that.

  128. it almost looks like a fuzzy chiwawa dogie

  129. butteredtoast says:

    tom petty and these cute pis are going to kill me someday!!!

  130. aww, i want that bat! its a shame bats have such a bad rep cause of the movie dragula. its the same thing with mice, they are adorable yet everyone s them.

  131. it’s a bat, It’s a Bat, IT”S A BAT!!!

  132. so cute i love him/her ! I can`t beleive u got a pet bat ! Is that legal?

  133. i have a pet rat ,he`s supere cute to!! It sucks that certain animal `s have bad reps because of media and historical events.


  135. is it a bate that looks like a dog well anyways he/she is still cute.

  136. He’s precious- some sort of fruit bat species. As for the rabies comment, bats are less likely to carry rabies than dogs. Less than 1% of bats actually have it. They are horribly misunderstood, and normally very gentle. You guys need more bats on this site!

  137. Oops, I see that someone already posted my rabies fact. Ha ha.. should have read the whole thing first!