Puppies Gone Wild

Did anyone make sure these McSquirmersons signed consent forms before filming?

Nice submishe, Anitachou!



  1. lots of chompage
    and kronchage

  2. Lots of squirmage and lickage, too.

    Rowr! Come back here and I will bite your booty!

  3. They are absolutely snorglelicious.

  4. It’s soooo cute how they are having a silent battle, until the last moment when someone lets out a yip!

  5. Looks like their mouths are so teeny that they can’t even open wide enough to bite each other; their pudginess is also a factor, I’m sure. 🙂

  6. I like how the one that yipped just ended up fighting itself near the end. Being the biggest one isnt always the best sometimes when you cant move around ;).

  7. Oh, they look so SOFT! And squirmey!!! Constant rolling puppy energy! Engrrrgy!

  8. Reerow!

    My dogs went nuts! 😉
    Or was that a meerkat…

  9. Cute pile of puppies!!!

    On a distantly related note: At my school students have to do 80 hours of community service before graduation. Today I heard that one of the opportunities involves fostering kittens (BTW, this is for kids 15 and up). How great is that?

  10. Aww, how prosh! Does anyone know what kind of dogs these are?

  11. Around my house, we used to call that the “I Will Now Bite Your Eye” game.

  12. I don’t know what part I love best, the little dude on his back with the paws up, or the fact that when they couldn’t reach a sibling they bit themselves OR mom just sort of standing there, totally still. How could mom be so still in the face of all the cute!? I think I might have tried to crowd surf that much cute!

  13. LesbianNeoCon says:

    Yaaayyyyy!! I love that!!!

  14. Those aren’t McSqirmersons, they’re of the genus ‘Squrmel Nermel’. You have to watch out for them, their pink bellies will hypnotize you and they will use mind control on you to get you to blow raspberries on their pink pink bellehs…..must blow raspberries…..

  15. Heeee, watching it again. Pink bellies, squirmies, nawmies!

  16. When the lil guy barked at the end, my dog’s ear went up. It is still up.

  17. I think they’re just gumming each other- too small for teeth! Is that their mum on the left of screen, and is she a Pomeranian?

  18. 5..4..3..2..1

    Prepare for Kronsche Launch!

  19. Awww…they look so soft and squishy!
    I want one!
    That little yip at the end was just perfect

  20. I think they may be a maltese bunch? All I know is that I have an entire serving of raspberries for all puppies’ bellehs. those guys looked like little teddy bears come to life. schoooompy.

    oh and arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh/shiver me timbers.

  21. Ok… I just watched it agian and I’m in love with that white one that goes onto it’s back. The lil feeties… the flailing around and just lookin like it’s having the time of it’s young life.
    Plus it looks like a teeny polar bear!! Awwwwww I can just smell all the puppy breath!

  22. DIRTY!

  23. A Fine Morsel says:

    The chomping, the butt-munching!! Love it!!

  24. My glucose level just went up 500 points! Tooooooo cute.

  25. OH….



  26. Fat little fuzzies… with jelly bean feets!

  27. Lots of gnawsage on the pawsages…fuzthies.

  28. DavidBoBavid says:

    whoa.. those two white ones were like totally making out..

    is it sad that i’m jealous. 😦

  29. Lol, DboD! Um, no need to be jealous of little pups!

    Ok, what’s wrong with this pic? Here I sit at the computer surrOUNDed by clouds of dog gas. Four slepping dogs, all pumping out emissions faster than a smelting plant. Sigh.


  30. LMAO, Lauri! :-p

    There’s local pet supply store hereabouts which does a radio commercial. It starts out, “Hey, does your dog have gas? What a question, huh?! But if your dog has gas and neighbors are complaining… blah blah blah buy our dog food.”

    Do kitties poot? My kitty never pooted.

  31. jaypo, my kitties poot. But not often – it’s only ever happened a couple of times with each of them. (I think it was because we changed their food.)

    Man, was it stinky.

  32. Oh man, yeah, kitties poot, and when they do, it’s deadly! But, they don’t do it as often as dogs. Ok, dogs are practically continuous. 😛
    But, I loves them, still! (mostly)

  33. bees on pie says:

    jenn–happy Talk Like a Pirate Day, me hearty! 🙂

  34. So Shameless!

  35. Lorna, our first foster momcat? …there was one distinckly poot-y tat.

  36. love watching them do it “Puppy style”.

    also love when the darker one starts fighting with his OWN leg!

  37. Can we say that this is an ORGY of puppies?!?

  38. Well *I* won’t, but *you* can say it. I won’t stop ya.

  39. Why is it that dogs have gas and cats do something that sounds so stinking cute (ahh! get it?)

    poot. to poot or not to poot. pooty poot poot. anerable.

  40. That tiny, high-pitch bark at the end was like the cherry on top of a giant, delicious ice cream sundae. 🙂

  41. It was cute ‘cept for the poopystains. time to change ye barmy blankies.

  42. Those poopie sheets are quite pricey, having raised 2 poopies from the age of 8 weeks.

    Gosh I miss the poopie breath. Uh … you know what I mean.

  43. Merci Theo! And… no I was not trying to involve you with my choice of words :-)~

  44. Oh! They’re so fat! Fat baby puppies!

  45. Squee!

  46. Hmm, the poster knows marketing: the tags for that video included “kissing, girls kissing girls, boys kissing boys…”

    (raised eyebrows)

  47. I was so relieved when the one puppy went ‘Reowp!’ at the end, because until then they were EERILY SILENT.

  48. LMAO. That is too much. Little flailing pink paw pads. I want to squeeze each one of them in turn.

    Why doesn’t my puppy like kissing me 😦

  49. About kitty poots – we used to have one that pooted so badly we would run from the room gagging. He himself would jump and look angrily behind him, and then run around looking for “who done that?”. Then I read the cat food can. The second listed ingredient was Onion Salt. Sheesh. I’d poot too if my entire diet was full of onion salt. Changed the food (Friskies, btw), no more poots, everybody happy.

  50. The puppies are adorable, but I was having a hard time trying to ignore the poop stains. Chalk it up to an over-developed gag reflex.

  51. Holy crap that’s cute!

  52. Rachel Nell says:

    aww bwess dose wittle bummy-wummies!!!


    Couldn’t miss the pooie stains though :oP

  53. AHHHH the little yelp at the end was so cute :] ohmannnnnn. they just couldn’t get their paws off one another.

    how adorable (:

  54. Pink paw pads all over the place! Full milk bellies. So full they just roll…too too cute.

  55. The teeniest woof?

  56. Loll, what’s that! 😀 Gladiator?? Gone Wild indeed.
    With some mudd it should be interesting… ;-p

    And that waf at the end.. *dies* 😀

  57. Heeeee, those of you bothered by poop stains would NOT want to work in Microbiology. 🙂

  58. DavidBoBavid says:

    see lauri, even the poster of the video says its all about kissing. those lucky little puppies!

  59. Doggie mosh pit!!

  60. Kissing, nawming, same thing! All berry much fun! Suhlurp!

    Baroooo, TJ? Koalas? Croc? baroo? *head tilt*

  61. Lauri – the reason that the croc in the picture looks like he’s smiling is because…well, until about 10 minutes ago that guy was holding a Drop Bear too…!! Bwa hhah ahha ha aha ha hah a!

  62. I love puppehs, they are so cute and snorgalicious. I’ve never had a pet and hope to some day… please check out these puppies, they are exactly what I want… Thanks, cuteoverload rules :o)

  63. Teej,

    wut is that picture aboot? is it the honor guard for Steve Irwin’s funeral?
    or an audition for his replacement?

  64. TJ’s pic is from the memorial service for Steve Irwin. They even brought some of the animals to it. (sniff)

  65. Oh, that is so cool!
    *sniff here, too*

    And, bad old croc, eatin’ dem dropbears! 😉

  66. Awww yeahhh, their fighting for my lovvvvvvvve.

  67. [Koala on the left] “Hey! Where did Alf go?!”]

    [Koala on the right] “Alf? ALF! Where did he go, Bluey?”

    [Crocodile in the middle] “(slurp) Don’t know what you’re talking about. No koalas here…(belch) Oops, ‘scuse me (blush)”

  68. adorkable kitteh says:

    Carmi – that was just tooooo sweet!! PUPPEHS!!!!

  69. DEFinitely cute, but no snorgles from me – they are rolling around on their peepee/dookie pads! Time for a bath. 🙂


    This deserves a mention on my Vox.


    And TJ – LOVE the croc&koalas pic. Sooo anerabuls!!!

  71. Don’t be messin’ wiv da panda, coz they’ll Kick Your A*s!

  72. “Bakery’s across the street, bud – there’s no bread at THIS panda-deria!”

  73. OMG! Kittehs on respirators! The Surprise, AZ firefighters have new equipment to help distressed animals. Check it out!


  74. I love the 2 that just sat there and chewed on eachother’s faces.

  75. Oxy masks for cats… “Surprise” AZ… the world is a strange and wonderful place.

  76. Oxy masks for cats!
    Our friend’s cat got mouth-to-mouth (for real).
    I love our fire department.

    Oh, and puppies.
    I mean, puppies!
    I mean, I want to BE the one in the middle, surrounded by fuzzy, squirming puppies as big as me.

  77. Let’s face it… ya got puppies, ya got puppy poo… it’s part of the whole package. I’ll take the whole pup n caboodle (or kitten and caboodle) any time.

  78. Puppie Mosh pit! rockin hard little ones!

  79. Whenever I see coverage of animals rescued from fires, and see the care the firefighters take in reviving them and their obvious happiness when they succeed – it all too cry-making.

    Strange that sometimes a wonderful thing can seem so…strange.

  80. omg…jelly bean feets.

    They don’t even look like real animals. Like, little…fairy…polar bears or something.

    The tiny mouthes! Sooo tiny!
    harmp harmp harmp…
    So ferocious. We’re all scared of you, little warriors. Especially you, foot-chomper guy.

  81. Wheeeee! I loves me the stubby little legs…

  82. Video posted by Carmi is great, but did anyone else notice there are four puppies at the beginning, then only three? 😦

  83. ohnonichole says:

    arg! love! love! love! love! love!

    call the censor!

    the mue bark at the end makes it all worthwhile.

  84. Aubrey – that’s really really terrible. You’re panda-ing to our baser humorous instincts…

  85. TJ:
    Pan-dat’s the way it’s going to stay!

  86. I just hit upon an IDEA …

    Attention, Meg, and fellow peeps.

    I just had an idea … You Guys R Silly came up with a lovely quote on dogs on her blog. (http://youguysrsilly.vox.com ) and I was thinking, maybe we should include a section on CO called “Quteable Quotes” with touching/ funny quotes regarding animals.

    To begin with, here are two. The first one was posted by YouGuysRSilly on her blog.

    1.”The reason that a dog has so many friends is because he wags his tail instead of his tongue.” – Anonymous

    And here’s mine, which I found in a book:

    2.”Somehow, I never thought a heart that big would ever stop beating.” – Overheard on the passing away of a beloved dog.

    What do you all think?

    (Sorry if I momentarily ruined all the fun here. I’m just in a reflective mood today.)

  87. Theo… it’s all your fault. I’ve been on a diet for 18 months (lost 45 pounds) and I’ve had to go out and get a box of Lorna Doones 🙂 I hope Lorna and the Doonces are doing well.

  88. I don’t know where the formula, “Mc-something-son” comes from, but I love the ridiculousness of the redundant “Mc” and “-son.”

  89. omg that random bark at the end reminded me of the panda video with the random sneeze action

  90. I think I may have died and gone to Heaven for a little bit there.

    Anddd then the little thing arfs. *Squee*

  91. *Gasp* Theo, what a great pic! Look at the little two reflection kitties!!! And LDs and mama and and…..*poit*

  92. “May I bite your snoots for love?”

    Oh, the cuteness. And the yipping. I believe I shall faint.

  93. 4 words,chubby,cute and fisty.these are what puppies are made of

  94. Nina, thats three words?

  95. Those puppies are the cutest things i’ve ever seen! Theres not many times you can find a cute puppy like that!

  96. tooooooooo cccccuuuute

  97. E. Miller says:

    I was grinning and squealing the whole time, but it was the yip at the end that did me in. LOVE!!!