More examples of the Japanese kicking our asses in the cute department

Thanks to eagle-eyed reader (and former fabulous roommate Glenda D.B.) We have yet another example of Japanese-kick-ass-itude on C.O. This time, it’s flower pups. For crying out lou’.





Holy flowery muzzlepuffs, People!



  1. blueberries4me says:

    They look so real! The beady eyes, the inquisitve look!

  2. That’s freaking adorable, lol.

  3. eeesh!

  4. Woot. Third comment!

    I find those thing really really kitch. ewww.

  5. I want to do that!

  6. Damn, Ariel was faster…

    oh well, Woot! fourth comment.

  7. Weirdos…I would love to get these as a gift. hehehe…

  8. Weirdos…I would love to get these as a gift. hehehe…

  9. I just had a feeling something new had been posted… the flowerpups were calling me.

    They are adorable! Great “get well soon” gift!

  10. Eeeeee!!! Loves ’em. They’re all “Baroo? I’m a *Flower*?!? Baroo???” Kyuuuuuute.

  11. How adorable are those? I definitely think American florists should jump on this one. So cute!

  12. I didn’t used to be allergic to dogs, but NOW I am!

    Thanks a LOT, Japan. =)

    Achooooooo, yarrrrrrrgh.

  13. The Japanese do indeed lay claim to much of the cute in the world. As a former florist, however, I want to stand up for other parts of the world and say “hey, we make those, too”. Well, not me personally, but I know shops back home that do make them. When you work with flowers, they’re “ughhhh”; when you don’t (like me, post-florist era), they’re schweet.

  14. DavidBoBavid says:

    At first I didn’t see it.. and I was all.. umm.. Meg’s getting all worked up over flowers? Pretty sure we have those here too… OHHHHHH.. AWESOME.. lol.

    Yeah that’s really cool.

  15. A barroo bouquet!

  16. Oh my God, if a guy ever got me a bouquet like that I might have to marry him!

  17. Oh this is definately what I needed to wash my poor brain out after the meerkat pic.

    Very cute!

  18. They don’t bark, piddle on the floor, or eat your slipper and soooo cute.

  19. A b’roo’quet?

  20. EGAD…


    How am I supposed to get any sleep around here????

  21. omg, where do i get one?! i need a birthday present for my mom and this seems great especially since they look kind of like my puppy!!!

  22. MOST ADORABLE THING EVER!! Where can I get a bouquet like this in the US?!?!?

  23. They have officially kicked our ass – again!

  24. TJ & Aubrey — barooquet. Yeppers. w00f!

  25. “You don’t bring me bowsers…”

  26. The ultimate evidence that Malteses aren’t actually dogs, but little balls of annoyingly cute sunshine.

  27. “You don’t fetch me nuthin’…”

  28. Stephanie S. says:

    omg they look so real.

  29. Peg of Tilling says:

    Holy mummlepuffs!

  30. Cute! Are those grapes for the noses?

  31. Too Cute! can you order these? help, someone post a link!!!!

  32. Where are those from?!?!?!? I have to order some ASAP!!!

  33. …you don’t sniff my muzzlepuff anymooooorrreeeee.

  34. awww i wish someone would send me a barooquet – they look so cuddlesome though heh id probably end up with pollen on me nose from all the snorgeling heehee

  35. They look so real!! Cute stuff.

  36. Now that’s a bouquet of flowers I would LOVE to receive and snorgle! Too cute, I feel…I feel faint…(thud)

  37. I give. I simply GIVE. NO WAY to compete w/ our Japanese friends on this level of cute-a-tude. WTH?!

  38. …I must take exception. They’re doing fine in the MANUFACTURED cute department… but ain’t nobody got nuthin’ on CO, far as DISCOVERED cuteness.

    We are teh awesum.

  39. Aw! So cute! Flower pups… they look so real! It would be sad when they wilted though… eek!

  40. Actually, the flowers aren’t from Japan, they’re from South Korea.

    Caption: SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – DECEMBER 29: A South Korean woman holds a dog flower display at a department store on December 29, 2005 in Seoul, South Korea. The year of 2006 is the year of the dog according to the Chinese lunar calendar where each calendar year is named after one of the 12 key animals in turn and starts on January 29, 2006.

    But still, cute! Too bad there’s no year of the cat.

  41. ahhh they look so real!

  42. ah Chickie, i knew she didnt look japanese! thanks for the caption.

    i need an excuse to try to make something like that myself.

  43. This is soOoOo cute !!!

  44. army_kitten says:

    word, chickie. props should definitely be given to the so’ko’s–they, too, have the Seoul of cute.

    i have never liked getting flowers because it makes me sad to see them die. but for a barooquet i think i could make an exception. seriously, it’s like i can *feel* those flowers looking at me…

    …or maybe it’s only sleep deprivation.

  45. Am I the only strange soul who thinks these would make really wacky and cool wedding bouquets?

    And how DO you spell bouquet, anyways? 😛

  46. Thats so cute, would make a great gift for cheering someone up in the hospital! Unless they hated dogs…lol.

  47. Wish somebody would send me one for my birfday… florists of America, you must copy this idea right away!

  48. That is SO WRONG. And yet so right! 🙂

    I need to figure out how to make a flower poodle for my MIL…

  49. I thought I saw these on here before?? I guess it was in an email then…
    I have a toy from when I was a baby that reminds me of these. It wasn’t very cuddly though, it was weird. I can’t remmeber if it was a dog or a bear though. It was blue plastic. I think it’s still over there at my mom’s house. I’m thinking it was a panda.

  50. ceebs, I had exactly the same reaction! Hey, there were here before! But, since no one else mentioned it I figured it was an email, too.
    But, it gave me a few deja vu heebie jeebies!

  51. there were here before? I suppose I HAVE talked like that after partaking too much, but I meant “theSe were here before”.

  52. Hey! I emailed these photos in a week ago and now they are posted with credit to someone else? No fair!!! 😦

  53. *eyebrow launch*

  54. That florist has some serious skills.

  55. OHG…they are KING in all that is cuteness. I want one of those bouquets!

  56. R. Moore, I would TEWTALLY carry one of these as a wedding bouquet.
    Not that anyone would marry me. But when I am allowed to marry my dog (and that means Brad & Angelina will get married then too) I will carry one of these barquets.
    (don’t worry my dog is fixed so there won’t be none of that)

  57. Hmmmm, I want the guinea pig head peekin’ out of my wedding bouquet! 🙂

  58. I think they look like Snowy, Tintin’s dog.

  59. I agree with the florist. I’ve seen these in real life in America. The place that makes them also makes teddy bears, bunnies and things. I’m sure tons of florists do because I live in the sticks.

    Take that Japan!

  60. eep! I didn’t find a florist who makes these arrangements, but i DID find instruction on how to make one (or a similar one) yourself!

  61. I’m not big into flowers OR poodles. But thats pretty cool. If ya squint yer eyes. . . dang if it dont look like REAL poodles! Dang!

  62. Just read Chickie’s update. Korean Cute Innovation? w000000t!

  63. OMG!!!!!OMG!!!!!OMG!!!!!
    iam now convinced to go to japan,find this lady,and slap her for making somthing THIS CUTE!!!!!!!
    i mean,this is sooooo beyond the rules!!!!

  64. Thanks Tracy for posting our link

    The Mum Puppy technique is known by almost every designer around, not only those in Japan. Please forgive the rough appearance of our puppy, I was using larger football mums instead of the smaller spider mums (that the Japanese designer used.

    There are LOTS of free “how to” projects listed in our newsletter archives. Take a look if you wish, but most of all, HAVE FUN!!!!!!

  65. butteredtoast says:

    hold the curses and keep those flowery muzzlepuffs coming

  66. This is so cute! Must visit Japan at least once in a lifetime!

  67. A photo of something like this was on the cover of Vice magazine.

  68. Hey!!! This are sooo neat!!! ^^

    I live at Hermosillo and there is a flower shop where they make things like these pups. I got a kitten for one of my b-days… I should have the picture somewhere… Anyways! They make unicorns, bunnies, kittens, pups, anything you can give them a picture of, I guess. I’m planning on giving my boyfriend a chinese dragon. ^^

    I belive they are not just mere flower arragements, but art! ^^

  69. Believe me, the Japanese are not kicking our asses at flowers! I work in a flower shop here in NY and that is what we specialize in, 3D sculpture with flowers, and have been for 25 years! While these pups are cute, they are nothing compared to what is done in my flower shop!

  70. Lilyanna says:

    That is amazing! I would love to learn how to do that. that is so cool.
    I wish that I could buy one! I love the flowery pup. CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE!