Beady, small ears paws-uptitude, but…

Perhaps a new rule of cuteness should be not showing your nads. When I think cute, I def don’t think ‘show your nads’ helps the situation. This is a case where paws are up, eyes are beady, and ears are small, but nads aren’t helpin’. Oh, yeah, that’s gotta be a tail.


Regahdless, Harry D., meer-ci!




  2. ::faint “aaarr” from the distance, over the waves::

  3. semanticAntics says:


    CuteOverload – officially NSFW!

  4. DavidBoBavid says:

    yarr.. thar be coconuts on this island!

  5. The guy on the right is hung like a horse!!

  6. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    Props to DavidBoBavid since today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day!!

  7. semantic – NICE!!! hahah

  8. whoa little fella–put that thing away…

  9. [joins Sabba gleefully]

    ARRRR!! Meerkats ahoy!

    [looks out to the waves]

    Egads, Pirate Pheral, yer still hangin’ out therrre?

  10. ::reply drifts across choppy waves::

    …yarrrrr… i’m chewin’ on dolphins to keep me spirits hiiiiyaaarrr! mmmm… rubbery…

  11. [Ye Gads … only an hour ta go before Talk Like A Pirate day ends on me side of tha’ port …]

  12. Nevarrrr, dear Subh! Talk Like A Pirate Day can be extended fer ye if ye’d like. 😀

  13. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Good GOD he must have one happy lil’ mate. Either that or a really sore one. Come on now, I mean, Good night Loretta!

  14. That’s a scrolldown. Good, good, good, …Egads!!!

  15. brownamazon says:

    ummm… I *hope* that’s just an unfortunately arranged and baldified tailio. No mistakin’ the other appendages, though. Yep. Them’s ‘nads, alright! (Anyone remember “Aussie Nads,” that hair removal goop? No wonder it didn’t sell well here.)

  16. Oh DUDE! If the other meerkats were “Lock up your wimmins!”, then these guys are…
    …well, I don’t know, but if your wimmins aren’t locked up already I think it’s too late!

  17. Now WAITAMINIT. Is that a –

    HOLY _____!!!!!

    I hope you’re right, BA. I DO hope that’s a TAIL.

  18. I always thought meerkats were cute, but I actually find this pic kind of evil looking! Especially the littler one, he appears to be distinctly displeased.

  19. I guess it’s a compliment to be hung like a meerkat. Who knew?

  20. TJ – Wonder if the guy next to him is the result of it being “too late”.

  21. first GOOD laugh o the day….ARRRR!!!!! He could use these…
    Top Ten Pickup lines for use on International Talk Like a Pirate Day

    10 . Avast, me proud beauty! Wanna know why my Roger is so Jolly?

    9. Have ya ever met a man with a real yardarm?

    8. Come on up and see me urchins.

    7. Yes, that is a hornpipe in my pocket and I am happy to see you.

    6. I’d love to drop anchor in your lagoon.

    5. Pardon me, but would ya mind if fired me cannon through your porthole?

    4. How’d you like to scrape the barnacles off of me rudder?

    3. Ya know, darlin’, I’m 97 percent chum free.

    2. Well blow me down?

    And the number one pickup line for use on International Talk Like a Pirate Day is …

    1. Prepare to be boarded.

  22. I look at this, and I think Roland Rat and and his brother, Little Reggie. Or the rats from Chicken Run – it’s the facial expression, you know they’re plotting something 🙂

  23. Unless EVERYTHING south of the equator is upside down (like how the toilet water spins the other direction) I think that’s a tail… unless somehow he got the beans above the franks.

  24. Arr, daisycat, ye got me rollin on the deck here!

    uh.. Rollin’ wi’ laughter! Laughter! Harrharr… XD

  25. Ye Olde Pirate Joke, just for today, and this nutty post:

    Pirate wanders into a bar, with a ship’s steering wheel sticking out of his pants. Bartender asks “what is that for?” Pirate answers “Yarrrrr, it’s drivin’ me nuts!”

  26. I’m in denial here gang.

    I wish to believe he’s just a little fatty cake who is rolling over onto his own belly flab and his tail is smooshing said flab up, so he can reach his tail and munch more of the fuzz off.

    That’s what I’m choosing to believe.

  27. (Psst …. BPeep Jr? Cap’n Aubs is on ‘er way. Aye, she’s still ready fer battle.)

    Now I got to git me some sleepins. ‘Night and good fortune, ye merrymakers!

  28. Meerkat? What Manor of devilry is this?

    Pirate Subhangi – ye’ll keep with the pirate chat fer as long as tis amusin’ to me!

  29. [snaps wide awake]

    Ye Gads! Siren alert!


    Blast these barnacle-arse time zones…


  31. eeew! their faces are cute tho.. look a little alien-ish if I do say so myself.

  32. HAHAHA, Sarcasta’s comment on “beans above the franks.”

    It’s a very valid point, therefore I motion that he’s sitting on his tail, and not splaying his junk out all over the place. Nuts aside, naturally.

  33. Arh, Sarcasta, ye have tickled me funny bone!

    A bottle of rum I raise to them thar meerkats!

  34. Um, yeah. *That’s* a CO scrolldown for ya…

  35. 8. Come on up and see me urchins?
    I can see ’em loud and clear thanks verrry much!!

  36. And for all you World of Warcraft addic…UH… I mean enthusiasts, here’s one of the “human male” jokes:

    Pirate walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder. Bartender asks “where’d you get that?” Parrot answers, “Durotar, they’re all over the place!”

  37. But the very word ‘nads’ is cuteness itself!!

  38. Evil grins = cute.

  39. HOLY MOTHER OF TROY! You won’t see that on Meercat Manor.

  40. I suggest making a list of “Rules of Anti-Cuteness”!

  41. ShelleyTambo says:

    This makes me think of Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan as the Night at the Roxbury guys–one short, one tall, standing around looking dorky, and they’d probably point at their nads, too. Hope these dudes have better luck gettin’ some meerkat lovin’.

  42. While those are definitely nads, that’s also definitely the tail.

    Remember your anatomy…the other “tail” is ABOVE (ie. closer to the head) than the nads, not below.

  43. brownamazon says:

    *wiping screen from latte splatter resulting from “beans n’ franks” and “splaying his junk” and “blow me down”… Oh my!*

  44. kestrien… OF COURSE *that tail* is “closer to the head” because it IS a hhhh… [claps hand over mouth and runs away in slow motion]

  45. I’d just like to know if anyone’s ever heard of a furry penis in any species. ‘Cause I’m thinking that’s a mite too fuzzy to be anything but a tail.

  46. Kind of creepy pic! Borderline cute, but that one can’t make the cute. Not showing nads isn’t really a rule of cuteness because lots of things don’t show nads and aren’t cute. But it should definitely be a “requirement” to not be disqualified from any other cuteness rule.

  47. correction to my post –
    “can’t make the cute” = “can’t make the cut” oops

  48. *blink blink… rubs eyes… blink.* Ummmm… Yeah….

    *walks away shuddering.*

  49. Oh I almost forgot… Yarrr.

  50. My eyes… MY EYES!!

  51. And just to add insult to injury, he’s Pointing at ’em.

  52. HonorH

    You make a valid point that may have just saved me a bit of therapy. :o)

    La la la… happy thoughts, rainbows, cookies, fluffy gender nuetral kittens…

  53. Sweet jumpin’ jebus, I pray that that is a tail!

  54. YE GADS??? Am I the only one to think YE NADS???

  55. ShelleyTambo says:

    Last year I accidentally ended up at a “Behind the Scenes in the Zoo’s Mating Program” tour. Heard about corkscrew-shaped, rocket-shaped, two-headed (!), and (literally) elephant-sized penises, but no furry. ‘Course the woman doing the tour was old enough to be my grandmother, so I sheer embarrassment let me hear only about every third word.

  56. Yarrr…that treasure should stay buried.

  57. ShelleyTambo says:

    (last comment directed @ HonorH)

  58. As a followup to ShelleyTambo, opossums (at least) have a forked penis, because the female has a forked vagina. No, I don’t know how he gets it in there, but it was the basis for the initial idea that they have sex with the female’s nostrils and she sneezes the babies into the pouch. (Not true.) My Reproduction Biology prof wanted a forked penis, but what he thought he could do with it was anyone’s guess. He was a little old bald Czechoslovakian who kept us awake in the late afternoon class because we had no idea what he was going to say next.

  59. I literally just laughed out loud! Tuck those nads!

  60. Yarr, matey, what manner of pegleg be *that*???

  61. ShelleyTambo says:

    I don’t recall what animal she told us had the two-headed/forked penis, but I remember that it was big and she showed us pictures, and ew ew ew.

  62. I think that’s a tail. It’s just too big proportionately. I will say that, comparatively speaking, cats have the cutest nads. Little cat nuts are small, furry and look like little cotton balls underneath their little chocolate starfishes.

  63. oh, for heaven’s sake, of course it’s a tail! but nads are showing also. kittie nads are what I call “nuggets”

  64. Its a tail, you filthy minded bunch o’ pirates.


    They often sit on their tails like that, which, yes, admittedly makes it look a bit… dodgy…

  65. “little chocolate starfishes”

    Now *that* just ‘sploded my head. Don’t say that about chocolate, I beg you!

  66. and, oh yeah, tiny little kittie nads are indeed cute

  67. brownamazon says:

    Um, forked penises? Possum nostril sex? I’m screaming on the inside.


  68. I think that’s his tail, too.

    Although there are definitely balls present.

    He’s hung like a meerkat, alright…

  69. Jeebus, it’s astonishing – a single dick joke reduces us to the level of 2nd-graders – (“hehehehehe, you said ‘thing’, hehehehe”) – so much for webusers being sophisticated – LOL!

  70. Hear hear, Brownie.

  71. An ocean fairin’ Meercat, on much needed shore-leave, walks into a local seaman’s tavern with a ships stearing wheel hanging off his Considerable Meercat penis. His pal, the bar-keep, calls out, “Hay, buddy?! You know ya got a ship’s wheel hangin off yur Meer-rod, there?”

    “AY!” the Meercat says, “It’s drivin me nuts!”

  72. Dude! I made that joke way up there! [points upthread]

  73. Dudette… that joke’s been sailing around since there’s been ships’ wheels.

  74. …and nuts.

  75. OH MY GOSH!!! I totally thought that was the weiner. You just freaked me out.

  76. From HarryD’s photo, it appears that the bald-end of the tail isn’t that unusual amongst meerkats…

  77. Yah, I know Theo, but…
    Double post! Double post!

  78. ROFL.
    “paws are up, eyes are beady and nads aren’t helpin'”
    Hahahahahaha, meg.

    *snort* theo

  79. Gosh, and not a single “Hakuna Matata”?

  80. All I could think of was “lemme out lemme out lemme out”

  81. nads=bads *boooooo*

  82. DavidBoBavid says:

    ROFL.. HarryD that picture doesn’t exactly help the case any.

    look how his “tail” is positioned there, plus that sly look on his face. he’s all, “that’s right, ladies”

  83. When you’re on the lower rung of the food chain, I guess you gotta mate early, mate often to keep the population going.

  84. All the cool meercats are doing it!

  85. Avast! Either that be a tail or we should start sayin’ “Ye be hung like a meerkat!”

  86. If all the cool meerkats were jumping off cliffs, would you do that too (oh, wait, that’s cool lemmings).

  87. Cool Lemmings? Wasn’t that a film with John Candy about an all-animal bobsled team…?

  88. The one on the left reminds me of Natalie Portman. It’s not a bad thing, they’re both cute and little.

    I’m just saying, is all. *shrugs*

  89. army_kitten says:

    arrrr! i just couldn’t help meself–it was the tug o’ them steely gazes, tearin’ at me soul…

  90. *laughing really hard* Ok, now the one on the right really DOES look just like Johnny Depp. Good job, army kitten!

    I just gotta say tho, why are thier tails all weird and bald on the end? I don’ unnerstan.

  91. natalie portman! Yes, you are right, maymee!

  92. This is one of those cases where a little strategic cropping would have helped, lol…


  93. oh…and OMG!

    Natalie Portman, indeed!
    Totally open this pic and compare the two side-by-side…

  94. Yaaah, or just some PANTS! 😉

  95. Yarrrrrrrr, mateys, ye’ve goughed out me eye (the one what wasn’t already patched) wi’ yer rude meerrrrrrrkats.

    And ye didn’t save any puddin’s fer me, eitherrrrr.

    (snorrrrgles TuxKit for solace)

  96. hrhqueencat says:

    Meerkats never sit on their tails so the guy on the right is displaying his assets

  97. ROFL! Rest in Pants!
    Thanks, Aub!

    God I love mst3k!


  99. that can’t be nad-ular, can it? Surely it’s a tail??? Scary!

  100. Zap, uh, did your prof want a specimen of said piece of anatomy, or did he just share way tmi on his own personal desires?

  101. army_kitten says:

    yaaarrrr know, i coulda put some pants on the lil’ devils, but me heart just wasn’t in it to cover up the goods in the name o’ decency. arrrter all, these’re PIRATE MEERKATS! pirates aren’t known for their decency, mate.


  102. A quick ‘nads story.

    Down here in Oz there were a couple of TV presenters that owned a racing greyhound. They called it “Nads” just so they could cheer “GO NADS” everytime it ran the track.

  103. army_kitten says:

    …and this be what i learned in ARRRRRRRT school.

  104. army_kitten says:

    …photo-shippin’, i mean to say.

    ye nads! i’ll be stoppin’ heyre with the tarrrrible puns, else i might be forced to walk the plank.

  105. Pirate, no class Danielle says:

    Arrrrgh! How Hakuna is his Matata?

  106. What’s wrong with you people? All male things have nads. They can’t simply tuck them away for convenience whenever some schmoe decides to photograph them. Quit acting like 5th graders.

    Anyway, they’re adorable.

  107. Might be called “naditude,” no? That HAS to be a tail.

  108. Omg, I am crying right now from laughing so hard. Funny, funny stuff.

  109. By the way everyone that is his tail you are looking at LOL. Meerkats keep it inside the body (as do rodents – are meerkats rodents??) it only comes out when they are mating.

  110. bwahahaha, i don’t think i’ve ever laughed so hard at 8am. 😀 just the “show your nads” caption was enough to worry my co-workers, but then the comments!

    nad-alie portman. lmao!

  111. omg. ROFL.
    I agree.. Nads does not equal cute.
    But ROFL just the same..

  112. I ROFL and WOFLed like a puppy in a box of kittens.

    Oh, my sides!!!!!

  113. Yeah, the BIG one’s a tail… but look right above it! Is that… the Lindsay Lohan of Meerkats?!?!?

  114. Sarcasta – Thanks for the wicked WoW shoutout, from a proud 43 Night Elf Warrior.

  115. Sarcasta – yes, thank you! Durotan for the win! [Madrigal – lv 21 nightelf druid]

  116. WickedWendy says:

    I hope that’s a tail, cuz the nads are on top of it!!! LOL

  117. hmm, anyone else creeped out by the grinning…? Forget the nads, stop looking at me like that…

  118. It’s crazy how human their eyes look.

  119. MEERKATS!!!


  120. Actually, I think that’s a tail WITH a rock or something in front of it.

  121. butteredtoast says:

    they’re so fat… so0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 cute

  122. Wow is that ever fat and hairy….

  123. Has anyone told Natalie Portman that she looks like the one on the left?

  124. THAT MADE ME SNORTLAUGH…maybe more the commentary than the picture, but really! Ha!!

  125. lol that last comment almost got my tail hard