Tiny tiger tongued toes

As far as Cute overloading goes, I think having a baby tiger lick your toes might send you into a C.O. coma. Authorities should really look into it as a way to subdue perps.


Thanks to Taylor M. and his girlfriend Kaela who visited a Puerto Vallarta Tiger Reserve and remain in critical (but stable) overload condish.



  1. Eek! What a stripey muzzlepuff!

  2. *gasp*

    Now you’ve done it. Kitties and puppies are fine and dandy, but tigers are my favorite animal of all time!

    I do not want one, though, because wild cats are NOT pets and should never be kept as pets.


  3. I’m just waiting for the C*R*U*N*C*H! Toooo cute!

  4. sweetjamielee says:

    OMG I don’t think I’d even care if this little *bit* my toe off. I’d be “awwing” all the way to the hospital. Too cute…love it:-)

  5. Appe-toe-ser.

  6. Hey, meat is meat, a kitteh’s gotta eat.

  7. Just looking at this gives me shivers imagining how much that must tickle!

  8. That gets me giggling and my toes twitching all the way here in Texas! *LOL*

    I needed this…thanks!


  9. nawm nawm…

  10. CO coma, indeed. I myself am in one, happily in bed and kissing Sirius the Marmie Kitteh with whom the Force is strong 😉

    AuntieMame, I agree, tyger-tiggers are simply great. Their eyes seem to see into your soul. Hey.. Do tigers purr? ^^

  11. i may die unless i can have this happen to me.

  12. My dog does this, and it’s AWFUL, but it makes her so happy. And with a tiger tongue, which is presumably like a kitty’s it would be even worse, but SO WORTH IT.

  13. It’s…
    There’s a…

    * * * [SPLODE] * * *

  14. Scofield:

    So far as I know, all cats both domesticated and big wild ones have some form of purr. So in a word, yes. 😉

  15. I always thought it went, “Catch a tiger by IT’S toes…”… guess I was wrong 😛

  16. Cat tongues are rough, so maybe this is some kind of pedicure.

    if i ever worked in a zoo i would be a multiple amputee in no time at all. large cats are irrisistable…
    They do purr. Loudly.

  17. It would be great if big cats could purr, but they can’t. It has to do with whether the hyoid structure in the throat is bone or cartilage. Cats can either purr or roar– can’t have it both ways.

    So we have to purr for them.

  18. I was a zoo volunteer for awhile (years ago) and remember being told they don’t exactly purr, they “prust” which has something to do with how they make the sound but it sounds like a very loud purr/friendly semi-growl.

  19. After previous posting I tried the dictionary and they don’t have “prust” as a word. But I thought that’s what the zookeepers said. Maybe it’s just their own term. (?)

  20. Just how many licks DOES it take to get to the center of a “tootsie pop”?…Let’s find out…one…two…three…oops! The world may never know :o(

  21. Only cats of the subfamily Felinea and Acinonychinea can purr. This includes the house cat and all small wild cats like the bobcat, lynx, caracal, ocelot, serval, and the larger mountain lion and cheetah.

    Cats of the Pantherinae family, which includes all the big cats like the lion, tiger, panther, and jaguar, cannot purr.

  22. Lookit that tiny needle-like toof 🙂

  23. I’m insanely jealous of these people who got to play with Princess the tiger cub.

  24. “and in other news, a woman was reported at the hospital missing a toe, Bob back to you”

  25. Cats also use their rough tongues to effectively scrape bones clean of meat, so if something like a tiger or a lion brings down a beaucoup big dinner like an antelope, you can imagine what kind of power is in their tongues to get all the meaty goodness!

  26. This little piggy went to market,
    This little piggy went home,
    This little piggy went into my mouth,
    Yum, yum, yum!

  27. Holy wavy whiskers, Batman!

  28. MEL—–lol
    Puns are toe-tally purr-hibited on CO, speaking of “toe tally” maybe the owner of those toes better take one. Yipes!

  29. I’d heard that thing about how big cats (Panthera) are able to roar but not purr, and vice versa, but recently had also heard that big cats CAN purr—that in fact all cats can purr—just with the big cats it’s only on the exhale, whereas little (Felidae) cats purr on both in- and ex- hale. I’m thoroughly confused on the matter now. The purr/roar dichotomy was from a coffee table book on cats, while the purr+roar system was advocated on a big cats website. Now I know that the internets are a place anyoldbody can put up a site, but this one did look pretty authoritative. Of course, I don’t remember the site name now!

    If the big ‘uns DO purr, I can’t decide if I want to hear it or not. I mean it would be very cool and cute and probably loud, but if on the other hand, big kitty is purring because there’s a nice tasty meal (me) within earshot…

  30. Theo, do tigers count as “marmalade”?

  31. “Kitties and puppies are fine and dandy,”
    But I would rather be tiger candy. [sing-song]

    “Hey.. Do tigers purr? “
    Scofield, 3-d is right, but the diff, I believe, is that domestic cats purr on the exhale AND the inhale, but the big cats purr only when breathing out.

  32. Must. Snorgle. Giant. Kitteh.

  33. Ooops…sorry for the repeat, Thalia! Skimming too fast. 🙂

  34. michellemybelle says:

    If those were my toes, I would be dead right now from all the excitement. Tigers are my FAVORITE – I repeat – favorite.

    Just seeing the photo makes me agree with Theo, R.I.P.

  35. I have, in fact, snorgled a tiger cub… they’re not as soft as you’d think, but totally amazing. Imagine rubbing your face in a soft bristle brush… and keep your nose away from the business end of the face.

  36. Wuvs the tiger, but since I can hardly stand the tickle/raspy of TuxKit’s tongue, my toes are retracting at the thought of BIG kitteh.

    Still, a great, great pic, and our thots go out to the peeps who suffered so to bring us this image. 😉

  37. brownamazon says:

    Raspy tongue overload!

  38. Joe B–those were grrrrreeaaat!

    –Tony the Tiger

  39. Me next, me next, me next….pleeeeeeeze?

  40. Mama – how did you perchance snorgle said tiger dub? I must know so I can partake of the cuteness.

  41. I got to snuggle with a tiger cub too, MamaDawn! I was in big-kitty heaven til he bit me in the boob. After that, the excitement kinda…..went away. 😉

  42. Aren’t tigers just beautiful?

    And that raspy tongue! Scrape scrape scrape….much better than a pumice stone!

  43. Good heavens! That puma purring sounds like a helicopter coming in for a landing!

    Thanks for sharing those, Joe B.!

  44. That’s quite the callus remover she’s got going there. Is this a spa treatment?

  45. okay peeps, you may find this interesting. there is a tiger and big cats rescue organization based in Northern Alabama, Tigers for Tomorrow at Untamed Mountain. a fellow posted to Total Fark (not linked cos’ subscription required) that when he and his GF went to visit, that on some days, and by paying an extra fee, you could actually spend some quality time with one or two of the tiger cubs. he described the experience as “transcendent”. I can’t find info on TfTaUM webpage, but if any of you may be in the area, it may be worth a phone call to check. I leave you with a link to their picture gallery: http://www.tigersfortomorrow.org/index.php?option=com_zoom&Itemid=32

  46. michellemybelle says:

    Who’s up for a road trip to Alabama?
    (I never thought I’d ever say such a thing…)

  47. I don’t know if tigers purr, but according to the lovely people at the San Diego and Bronx zoos they do chuffle…
    “Also called a prustin, a chuffle is a distinctly happy tiger sound that is analogous to a greeting.”

    I think I should like to meet a distinctly happy tiger 🙂

  48. Michelle – ever see “My Cousin Vinny”? They went on a roadtrip to Alabama…

  49. Sounds of Chuffling!!:) (scroll down)

  50. You’ll need a link, maybe…[whoopsie]

  51. Tewtolly kewl!! I now have Tiger Chuffling on my ipod! 😉
    Thanks, TJ!

    mariser, thanks for the tigers for tomorrow site! Some great pics there, added to my favorites!

  52. There is a wildlife park just outside of Tulsa where the do big cat rescue. The owner brought in a tiger cub to the radio station where I work… thus the tiger snorling. I’ve also had lemurs pee down my back, penguins poop in my office and baby bears try to suck the skin off my fingers. It is all in a day’s work. Our receptionist levitate from the front desk to a back closet the day he brought in a 15 foot python.

  53. Mmm…tastes like…

  54. I seriously checked to see if the zoo had any job openings after seeing this! :o)

  55. I didn’t know distinctly happy tigers chuffled; I learned in my youth that they Bounced (and it was a Wonderful Thing About them) 😉

  56. I would be terrified if the baby cutie decides to nibble my toes a bit 😦

  57. Lurker – I think you’re talking about tiggers, as opposed to tigers. I too used to think that they were the same animal, but it turns out I was mistaken. Tigers have a penchant for raw meat and chuffling. Tiggers like to bounce, eat haycorns and Roo’s strengthening medicine, and are never around when it comes to hunting heffalumps.

  58. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Frosted toe flakes… They’re Gggrrrrreeeaaatt!

  59. I’ve never had a pedi before, but THIS I could live with!

  60. acelightning says:

    “Tiny tiger tongued toes” sounds like the subject line in some of the spam I get… but they’re not talking about zoo cats…



  62. TJ – Me lofs BOTH Tiggers & Tigers.

    Speaking of which, am SOOOO ready to go and live in a jungle just to have my toes chewed on. RAWR!


    [PLODE. Again.]

  64. [sigh] Princess …. such a perfect name for a tiger cub.

    Egad … someone take her away before she gets cubnapped!

  65. I’ve always wondered, since I’m allergic to house cats, would I be allergic to big cats?

  66. juggle geese says:

    Hey Mama Dawn, if you want soft fur you should snorgle a white tiger or a golden tabby tiger. They have softer fur than the standard orange tiger. And I can only agree with all the previous posters. Tigers are the most beautiful animals on the planet.

  67. the chuffing sounds like my sink pipes gurgling. cute?

  68. Alabama. I’m so totally going there, when I visit US next time. Wanna snorgle tiger cubs.

    Chuffling, a cute word! When I was looking for this word, I found this quite a funny description:

    “Steam engines chuff, and dogs snuffle, so if you can imagine Thomas the
    Tank Engine with a wagging tail …”

  69. LOL, Scofield! I can hear it now.

  70. giggle giggle … stop!
    giggle giggle … don’t stop!
    giggle giggle … stop!

  71. chet's momma says:

    tiptoe….through the tiger lips…..with mee-eeee!

  72. Oh yeah, chet’s momma!

    Lick toe, tiger’s two lips…
    Lick my toe tips
    Won’t you chuff with me
    Lick toe thru your two lips
    For meeeeee!

    Thanks for the earworm! 😉

  73. And in the next picture the tiger CHOMPS off her toes!

  74. I am reminded of what I tell first-time visitors about my kitty, JJ: “She loves new people. Feel free to pet her if you want, but if she starts to lick your hand, you should know that she is not kissing you, she’s tasting you.”

  75. Kris, in New England says:

    And not only is Princess a gorgeous tiger, she’s an endangered Bengal Tiger. Only a handful left in the wild sadly. I don’t care for zoos as a rule, but when it comes to conservation and preservation of a species, even if it must be caged in a zoo setting, then sobeit. Future generations need to see these marvelous creatures.

  76. I certainly wouldn’t be a-toes-d to this sort of treatment. It’s time to start the advertising campaign – a Tigger Licker would be the purr-fect (OK?) holiday gift!

  77. Just been googling this tiger cub…..


    Didn’t realise that Holiday Resorts also look after critically endangered animals.

    Very strange.

  78. Eeney meeney miney moe
    Tiger’s licking on my toe
    Man that tickles don’cha know
    Eeney meeney miney WHOA!

  79. Hee hee!

    Yes, I think this probably gets my vote for the Cutest Thing I Have Ever Seen. It has even taken the edge off my hangover. Well done, baby tiger.

  80. The bebeh tiger was perfect enough; to include the toes is simply gilding the tiger lily.

  81. Aubrey, {singsong} which brings us back to

    I heart you little Princess!!! <3<3<3<3

  82. Loris . . . sounds like you got toes-sted this weekend.

  83. I can verify first-hand that cheetahs purr. Got up close and personal with three of them, backstage at the Philadelphia Zoo. Coolest sound I’ve ever heard. Like regular purring, only it could shake the plates off your table.

    Tiger toe lickies…so wonderful…

  84. Can’t. Read. Chinese.
    Cantonese, Mandarin, you name it, I can’t read it.

  85. [staring]
    …kinda pretty, tho.

  86. Oh my GAWD. So gorgeous. I practically faint from cuteness when my fat 7-year-old tortie licks my hand (“She LOVES me!”). I can’t imagine a tiger toe-lick.

  87. michellemybelle says:

    Teej – I would be willing to risk the dangers of dealing with Southern “justice” if it meant a tiger cub could lick my toes.
    (As an aside, I’ve managed to never see the movie, so I guess I’m a pod person or something).
    Maybe we could add it to the list of Port-a-Snorg critters and then we wouldn’t have to drive?

  88. The first time a puppy ever licked my toes I freaked out, not because it tickled (it did) or because it was kind of gross (it was) but because her tongue was smooth and I was used to kitten tongues. For some reason I just assumed all animals had rough tongues…

  89. [to the tune of Mew York, Mew york]

    {musters up best Sinatra voice available}

    ~I want to wake up-
    to a kitty that licks my feeeeet!
    It’s up to YOU
    Mew York…


    {slinks away completely embarrassed}

    {gets ready for a night of good sleppin}

  90. chet's momma says:

    ceebs, i love it! good sleppin’!

  91. totally seducing pic/ idea definitely. but, as a later visitor said on the website, the cub grows up, gets too big to be petted by strangers and ends up in a cage, behind the scenes. as a means of attracting guest I find this dubious, although very effective. I work in a zoo myself and am the first to want to pet anything — so I totally understand the urge — but it just doesn’t end there for the tiger. unfortunately there’s not many zoos around, let alone holiday resorts, that can offer anything like decent living conditions to a big cat…

  92. totally seducing pic/ idea definitely. but, as a later visitor said on the website, the cub grows up, gets too big to be petted by strangers and ends up in a cage, behind the scenes. as a means of attracting guest I find this dubious, although very effective. I work in a zoo myself and am the first to want to pet anything — so I totally understand the urge — but it just doesn’t end there for the tiger. unfortunately there’s not many zoos around, let alone holiday resorts, that can offer anything like decent living conditions to a big cat…

  93. adorable. speaking of which, did anyone check out the chica at the other end of those toes? rawwwr. i don’t blame the little tiger at all.


  94. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    I live in Alabama and I’m off to find a teeny tiny tiggy to snorgle right now!

  95. Ayeee, no pirates here either. Arrrrrrrgh. Now, where ye beee?

  96. Absent new posts, we bring you “Pffffts. I’m OUTAHERE!”

  97. IS it just me, or is there a weird foot fetish vibe going on here…

    Cute kitty, tho!

  98. And of course…
    “Hey, dude! Where you going?”
    “Pffffts. Meg’s not posted any more cutes, so I’m OUTAHERE!”
    (pik 1)

  99. Hehe, TJ, that first chameleon is all “Harumph!”

  100. oh my goodness…
    *squee* *SPLODE*

  101. As wierd as this is, this picture is of my aunt’s tiger. She married the man who runs El Tigre golf resort in Nueva Vallarta. They let the tiger’s in their house until the are almost 100 pounds. We visited recently and you wouldn’t believe how big princess has gotten.