Let’s give it up for “Cubby”

Besides ROOFEES, "Cubby" is my fave pup over at Dogster. As you may recall, "Cubby" is the spokespup for Rule #1. Let’s check out her Dogster page and see what she’s up to. More cuteness, I presume.


Muchas gras, John V.



  1. paws up people!

  2. Paw! And floof! And *swoons*


  3. Check the page. The hat pic is prosh.

  4. Teeny tiny paws up!!!! Prosh!

  5. I want to SQUEE!!!

  6. His Paws are soooooo cold…he needs booties

  7. Heya, Cubby! Have some snow.

    And the rakish tilt to the hat is just too de rigeur for words. Beau Brummell would be so proud!

  8. What y’all don’t realize is, she’s a highly-trained alert dog. In the pic, she’s alerting her masters to a heavily camouflaged pirate ninja spy skier who fell into a snowdrift while covertly shuttling crack, Tribbles, and secret military space program plans to his evil criminal mastermind Boss’s lair hidden in the Colorado mountainside.

    Afterward she’ll retreat to her shag-carpeted split-level doghouse to enjoy a kibble martini–shaken, not stirred…


  9. Still cute though this pic was posted a long time ago under the title of paw up also

  10. Miniature sled dog?

    I had a Pom who loved the snow and a Dobby who whined and shivered when she went out in it. This little girl seems to enjoy it, too. Can almost see her nose twitching.

  11. Love the one where she’s all covered in snow like a tiny canine snowmonster.

  12. Cubby On Point!

  13. Cubs is so adorable. I love that photo of her wearing the teensy hat.


  15. Did you see? Cubby has a monkey!

  16. Gooooooooo… CUBBY!
    She’s so pretty and dainty :o) Miss my Pom, Pockets…*sob*

  17. Pointy nose! Pointy pointy!

  18. D2D- you had me at camouflaged pirate ninja spy skier!


  19. Good heavenly lord, those golden poms are criminally cute! There oughtta be a law!

  20. Danielle: I aims ta please! (Or at least, to make folks look at me quizzically, shake their heads, and edge slowly away…) 😉


  21. Faraway in the lonely night, a dog was heard barking…

  22. I only edged away, dear D2D, because chili peppers were burning my gut…

  23. Aubrey: Well stop putting them in your belly-button, then! 😉

    Luckycliff: Are you sure it wasn’t a “Dark and Stormy Night”…? *ducks thrown objects*


  24. Aub: You’re throwin’ the book at me? But I ain’t even been arrested! 😉

    I’m surprised you didn’t throw THIS at me instead, though!



  25. Dogster loves you all!

  26. The Bulwer-Lytton site has a section called the “Bad Sex Writing Award”. I died six times and got a hernia from laughing so hard. Thanks

  27. Juniper: Yeah, I shoulda written in a warning. Sorry ’bout that… 😉

    I drop in there from time to time, to remind myself that I am NOT, in fact, the WORST writer in existence. Gives me a bit of an ego-boost… *grin*


  28. Eee! So cute! My puppy looked like that when I first met her 🙂