Hello Sears? Have I got a photo shoot for YOU

Have you been to Sears portrait studio recently? They do AWESOME work. Let me tell you, I am not kidding. 2 years ago, Sparky and I and our roommate, The Dude went to Sears for a ‘family’ portrait, and it was AWESOME. They take good care of you there, the quality rocks, and I spent 15 hours looking at their prop selections.

I love that someone brot their turtle and kitteh in for a portrait. That cat is all: "WTF? I can’t cuddle with this!" The turtle is all "Ehn!"


Justin V., Tossing Rituals brand coffee crystals in your direction (sorry, inside joke, we lerrrve the coffee creamer powder at the office called ‘Rituals’)



  1. Awww, cute. Great for turtle shots… slow motion blink. 😛

  2. “Ok, mom – now I killed it, how do I get the damn’ thing open?!”

  3. I love the white shag carpet and the splodgy background. It’s so unnatural and so…inappropriate for an animal photo. 🙂

  4. So this is, like, from a real, actual, honest-to-Pete photo shop.

  5. Cute,yes, but a wee bit disturbing. I like turtles, but seeing one on a white shag carpet with a well-groomed kitten is odd.

    Makes me wonder what happens in frame #2… Kitty tackles tortoise?? Reptile makes gooey mess on white carpet??

    The turtle gets points from me for the head-butt that he’s attempting with the kitten, though.

  6. Too bad the kittie can’t be a Tortie (try to spell tortoishell at this time of night. I do not think that’s right.) :}

  7. EEEEEEEEE!!! Marmie kitteh! Tortoise!!!

    This is gonna be a great Sunday.

  8. [cue Mike Myers with a heavy Scottish accent]

    “I’ve got a turtle head pokin’ out!”

  9. Is that seriously you in that picture?

  10. Someone needs to tell that turtle that’s *not* an automatic shoe-polishing machine, and he’ll never get his shell shiny that way.

    Srsly, the kitten looks like the puff on a shoe-polisher to me.

  11. Strangest. Prom date. Evar.

  12. Totally redonkulous. Somewhat unsettling…can’t put my finger on it, though.

  13. its not a turtle lol they live in water. this is a tortoise as in land lubber ;)its like calling a guinea pig a hamster.

  14. I think the tortoise wants the kitty to groom him.
    It’s hard to wash behind your own ears when you live in a shell.

  15. I love how that kittie’s just a perfect square of fluff. =P Cute!

  16. This picture is amazing!

  17. “But mo-o-o-m, I told you I didn’t WANT the tortoise prop, I want the Apples and Wood Wagon prop!”

  18. jessica, yes that’s the fair Meg in the linked photo. We all saw her looking very glam on the clips from the Webby Awards.

  19. The juxtaposition is odd, and the composition seems a bit out of whack. Have no idea how one poses them better though. Just… Bizarre! Hee!

  20. turtle: ahhhhh, soft….so soffft an…. [honk-shu!]

    kitteh: this is like cuddling with a rock! dammit!

    PS love the links…the tennis shots are most excellent. I wish your family would adopt me.

  21. michellemybelle says:

    Those links are the best – I love that your roommate was The Dude, and the outfits in the Christmas shot just made it ever so right.

    The kitty/turtle shot is just evidence of to what lengths folks will go in order to show their love for their pets. And it is most redonk 🙂

  22. a not too unusual morning:

    me (at the computer): “ha ha haaaaa ha ha!”

    me (can’t stop laughing): “you’ve got to come see this.”

    boyfriend (sitting on the couch watching some uber serious political commentary): “let me guess – cute overload again.”

    love it!!!

  23. I cannot belive you people…That is the cutest ever….I had a turtle and my kitty loved it…They played together all the time….

  24. Awww! one of these things is not like the other..doo de dum..

    Is there a link to see the pics of meg from the webby awards?

  25. i can’t decide: is that kitteh completely flat/2-dimensional……or is it spherical?

    i propose a new category: “cute but odd.”

  26. redonk tortrait session! And the threesome of you all is very sweet. (The Big Lewbowski–my fave movie of all time!)

  27. I love this pic…but I have a pressing question…are The Bootcuts all but a fond memory, a brilliant flash in the pan…or perchance do ya’ll still play? *crosses fingers*

  28. i nominate the word “EHN” to be put in the new Oxford English Dictionary

  29. Namotshawskenalontimane says:

    The turtle is so very dead.

  30. SEARS rocks!

  31. Johnwade
    I’ve already sent the OED the glossary so they can include, comorble snorgle etc

  32. Weird. I like the Sears portrait. Man. I’m doing that this year.

  33. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen, cue drawling drunken laugh. 😀

  34. That’s one of the cutest things EVER. =D

  35. What a cute combination of soft & smooth vs rough & wrinkled and bright & floofy vs gray & hairless. Also note the big energy difference….. OMG!… Meg! You promised you wouldn’t post that pic of my grandchild and me!

  36. was just wondering….If a turtle had whiskers, would he be able to pull his head back into his shell??

  37. My friends had a portrait of their kittehs, them, and them with their kittehs done by a professional photographer (ex-Sears) who makes house calls with all her stuff. It looks just as good, plus the pets don’t have to travel, if your critters don’t like the car.

    We have photos of ourselves with our late marmie Coon from Owen Mills. The photog said he was better behaved than most of the children!

    This photo is def. “Cute or Odd?”

  38. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    A kid in one of my old classes was completely convinced that tortoises could turn around in their shells. She swore she’d seen it on telly – I did try to convince her that it must have been a cartoon because tortoises’ spines are fused to their shells thus making internal-turn-arounds impossible – but she remained convinced!! I wonder if she still believes it.

  39. LOL, Car! Super descrip too!

  40. *Shriek!!* *poit*

  41. Speaking of pet portraits, here’s the PetSmart management team.

    Phil Francis’ dog is a rescue pup and Don Beaver’s cats obviously didn’t want to be there (he also gets grief for being “The Cat Guy”). Be sure to read about George the fish. It cracks me up.

  42. I once had a turtle friend (when I was living in Asia). She lived in a bushy tropical tree in my yard. What a blessing to have her around, she was quite inquisitive and not nearly as afriad of me as a thought a turtle would be. Thinking back on that also reminds me of some of the turtle hacheries I visted. To hold a 2 day old greenback turtle in your hand is an amazing experience. Especially so knowing that it *may* very well live to be 150+ ….

    BTW Meg, I liked your Xmas picture. Twas so, I don’t know, homey and warm, and retro in a big way. Do you and your mates usually dress so retro in everyday life?

  43. *waves to Jaypo!*

  44. Kitty looks VERY unsure of how to deal with Tortie McTorterson.

  45. Seeing this makes me want to have two random items in my life photographed professionally with supercool backgrounds.

  46. Meg, I agree with shaki that your Xmas portrait is sweet and retro. specially sparky. he looks so clean-cut and schweet with his red jacket I could have sworn he was heading off to practice with his doo-woop quartet after the picture was taken.

  47. A couple of years ago, around Christmas, children were encouraged to bring their pets to Santa’s Cottage (he wisely chose to have it put up near the Farmer’s Market) to have their photos taken with Santa. Having no pets, I arrived with a toy, stuffed bunny. No questions were asked, and my photo was taken! (wish I wasn’t photo-retarded, I’d love to post the result here)

  48. Garfield and Marmie Katt are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Kitty, to Izzy A. Tortoise, son of Shelly and Schlomo Tortoise. A June wedding is planned at the Katt house.

  49. Elvis was in the care of Grandma and Grandpa a few years ago when I was out of the county for an extended period. The vet sent a letter inviting people to bring in their pets to have their picture taken with Santa.

    Dad thought it would be funny if they took Elvis to have his picture taken as a surprise for me. Mom said “Yeah, that would be quite the surprise when we tell her the cat died of a heart attack.”

    Poor Elvis. He had to put up with a plane ride, small children, dogs and my parents’ sense of humor.

  50. kayte that’s brilliant! thanks, I’m giggling here thinking of the children’s names.

  51. Mariser: Zipper, Swiffer & Trudge.

  52. v. good T.
    [golf clap]

  53. The turtle is all “Ehn!”
    —-Why did this crack me up so much?? I’ve got the sillies now. I’m at work and I’m sniggling.

  54. I used to work at a portrait studio that had pet events. Its a nice idea but from the photographers standpoint it was pure craziness. Especially when multiple pets were brought in for one sitting.

  55. No! The dual animal portrait I believe–it’s deliciously bizarre and I’m convinced it’s real, but, The Dude? Are you serious about that one? That takes the everyday bizarre to a whole nuther levahl! And the link–wow, thanks for the plug for one of my town’s great local fests (which is coming up soon)!

  56. Samantha, several cities have Lebowski Fests…which one is yours. I tewtally want to go to the one in Louisville but I work on September 30th [cries] must figure out how to swing it…

  57. Omg…I’m totally doing this with my weird pets this year! Everyone wants to see a portrait photo of a brandamaged kitteh with a wittle bebe python, right? 😀

  58. OK, we joke about it, but my friend once dragged his cat for a picture with Santa which then became a Christmas ornament. The cat wasn’t thrilled, but being a Maine coon, didn’t put up too much of a fuss. Shortly after he unexpectedly crossed the Rainbow Bridge, so that picture is cherished and put in a place of honor on the Christmas tree every year.