You’re under arrest

Hold it right there, Señor Puppers.


For unlawful puppitude, including but not limited to:

1. Playful, waving ‘tocks
2. Overwhelming, clean fluff and
3. A tiny mouf barely big enough to hold that tennis-ball-thing

Just stop it! [clenching eyes shut]


For God’s sake, man. Stooooooop! (I’m talkin’ to you, Janice P.)



  1. Hellllrrroo, Puppy Pupperson! (Pets insanely fluffy head.)

  2. Awww, is he really called Dave? That’s brill.

  3. eeep! Hee’s keeling me with teh qwt.

  4. Slap the fluffcuffs on him and remand him to my custody immediately! I’ll see he gets what he deserves for his brazen crimes.

  5. AAAAAAAH! Adorable!

  6. I cant’ decide if “Playful, Waving ‘Tocks” is a better name for:

    (1) a pr0n video
    (2) a boyband a la ‘NSync

    what y’all think?

  7. I want this dog. Seriously. Can I have it? I would take such good care of it.

  8. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    Love the fluffy puppers. Hims needs to do serious time for being so cute. I have a place for him.

  9. I just want to see him running and playing with that tennis ball thingy… I bet those little fluffy ‘tocks are anerable in motion!!!!!

  10. This pup makes me feel all happy and content-like.

    That’s an amazing feat, considering that I’m at work and I’m already contemplating banging my head against a wall repeatedly (and I’ve only been here for 20 minutes so far!).

    Thank you, puppy!

  11. Awwww …. floofeh puppers!!!

  12. Oh, and I was thinking of this the other day when puns abounded and we all were breaking into rhymes and songs from childhood. The song below was one my brother learned in Boy Scouts. The joke is better if you pronounce a key word in a snooty, British sort of way.

    My dog Jelly likes to roam.
    One day Jelly left his home.
    He came back quite unclean.
    Where, oh where has Jelly been?

    Jelly been
    Jelly been
    Where, oh where has Jelly been?

    My dog Pinto likes to roam.
    One day Pinto left his home.
    He came back, quite unclean.
    Where, oh where has Pinto been?

    Pinto been
    Pinto been
    Where, oh where has Pinto been?

    /silly song

    It, of course, continues on from there.

    Yes, here at CO we go from bad to verse.

  13. He’s also breaking the First Law of Puppy Physics there: a dog can be active *or* a dog can be clean. Never both. I give the pristine white fluffness about a nanosecond.

  14. Now if that is not the qtest thing…
    how many times have we all said that???

    Someday I *seriously* want to have a puppers!

  15. He’s under arrest for being CUTE! Slap the puplinks on him, Danno.

  16. LOL, rpennefe.

    Where, oh where has Pinto bean? 🙂

    And I’m not worried so much about Dave’s floof getting grubby as I am about it getting all stuck full of briars and sharp plant bits that have to be pulled and combed and cut out.

  17. Is this the same pup of “Boi-oi-oing” fame whose fluffy ‘tocks were once pictured bounding across the hills like Maria?

  18. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    DAWE… Dave looks like my Bichon, only with straight hair. ‘Tocks up in the air, I love it!

  19. It’s very fluffy. And white.

  20. I betcha he’s making teh qte sounds, too.

    [RRR, Arrh, Grrr, Arrh, Ehn!, ARRRH, ARRRH]

    And swinging his floofy head ’round most emphatically, that Mr. Puptons.

  21. ka9q's wife says:

    Mariser sez

    “(1) a pr0n video
    (2) a boyband a la ‘NSync

    what y’all think?”

    thanks for the laugh. I think i had milk coming out my nose.

  22. “Yes, here at CO we go from bad to verse.”

    [chortling] …true dat, RP.

  23. Very funny, rpennefe! “has been” ALMOST works.

    I would like Dave to lie on my lap on a cold day. I bet he is furry fuzzy warm.

    (and I meant that last in the most upstanding, non-derelict way you dirty minded peeps)

  24. OMG, I have to have that puppy, he NEEDS me!

  25. Yay, rpennefe, great song!
    I even have a cat, Pinto, who is more often called The Bean!
    Someday I will get a picture of the Beanersnitz posted on my *blog*< --said in "snooty British sort of way" *laugh*!

  26. This little pup and the grass textures completely match! It sooooo cute and the color contrasts so amazing! Love it!

  27. Clifton Goodwin says:

    Faraway in the quiet night, a solitary dog was heard barking….

  28. So cute and fluffy! *cuddles*

  29. Joyous grrrness here!! Cute Pupper McMuppetson.

  30. Cute pup! He’s all in the “Play with me, NOW!” mode. Bet if you try to take that toy he’ll turn and run with it. Lil stinker!

  31. OMG how ADORABLE!
    What type of doggie is it? Looks like a few breeds but it’s hard to tell …

  32. Stephy — it’s a Superfluff. They’re the only domestic canine known to have the ability to fly.

  33. Is Dave’s last name Pupperbotham?

  34. ummmm . . . Theo . . . there is one other domesticated canine that can fly.