Various and sundry items

Submitter Erin P. says: "This is my cat Aeon. He is groceries.* I know it looks staged, but he totally crammed himself in there."

Oh, we know a thing or two about cats cramming into places. Stheriouswee.


* He is? OOOOOOOOO-Kaaaaaaay….



  1. Aww. I had a cat who would do that, too!

  2. He’s saying: “All your groceries are belong to us. Now WHERE’S THE GODDAMN BACON?!”

    Such a pretty boy…

    [sinks back into lurkerdom]

  3. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Take off every Goldfish!

  4. Aeon, those aren’t REAL goldfish, bebe.

  5. staged. you should’nt be able to see the face of the cat, as it should be nosing through the bags.

    cute kitteh!

  6. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    (Ok, so not everyone’s going to get what Cerise and I are going on about… but I couldn’t resist.)

  7. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    All your groceries, groceries, groceries, all your groceries are belong to us! Take off every goldfish for great justice!(Thanks Cerise, I could’ve gone the rest of the day without getting that thing stuck in my head for the umpteenthousandth time!)

  8. Looking at the items in those grocery bags is making me hungry.

    And where can I find a grocery store that sells cats? This must be the same one that had these other wee grocery kittens.

  9. Smart cat. Figured he’d go right to the source. He’s hit the cat jackpot: plastic bags AND groceries.

  10. Aeon, how long will you wait?

  11. Cat: “VICTOLY!!”

  12. It’s the snack that smiles back!

  13. Totally believable. My cat loves plastic bags (or any type really) so much so that he will attempt to fit all of his 11 pound fluffiness into even the teensiest bags. Nothing funnier than a cat who thinks he’s invisible just because he’s got his head shoved in a bag.

  14. Oh that is SO the picture at my house too!
    But just picture *nine* cats underfoot and chewing on the plastic bags!

  15. I’m buying anything that comes with a free cat.

  16. Ha, and he honed right in on the fish. Smart kitty!

  17. Loren Pechtel says:

    It doesn’t seem staged to me. There’s apparently a bit of a gap there and the result is a cat-sized pseudo-box.

  18. I like the expression on his face – “Do you mind? I’m busy here!”, and the little patch on his chin.

  19. One of my boys is a confirmed plastic bag licker. LOOOOOOOORVES them. I cut the handles so he can’t get stuck in one, and let him get on with his bag high.

  20. michellemybelle says:

    New and Improved – Now With Cat!

  21. Supermarkets sell everything these days…

  22. Recycle your carrier bags and get a free cat for the week – sounds like a good offer to me!

  23. Somebody set up us Aeon. You are on the way to DiGiorno. What you say? You have no chance to serve pies make your time.

  24. “Honey, I can’t believe I forgot the milk – can I have the keys again? Yeah, the Meow-ta is running fine.”

  25. I bet it’s not the groceries themselves that sucked Aeon in. Every cat I’ve known has been really weird with plastic bags (ESPECIALLY Lorna the foster momcat).

  26. Seriously, Lemura? SERIOUSLY??

    [Sorry, too much Grey’s Anatomy lately. Seriously.]

  27. PS — WHAT YOU SAY!

  28. I love the phrase “He is groceries.”

  29. Seriously. My cat has weird hobbies.

  30. lemura – at least your cat HAS hobbies. Lord knows I beg and plead with my kitties to find something constructive to do. But do they listen? Oh no! They sit around all day, getting high on ‘nip, sleeping on and off. What’s a mother to do?

  31. Hobbies? My cats need jobs. Especially the tabby, to use up some of her boundless energy.

  32. Gad-
    I thought all cats hated plastic bags.
    My cats just HATE them.
    i can drive them out of the kitchen by crumpling a bag.
    (Even if I’ve just fed them.)
    I can’t ever unpack groceries with the kitties around.
    Hmmm, are my cats weird, or are yours???

  33. Er, aren’t all cats weird?

    In their own special ways, I mean?

  34. Lauo — Spot & Bounce flee from the sound of crumpling plastic bags too. But that doesn’t mean they won’t try to eat them, sometimes. And Lorna actually tried to lick & chew the bags I was using to clean out the damn litterbox. Had to resort to nose-bops.

  35. NoseBops!!:o You assaulted a single mom with dependents? Shame on you, Teh-O… :p

  36. This cat looks so much like my Riley, who loves to get into plastic bags, and always always ALWAYS manages to get a handle stuck around his 11 lb girth. And I’m also an Erin P. Just not the Erin P. who sent this in. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeird.

  37. Princess Hank licks and chews plastic bags quite intently. there must be *some* nutrient there she is not getting in her regular diet. Steven E. sticks his head in any plastic bag to check for gooshy food (gooshy food = any food), even the empty ones. but of course, Steven E. is a “Kitteh Of Very Little Brain”. or Sense.

  38. I want all of those groceries… they all look good… oh, and cute cat too… 😛

  39. That little gray spot under his chin makes him look like he’s singing: “la la la, sarah lee for you, goldfish for meeee!”

  40. goldfish: check
    pizza: check
    garlic bread: check
    cat food: check
    ziplock bags: check
    cat: che…what the?

  41. OK, this is cute.

    could be myth, but my pets vet told my hubby & I that the plastic bags contain animal by-product in them and they can smell it. He said that is why my cat likes to lick the CD & DVD cases.

    But I could be the only one who has a fear of allowing my boys to play with plastic bags, I just remember my hubby & I trying to get our 153lb, Great Dane to stand still and unclench his tail as we pulled out the unprocessed plastic bag, that he ate from his bum!

    OHHHHH, the nightmares!

  42. Aeon is so beautiful

  43. Diem, that was an image I did NOT need…. ew…

    I have a kitty who also loves to lick plastic anything…. AND I have a 20 pound cat who also thinks she can hide herself in any bag simply by covering her head…. Meanwhile, I have a Kitty who’s not quite all there mentally and if she sees a bag moving, she looks at like an alien…it’s quite funny really…

  44. My best friend’s cat Cloud is also a baglicker. (Good lord, doesn’t that read like the absolute worst non-four-letter-word insult in the dictionary?) She used to meatloaf on top of any plastic bag in the house and then serenely lick the bits nearest her front paws. Unfortunately, the *sound* was enough to make me want to commit myself.

  45. And he’s conveinently parked near the goldfish! cute!

  46. My cats have always clustered around the newly-bought groceries; my Dad even has a name for it—he says they’re the *Bag Inspectors*.

    (“Just doin’ my job, ma’am, gotta make sure these bags check out.”)

    I remember bringing home groceries one day when I lived in my sweet little house up in Allston. I’d been out all day and by that time really had to pee, but I was careful to put the chicken and meats away before leaving the groceries unattended for a moment. When I came out, Sir Isaac Mewton was joyously ripping open a bag of mini-marshmallows!

    He still goes crazy over them and I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

  47. My cat Frankie (RIP) had the grocery fetish. Everytime I came home with the plastic bags, he would slither in and amongst them.

  48. Sir Isaac Mewton!!! Genius!

    I swear, you CO folks have theeeee most inspired kitty names ever. If I ever get a cat, I’m really gonna have to pull my socks up if I hope to come up with a name half as brilliant!

  49. Personally, I have my cats double bagged to carry home from the store!!

  50. Captain Fatnutz says:

    not that cute. boring really.

  51. Do I get extra points for being the first to spot a Nuffingham?

  52. My adventure kiteh, Katie-Bug, used to love to chew on the plastic bag from the dry cleaners. She also USED to love these grocery bags until one day she was playing among them…I dropped something…it startled her…she ran…and the bag handle looped around her shoulder opened like a drag racing parachute behind her as she ran around the kitchen. (Luckily her sister pounced on it or she would have been completely traumatized) She has kept an eye on those crazy bags ever since!

  53. AuntieM axs,
    “Do I get extra points for being the first to spot a Nuffingham?”

    yes, yes you do. not only you get points, you also get a lovely gift. a lovely gift T. is *right now* shopping for and will send to you via special delivery first thing Monday morning.


  54. Nora, the same thing happened to my poor B’Elanna, except that she ran around the apartment forever before I cornered her, quivering, behind the washer. She hits the road anytime she hears one, now.

  55. YIPPPPPEEEE! “Nuffingham” is in the Glo-o-o-sar-eeeeeee!
    [Doing Happy Dance around the office]
    I’m happy ‘cuz I have finally contributed to the CO cause.
    Thanks to Mariser, who helped defend Fort CO from the Nuffinghams way back when almost everyone else went on vacation.

    [Hands Theo a basket of super cute rats, geckos and other assorted aesthetically persecuted animals in appreciation]

  56. Heh… as long as ya don’t include any of this…
    …then we’re OK. 😉

  57. [double checks basket]

    [continues thanking CO peeps]… and to everyone who has launched pudding, marched with pitchforks and torches in defense of All Things Cute and Glorious.

  58. Super Meg-a Loud YAY!
    For Nuffingham’s in the Glossary!

    And, Lol, Auntiemame, indeed, hollering “first to spot a Nuffingham!” should indeed be encouraged! Good one! Let us know what Theo sends you!

  59. Auntiemame, does pulling up your socks really help you think of good cat names?

  60. That’s not a cat. It’s the delivery boy and he is waaaaiting for his tip!

  61. I haven’t actually tried, Lauri. But I’ll let you know, if the occasion ever arises. 🙂

    And we could make a contest out of Nuff-spotting. Ten points to the spotter, first spotter to 100 points gets his or her name added to the Nuff-Spotting plaque on the CO Wall of Fame, first to 1,000 gets a corner window suite in the Dream Office. And so on…

  62. AmyH, in honor of your great accomplishment, I have sculpted your mental likeness using butterscotch swirl puddin’ as my media of choice. But it’s not ready yet – it/you’re still in the refrigerator. It’s just that you’re jiggling a little bit. Hope you don’t mind waiting.

    Also – your description of the basket reminds me of the jury-box in ‘Alice In Wonderland’!

  63. Nora, Cerise, the exact same thing happened to my mom’s cat. Poor guy.

    HRTortie looooves plastic bags. Will lick them for hours on end, with this glazed look on her face.

  64. My darling Nala is a bag junkie- she gets on them and chews them- no swallowing, just chewing (this is also the cat who until fairly recently would puncture the cover of every book brought home).

    Onyx does not lick bags, he huddles in them, and of course he *must* go thru the handle(s) when entering or exiting the sack.

  65. Oh, Aubrey, what a great honor! My hair color is a bit butterscotchy and well, I am jiggling a little bit more than I used to.

  66. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Aahhh I do so like the glossary – it’s so unusually warm and fuzzy – for a glossary.
    My female cat loves bags and runs off with them to play with – result = plastic bags littered around the house after shopping.

  67. Lauri et al. — ahem… re: gifts? …the new Glossary entry was it.

    Please note that Mariser has no special knowledge of my goings-on, and likes to set me up (or at least attempt to). Just FYI.

    ’cause her ninjas’ll get YOU… if you Don’t. Watch. Out.

  68. T.,

    butbutbutbut AuntieM WON!

    now be a good little kitteh and hop to it.

  69. Mariser — you provide the budget, I’ll do the shopping. Deal?

  70. PS — kitters POUNCE. Duh.

  71. T.,

    deal. you go ahead and shop, I’ll put $25.00 in the mail.

    wha..! you dont’ believe me! I do have the $25.00, look:

  72. Her: “Oh, GAWD! Not another cat!”
    Him: “Well, I had a coupon.”
    Cat: “Feed me.”

  73. LOL at BenPanced’s conversation.

  74. Tewtelly, Mariser. Eben, Snooch & Aeon makes three.

  75. *stifled laughter at work*
    i just read saska’s comment re. “baglicker”. good lawd, i am SO going to use that word!
    (thlurp thlurp)
    my sis’s nosey kitty Sprout poked thru the groceries one day & somehow got his head thru the handle of an empty bag. he heard it crinkle, jumped & took off like a jackrabbit, which of course inflated the bag. the faster Sprout ran, the more the bag inflated like a loud & crinkly parachute… and the faster he ran… we eventually stopped laughing long to chase him down and remove the bag. Sprout’s still nosey as ever tho.

  76. Jackie from Michigan says:

    It’s nice to know that it’s not just my cats that are baglickers….and the “all your base”-style comments ar cracking me up!

    All your groceries are belong to Aeon. Goldfish have no chance to survive, make your pizza. Ha ha ha ha…

  77. Ooo, I want Double Kitty Coupons! 🙂

    Glossary entries truly are gift enough, T.

    But, I like to see mariser put ya on the spot! 😉

    Oops, that was close, typed “put ya on the pot” before I corrected it!

  78. We are developing a new language here. Catbased. “He is groceries completing a chaos.”


  79. Ack, I have to display my ignorance.

    What are you guys talking about with the grocery/goldfish/justice stuff?

    Huh? Huh?

  80. I had to reboot my laptop twice this evening. TuxKit was creating a chaos. On it.

  81. Groceries now comes with Rap Cat!

  82. my cat has the official position of Chief Grocery Inspector. nothing gets past him. 🙂

  83. “Espurranza” — that’s sublime. Largely based on Snorglish, right?

  84. As a Disapproving Rabbit (I didn’t think I was, but Theo said so, and I’m in no position to argue), I can’t help but feel that this morally upright cat is frowning upon the proponderance of pre-packaged, prepared foods and the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables (and I’m not talking about bagged spinach, y’all).

    PLEASE! Can you not feel the nutritional shame?!?

  85. Maybe they already put all the veggies away? Nuffingham! [points accusingly]

  86. Oh noes! Look again, at the bag on the far left! AAIIIEEEEEE!!!

  87. “! Look again, at the bag on the far left! AAIIIEEEEEE!!!”

    wut is dat? spinach?
    run away!!!!!

  88. useta hada kitteh says:

    I distinctly requested the *tuna* flavored treats. Not these ones, the other ones. Well, what are you waiting for? Go get them!!

  89. I think the bleach behind the kitteh will take care of the nasty ole spinach.

    spin-ache … get it?

    (you will once you eat it)

  90. A new cat-egory? “Cats n’ Sacks”?

  91. [snickering from Alexis’ comment]

  92. *giggles* *goes to wash hands so E. coli is not transmitted thru keyboard*

  93. This is SUCH a handsome cat.

  94. Grocery cat is made of groceries?

  95. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    I am in ur groceries, sniffin’ fer goodies..