Camp Kittdelton



QUIT yer bunk sleepin’ and git out to the yard!


There’ll be no sleepin’ on my WATCH!


Glass bunks brot to you by Tracy B. 😉



  1. I wanna be a councilor at that camp!!

  2. first?


  3. Camp Wannabeakitty!

  4. ShelleyTambo says:

    Convenient AND space efficient. Good idea–although my full-grown kitties wouldn’t fit or would break the glass.

  5. I wish I had gone to Camp Kittdelton. At my sucky camp we had to cook hamburgers with peanut butter in tinfoil over a campfire.


  7. Watch out for the midnight roll call (AKA midnight crazies). You get that many marmies ripping through the house on red alert and someone’s going to get hurt.

  8. How many kitties are there in that first picture? I can’t even tell….

    – Another of those longtime lurker types

  9. Does this entry count in the Cats -n- Racks category? Because, uh, technically…

  10. I swear, kitters are so funny. They look like troubles, don’t they?

  11. My marmalade kittehs do that too, rip through the house doing the midnight craziness, but mine do it at 5am regularly… thump thump thump thump, rowwwr, boom, thump.. clickety clickety (claws on tile floor as one loses traction).. .my downstairs neighbor LOVES me!!! I would lurve to hold all three of these marmie bebehs and gather muchas smoochas!!

  12. Good lord, it’s the story of my life.

    (LOL, Katy. Beaut.)

  13. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Okay, that borders on TOO cute. I looooooooooooorve dis one, I does!

  14. Some (hopefully) exciting news for me!
    Any advice on introducing a new kitten to a 6-year-old cat would be welcome.

  15. That is the FUNNIEST thing I’ve seen in awhile. Just…too adorable! The way not one, but *all* of them squeezed into those little shelves, and then their legs are just hanging down all over the place…bwahahah!

  16. Oh, and shanchan – that little white kitten is adorable!

    I’m so jealous 🙂

  17. I will admit that the first thing I thought of when I saw this pic, was oooo a kitteh vending machine. There’d be a little lever to the side, you’d pull it and a kitteh would slide out. It’s the next step in the development of the portasnorg.

  18. Shanchan:

    My adult female cats accept male kittens better than they do each other. I think they look upon the males as not being quite of the same race or something.

    I’d take the marmie kitten over the white one though…

  19. OMG, those pics are so funny! Kitties are the funniest sleepers.

  20. KarenInToronto says:

    I tawt I taw a bwoo thofa!

    I did! I did taw a bwoo thofa!

  21. omg, I made a strangled aaaaallllgh sound when I got a load of front kitteh’s face & little snoochy in the back!!!

  22. What a window of paw-portunity!

  23. I just love the sideways head in the top photo.

  24. i bet the glass is nice and warm for those “heat-seeking” kitties!

  25. Sooo cute! But couldn’t they find a less comfy place to sleep? How about under the kit-chen sink whilst the food disposal is running?

  26. There is nothing funnier than a cat with the “rips” four-wheeling from carpet to tile… my maine coon used to spin out on purpose and could to a 180 or a 360 at will.

  27. Shanchan –

    As a rule, which of course is meant to be broken by somebody somewhere, neutered males are by far the easiest to introduce into a household of adult cats. They are very affectionate and not very territorial most of the time. Introducing two females can be a little tougher.

    Lurkertype has been introducing a male kit to her older female tortie, and I’m about to do the same with my 15 year old girl tortie too.

    From past experience, the three things I would tell you are:

    – Don’t worry. They will adjust. Sometimes it takes an hour and sometimes it takes months.

    – Let them scrap it out. It is highly unlikely your cat will really hurt the kitten, and just as unlikely the kitten will really hurt your cat, and if you interfere when they are scrapping, you are likely to make one or the other of them feel disfavored by the Big Cat Who Brings Food, which just delays them coping with each other.

    – Give your current kitty lots of love and extra treats when you two are alone.

  28. I’ve had good luck with the bathroom method… keep new kitty in a bathroom for a day or two where the two can meet, sniff and paw at each other under the door… then let established kitty explore the bathroom with new kitty somewhere else… this helps them get used to the other’s scent. Then, Saska’s right, they’ll just have to scrap it out with a little human supervision.

  29. Aubrey, I can’t believe you went there..That was great!!!!!

    And I agree, I’d take the Marmalade over the white Kitten, although ANY kitten is worth taking home!!!!

    Can you imagine of those kitties in the window when a bird or squirrel stops by????

  30. Someone else already had dibs on the marmie, but I was only sad until I met the white one, who came right up to me to say “HI!!”, which I’m probably going to call Beamer because it fits his personality (not the car- my thought process was, he’s creamy looking, creamer, beamy, beamer, ooh, Beamer!)

    Thanks for all the advice guys! The bathroom trick sounds good- I’ve heard of that one before.

  31. (Plus I’ll give Miki’s claws a clipping before they start waling on each other.)

  32. Sanchan, to add to the comments above, besides doing the bathroom-sniff-under-the-door thing with the new and old kitty, try also feeding them on their respective sides of the same door. Then older kitty associates the scent of newer kitty with a good thing like food.

  33. Kittehs have a way of extracting the comfy from whatever surface they adhere to. It’s a gift.

  34. Cats are too wierd. I just don’t get them, this is redonkulous. 🙂

  35. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    Shanchan – I think the kitten looks like a creamsicle. I think that would be a cute name

  36. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    Shanchan – I think the kitten looks like a creamsicle. I think that would be a cute name

  37. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    Shanchan – I think the kitten looks like a creamsicle. I think that would be a cute name

  38. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    Shanchan – I think the kitten looks like a creamsicle. I think that would be a cute name

  39. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    Shanchan – I think the kitten looks like a creamsicle. I think that would be a cute name

  40. Allie and Jojo's Mom says:

    Shanchan – I think the kitten looks like a creamsicle. I think that would be a cute name

  41. KarenInToronto says:

    Just realised that those glass “shelves” are probably jalousie panes — perfect for half-cats, but tight squeeeeeeee–ze for full cats.

  42. Shanchan..I love all the kittens, but the little white one is very precious. It is funny, my kids and I decided if we ever get a white kitten, we would name it “Spooma”. We got that from my late father who was from Peru, who called the foam on top of his beer, spooma! It would also be a tribute to my Dad who passes away in Dec. whom we miss more than words can say. Good luck with your kitten!!

  43. Oh Shanchan, that white kitten is just the best. I love the name you picked out! Very unique!

  44. acelightning says:

    All those dangling paws! Too much adorableness – my brain’s gonna explode!

  45. Holy dangling limbs Batman!!
    little swinging paws are so cute

  46. So cute! awww =D

  47. Shanchan.. another thing I”ve done is, after the bathroom intros and other tricks already mentioned, find ways to trick them into playing “together”.. for example throw a toy tied to string PAST where they’re both sitting, pull it toward you.. before they know it they’re chasing it together, eventually they’ll kind of “oh yeah, I forgot, you’re a stranger, er, um .. hsss” and then you do it again or something of a similar nature. Don’t use older kitty’s fav toy for this of course… something new they have to share. Don’t force them to interact, just provide good chances for them to play “together”.
    My older cat “hated” his new baby sister on day one. By day 3 they were sleeping together. Of course, she did help by completely ignoring any hissing he did and snuggling up to him when he was already asleep. He’d wake up and find her cuddled by his side (she probably figured he was better than no mom at all.) A perfunctory hiss or two (which she ignored) and he’d give up and go back to sleep. It didn’t take long.

  48. and I forgot to say, these kittens made me LOL! cuties!!

  49. Stackage of marmaladeness!

    This is the new model of improved-efficiency solar-powered cat. The clear shelves enable them to absorb just that much more UV rays, giving them twice the amount of energy from the same length of window naptime.


  51. Funny, thinker, I always thought sun robbed cats of their energy. At least it looks that way with mine.

  52. Laurie C — nah, that’s just the charging cycle.

  53. Now why didn’t any of my kitties think to make good use of the old glass windows like that? Maybe then I wouldn’t resent cleaning those 16 glass panes so much!!

  54. It’s true, LC – all cat-teries need to be recharged, once in a while.

  55. Mary, that’s so cute!

  56. How’d they get into those posistions?!

  57. Oh, Shanchan! Beamer literally has a teenytiny taili-O!

    These marmies are the best!

  58. Mary, sounds like a great plan- Thanks for the advice everybody!

    Aubrey- I am sooo jealous- I wish I could come up with such good puns, especially ones that aren’t even groan inducing.

    I just realized that the kitties are sleeping on open window panes next to the screen- that is awesome. (How long did that take me= sad)

  59. Lauri- You can tell he has a tiny bit of marmie in him- there are faint stripes on his tail and feet, and a little bit of orange on the tips of his ears. I’ll try to get better pics the next time I go over to see him!

  60. Aubrey — can’t forget this…

  61. Wow, I can’t belive they smushed themselves in there!

  62. Butter, yes, I actually can see that, but with these window-kitters, shouldn’t we be dealing with marm-gerine?

  63. You sure that’d have enough lubricity to power the marmorail?

  64. Oh my lard, yes!

  65. This is too qte.

    HRTortie is still refusing to have anything to do with TuxKit and it’s been 2 1/2 weeks. Hubby and I have just worked out a schedule where we alternate between letting one run around the house while the other is shut away. And spending separate time with each of them with much petting.

    I don’t expect HRT will ever like TK but I hope someday they’ll divide up the house between them.

  66. ok, does anyone else think that the only thing cuter than the marmie kittehs is Theo and Aubrey head-to-head in the Great Pun Off of ’06?

  67. Shanchan, I introduced a little hot-tempered feral girl kitten to my big 5-year-old geeky neutered tom. We put her under a milk crate in the living room so all he could do would be to stick his paw in, not hurt her. She sat in the crate and cussed him out, and he was all like, “awww it’s a baby.” 24 hours later she tolerated him and he was just foolish over her.

    The bathroom idea is better, though. Make sure your existing cat gets lots of love and treats and doesn’t feel like his place is being taken.

  68. Lurkertype, it most often takes a month. Let them beat each other through a door opened not quite wide enough for a kitty head. That always works for me.

  69. you guys r silly says:

    You’d butter believe it!

  70. YGRS:

    Was that a Challenge?

  71. it’s like a fabulous layer-cake!

  72. [whining] but it’s the weeeeekend now… I wanna be laaaazy…

  73. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Wow those new improved techno-dusters really are the business aren’t they? I like the way they come in cat shapes – what a great product – I wonder how much they are.

  74. T. –

    Grease and desist with these complaints! Once you do, you’ll find your weariness melting away…

  75. 2SJ,

    cat-shaped techno-dusters?
    Man, if I had those, I may actually…consider…cleaning [shudders]

  76. Sauté touché!

    (Brulée? No way.)

  77. Theo and Aubrey – you buddah get going on those puns. Your audience is spreading thin. Churn those brain cells … and grease those wheels!

  78. T., sorry – wok did you say? I’ll fry and listen closer next time.

    Danielle – what can I say? I’ll can’t believe it’s not butter than it was meant to be.

  79. The Great Pun Off was great, but I was also enthralled and entertained with the Great Poetry Piss Off, Aubrey v Tony James.

  80. “Great Poetry” and “Piss Off” in the same sentence… describing the same EVENT no less… [sigh] that’s my Cute, all right.

    Aubrey — all sizzle, no steak. 😉

  81. No MIS-steak, you mean.

  82. Lol.
    Get your toes on the white line, you cute little fuzzballs!

  83. Get a load of the top kitty’s armpit in the first pick. It’s ehning towards whomping on kitty downbelow.

  84. Pick? Pick?
    Pic. Chure.

  85. i’m new….i missed a poetry piss off?? say it ain’t so! somebody throw me a link, please.

  86. “Complete and Total Mayhem” lived up to its name, newlee. I can’t figure out how to link (my address will only show but you can find it on the left under Recent Posts.

    There were no new posts mayhem ensued, indeed. Or to quote a Finnish peep (I believe it was Scofield?) “Chaos was completed.”

  87. LOL!

    I want a window like that! With my four cats as decor!

  88. Boxcar Cat Alert!
    Success! Within about 10 minutes of setting our trap tonight, we had the third kitten! Kitten AA is a brown tabby/white mix, short hair. Cute as can be. We hadn’t seen her upon arriving, but the strategy was to get everybody else fed up with good stuff so they wouldn’t be interested in the trap. We saw Kitten AA way at the back under the boxcars, looking our way, so she got the message that food was going on. And moments after we set the trap, she went right in and we had her. IAMS wet kitten food is the best bait.

    And Kitten Z has started purring already. His fur is longer than Kitten Y’s and he is just floofy and adorable.

    Pictures? Of course! (Somebody get Theo to his screen, Marmie Picture Alert!)
    Two together:
    Kitten Y:
    Kitten Z:

    Kitten AA pix not available yet. Sorry!

    Here was the other part of our adventure this week – a sick cat hiding way back under the boxcars:
    We crawled in to get this picture and to get her:

    What a week. 5 cats/kittens brought in from the boxcars since Sunday. I’m ready for a rest.

  89. LC:

    Wish I could hear that little purr machine!

    Most excellently done!

  90. useta hada kitteh says:

    LC: What you do is wonderful and awe-inspiring. I’m sure the kitties would say thank you if they had people words. Z’s purrz suffice, I’m sure.

  91. Thanks, guys. I wish I had the kittens here, but they’re at my trapping partner’s apartment. I have the sick cat, who really just wants to be left alone.

  92. These kittens are just too much. They could lounge on my windows anytime.

  93. Since this seems to be a kitten picture thread, there are pics of our soon-to-come-home wee one over at Vox:

  94. gwenchocolate says:



  95. I’m soooo embarrassed. I feel the need to say, yes, “completed a chaos” instead of my mis-rememberining of “A chaos was completed”. Oh, my. I’ll be more careful next time.

  96. I wanna go to this camp, wherever it is. STAT!



  97. AmyH, I do believe “a chaos was completed” is perfectly acceptable paraphrase of the, um, phrase. 😉
    Especially popular among the upper crusty British cats!

  98. Laurie C,
    Much squeeing was done here at the two baby marmies.

    I can only IMAGINE the great feeling it must give you guys when you get another cat in need, and when one of the babies start purring……oh MY!

  99. When I introduced Hootie (neutered male) and Phoebe (spayed female- total alpha cat), who are both pretty affectionate and laid back, there was some hissing on Phoebe’s part and some cowering on Hootie’s, but not any willingness to engage, so I just let them sniff it out. Then I gave them both a bath with the same stuff, and that ended the pussyfooting around each other. (ha. ha. ha.)

    When I introduced Mojo to my other two, I gave Mojo her own room. She’s very sensitive, and I swear to god, she’s half-crocodile. And then I put Phoebe and Hootie in my room for about an hour and let Mojo sniff out the rest of the house. And then after that I started leaving the door open for longer periods of time over the course of two weeks (and then we moved to Hawaii, and they’ve been in Quarantine ever since, so who knows how it will go when they can come home in 12 days.) Mojo preferred to stay in her room and use her own litter box, and the other two were polite enough to leave her alone.

    And also!

    OMG! Stackable pets!!! I looove orange kittens. I wish I had known Mr. MacBootie when he was that little! He was almost a year when I adopted him from the rescue I was volunteering with (that’s a very dangerous line of work … you want to take everybody home and love them to pieces forever!)

    When I was little, and bad, my mom used to threaten to send me to Camp LeJeune for the summers. It wasn’t until I started dating a Marine that I realized what she was talking about.

  100. Oh, sigh, sigh, sigh. Thank Lord for CO.

    I’ve been up all the night, my friend’s mom got an heart attack and I was with her in the hospital. Just got to my friend’s home, feeling very damp and tired, and now I see 1, 2, 3, countless number of perfect Sirius-lookalikes!!

    Oi, I miss him (my kitteh). I suck this picture in and get a more homely feeling. Yay, CO!

  101. They actually look comfortable on the glass! Too cute. Cats will always find a place to sleep!

  102. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Scofield – Sorry about your friend’s Mum – is she ok? Wishing her a speedy recovery.

  103. Such a mix of sadness a cuteness in one read.

    I would love to take home every one of those orange babies, Laurie C. So sweet.

    And Saska your baby is just too cute. Love him up for me.

    So sorry for your friend’s mom, Scofield. She has my best wishes and prayers for health. You were a good friend to your friend.

  104. little miao says:

    Awwwww, I need one of those bunk-beds for my kitties (though they’re on the plump side and probably wouldn’t fit).

  105. Scofield, you are a good person. I hope you can get home to Sirius soon. I’m sure he has completed another chaos or two while you’ve been gone.

    LC — !yay! for more Boxcar catching. I want Kitten Z! What a lovely floofy boy, and purring already. Sigh.

    TK is working on his own chaos, now that HRT is done with her morning hissing at him.

  106. snoopysnake says:

    If those sweet kitties came to my house I would not make them sleep on hard uncomfortable slippery glass. They would have a nice soft bed in a nice cozy laundry basket which I would put anywhere they want and they would live a life of luxury.

  107. Scofield–hang in there! And I hope your friend’s Mom feels better soon!

    Our three feline mischief-makers are currently crashed out around the front windows. Jadis is monopolizing the rocking chair, while Elric and Underfoot do their solid best to leave permanent dents in the carpet. Ahhhh, to sleep as deeply as a cat does…*LOL


  108. D2D – Bwah! Underfoot! Priceless.

  109. Peg of Tilling says:

    Laurie C–wow, you crawled under that boxcar? Gold stars for bravery as well as compassion!

    And a squee each for the baby kitties!

  110. Laurie C: She done earned her name, trust me! For the first few months after we rescued her, I had to shuffle through the house for fear of tripping over her. She’s mellowed out a bit, but she’s still known for getting in the way whenever she hears the kibble being poured into her bowl!

    She also used to stalk butts. Literally, she’d jump up and bat at your hind end, then dash off to the corner and look all innocent. She stopped doing that now that she has two other cats to contend with. We kinda miss it, now. Ah well…


  111. LaurieC–Congratulations on a job well done! All the peeps are so proud of you and so grateful for the good news updates. A friend of mine in the backwoods of VT was telling me this week how people around there just shoot the strays and can’t understand why she even bothers caring for them. Your humble and sincere efforts go way beyond the noncaring in helping the world…. Amen to that.

    Scofield–hope your friend’s mom recovers quickly. Little Sirius will be delighted to have you backhome.

  112. I think this is my favorite kitty picture yet!

  113. i think what they want to say is: is our breakfast ready yet, mommy? 🙂

  114. D2D,

    “Underfoot the Butt-Hunter”
    “Underfoot the Butt-Stalker”

    you are cracking me up. I can just imagine her being all innocent “butt-hunting? moi? the very IDEA!”

  115. and LaurieC,

    what Jaypo said.

  116. Thank you, peeps, you are so sweet. Yes, her Mum is already better, still in hospital, though. My friend says her thanks, too, she read what you wrote, and was impressed that unknown people could write something so supporting. You rock! 🙂

    Oh yeah, I bet there will be many completed chaoses at home 🙂 (especially with the toilet paper. happily rollingk it onto the floor, I presume.)

    LaurieC, you’ve done really great job! Kiss their adorable little kitteh heads for me!

  117. Isn’t every cat’s name “Underfoot”? In my house, it would certainly be appropriate.

    Ditto Scofield on the tangible support of the Peeps. When I started this boxcar project, I felt like one person without any knowledge of ferals and trapping, up against an enormous task. I gathered information and people turned up to help, but the moral support of the commenters also really helped me feel less daunted by it all.

  118. I’ll never forget my few encounters with feral cat awful awfulness– e.g. the time in Greece when the restauranteur kicked the hell out of some cats who were begging, the time in Spain where the overwhelming plenitude of cat families in the Royal Garden prompted culling, etc. On the other paw, I feel so incredibly inspired by our peeps who actually fight the good fight for animals in their daily life. I don’t want to get into all that stuff about how the way we treat animals is a direct reflection of our moral decline…but YOU RULE to laurie c. and others who make a real difference. gosh I’m formal today.

  119. missscrip:

    I can only imagine. Sadly I don’t think treatment of animals has become any WORSE than it ever has been, the difference is that by now we should know better.

    My dog was killed by two put bulls that were trained to fight. I had always been strongly against that sort of “sport,” but losing a companion (and very nearly a human relative or two) because someone was cruel to another animal really cemented things for me. Sadly I haven’t found any groups I could support. mostly because I’ve been kept busy with other aspects of life. But I suppose you guys might know some!

    Any good charities/organizations that deal with animal fights? I presume the SPCA would have some sort of program… I just want to help make sure no one goes through what I did, and that good people will raise pit bulls.

  120. Trifecta?

  121. Pic 2:…in loud fuzzy supermaket PA voice: C: “Clean-up in aisle 2 – marmie melt-down on shelf…also, restock empty shelves with fresh marmies.”

  122. R.Moore,
    My faves have been and are:

    The ASPCA
    The MSPCA (Mass. Society…)
    Two local shelters
    The HUmane Farming Association (AWESOME, awesome group!)
    The Humane Society of the United States (they were instrumental in orchestrating animal and pet relief efforts after Katrina)

    The HFA and the HSUS are true professionals, working the system against itself. They have my undying admiration and heartfelt support.

    Each month I send $$ to one or two of these groups. They are ever so grateful for any help at all.

  123. Ya know what else you can do? Donate unwanted cages, bowls, stuffed animals, old blankets…

    When I got Cypress G. Pig from the Humane Society she came with a lovely (used) cage, water bottle, food bowl and several toys! She had been in the shelter for six weeks and was VERY well cared for.

    I paid 15 dollars for her and all her equipment. So, the shelters make use of used stuff, and in a great way!

  124. Thanks for the suggestions 🙂 I a;ready volunteer teaching people how to take care of pets, I was specifically looking at something educational.

  125. This set has so gotta go into the Cats ‘n Racks section!!! I totally thought of that the first moment I saw this set.

  126. Posted by: Merri | Sep 15, 2006 at 12:43 PM:

    Shanchan..I love all the kittens, but the little white one is very precious. It is funny, my kids and I decided if we ever get a white kitten, we would name it “Spooma”. We got that from my late father who was from Peru, who called the foam on top of his beer, spooma! It would also be a tribute to my Dad who passes away in Dec. whom we miss more than words can say. Good luck with your kitten!!


    Hello!!! Espuma means foam in english… probably you already know, right?

  127. therev so cute i want them send me a e mail please so we can talk at ok send me things