Staging tips for house selling

1. Try looking at your house “THROUGH THE BUYER’S EYES”
2. Paint all rooms needing paint, and throw Timothy hay around where needed
3. Create curb appeal by placing large slices of apple on the driveway
4. Place Guinea pigs in the north east corner of every room


Mark L., Let the offers roll in.



  1. At last!

  2. The cute has returned!

  3. I’ll take it!

  4. I love how the pig and the vase echo each other’s shape and coloring! So prosh and stylish.

  5. Pig shui.

  6. Now, is this the product of someone who got a degree in interior design with a minor in animal husbandry?

  7. Pig-shui!

    I’d surely buy a house that had good pig-shui. Maybe not all that hay, though. Ever see that episode of Trading Spaces? What was Hilde THINKING???!!

  8. Oh and I forgot to say: pink nose. Pink piggie piggie nose.

  9. We’re hoping to move sometimes soon. We don’t have a driveway, but I’ll have to remember about the Timothy hay and the guinea pigs. Which corner is it again? North east?

  10. SarahR – love your “Pig shui”! 😀 I’m taking it…

  11. D’oh! Sorry SarahR, great minds think alike! Didn’t mean to steal your idea without knowing I was stealing it! (I first typed Ham-shui, but didn’t feel like enduring the “accurate police”.)

  12. warrior rabbit says:

    Oh, I saw that ep. Hildebeast was thinking what she always thinks: I’m making art! With a capital A! She forgets people have to live there and it has to be functional.

    And wasn’t there one place where she left them with an abstract-y portrait of HER?!

    I wish Vern hadn’t left.

    Also, the pig is great — love the “what? what?” expression.

  13. michellemybelle says:

    I would so buy that house in a sec! I can already hear the squeaking in my head…wait, that’s always there…


  14. warrior rabbit, the “what?” expression is one of a guinea pig’s defining features.

    Once, I was trying to come up with potential names for a friend’s guinea pig, and since I often like naming things after fictional characters, I looked at the pig to see what features she had that I could choose a character based on. Unfortunately, her only distinct feature was an expression that said “Huh?” So I thought… Arthur Dent! However, this being a female piggie, that wouldn’t do, so I suggested Fenchurch instead. (She went with Hen Wen, though.)

  15. *jealous of crazy people* C& says:

    OMG OMG O M G!!!!! he looks just like my And-ee-roo Cappers! i just want to kiss them little velvety lips!

  16. *jealous of crazy people* C& says:

    i should try that pig-shui.
    i would lurve to have piggies all over the house!

  17. A haiku:

    Piggy questioning:
    “What? What? Do I get a treat?”
    Oh my, squeeks of joy.

  18. I love how his little ears are pointing in different directions.

  19. Peeeeeeeg! I lub him!

    Awww, great Haiku, Alexis! My pigs appreciate that! 🙂

  20. When yer whiskers overlap yer front feet…’re cute!

  21. I saw that trading spaces episode! Too funny.. I also liked the sandy basement… I never catch that show now…. both of those episodes could have benefited from some piggies though. 😛

  22. 2. Paint all rooms needing paint, and throw Timothy hay around where needed
    3. Create curb appeal by placing large slices of apple on the driveway
    4. Place Guinea pigs in the north east corner of every room

    I’m sure I read about these in a book about the ancient Chinese art of F’honk Shu’i

  23. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I wonder if the piggums is considering nibbling on that tasty plant.

  24. Brak S sez,
    “I wonder if the piggums is considering nibbling on that tasty plant.”

    but it has! when Mistress Meg first posted the picture, the plant had four leaves.

  25. The_cutest

  26. BEF: ‘Buyer’s Eyes’ Factor?

  27. Eep! If only they DID stage houses that way!

    I’ve had a number of friends try to sell their respective houses byt working with “good friends” advising them in staging. They usually kill all character in the house and get totally stressed. Now if all these bad stagers would just use furry animals…

  28. If you stare at Piggy hard enough you can see him chewing. 🙂

  29. I’m making my counter offer right now but it must include the piggie.

  30. warrior rabbit says:

    This is one case where I really do want a more!gage.

  31. “Now how long do I have to sit here? What do you mean that the contract with the realtor is for SIX MONTHS?!?”

  32. So handsome! Does anyone have a clip of the video with the singing guinea pigs? I remember them saying something about Timothy hay in the song.

  33. Darn you Jaypo! 😉 will up my offer to include pudding cups….

  34. Wheeks of approval!

  35. Awwww, that wittle guy reminds me of my childhood guinea pig, Hamlet (well, we always called him Piggy, but I thought I was SO clever to name him Hamlet.) And you know, he did always prefer the northeast corner of his cage.

    I would definitely buy a house with a cavy in every cranny.

  36. Is it just me, or does looking at a guinea pig face face-on like this make anyone else LOL?

    The startled, silly, piggy face! Too much.

  37. Mr. Realtor, I hate to be piggish, but do you have any homes with a pig shui in every corner? Overly prosh!

  38. I agree, Thinkie. The entire composition/simiplicity of the photo is simply too much of a muchness.

    Besides, who needs Century 21, when you can get Cavey 21?

  39. The big round cheeks, the ittybitty mouth and the close-set eyes are just too loveable!

  40. You all should check out little Nana on Baruchito. She’s going crazy these days!

  41. brownamazon says:

    A lovely excercise in minimalism. Veri Wabi-Sabi (or is that Wabi-Cavy?):

    “Wabi-sabi is the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.

    It is the beauty of things modest and humble.

    It is the beauty of things unconventional.”

  42. I’ll buy ANY house that comes with a piggy.


  43. wait, there’s something missing… where are his legs??? :p

  44. I was at work one day going about my business when I looked over and saw a mouse sitting there with the exact same look on his face. It didn’t move or run, just stared at me. I slowly backed away, never taking my eyes away from his, and screamed my head off. The boss came running over to see what happened. He grabbed the broom and started swatting it. I was shaking and crying and screaming “Don’t kill it! Just get him outta here!” The funny part was that my boss didn’t speak English so I had to get his wife to explain to him before he killed it. I had the whole place in an uproar. Trying to explain the look on the mouse’s face was impossible so I should print a picture of this guy!

  45. book_monstercats says:

    I think this should be a C.O. poster, I would buy it and frame it, because it’s a beautiful composition of shape and colour. PS I will also pay twice what the house is worth…..

  46. Kris, in New England says:

    Piggees!!! Wheeks and tribbling sounds…

  47. Ah, now I understand why we’re having trouble selling mom’s house! All we did was paint. I’ll run to the store for some guinea pigs, hay and apples this weekend!

  48. The Guy Over There says:

    That would make for an awesome still life.

  49. *gasp* wheek wheek wheek wheek!!!!!

    *dancing around* I get to go home and see my guinea piggles today! And my wiggly adorable Schnauzer! And my aloof antisocial but poofy kitteeeeh who never lets me pet her!

  50. I wanna be a big pig too! HEY!

    Pigs rule. Memorial shout-out to Shelby Longfoot.

  51. Reminds me that in half an hour, I’m going home to be greeted by my two hopping up in their cage going ‘WHATWHATWHATWHATWHAT??????’

  52. Heh, I post twice.

    A friend and I always say that guinea pigs are like the seagulls in ‘Finding Nemo’ … but instead of ‘MINE!’ they’re going ‘Foodfoodfoodfoodfoodfoodfoodfood!’

  53. I’m posting this from another thread for the guinea piggers:
    I just went to the Getty on my recent trip to L.A. Lovely place. Wonderful things to see.
    I saw an exhibition of paintings that were
    collaborations by Brueghel and Rubens. One neat thing about them, there are a pair of guinea pigs that appear over and over again in the bottom front of several of the paintings they did together. The Cute
    rules, even in fine art!

  54. An awesome still life by Pigcasso, Guy! 🙂

    And, I have seen those paintings, LC. So neat!

    Speaking of feeding the piggie eating machines…I better go get mine fed! Wheet wheet wheet!

  55. *jealous of crazy people* C& says:

    cavy in every cranny oh to cute!!!!!!!! and i think that u might have to go into the archives to a little later last year to find el piggay song meg. but um i think that its on a website about bing the guinea pig am i right? um i think it is. if im wrong someone let me know! please!

  56. *jealous of crazy people* C& says:

    “and now my pig-foo students, now is time for mind and body balance. we first sit next to a vase that compliments our figure then sit so it looks as if we have no legs, we then look oh so cute and confused, good, and now realse.” [class] “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek, Wheeeeeeeeeeeeek…”

  57. *jealous of crazy people* C& says:

    my piggie likes Ok Go! heres his fav. video to watch, “here it goes again”–OK-Go

  58. Here is the guinea pig song; thank you, Bamboleo:

    Bing Cavy Rulez!!!

  59. Proposed cover art for the new printing of “Zen and the Art of Guinea Piggle Maintenance.”

  60. hrh.squeak, I almost shot my morning coffee through my nose listening to that guinea pig song. I don’t think I’ve had smile on my face this early in years! Thank you!

  61. My. Mind. Is. Blank. [not blinking his eyes]

  62. rene magritte says:

    Ceci nest pas une guinea pig.

  63. [doffs bowler hat and bows to Magritte]

  64. butteredtoast says:

    good lord almighty that is one small efn ham

  65. butteredtoast says:

    nevermind its a guinie pig

    ITS STILL SMAL!!!!!!!