This cannot be good…

"Daddy, look at all the kitties!"


uh oh, Cartoonist Phillipp V. L….



  1. Soggie stinkies!

  2. The chain of events playing in my head after reading the caption and seeing that picture are hilarious!

  3. oh, that’s great! you can just hear the kiddies saying that, too!

  4. Aww…little stinkers! Oh and skunks too!

  5. BEST!


  6. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    I wonder if someone got a bath in tomato soup that day… they say that helps if you get sprayed. Yummeh.

  7. Wee skunkies still have only wee stinkies and are poifectly safe for all kinds of adoration.

  8. is that real? it looks real. i think it’s real. holy crap, that’s real!

  9. Nothing helps if you get sprayed! But this is hilarious!

  10. Why does the one in their hands look so much smaller than the ones in the grass?

  11. Now this one needs the Pepe LePew voice. Except I’m creatively challenged today and can’t think what should be said. Aubrey, Theo, TJ, Sarcasta, someone help me out here?
    And yeah, I think the bebes are too little to make stink. Their mom, on the other hand…

  12. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Yeah you gotta admit, lil’ skunkies are the cutest things EVAH.

  13. I bet the little stinkers can’t spray yet. Just like baby tigers don’t go attacking yet.

    But wait til their mama arrives… that’s when the fun would begin… oh boy….

  14. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Maybe the one in their hands is the runt of the litter! I had a runt Lasa Apso once. Tinker. *sniffle*

  15. LOL that is hilarious!!!!
    I don’t think that is a skunk in their hands…the others have bushy tails & lotsa floof. I think it’s a kitty & the Pepes are coming to make sweet lurve to it!

  16. I don’t think the one they’re holding is a skunklet at all…look at the unpuffy tail! Maybe it’s some sort of other critter?

  17. LMAO!!!

  18. Maybe the one in their hands is all wet and they are saving it from that big puddle and that’s why it looks so much smaller.

  19. KarenInToronto says:

    The one they’re holding could be a very wet one. “Let’s give the kitty a bath in that puddle”…

  20. I really, Really, REALLY want to know the story behind this one!!!

  21. I had never seen bebeh skunks. how utterly adorable. I wonder what kind of meep-like sound they make. easier to imagine is the girls’ mom and/or dad sound when they happen upon the scene, “holy$)$^&(@#%^getyourhandsofothatskunkOMGWTFBBQAOL!”

  22. Ooooh wee tiny fluffy black-and-white “kitties”…

    Adult skunks are almost as cute (tho not very snorgle-worthy).

  23. We have a baby skunk that comes to our house every night to be fed. We think he lost his mom. He is sooo precious… I’d like to keep him.

  24. lol – i’m glad i wasn’t there and can just see them from my monitor!

  25. Uh-Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    *dramatic suspense music*

  26. robin m,

    how sweet. and sad, being an orphan. I wonder if there is a way to deskunkify skunks so they can be adopted? the ‘skunkiness’ as it were, resides in some glands, so I’d guess maybe they can be removed?

    paging all wildlife rescue experts to the thread…

  27. Jaypo and Teughcats, my cousin thought baby skunks were too little to spray. She found out she was wrong. I say treat all guns as if they’re loaded. But I hope the babies are okay and not orphaned (or drowned, in one case).

    Best skunk story was about a horse who loved to torment the big fluffy black and white barn cat. One day he saw that big tail around a corner and grabbed it in his teeth. It wasn’t the cat. Do you have any idea how many gallons of tomato juice it takes to wash a horse… three days before a show? But I bet he left the cat alone after that.

  28. brownamazon says:

    Soooo not good!

  29. Yep, a friend of mine had a pet skunk. There was a musty smell to it, but you can get the glands removed that allow them to create the spray.

  30. at my job a couple summers ago we had 4 lil skunkies appear in the parking lot over the course of an 8 hour day. . . they were very sweet. they THOUGHT they could spray us, but they just succeeded in makin us laugh! they were so cute. we plucked them and took them to a wildlife rehab. . . with them suddenly out in the middle of the day with eyes still closed, seemed like mama had maybe been waylaid somewhere. . . they were cared for and set free.

  31. So very, very cute! I had to look for more baby skunks and found some on the Alabama Wildlife Center site and they had this to say –


    1. Skunks have their scent gland from the day they are born, and can spray when they are only 8 days old, so Wildlife Center staff and volunteers must be careful not get to sprayed.

    So do baby skunks have cute, little immature spray power or is it full on like the grownups?

    Snorgle on!

  32. “Dad…what did you say? Spay? Spray? Dad, we can’t hear you when you’re back is turned and we can’t see you for the cloud of dust your quick and unexpected departure has raised!”

  33. Zap — another LOL-worthy story. Baaad kitty. 😉

  34. Yup skunkies can have their scent gland removed like a ferret. after that they are a lot like a ferret for a pet, they can be litter trained, and generaly make good pets if they are spayed/neutered, the males get very terratorial when a female around goes into heat. (my uncle had a male and a female a long time ago, male was a nasty bugger and bit my mom)

  35. OMG! I want a baby skunk!

  36. I can’t imagine having one for a pet but I remember coming across a picture of one once (here?). It piqued my curiousity enough to do some research. They apparently are legal to raise/breed/keep as pets in several states and they come in a few different colours. The general consensus seemed to be that they make fairly good pets, but of course I was reading from skunk-friendly sites.

  37. I wonder if these are *pet* skunks already? 🙂

  38. I visited a animal park in southern california once a long time ago. They trained animals for the movies. They said they had to be careful with the baby skunks, because they’re to young to have their “sknunky” gland removed. The little babies haven’t perfected their “sent control” yet and sometimes leak.

  39. I saw a mom and two babies last week early early in the morning (obvy safe distance). I think they must meander through my landscaping during the night because my dog is really onto some scent in those beds. Those babies were the most darling little Le Pews ever. I never thought about how cute little skunklets were before…who knew?

  40. Stephanie S. says:

    haha! oh but they’re so cute!

  41. The skunks in my sister’s yard neatly roll up the moss every night to eat the bugs underneath.
    Please be careful with wild skunks though. In Oklahoma, over 50% carry rabies. Destinkified and with proper shots, they make decent pets.

  42. Reminds me of the time I took my pup for a walk and encountered a very wide/round blobbish critter.. got closer and realized it was a large family of skunks moving as one entity! Having done the tomato bath routine (multiple times, and to minimal effectiveness, poor pupster), we turned around and as subtly but quickly as we could, walked the other way.

  43. arbed, yes! colored skunks. A couple of years ago a guy in Canada was selling pink and lavender ones.

  44. A mixture of dish soap, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda will react nicely with skunky perfume and get rid of the smell (courtesy of Mythbusters).

  45. …don’t forget liberal quantities of dihydrogen monoxide.

  46. lots and lots and lots of it!!

  47. Meg, does Phillipe perhaps have a blog where he tells more of the story behind that picture? Or perhaps show more pictures of the scene? I totally want to hear how this came about and what happened next but Phillipe’s site seems to only be about his webcomic (which I think I’ll read, too, but I was just wondering…)

  48. Ohhhhh, Mannnnnn. That had to suck later! That one in their hands looks wet, I hope they just ‘dunked’ him and didn’t find him drowned.

    Colored skunks, Pink? I know they naturally come in different colors, like the traditional colors you see on these little puffikins as well as a speckled black & white pattern. But pink?

  49. I’m a long time lurker but i just had to comment on this 🙂 I had a pet skunk a while back and he was a sweetie. He was tan and white. He loved to follow you around the house and would practically attack you for cantaloupe. If you scared him (accidently, of course) he would turn around and try to spray you but he couldn’t. I would then tickle his tail and he would be all confused…not knowing whether to turn away or keep trying to spray me. It was too cute.

    He got along pretty well with our cat too…although there seemed to be a little bit of a language barrier. The cat would stick her butt in his face, which in cat language is “come on, big boy” and in skunk language is “i’m about to spray you with a foul liquid” so when she would do that, he would bite her and she would yelp and run off…lol She kept doing it though.

  50. I heard that douche is supposed to do the trick too. I remember long long ago when David Letterman still had his dogs Bob & Stan he mentioned the tomato juice thing didn’t work & had to go buy douche in the middle of the night. Of course it could have just been a bit.

  51. lol Laurie C – I had heard/seen pics of colours like light brown, etc – you know, *natural* colours. I can’t remember if the guy had pink and lavender. 🙂

  52. kay, mon. Everyting you wanted to know about skunkies:
    “Baby skunk needs lots of attention.”
    Oh, and adorablog has pics of an orphaned Pepe cuddling with his adopted sibling kittens.

    I don’t care if it’s wrong. I love interspecies snuggling.

  53. i love the little white frilly skirt and the pink t-shirt with

    … it…. dude!

    on it. (i can’t figure it out)

  54. Skunks are indeed adorable, but there was nothing adorable about coming home at 2 in the morning from the Santa Cruz waterfront bars, only to find that the neighborhood skunk had installed herself and her wee babes at the top of the only stairs to my apartment and had no intention of allowing me access to my domicile.

  55. Saska, what did you do?

  56. saska,

    …and…? there is an end to this story, isn’t it? don’t leave us hanging.

    redzilla sez,
    “I don’t care if it’s wrong. I love interspecies snuggling.”

    ah, but that’s the beauty of it: it isnt’ wrong. snuggling is right. and it is a right. for all.

  57. and redzilla,

    that first picture of Pepe,
    is the most adorable thing evar… (yeah, I know. I say “…its’ the most adorable evar” sixteen times a day. I know. leave me alone)

  58. LOVE the skunkies!!!!!
    so cute and fluffable.

  59. FYI: skunkz altho adorable, are difficult to keep as pets because of the very specialized diet they must have to thrive.

  60. Does anyone remember the Jeff Corwin episode when he was trying to capture a captive (recuperating) skunk to release in the wild? Too swell.

  61. I wonder how many domestic skunks have the name Pepe?

  62. Jackie from Michigan says:

    “C’mon, Saly, these kitties stink! Let’s was ’em in the river so that they’ll be nice and clean when Daddy gets home. Ugh, the smell’s not goin’ away and we’re usin’ soap!”

    Gotta love baby skunkies!

  63. JackiefMichigan,

    too funneh. are you per chance a little girl? you certainly sound like one.

    Snorglit sez,
    “I wonder how many domestic skunks have the name Pepe?”

    my guess? about 80% of them.

  64. Laurie C, mariser, others wondering..

    Sorry, the ending isn’t as interesting as the beginning, so I guess I forgot to include it. 😀

    As I recall, we hung around, inebriated, at the bottom of the stairs until the darn things eventually decided they’d traipse down, all in a little line, and go to visit the garbage cans. I was, however, pretty inebriated, and I distinctly recall fearing I was going to have to spend the night out in the driveway.

    At least the weather in Santa Cruz would permit such a thing.

  65. Saska:

    Would the Boardwalk have been open?

  66. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    So Saska they didn’t build little barricades against you then? I quite like the idea of skunk squatters.

    I really want to know what was going on in this picture.

  67. BABY POLE CATS! Sooooo adorable! Back home we have a Mulberry Tree in our back yard and it attracts ALLLL kinds of critters (most deer, foxes, bunnies etc) but one night…very late, I look out my window to see a family of SEVEN highly friksy skunks! The one was ENORMOUS and just flopping around the yard playing with his siblings. It was awesome 🙂

  68. Pika Hikari KT says:

    Yikes! Those girls should know that those ain’t kitties.O_O

    But the skunks ARE cute…where’s their mommy(my dad mentioned that skunks get killed on the road quite a bit–they aren’t fast in the least)? Put that runt down before the mama comes back for her little pups…

  69. Very young skunks can’t spray, but they might be mature enough to do so even if they still look like babies. I used to volunteer at a wildlife haven. One day a regular staffer was showing off with a baby skunk he thought was too young to spray. He was soooooo very wrong and got spritzed … in the face.

  70. I have a pet skunk that I got when It was a baby and I lurve it very much. They are as sweet as cats.

  71. I’ve never seen a baby skunk before! So cute! The could spray me all they wanted, I just want to snorgle them. Those are the luckiest girls in the world!

  72. from what i recal if you bleach a skunk, lightly, their fur turns an odd shade of pink. that and albino ones look kinda ogg to.

  73. …ogg?

  74. The story behind the picture: Unfortunately, I did not take it. 😦 It was one of those silly pictures that gets passed around in emails; it was sent to me and I felt it was fair to send it over to Cute Overload. Other than that, I have no clue who sent it or how it came about. I myself would be interested in finding out what the story behind the picture is! Maybe I’ll do a little research on the email I was sent, maybe it has a clue as to who took the picture. I’d hate to not give credit where credit is due!

  75. OMFG.
    I loooooooove bebeh skunklets!
    One time we had one living in our yard, and he would drink from puddles in our driveway. The poor thing was all alone, because his mum got hit by a car on our street 😦

  76. Aubrey: We’d just walked home from the Boardwalk to Seabright. I suspect it was still open, but I’m not sure I would have risked walking across the railroad trestle again, or I might have ended up a Lost Girl, ifyaknowhutimean.

  77. Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out what the girl on the left has in her hands. It’s not a skunk. Plastic dinosaur? Unsuspecting baby critter of another species?

  78. Yeah – Lost Girls everywhere there. Boyfriend wanted us to take a walk on the trestle, but I most emphatically declared NO. I wanted to live long anough to get a couple of rides on the Looff Carousel:

    Aoife: Looks like that dino walks on all fours – a stegosaurus, maybe?

  79. Aoife,

    upthread it was thought to be one of the bebeh skunks who had already been bathed.

  80. Aubrey — yeah, the prehistoric ancestor of the Rhodesian Ratback.

  81. Would you believe I’ve lived in both cities in the US with Looff Carousels? Grew up in Spokane and then moved directly to Santa Cruz.

    No Looffs in Seattle, just some gaudy indoor thing in the Bay Pavilion.

    ObSkunks: speaking of Spokane, we had a right gang of skunks in Browne’s Addition there. They’d leap and grab the rim of the garbage cans in the park, one skunk at a time, until enough of them were hanging on the rim to overbalance it and it would topple over, at which point the rest of the skunks would rush to devour the picnic-leavings inside. I always felt bad for the ones who pulled the can over – they frequently got squooshed and were last for the pickins.

  82. Another story from the farm: Late one night, our dog Digger was barking at some critter camped out in the rose bushes directly below my parents’ window. My mom went out with a broomstick to poke the critter out, thinking it was a racoon, possum or woodchuck.

    Well, Mom has really bad sinuses so after quite a few pokes, Dad rushes outside and yells, “STOP! It’s a skunk! Can’t you smell it?!?!?”

    The house was sooo bad. I was glad I was off at college at the time. They said it still wasn’t as bad as the time Dad tried to incubate orphaned pheasant eggs in our oven. Ohhhh… don’t try THAT at home. (In later orphaned egg episodes, we borrowed a real incubator from my great-aunt and had much greater success).

  83. Unfortunately, the only time I get a whiff of Eau de Peu is by a roadside, which more times than not means that some poor skunk was hit by a car. They’re such pretty creatures, unfortunately:

  84. I agree, skunks are super cute. Mom of Superior Sewing Skills used to make all sorts of stuffed animals to sell in fancy gifts shops. She had a skunk doll that I adored but could never play with. She finally made a ‘reject’ and I was as happy as a skunk in a trunk! (That’s a new saying I just made up now. I’m so clever…)

  85. Happy as a skunk in a trunk…it makes every bit as much sense as a bug in a rug!
    And it’s SO timely! 😉

  86. Sounds kind of odd, but skunk odor pleasantly reminds me of summer as a kid growing up in a semi-rural community. I know a lot of people dislike it, but it’s a happy smell to me.

  87. Aubrey — re: “Vintage Skunk Stole”

  88. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I foresee a load of laundry and a couple of long, hot baths for someone very, very soon!

  89. T. –

    Uh huh. Pretty much.

  90. Aoife, that does not sound odd at ALL. You reminded me that skunk is one of the main smells that brings me back to my childhood….every weekend we headed to northern Michigan to my grandparent’s cabin. It would late, after my dad got out of work on Friday, I am sleeping, sorta, in the back seat of the car, listening to the Tiger games on the radio and smelling squished 😦 skunk. All I know is it reminds me of happy times !

  91. hahaha awesome!

  92. Lauri — whoa, yeah. It’s a childhood summer night-time roadtrip memory. That, along with seeing rings around the moon, and the blinking streaks of fireflies through the mist in fallow fields. (those would be 70 MPH memories)

  93. He he he, I wonder if they realized the danger they put themselves in. Even if a baby skunk can’t spray, a protective Momma skunk can!

    (That said, if they were TAME skunks, I, too, would fall prey to the adorableness!)

  94. Woods Walker says:

    When I was on deployment in 02 at Fort Knox the cooks used to feed the skunks. They had to make sure they spead the scaps around otherwise the skunks would fight and leave a nasty odor in the air. a baby skunk tried to get in the barracks one night.-Woods Walker

  95. *grin* Oh yeah….70 mph memories. For shooure.

    Once we saw the northern lights. Wafts of pine.

    Aaaaah, I need to go to bed….!

  96. Woods Walker,
    Why is everything so territorial? I just bought a new fish, and the “old” fish, whom I thought was lonely, was really po’d. So, I had to separate them, and they entertain themselves by glowering through glass.


  97. WW — skunk fights?! This is a concept that has never occured to me. War *is* hell.

    Lauri — ooh, aurora… now that’s a much later memory. Early college, environmental studies, backpacking in Gros Morne National Park. Somebody came running around, musta been 2:00 or 3:00 AM, smacking on all the tents and waking everybody up. It was cold and we were WHUPPED, so I was extremely grumpy… but when we got outside, fully half the sky was lit up with bright green curtains, slowly shifting, creating a second false skyline that hovered over the real mountain range in the distance. (We slept in, that morning.)

  98. You guys are killing me! It’s starting to be the time of year that I really get homesick for Michigan. Sigh. Leaves changing colors, crisp, frosty mornings and Big 10 football. (GO GREEN!). Hay rides and apple orchards with hot, fresh apple cider to go with the hot, fresh cake donuts.

    I usually try to make it back for a weekend but with my big trip to ‘Nam in January, I’m out of vacation days. I’ll sneak home for Christmas. Hopefully there will be lots and lots of snow! Except for the days I need to fly in and out of DTW. Always be careful what you wish for!

  99. just out of interest what DOES a skunk smell like? we don’t have them in NZ…

    like what approximately? ie. old socks, garbage, no. 2’s… :)????

  100. OMFGBBG! Just realised that dese are widdle skunklettes! How SKWEE!!!
    Petgirl – skunkspray smells like burning rubber – set your car’s tyre on fire, and inhale deeply. It’s like, but worse.

  101. ka9q's wife says:

    what kind of fish Lauri? Some fish are very territorial. My Betta won’t share a tank with anyone. He has a five gallon tank all to himself.

  102. ka9q's wife says:

    what kind of fish Lauri? Some fish are very territorial. My Betta won’t share a tank with anyone. He has a five gallon tank all to himself.

  103. ka9q's wife says:

    what kind of fish Lauri? Some fish are very territorial. My Betta won’t share a tank with anyone. He has a five gallon tank all to himself.

  104. ka9q's wife says:

    what kind of fish Lauri? Some fish are very territorial. My Betta won’t share a tank with anyone. He has a five gallon tank all to himself.

  105. ka9q's wife says:

    what kind of fish Lauri? Some fish are very territorial. My Betta won’t share a tank with anyone. He has a five gallon tank all to himself.

  106. ka9q's wife says:

    what kind of fish Lauri? Some fish are very territorial. My Betta won’t share a tank with anyone. He has a five gallon tank all to himself.

  107. My husband used to work at a small college near LA that had a large resident population of skunks.
    We’d go for walks in the evenings with da babe, and see the skunk moms out walking their babies too.
    Way cute.

    They also colonized the basement of the humanities office building, and they’d get into scuffles in there, and spray each other.
    So the whole building reeked of skunk, all the time.
    Even now, years later, we can tell which books came out of that office, because they still sort of smell.
    Can’t wash books in tomato juice.

  108. Hmmm. That’s a good question, petgirl. I’ve never tried to describe skunkiness. Start with Teej’s flaming tires, add a dash of musty stench and I think you’ll have it. And you’ll have it for a long, long time.

  109. warrior rabbit says:

    Hmm. I never really tried to describe skunk. I don’t find it to be like burning rubber, but I couldn’t tell you what it’s really like. Except it’s very acrid.

    That reminds me of the time I was driving with two Swedes and a Frenchie in the car, and we passed through a skunky area.

    I said, “Skunk.” They said, “Ohhhhhhh. Ewwwww.”

    Ya forget sometimes that other countries don’t have skunks (‘cept in zoos).

  110. Petgirl, skunk smell is very musky and acrid– not bad if you whiff it from a distance, as some folks have been saying, but a blast right in the face can cause temporary blindness and projectile vomiting. It is extremely persistent, so if one blasts in your basement, you might have to discard all your clothes, carpets, curtains, upholstered furniture, etc. Someone has said that getting sprayed by a skunk is the worst thing that can happen to you that doesn’t make you bleed or put you in the hospital.

    But skunks are happy to leave you alone if you leave them alone. Unfortunately natural selection hasn’t had enough time to teach them that this doesn’t work on highways.

  111. Acrid. That’s exactly the word. If it’s very strong, it sticks in your throat.

    Try mixing Teej’s burning tires with a home perm kit, and that’s about the effect of it.

  112. Ok, my jaw has dropped and is hangin’ open. Not only do we get cute, songs, poems, humor, education, but now we get excellent descriptions of skunk pew! And, I am serious, not being sarcastic a’tall!

    *golf clap*

    lauowolf, my territorial fish is a pink convict. He was always alone, skulking behind a plant so I bought two similar in size black convicts, rearranged his tank so he would think he was in a new place (can’t fool a fish, Lauri :P) and he terrorized the new guys. 20 gallon tank, too! Sheesh! So, now I have them separated and they are entertaining each other swimming back and forth glaring! 🙂

  113. Oops, sorry, ka9q’s wife, you asked the fish question…I transposed the person!

    lauowolf, I did mean to comment that the thought of “skunk scuffling” makes me grin!

  114. I really lucked out on the skunk-as-pet thing; my black and white cat looks and moves just like the skunk that lives under our garden fence but lacks the nasty odor.

    That being said, three years ago a neighborhood skunk crawled under our back porch and died. My mother esentially moved in with her sister for a couple of weeks while I toughed it out. My father dismantled the porch and had to dig it out by hand but it took him forever because he. can’t. smell. skunk. Lucky sun-of-a-gun.

    Unfortunately, it died near the basement wall and basement was not (then) insulated. So the smell got into the air in the basement and then into the furnace and then pumped all around the house for good measure. For the record, those industrial-sized air freshener buckets you buy at home improvement stores will work wonders when placed next to the furnace, especially in conjuction with perfumed furnace filters.

  115. [singsong]

    Someone’s heading for trooooouble….

  116. I’m sure there’s a way to de-stink skunks. There were skunks at the zoo for a while and they were not stinky at all, so they must have had some sort of stinkerectomy. I’d loooove to have a bebeh skunkle to snorgle stench-free.

  117. warrior rabbit says:

    MegW, nasty situation. The death smell unfortunately also perseveres. At least I can describe that smell, though — smells like garlic! I’m also making a mental note on the bulk air fresheners. You never know…

  118. New word of the day:
    “stinkerectomy”. Looove it.

  119. Fond skunk memories and Michigan seem to go hand in hand :). I spent my first few years in Michigan. After we moved to Illinois, we spent summers at a lake in Michigan. Dad would take the Greyhound bus up on weekends, we’d pick him up in town and drive back to the lake on dark, winding country roads in our enormous 1972 Chrysler Newport, the windows rolled down to let in the hot air and odors of skunk, fertilizer and growing crops, I’d lie in the back seat looking at the stars and overhanging trees, ABBA blasting on the 8-track. I now life in Chicago and rarely smell skunk. I’ve gotten skunk whiff only once this summer, but it put me right back on those Michigan country roads.

  120. i think the lil sticker in the girls hand is just all wet but a stinker all the same. mom will be so proud of them!!

  121. warrior rabbit says:

    Growing up, two of our dogs used to rampage at night. It seemed like my father was constantly burying possum and skunk victims (take that, health department!). It was year-round, but I can remember summers, with windows open, being woken in the middle of the night by skunk stink and having to shut my window…

  122. Oh my god that is too much. I really hope those poor girls did not get skunked. Who knew baby skunks were so cute?!

  123. *LOL* uhh ohhhh!

  124. AmyH… send me your address by email and I’ll mail you a handful of leaves when they turn! LOL. Just a touch of yellow as of yet, but if it stops raining maybe we’ll get some red ones like last year.

    MY skunk story (late, since out stupid wireless router barfed and I’ve not been able to get online…) My parents had a little house behind theirs they used to rent out, until it got too decrepit and raccoons moved in under the slab. My dad chased the raccoons away, and possums moved in. He chased the possums away, and skunks moved in. Every spring they’d start with raccoons and go through the cycle, ending with skunks. When they finally tore down the house, they only had a 4′ x 4′ square of slab to remove, and lo and behond… HUGE skunk hiding in the last hiding spot who drenched the workers full in the faces. I had left 20 min before, and very glad I did. Everyone puked. The neighborhood reeked, and the workers used all my mom’s home-canned tomato juice trying to remove the stink.

    And a post-note to those wishing to remove the stink… the Mythbusters peroxide remedy works, but so does Massengil douche. Really. It does. And as a touch up you can spray with FDS (Feminine deodorant spray.) Tomato juice doesn’t help, as the sad tear-down crew learned the hard way.

  125. I had a near miss with a skunk one night a few years ago driving on a dark road. Between the darkness, the dip in the road, and the blind spot, I couldn’t see him as he waddled his fat ass into the street until he was almost under my front tire. OMG I almost had a heart attack! Screeeee! Of course I don’t want to hit any animal, but least of all a skunk, a bit fat (apparently blind) skunk. I screeched to a halt so close I could not see him, but it did not faze him, he just continued to waddle across the street under my front bumper. I was like, OH MA GAWD…I would have had to get rid of my car…like on Seinfeld–Jerry with the BO car, just leave it in the city with the keys still in it!!

  126. haha ceebs, you could just tell the buyer that it had been owned by hippies… big fat Patchouli wearing hippies.

    Hippies who smoked burning tires maybe?

  127. I just posted this on another thread, but it has to go here, too!!! There is a skunk in my front yard RIGHT NOW!!!

    Lol, all four of my dogs want OUT. Yeeeeeaaaah, right!!!

  128. Lol, ceebs! Is there anywhere that has more roadkill than Michigan??? Sometimes I find myself grimacing at the carnage. Deer, rabbits, skunks, possums, raccoons…dozens and dozens of raccoons. I have found Cooper’s hawks, a Great Horned Owl. Foxes, coyotes. Not to mention the dogs and cats. :((((
    Gawd! The humanity!
    And turtles…who hits turtles?
    Whoa…*goes to take a pill*

  129. Oh the baby skunklets! sooo cute! *melts* look at their tails! floofiness!

  130. book_monstercats says:

    Utterly AD-OR-A-BLE. It reminds me of when our now 18 year old daughter was a bit younger than the cuties in the photograph. She came in from our back garden, when we had friends over for coffee, proudly showing us a dead grass snake she’d found. Not a C.O. moment, obviously, but worth a mench.

  131. so, I come to this site way too often and I absolutely adore the skunks! But I had to make a comment on Lauri’s post; “Turtles! Who hits turtles?” I grew up with a mom who taught me that no matter how busy the road was you pull over to the side and help the little turtles over…they just aren’t fast enough. WELL my boyfriend isn’t very sensitive when it comes to animals (he grew up on a farm and sees them only as a source for food or income) and we were driving down a dirt road one day when a little turtle decided to use the “Turtle Walk” and cross in front of us…well, I screamed for the boy to stop the vehicle and he tried to…but it wasn’t as fast as i wanted him to stop nor was it fast enough to keep the little turtle alive….my boyfriend backed up and there was the poor belated turtle…I cried so hard for the little soul…and to this day I haven’t let him live it down. Next time he knows when I scream stop he better slam on the brakes!!

  132. lew8, I once saw a turtle crunched right in front of me before the traffic thinned enough for me to run out and grab it. It was horrible, but I’m sure in your case and mine the turle was killed instantly and felt little or no pain.

  133. Gods… please can we not talk about squished turtles anymore? 😦

  134. I remember once I up close with a skunk like this. Surprisingly, he didn’t stink at all. Not even the faintest skunk smell. They’re very cute too, and not at all agressive. He looked at me, and I looked at him and we both went on our way.

  135. Janet with Angus and Misha says:

    We used to have a home in the mountains of Southern Oregon, and we had lots of adventures with skunks. Yup they are really cute… but, one night I was walking my big standard poodle Lily up the mountain road (earlier that summer she’s gotten a direct hit from a skunk–and as had been said, it take a whole lot of tomato juice to cure the problem)– anyway it was twilight and beautiful and just as we got to the rise at the top of the road, Lily and I saw a skunk running at us a hundred miles an hour. I figured she had babies nearby she was protecting. So I hollared at Lily and the two of us ran down that hill lickety-split with Mama Skunk right at our heels. We made it inside the door and looked out the window at an indignant Mama Skunk with a very satisfied look on her pretty face.

  136. Baby skunks can spray, just not as much as adult skunks. The amount they’re able to spray increases with ages.