Complete and total mayhem

OK, this is one of the funniest photos I’ve seen in a long time. Check it, left to right:

Kitten 1: [Gnawing on own leg] "THIS IS SOME CRAZY SHIT, MAN"
Kitten 2: [Getting assaulted by a bro, and chomping on a foot in return] "Sayonara TOESVILLE!"
Kitten 3: (Lower middle) [Assaulting bro, eyes clenched shut] "Ye shall perish!!!"
Kitten 4: (Back) [Looking for an exit from Crazyville] "Mommeeeeeee!"
Kitten 5: (Center of pile) "Could be worse, I could be in the eleven-kitten mosh pit!"
Kitten 6: [Has no idea where his own limbs are, getting hit in face] "Don’t touch the merch, mofo!"
Kitten 7: (Bottom right legs) "LAAATE!"


A.J. Mee—stherweeouswee—new levels of redonkulousness. Thank you.



  1. It’s a kitteh riot!

  2. There is something transcendent about Kitten #1 gnawing on his own foot because nobody’s attacking him.

    Judging from bottom right legs’ size, I’d almost guess that’s Momcat — whose line is, of course, “Calgon, take me away!”

  3. Marmie Overload!
    take cover!

  4. Great descriptions, Meg. What would we do without your interpretation of the Qte…


    [dives in]

  6. ZenDeQuervain says:

    Holy crap, that’s absolutely precious! I die.

  7. Theo should start a’sploding from the orangeosity any minute now…

  8. i think that’s mom in the bottom right corner.

    no wonder she’s leaving the scene!

    too. . .much. . .. cuteness!

  9. Quit Breeding says:

    Just what the world needed, more kittens.

  10. Time to dive into the prosh pit!!

  11. DavidBoBavid says:

    Kitten #6 is awesome! hahaha..

    fantastic captionization as usual meg!

  12. This is way better than the mosh pit, those kittens are all calm and sleepy…these are insane! I dig the kitty chewing on his own leg…that is adorable goofy cuteness!

  13. “prosh pit” – why don’t I just have a macro that I can use several times a day that types out “Good one, Aubrey!”

    (Would have used it for your poem this a.m., too, if I could find it again.)

  14. Quit Breeding, for all any of us knows, this picture could be 15 years old.

    Save your lecture for a more appropriate venue.

  15. I can’t deal with that much cute all at once. maybe one or two kitties at a time.. but omg.. all of them?? it’s ..too much!!! .. they all look like my senior citizen kittie!

  16. Quit breeding, these kittehs are going to

    i mean, duh. 🙂

  17. Awww Iw ould love to have all those Kittehs on my bed coodling with me…

  18. Happy 🙂

  19. I’m with the others who think the bottom legs are Ma Cat bailing. She needs a little “me time.” Perhaps one of us could snorgle her kittens in her absence?

  20. I’m-a go get [POIT!]…

    . . .


  21. Ceebs – ‘save the world’? Of course! They’ve already saved us!

    Still, before Meg posts another pix like this she should first sound a ‘Marm Alarm’.

  22. Completely OT:

    Can anyone else post to the thread about the redheaded babydoll and the gray, fuzzy critter? I don’t even see a link to the discussion thread.

  23. AuntieM — this one?

    Funny… I don’t see it either. Maybe Meg pulled it, for some reason.

  24. …wait, yes I can. [Huh??]

  25. whut? is that thread being pulled? is it me? TMI?
    if I overstepped, please delete my last comment.

  26. The foot-chewer is killing me.

  27. Oh, GOD.

    I want to snorgle them all, even tho it means they will permanently attach themselves to my fact with their Anerable Semi-Transparent Kitten Claws of Death and Fiery Red Welts.

  28. OMG! aaaaaaaaiiiieeeee!!! That has got to be the QTEST thing I have EVER seen!

  29. The Foot Chewer has caused me also to suffer intense physical suffering and respiratory failure on viewing him.

  30. The “identicalness” of these kittens BLOWS MY MIND!

  31. Not only kitnz, but MARMIE AND WHITE kittnz!!! My all-time-fav of cats.

    I have asploded as well.

    Must go lie down.

  32. awwwww … i just want to wrap my arms around them, stick my face in the middle and group snorgle them all!!!!!!

  33. Why the need for vulgar language? Keep it clean so everyone can enjoy the site!

  34. Ok, check it out:
    I knew that blankie looked familiar.
    It’s the same marmy babehs a little bit older!

  35. useta hada kitteh says:

    Jen — while usually I would wholeheartedly endorse a group snorgle, looks like you’d be in danger of being nawmed on if you attempted it with this crowd! What cute and feisty kitters! (And, like others, my fave is the guy nawming his own leg — if you guyses don’t wanna play wif me I’m gonna play by myownself, nawm nawm nawm.)

  36. Wow. That looks like a comfortable place to go to sleep in.

  37. The thread I’m talking about is the one just below the little skunks. It’s titled “Apologies in advance for over-using the Pepe le Pew voice this week.”

    There is no link to get to the discussion thread, and it also does not appear in the link at the top of the page.

    I was on relatively early this morning, and there was no link then, so I don’t think there ever was one.

  38. In all my life I’ve never gotten to play with a pile of baby aminals. If these kitters were in front of me, I honestly think I’d lose control of my faculties. And I’m only being 3% hyperbolic by stating the same.

  39. ceejoe, I declare you the sleuthiest marmalade sleuth in all of Cute-dom.

    I can see the comments on the skunk thread just fine – but I have had that problem with other posts on occasion. I can usually get to them by going to the post after and then clicking the navigation links up top.

    Lori, I’m sure you got up on the wrong side of the bed. Have some more kittens.

  40. I can see the comments on that pic just fine!
    maybe I broke it when I got the first three posts. Or, more like, maybe that’s WHY I got the first three posts!

  41. ceejoe,
    I’m with saska. a-mazeing sleuthing skills.
    I mean, I hadn’t even noticed the blankie. 😎

  42. Lori Angel — Cute Overload is PG-13. Let’s leave it at that…

    Ceejoe — add my voice to the chorus of “good eye”!

  43. /blushes humbly/
    Must be the auditor in me…
    we are rigorously trained to ferret out details and ask questions, questions, questions…

  44. ya know…
    now that these kittehs have made a 2nd appearance, I want their guardian to make themselves known here in the comments. I want to know the kitteh’s names! especially Number Two, there in the lower left corner. I love his coloring, mostly white with a ‘carrot top’

  45. Gah! Marms!

  46. LOL Theo @ JALG link! I never saw that before, it’s hilarious. Digs at CO–too funneh

  47. ceebs,

    oh, there is something at JALG in between all the fukcing fukcs?

  48. Actually, Ceebs, JALG pre-dates CO by quite a little bit. (If you got that, after you checked it out, then never mind.)

    For a while we were getting occasional rogue commenters claiming Teh Qte™ was a JustALittleGuy ripoff. [giggles]

  49. Mariser — don’t be forgetting our assity arses.

  50. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    ceejoe – excellent blankie-spotting there.
    Have you ever read Terry Pratchett? – Because the fact that you’re an auditor is giving me the heebie jeebies.

  51. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    JALG doesn’t seem to be very good at self editing judging from my short visit – he needs J.Bo over there to spot his spelling mistakes and typos.

  52. oh, oh,
    threadjack on:
    2SJ (and anyone else)
    where is a good place to start with Terry Pratchett? I’ve wanted to for a while but I’m intimidated by the sheer amount of books he has written. and the series. and the series among the series. and…

  53. Hmmm… don’t we all have our *own* blogs now?… hmmm…

    (Actually I quite like Pratchett. And Gaiman.)

  54. yeah, we do. but CO has the (waywaywaywaywayway) bigger audience.
    threadjack on
    I reserve the right to threadjack everywhere and everytime. so there!

    I’ve read Gaiman for a long time. back from “The Sandman” years. if you like Pratchett, go ahead and throw me a line, won’t ya

  55. Quit Breeding says:

    There is one reason and one reason only to breed kittens: Money. It’s not cute, it’s selfish. There are thousands of kittens available at shelters. It makes me sick to see people breeding them intentionally at home. Get it spayed. Adopt your kittens from the pound.

  56. I just bought my first Pratchett book, thanks to him being mentioned here before. It’s the Monstrous Regiment one, I believe.
    Haven’t started it yet..but I am excited!

    Speaking of blogs, I wonder if mine washed away while I was at work. It’s rained a LOT lately.

    And yay for our frickin’ arses! Bitches! 😛

  57. QuitB,

    in general terms, I agree with you. get your animal companions from the shelter, etc.
    I am puzzled as to why hash the topic here. are you referring to the kittens in the picture above? do you know them? do you know they are, as a fact, being bred to be sold?

  58. A Nuff!

    *Throws fluff at Nuff*
    It’s been awhile since we had flaming around here.

    *Lights the brulee’ torch*
    *gets out the whisk*

  59. Quit Breeding says:

    Quit Breeding, for all any of us knows, this picture could be 15 years old.

    Save your lecture for a more appropriate venue.

    Right, by now their great great great great great great great great grandchildren are still exponentially breeding. Save your ignorance for others.

  60. Yeah, Quit,
    Who the heck mentioned ANYthing about breeding? Selling???
    All anyone said was CUTE.

  61. Lauri,

    as a wanna-be Pratchett reader, do let me know how it goes with “Monstrous Regiment” Ok?
    gosh, I think it has rained a LOT everyfarkingwhere. but hey. rain is good, right?

  62. Quit Breeding says:


    in general terms, I agree with you. get your animal companions from the shelter, etc.
    I am puzzled as to why hash the topic here. are you referring to the kittens in the picture above? do you know them? do you know they are, as a fact, being bred to be sold?

    Have you ever met someone who kept an entire litter of cats…well someone who isn’t mentally disturbed. Look in the local Pennysaver this week under Pets for Sale.

  63. Mariser, give a try to Equal Rites, or Guards, Guards. Lots of people like the wizards or the watch best in the discworld. (And YMMV, natch, please don’t shout at me.) If you like those, just read indiscriminately in the series, and enjoy! If you don’t like his style in those, discworld likely isn’t going to be your cup of tea.

  64. …and if you had been doing your homework around here you would know that most folks here get thier pets from rescues, etc.

    This doesn’t happen to be a pet mill site. 😛

  65. Quit Breeding says:

    …and if you had been doing your homework around here you would know that most folks here get thier pets from rescues, etc.

    This doesn’t happen to be a pet mill site. 😛

    So you agree with me, thanks. A big pile of cats ain’t cute. Just adding to the pet population which is already wildly out of control. A pet is cute. A litter of cats is not cute., whenever you see a litter of cats, someone did something stupid.

  66. QB,

    I don’t understand why you are antagonizing a group of people here most of whom completely agree with your point.
    since we are responsible owners to our animal companions we spay and neuter them, which means that the only way we get to enjoy the cuddliness and goofiness, and sweetness of little bebeh animals is vicariously, in pictures/videos, here or in other sites.
    why do you find this vicarious enjoyment a sin, is beyond me. but to each their own.
    I’ve said my piece and I shall now stop.

  67. Pip,

    thanks so much for the recommendation! I’ve seen the DiscWorld series, but again, it is so humongous I couldn’t find a place of entry. I have seen Equal Rites around the bookstore, so I’ll pick up soon. also, “Guards, Guards”, check. and I wouldn’t dream to shout at you! the idea!

    thanks again!

  68. I didn’t read the whole JALG site, just scrolled, looked at the pics, read a little here & there (yeah, speeling is atrocious, language doesn’t bother me, actually it kind of adds to the humor).
    I have no idea when CO began. I first heard of it …I don’t know, maybe last Feb or March? The morning DJ & the traffic lady on wxpn were DYING over Teh Qte, so I checked it out. Sporadically at first, not reading comments…then…you know the rest.

  69. I write here for the first time – just for beloved Marmie kitties (and a certain Bengali one!) – and for youse peeps adoring Pratchett! yippiey yip! I knew that here would be some Pratchett-kinsouls. ^^

    Mariser, where to start? There’s really a lot, but with me they were Mort and Hogfather.

    May the Marmie Force be with you!
    (it’s with us here, in the form of Tazzie Devil, but gorgeous Marmie kitteh is it anyway!)

  70. Big pile of kittens = just about the cutest damn thing anywhere. Elsewise, duh, we agree, so Quit Beefing.

    (FYI, QB, we here in the Catcave fully intend to have big piles of kittens on a regular basis. It’s called “fostering.” We volunteer for a local humane society. And for further reading, do a CO Google search on “boxcar kitties”… look in the upper right corner of this page.)

  71. Scofield,

    first, welcome from lurkerdom! happy to have you.
    [writes down] “Mort”, “Hogfather”. thanks! I’m getting quite the reading list.
    “Marmie Force”, heh, that’s good.

  72. Whooop! I am making another list, to add to my other listes, as we speak….

  73. warrior rabbit says:

    Guys, QB is just flamebaiting. Ignore, ignore, ignore.

  74. Excuse my French (mighta sound like that with my language skills)- I’m Finnish. So you English majors, don’t break your hearts, I may make major mistakes. ^^

    Since I’ve crawled out of the lurkerdom, I can spill my beans now: I completely, utterly love CO, and am an enthusiasted watcher of Animal Planet channel.

    mm.. did it make any sense at all? weels, never mind. It’s night-night here. Not morning-night or evening-night something. The darkest night, and I’m rigidly waiting when will my Marmie kitteh attack my knees (Sirius says hello to you peeps).

    Making even less sense. Beta stop. Nighty-night!

  75. Scofield, you don’t have to tell us about ‘the darkest night’ – we’ve all been there. When CO was down, for instance.

    Do you like pudding?

  76. Warrior Rabbit — …and poorly, at that.

    Scofield — Please provide photos of Sirius if at all possible. Cheers! (and puddins)

  77. Orange creme brulee, thank you.

    Photos very possible, here there be one, just a peek! 🙂

    This is a Finnish photo gallery – do not look further or ye shall perish. 😉 [lame joke]

  78. Oh! Thank you SO much for sharing, Scofield! Sirius is beautiful and contemplative! 🙂

    And, orange creme brulee…yum!!!

    And…we are not afraid of perishment! 😉 (or lame jokes for that matter!)

  79. OOOOOh, I see what you mean, Scofield….we will perish from the Cute! You were right! *dies*

  80. Ah, I’ve been COer-attacked!

    Let me explain Theo’s links:
    above, our introvert, picky and lovable older cat, Cesi. Seven years old.
    below, my dad’s Nova Scotia toller, Sydney. Eats just everything that has been left on the floor. Even shoes. Two years old.

    And oh yeah, Sirius is just half an year old. That’s why it likes knawing my toes.

    greetings from Funland! ^^

  81. Scofield – never be ashamed of lame jokes. We aren’t.

    And thank you for the beautiful photos – can you put one of an orange creme brulee in your gallery?

  82. waterdragon687 says:

    I know I’m a bit late here, but–

    As a longtime Pratchett fan, I’d recommend “Reaper Man” to the neophyte as well as “Guards! Guards!” and “Equal Rites.” All very funny, and good introductions to Discworld.

    And the kittens are very cute, BTW. 🙂

  83. teeny tiny orange creme brulee! (and don’t even think about throwing it)

    ees yummy!

  84. Too pretty to throw!

    It looks good enough to eat. Did you?

  85. It is a very yummy looking creme brulee’! I would kiss it, not throw it….unless throwing were absolutely necessary!

  86. No, no. Haven’t time to eat, just noticed that Sirius has completed a chaos in our kitchen. You can share that brulee – behave nicely!

    Goodnight, peeps! 🙂

  87. waterdragon687,

    thanks for the Pratchett recommendations! Pip also recommended “Guards!Guards” and “Equal Rites”, so we are getting a good consensus here. plus “Reaper Man”, check.


    I don’t know if you’ve seen the “Austin Powers” movies, but if I was in front of your orange creme brulee I’d be channeling the Fat Bastard:
    “you! orange creme brulee! get in my Belly!!”

  88. “Completed a chaos” is not grammatically perfect English, but it is a much better and funnier description of what cats do! Thank you Scofield!

    All Pratchett is good — for reasons far too long to mention, “Holywood” really made me laugh in different ways than the other Discworld books did.

  89. mmmm… creme brulee and creme brulee kitties. Pass the snorgling spoon, please!

  90. Meg, your captions are priceless and redonk! :-p
    Supersweet milk and marmie kitters!

  91. Scofield, welcome and thansk for sharing pics of lovely Sirius.

    LurkerT, “completed a chaos” is perfect kitten confusion terminology. It implies Mischief Aforethought, very much indeed…

  92. Stopbreading: For all you know these could be pictures from a shelter, or from someeone who is keeping kittens for a shelter. Why make trouble when you know no information? Seems like a waste of time to me…

  93. awwww! i want to be in a huge snuggle-pile!

  94. (Some people just like to make trouble, Teagirl…)

  95. “Completed a chaos”. Love. It.

    JP, the phrase also implies to me kind of a benevolent mayhem – messy, but no blood – which brings us full circle to the delightful title to the Photo That Started It All.

  96. A snorgle pit!! A ginger kitteh snorgle pit!! **Faints**

  97. Ah. Cute kittens anyway!

  98. Heeheeeeee

    There’s a lot of literapurr here. I am glad it is all being saved for purrsterity.

    Night night, y’all. *Tumbleweedin’ off to bed*



  99. Tomorrow — there should be orange boxcar kitten pix tomorrow. We didn’t get the third kitten in our trapping tonight, but could hear it mewing from somewhere we couldn’t see (there are a lot of bushes and barbed wire blocking our way around much of the perimeter).

    Meanwhile, one of the pregnant momcats hadn’t been seeming herself and I’d seen a shallow wound or abrasion on her leg, plus, she didn’t seem to be eating the last few days, so Joyce, my trapping partner, and I went waaaay under the boxcars to check on her. Joyce, in fact, managed to throw a towel over her and bring her out. So now we’ve rescued a momcat who is close to having kittens (hopefully not in my storage room/recovery space tonight before she sees a vet tomorrow for anything else that’s ailing her).

    Here’s the cat we got tonight:

    I am tired now. And we go out again for the third kitten tomorrow night. I don’t need yays, but could y’all cross your fingers we get him? It’s heartbreaking to hear his meeping, wondering where his mom (trapped Sunday) and his littermates (trapped last night) went.


    Saska: transcendant toe attack

    Aubrey: prosh pit, marm alarm

    Badkittie: coodling

    Ceejoe: wicked sharp sleuthing

    Michelle (Medea): now only 3% hyperbole

    Terrry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman: cameos

    Scofield: completed a chaos… but still needs puddins. Siriusly.

    Meg: teh CAPSHUNS. (plus, this whole day was primo post after primo post)

  101. (Pratchett gets the extra “r” ’cause he’s terrriffic)

  102. Thanks for the executive summary, Teho! And Scofield – your caption for the orange creme brulee was a riot. I can imagine all your other blog visitors using a Finnish alternative to OMGWTFBBQPDAXYZPDQ!

  103. LC – I remember a year or two ago when we had terrible rains…Art Bell, on his radio show, ‘Coast-to-Coast’ (not sure if you’ve heard of him or not) asked his listeners to “think away” the rain, to create a type of group mind-meld, to stop the rain through the mental powers of his audience.

    ANYWAY. All CO members must concentrate on your trapping efforts – start slow, people, no need to snap a blood vessel – to see to it that you are successful, and that lonely little meeper comes out of the cold.

  104. Jeebus! I go into the kitchen to make a cup of tea and come back to find *104* (count ’em!) posts! Now I shall have to delay actually doing the work I was supposed to do tonight in order to read them…

    Ok, the pik – SKWEE!!!! Teh Kitteh in the top right (eyes fully open, grinning) is looking at the ear of his sibling to the south-west with a view to kronchange, while the kitteh to his left is looking at his ear and thinking the same thing. I would conduct further analysis but keep getting distracted by the Persistence of Marmalade and the fact that I can’t tell whose paws belong to who.

    Discworld: damn fine read. Entry point is a tough one. I guess it breaks up into 4 clearly defined areas: Wizards; City Watch; Witches; and others (Monstrous Regiment, Pyramids, etc.) For some of them it helps to have read the earlier books so you’re familiar with the main players (Vimes, Vetinari, Granny & Nanny, Death, Carrot, and of course CMOT Dibbler), and an idea of geography of Discworld, which is why I would start with the Colour of Magic and Light Fantastic (Teh Luggage, people – Teh LUGGAGE!) if you were going to embark on reading all of them (and if you like them, you will – trust me 🙂
    Otherwise I would go with Monstrous Regiment, Pyramids, Mort, or Reaper Man, which can be read on their own, although read Mort before Reaper Man. Guards Guards is a great introduction to the City Watch segment, The Colour of Magic is good to get into the Unseen University area, and Equal Rites if you’re starting with The Witches.
    I also highly recommend Good Omens, written by Pratchett and Neil Gaiman – brilliantly funny, and helps with understanding TP’s sense of humour.

  105. I would just like to plunge my hands in there and start rubbing heads, bellies and backs, and then get the neosporin for the cuts, but that’s life!

  106. Re: Pratchett. I have recently become addicted to him. I started out by going and looking through the plots in the description on the back and picking the one that appealed to me the best. I started with “Going Postal” because it was my kind of demented sounding. And it was awesome.
    Now I’ve started from the beginning (The color of MAgic), buying two or three from that sequence, and one later that appeals to me.
    And Good Omens in paperback for me is on order.

    Added cuteness to supply kitten fix, my kitten Dexxy, the extra toed tabby kitten! Polydactyl FTW!

    And for a non-kitten fix, here’s an adorable shelter bunny:

  107. Life wouldn’t be complete without a copy of “Good Omens.” It’s the funniest apocalyptic text ever.

    I can’t pick a Discworld favorite, either. After “Good Omens,” I just started buying every paperback I found with Pratchett’s name on it and reading them in no particular order.

  108. OK, time to change the party topic. I saw Meg in Bust magazine. Yes, I did! Yay! Go Meg! You rock!

  109. Hurrah for the combo of kittens and Terry Pratchett!
    I can think of a perfectly good reason for someone to have a litter of kittens, without having bred them on purpose: they found the pregnant mother cat lost and alone, took her in out of kindness and gave a safe haven to her and her kittens when they were born.
    OR they are looking after a litter of kittens that were left at a shelter until they are old enough to be adopted.
    So thar!
    Regarding entry points to the Discworld series, mine was number six in order, Wyrd Sisters, but I would also recommend number four, Mort. (I run the fanlisting for that novel.) I actually don’t recommend the first two, The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic, for beginners as they are not as well written as the later ones and better read with a forgiving eye once you know how good the series got.
    Not many cute animals in the Discworld books, but there is a big tough tomcat called Greebo, and eventually some little black kittens with blue eyes…

  110. Laurie and Theo – you two are heroes. I’ve been reading for a while now, but had to chime in for that. Will have my fingers crossed for your poor little third kitten, Laurie. Thinking about him all alone out there made me cry (I’m a bit of a wimp, I know).

    Oh, and the photo? Dear god almighty, how the cute buuuurns! My two cats are sitting at my feet, confused, wondering why Mom is making odd little whimpering noises and twitching slightly. It’s hard to explain to a cat just what an overdose of kittens can do to the human brain.

  111. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    TJ – see I was going to go over to Vox and say what you said on mariser’s blog but in a much more long-winded way – thanks for being good at short and pithy (not something I’m good at). Plus you appear to have a Pratchett knowledge to rival my own – bowing down in the presence of a master!!:)
    I’ve been reading him for 20 years now – I had to read the books more or less as they came out – so no choice on a starting place – and he’s the only author I’ll pre-order on Amazon.
    And the cats – we really need the human owned by these marms to give us regular updates don’t you think?

  112. Omg, I am SO excited. All these books I haven’t yet read! *faints*

    I have just barely started Monstrous Regiment and I can tell already I am going to simply love his writing style and humor.

    I copied and pasted these last several comments as a reminder to myownself what to check out next!

    Thanks to you all!

  113. Ok, hope you’ll all indulge me here, but can we go back a ways in this thread? 2 Sheds Jackson said: “ceejoe – excellent blankie-spotting there.
    Have you ever read Terry Pratchett? – Because the fact that you’re an auditor is giving me the heebie jeebies.”

    I’ve copied down the recommendations for Prattchett reading, but what’s the connection with being an auditor? Just curious…

    I read alot, but I often feel really uncultured when I’m reading all your guys’ literary references…
    /sigh/ shall have to work on that

  114. DavidBoBavid says:

    all this talk about pratchett.. you guys are going to make me spend a small fortune at lunch! 😥

    i read one discworld book back in high school.. it was pretty funny. maybe i didn’t appreciate the humour at the time (i’m finding that there are alot of things i didn’t find funny before that are just hilarious now).. maybe i’ll try reading some by him again soon.

    although.. i’ve already got about 5 books on the go and at least that many waiting to be read.. meh, whats another one, right?

  115. OMG the Cutest photo EVA! Must snorgle, be damned the risk!!!!

  116. CeeJoe – the Auditors are scary grey entities whose job it is to keep everything in the multiverse in order. They don’t like it when you change things, or if you’re a Thief of Time.
    And they’re very much the same on Discworld 🙂

  117. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    ceejoe – sorry this could go on a bit: the auditors are a sort of ‘shared conciousness’ they’re the auditors of reality and exist to ensure that the gravity works and the universe keeps ticking. They hate life but especially humanity because it’s not neat and keeps messing up the place. They frequently try to meddle with humanity in a bid to make it go away but are always thwarted – usually by Death’s grand-daughter – Susan. They appear in the books about Death but also in the Science of the Discworld books. they appear in the guise of an empty floating robe (I always think of that annoying floating robe character from He-man- but a really mean version and grey)and are pretty much the worst of any villains in discworld because they have no emotions. Yep it went on a bit – sorry I need to learn short and pithyness from TJ.

  118. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Oh bollocks – see I posted that at the same time as TJ and his beat mine in speed and shortness- and is so much better than mine.

  119. ah. Thanks for the explanation, TJ and 2SJ.

    But in my defense – I’m one of the *good* auditors. we’re here to *help* you improve things. ;o)

    And I’ll def be looking into those books!

  120. Sheddlie – ain’t no master here – just glad to find a group of other people who think that Greebo is Everycat (“He’s just a big softy”), who wish that the Patrician ruled their part of the world (One man, one vote. Lord Vetinari is the man, he has the vote), and who know that, in a pinch, Granny Knows Best. Let’s not talk about the Joy of Snacks, though… 🙂

  121. Eeps.
    Am busier than a 1-legged man in an ass-kicking contest today. (Heh… I just remembered that & had to use it.) Looks like Meg might be, too.

    Stay fluffy, peeps. Will check in when I can. 😉

  122. This has troubled me ever since I first heard the expression. Why on earth would a one-legged man want to enter and ass-kicking contest in the first place?


    [jumps off diving board]

    [For those not in the know – the Barmy Army is a bunch of madcap English cricket fans. To’lly nuts.]

  124. Thank you for giving me a new author to check out. I usually find an author, read all their books, then have to wait and wait until a new one comes out. Sounds like Pratchett will keep me busy for a while. His kinda stuff is right up my alley. Laurell Hamilton is my most
    recent favorite author.

    I have sad news to tell. My Sam passed away yesterday. I had to finally let her go because of renal failure. Please see her picture on my Vox page. She was very lubbed.

  125. *dives in and snorgles mercilessly*

  126. Danielle, I’m so sorry for your loss. Virtual hugs to you in your sadness. Your writeup sounds like she was a fine, fine companion.

  127. Thank you, Laurie C. She was wonderful.

  128. Hey Danielle – I am sorry to hear about your loss. I know that you’ll miss her “like a fiber gone from your heart.” Hugs!

    Also, I had a problem getting into the Discworld series…even though the puns made me groan. I was able, however, to enjoy his “children’s books”. That would be The Wee Free Men (HI-larious) and the sequal: Hat Full of Sky.

    Shoo now…go read…

    Finally…I ask the question: Is there anything better than a marmie cat?

  129. Where’s My Cow?!

  130. useta hada kitteh says:

    rpennefe — of course there’s somethin’ better than a marmie cat! A whole blankie fulla marmie cats! More marmie! More marmie! (beats on table with puddin’ spoon) More marmie!

  131. Danielle – I’m so sorry. Each kitteh is so unique and special. Virtual hugs here too…

  132. Okay peoples, I can’t stand it any longer. I’m going in.

    ::makes self small and somersaults into pile::


    ::plink plink plink! pull dozens of teensy claws off my sweatshirt::

  133. Danielle, so sorry about Sam. Her picture is beautiful and she sounds like a sweetie! I’m sure she had a wonderful, comfy life and no wonder you miss her.

    Re: Pratchett, I haven’t read any Discworld books in years, but I know I liked the ones I read. I didn’t realize until recently that he was still putting them out. I’ll have to look into them again.

    I’m not really a fantasy reader anymore, but Pratchett is very tongue-in-cheek, which is the one kind of fantasy that I think I could still enjoy.

  134. “This has troubled me ever since I first heard the expression. Why on earth would a one-legged man want to enter and ass-kicking contest in the first place?”

    Too bad you can’t ask Dudley Moore.

  135. Aubrey/Mr. Spiggot –

    As I was walking down the street one day, I saw a house on fire. There was man, standing at an upper-storey window, shouting and screaming at the crowd that was gathered there below, for he was sore afraid.

    Let’s not mention Auntie Mabel – this is a family site 😉

  136. Thank you rpennefe, ceejoe, and AuntieMame for your kind words. Much appreciated.

  137. As I was standing in the street one day, as peaceful as can be,
    a great big ugly man came up and tied his horse to me.

    TJ’s entry triggered a favorite childhood verse. I’m just chock full of non sequitors.

  138. AmyH, do you mean this one? (It’s one of my dad’s favorites, too.)

    Now, I know a little ditty,
    It’s as crazy as can be.
    The guy who wrote it said he wanted it,
    And handed it to me.
    I found I couldn’t use it
    Because it sounded blue,
    And that’s the very reason why
    I’m handing it to you.

    It’s a song the alligators sing
    While coming through the rye,
    As they serenade the elephants
    Up in the trees so high.
    The iceman hums this ditty
    As he shovels in the coal,
    And the monkeys join the chorus
    Up around the nothern pole.

    Ain’t we crazy,
    Ain’t we crazy,
    This is the way we pass the time away.
    Ain’t we crazy,
    Ain’t we crazy,
    We’re going to sing this song all night today.

    It was midnight on the ocean,
    Not a streetcar was in sight,
    And the sun was shining brightly,
    For it rained all day that night.
    ‘Twas a summer night in winter,
    And the rain was snowing fast,
    And a barefoot boy with shoes on
    Stood a-sitting in the grass.

    It was evening and the rising sun
    Was setting in the west.
    The little fishes in the trees
    Were huddled in their nest.
    The rain was pouring down
    And the moon was shining bright,
    And everything that you could see
    Was hidden out of sight.

    The cows were making cowslips
    And the bells were ringing wet,
    And the bumblebees were making bums
    And smoking cigarettes.
    And a man slept in a stable
    And came out a little ho(a)rse,
    So he hopped upon his golf sticks
    And drove all around the course.

    Ain’t we crazy,
    Ain’t we crazy,
    This is the way we pass the time away.
    Ain’t we crazy,
    Ain’t we crazy,
    We’re goin’ to sing this song all night today.

    It was midnight on the ocean,
    Not a horsecar was in sight
    As I stepped into the drugstore
    To get myself a light.
    The man behind the counter
    Was a woman old and gray
    Who used to peddle shoestrings
    On the road to Mandalay.

    “Good evening, sir,” the woman said,
    And her eyes were bright with tears
    As she put her head beneath her feet
    And stood that way for years.
    Her children, six, were orphans,
    Except one tiny tot
    Who lived in a house across the street
    Above a vacant lot.

    Ain’t we crazy,
    Ain’t we crazy,
    But this is the way we pass the time away.
    Ain’t we crazy,
    Ain’t we crazy,
    We’re going to sing this song all night today.

  139. The year – never mind.

    The place – John Burroughs Jr. High School.

    The time – the day before summer vacation starts.

    Everyone’s signing each other’s books. My signature invariably was this rhyme:

    “When you get married, then get a divorce – come to my stable and marry my horse.”

    Enjoying breakfast at The Frog And Peach,


  140. Wow, that song reminded me of a poem my mother told me as a child. I heard this often enough that I have it memorized. This is pretty old and I know there are other versions out there . . .

    One sunny morning
    in the middle of the night
    Two dead boys
    stood up to fight.

    Back to back
    they faced each other
    drew their swords
    and shot one another.

    A deaf policeman
    heard the noise.
    Ran away to shoot
    the two dead boys.

    If you don’t believe this line
    it’s true.
    Ask the blind man.
    He saw it, too.

  141. OK:

    “The boy stood on the burning deck…”

  142. Ogh. The most irrelevant post of the day ( I’m very good at those ):

    Cute – söpö / suloinen in Finnish. Choose the one you prefer more.

    My favourite marmie cat is Crookshanks, by the way.

  143. how do you make the o’s with the little dots over them?

  144. We have them in Finland. ä’s and ö’s and even å’s. Nice, aren’t they? ^^

  145. “…when all around had fled,
    He tied his trousers to the mast and said,
    ‘My name is Fred.’ “

  146. This just in…Inspired by the inspiring foster parents of the Doonses and the Tux cats and the Puffs, etc., I’ve decided to foster some kittehs myself.

    I think I’ll be getting two 8-week olders, maybe next week (or sooner)!!!!

    All this cute kitten action on CO has done me in.

    TeeHee can’t wait!!!

  147. “…when all around did fail,
    He held tight to the mast and wailed,
    ‘Call me Ishmael.’ “

  148. Snorglit – pictures asap, please!!

  149. Snorglit: AWESOME!!

    Once you get the kits, our requests will be simple:


    All provided daily.

    Good luck to you!!

  150. Danielle –
    That’s one of my favorite pieces of verse. I learned it with an additional third stanza:

    As bullets from their swords did fly
    A legless horse came galloping by.

  151. “…when all around were drunk,
    He waved his willy in the breeze,
    and peed on a passing skunk.”

  152. “…when all around were dead asleep
    The more their drink to savor
    The sodden skunk did turn around
    And so returned the favor.”

  153. “The captain and the bosun both
    protesteth at the act
    and fell upon the hapless skunk
    with the ship’s nine-tail-ed cat”

  154. From the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy:

    “I teleported home one night
    with Ron and Sid and Meg;
    Ron stole Meggy’s heart away
    and I got Sidney’s leg.”

    (Not CO’s Meg, BTW.)

  155. “But they lost their footing both
    As the ship tossed on the sea
    The skunk danced escape between ’em
    And high-tailed it away with glee.”

  156. “The stripy skunk, he made his way
    between the burning decks
    Where he found some eastern europeans,
    Some poles, some slavs, some czechs.”

  157. ok, not to be unappreciative of fine literature here, but I *really* think we’re due for a new post… ;o)

  158. But the skunk held no respect
    For the Eastern bloc
    He arranged for their ablutions
    And they received quite a shock.”

  159. [Reading verses with awe and intrigue. More, more!]

    Here’s my fave children’s book. I’m so happy to see it’s still around.

    You, too can remember such verse as:

    A horse, a flea and three blind mice, sat on a curb playing dice. The horse slipped off and fell on the flea. The flea said, “Whoops, there’s a horse on me!”

  160. Why do I have this urge to stand on my desk and recite “Captain, my Captain…”???

  161. “For chaps from eastern Europe, though
    Skunk pee’s just the thing
    for removing blood stains from their clothes,
    and shining up their bling.”

  162. And I still have my old copy from the 70’s. It makes me happy just seeing it on my bookshelf. Every so often I read it through and it takes me straight back to a childhood summer day.

  163. To add to the craziness:

    Oh, I was born
    One night, one morn
    When the whistle went “toot toot”
    (toot toot)

    You can buy and egg
    or fry a steak
    When the mudpies are in bloom.

    Does six plus six make nine?
    Does ice grow on a vine?
    Is old man Joe an Eskimo in the good old summertime?

    Oh loop de loop
    In your noodle soup.
    Just give your socks a shine!

    I’m guilty judge,
    I ate the fudge.
    Three cheers for auld lang syne!

    I cannot tell a lie!
    I hocked an apple pie!
    It’s on a tree
    Beneath the sea
    Above the bright blue sky!

    Oh, if Easter Eggs
    Don’t wash their legs
    Their children will have ducks!
    (quack quack)

    I’d rather buy
    A lemon pie
    For forty-seven bucks!

    Way down in Barcelon-ee-oh
    I jumped into the foam-ee-oh
    But that was all bologn-ee-oh
    Paterewski blow your horn!

  164. “And later one more use was found
    And skunk pee value did soar
    In World War One they took the stuff
    And on their trench feet they did it pour.”

  165. “And so we reach the end, dear friends,
    of ship-borne tales of pee,
    that is, of course, unless you have
    something more to add, Aubrey?”

  166. SQUEEEEE! Rpennefe – can you by my virtual hand-clap game partner? PUH-LEASE! Today is like 3rd grade all over again!

    Funny how we all seem to know the same thing at certain ages. My nieces are doing the Cat’s Cradle yarn thing, and I can barely remember it from when I was their age.

  167. [Audience erupts in cheers for the literary stylings of Aubrey and TJ]

    Encore! Encore!

  168. “The refrigerator door is closed
    As dear Chick Hearn would say
    Thanks for this exchange of verse
    On courage and pee, dear TJ.”

  169. Thanks for coming, folks – you can buy autographed copies of our book entitled “On Courage and Pee – the Evolution of Urinary Nautical Verse, 1776-1945” from the table in the foyer.

  170. TJ – I think it’ll sell like hotcakes. Urine the money!

  171. Ah, Aubrey – there you are. I need to have a quick word in urea…”

  172. Holy Moly–no lull in work. No time to snorg. No time to wax poetic, idiotic, or otherwise. [sigh] Miss you guys…bye now…
    [grinding noises]

  173. You guys are absolutely pee-posterous!

  174. No, not there, HERE. Gout doors, turn left…OK? Now what is it? Is it the fact that I couldn’t think of a pun that included ‘uric acid’? Too bad I can’t contact Robert Uric.

  175. Any poem with “uric acid”
    Is bound to be pretty flaccid.

  176. See? This is what happens when there isn’t a new post and we are left to amuse ourselves. We go straight for the toilet humor.

    I will say, this has been the most entertaining and witty toilet humor that’s ever passed my way. I’m all a-flush with happiness.

  177. Aubrey, if you *could* contact Robert Uric, he might have acid you out.

  178. Aubrey – I wanted to tell you that Steven Spielberg is thinking about making a movie about our poetry – wants to call it Ur’acid Park…

  179. useta hada kitteh says:

    Dis is gettin’ redonkulous! Gets brand new shiny puddin-pult out of box that just arrived from Acme Puddin-Pult Manufacturers. Loads. Kablooey! Splat! Splot! Brushes off hands. There, that aughta hold ’em. Yipes! What was that? [ducks] Splorge… Numm. Butterscotch. Just like da kitters what started all this!

  180. Ok, really need some help here, you can send letters and stuff to the people in charge of the site right? If so, could somebody please post something here and tell me how?

  181. Anonymous: Hmmmmm…the answer to this question usually comes in the form of a riddle…

    R andom
    T igers
    F uzzy
    M oles

  182. 1. I think that if I concentrated and tried to contact Robert Uric Acid-uously; I’m sure he could help!

    2. Useta: nice way to bring it all full circle. It’s always about the kittehs. (unless it’s about the puppehs, bunnehs, geck-ehs, lamb-ehs, etc.)

  183. The title of this post really does reflect the comment stream today.

  184. [finally checking in…]

    Holy cat-racking Nancies, what have you chuckleheads been DOING??


    Crap, I missed another happy hour, didn’t I.

  185. Teho,
    When the cat’s away (or, you know, if a new one’s not posted)
    The Peeps will play.

  186. HAHAHAAHAH … the Pee-ps…

  187. CeeJoe – oh, you just HAD to make a “pee” pun, didn’t you. Why do people feel that they need to lower to tone of the conversation…? [shakes head]

  188. OMG-Dueling poetry about skunk pee …how did I not find C.O. long ago.. for pictures of kittehs when available, and amazing witticisms when the kittehs are asleep… yikes!

  189. OMG-Dueling poetry about skunk pee …how did I not find C.O. long ago.. for pictures of kittehs when available, and amazing witticisms when the kittehs are asleep… yikes!

  190. oops, sorry

  191. Meg, send new post immediately! Aubs and Teej have gone round the bend that was round the bend they’d already…uh… gone round.

    and !yay! for more foster kittehs, and captured Boxcar Cats.

    HRT is *slightly* less miffed about TK, but her wrath is still huge.

    TK just saw his outdoor relations. It’s kind of sad, it’s like he recognizes them but they don’t remember him.

  192. The captions were hilarious. and those kittens are so cute!

  193. You people are slash-ing the moral fiber of this communipee!

    (this is so wrong)

  194. Wow – poetry for whiz kids. Nephron underestimate CO – some of this was renally quite funny.

  195. Sorry, Lurker. I AM getting a little dizzy.

  196. Hey lurker – I’m glad to hear that HRT is coming around to the idea of having a TK subject to…well…subjugate.

  197. So it turns out that Boxcat Momcat A that we grabbed up last night is *not* pregnant. However, she had mouth sores that were making it too painful for her to eat, and she was dehydrated, so it was a righteous grab anyway. She’ll stay in my recovery space (read: storage closet) and get medicated till she feels better, then she’ll be spayed and returned to her colony.

  198. Oh, how my work suffers so
    Because I’m addicted to CO.
    The kits and humor draw me near
    while Aub and Teej are without pee-r.


    for Laurie C!

    I hope the stream (as LC says) of these postings piddles out before I come back from my exercise class.

  200. lol… I actually had to go look up nephron: sez: the filtering and excretory unit of the kidney, consisting of the glomerulus and tubules.
    This place is *so* educational!

  201. Whiz kids…

    Stream of posting…


    A-flush with happiness…

    I am appalled, people. Absolutely appalled!

    *tries unsuccessfully to turn juvenile snigger into a cough*

  202. ceejoe…ah. I thought it was some revelation that Nora Ephron was underestimating CO. Phew! (throws away letter to New York Times)

  203. Holy freaking crap, you guys! Some of us have to work for entire blocks of time….like 8-9 HOURS without access to a computer. Geez.
    *gets reading glasses on to catch up* It looks good!

  204. OH MY GARSH, I just glanced out my front window. There is an adult SKUNK meandering around my front yard. Doot do doing around, poking his little head down into the grass to find stuff to munch.
    I haven’t seen a skunk in our yard in five years. How funny that it’s there today! 😛

  205. I tend to get science-geeky at times; it’s an occupational hazard. Didn’t mean to send people to the encyclo-PEE-dias.

    Sorry, but that one was as easy as whizzing off a bridge.

    Sorry again.
    (Hits self on head repeatedly)

  206. This is too too funny!! I am so excited! I had my old film camera with the telephoto lens sitting here cuz I was waiting for my sandhill crane family to come by again.

    GUESS WHAT. I just took about 8 pics of the FOUR sandhill cranes and a SKUNK.

    I am sorry to be shouting. I am SO excited!!!!!

  207. so Mad_Mike… you wanna define glomerulus for us???

  208. Sandhill cranes are my FAVORITE bird. Must post pics on your blog when you get them back from the lab.

    That li’l stinker just knew we were talking about him and wanted some attention.

  209. Marmie kittehs, quit bogartin CO!

    P.S. I think being without a pee-r would be uncomfortable and awkward.

  210. Lauri,

    Have you ever heard the phrase: “He looks like a skunk eating bumblebees”?

  211. My new fave words – glomerulus and tubules. Wow. Sounds like skateboarder language. “Dude, did you see that glomerulus tubule Mike just pulled? Gnarly, man.”

  212. *Laugh* I have not heard that phrase…but this guy looks like he is eating worms! 🙂 He’s all intent and nose-poking into the grass. Just strolling thru the crane family.

  213. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    *…..* speechless in admiration of the poems.

    I can’t believe I missed all this! You guys are the bestest.

  214. Glomerulus…the first king of Rome? Does this have anything to do with a wolf?

  215. OW, my stomach hurts from laughing at these poems-n-puns. I see it finally pee-tered out tho.

  216. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Redzilla – we have: looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp or – licking pee off a nettle.
    (I cleaned that last bit up in view of the fact that I already swore on this thread and now feel bad.)

  217. I want to break up the cutness mayhem by jumping in and hugging them

  218. had to pee-k at again…

    glomerulus: A tuft of capillaries situated within a Bowman’s capsule at the end of a renal tubule in the vertebrate kidney that filters waste products from the blood and thus initiates urine formation.

  219. Auntiemame said Pee-ple.

  220. I can’t compete with the poets around here. Y’all must have big feet.

    Anyway, I just thought I’d interject a random bit of foster kitten redonkulousness I found when browsing flickr.

  221. ceejoe –
    Sure – shouldn’t be too excretingly difficult. I know I’m blad now, but the longer I go, the bladder I get, and urethra point where it’s all passing like water under the bridge… I’ll quit.

    The glomerulus is the part of the kidney where H2O, salts, and waste products are filtered out of the blood under high pressure and into the urine stream. The renal tubules then resorb some of the water back into the blood (we’d dehydrate otherwise) and concentrate the urine so it carries excess salts and metabolic wastes out of the body with just, ahem, a wee loss of water.

  222. Time for a glomerulus check…

  223. Awww, Maddy the kitten is nawmnawmnawm.

  224. ahhh, Pee-ps, time to *go* for me.
    Heading home to clean litter boxes… nine cats, you know… lots of – no, I’ll stop!

  225. I went away last night in the middle of an amiable conversation about Terry Pratchett, Finnish kittehs and the (many) virtues of orange creme brulee.
    I return to…phewww-u! and the language! [collapses]

  226. This doesn’t piss anybody else off??


  227. Hard to say, T. – it Depends.

  228. Here’s another little sh*t kicker my mom recited to me (I think it has a good flow):

    Good evening
    ladies and jellyspoons.

    I come before you
    to stand behind you
    to tell you something
    I know nothing of.

    Next Thursday
    which is Easter Sunday
    there will be a ladies show
    for men only.

    Admission is free
    pay at the door
    Have a seat
    sit on the floor.

    The next act
    will be the four corners
    of the round table.

    –And thank you, Mad_Mike for the additional lines earlier!

  229. sshhhhhew! That was a lot of typing. I’m feeling a little flushed.

    [wizzing down the hallway and slamming door shut]

  230. AUBREY!! [snort] You just gave my glomerulii a workout! You bad.

  231. Glomerulus: I’ve pissed the point of no return, oh sorrow!!! The gracious Stream of Glory has e-looded my grasp and I am broken. My fortune, gone!! I knew it would never last. Give it back! Give it back, you thief!

    Tubules: Nay, I shan’t or shall I say I can’t?! It matters not what words I use, for I have reduced to salt and waste what you, my lord, should not have held soooo long!

    [darkness, thundering, and sounds of the deluge]


  232. This post/thread has it all. Again with the sore cheek muscles and damp eyelashes!

  233. …or damp *something* anyway

  234. Comet will make your teeth turn green.
    Comet tastes like gasoline.
    Comet will make you vomit.
    So buy some Comet and vomit todaaaaaay.

  235. Wow. Just… wow.

  236. P.S. I totally agree we should all Quit Breading. It does nothing but add empty calories to an otherwise perfectly healthful and tasty cutlet.

  237. little gator says:

    We’re having horse manure!
    Yummy horse manure!
    Horse manure tastes so great,
    makes you throw up on your plate,
    (i forget this line)
    For horse manure.
    BY Chef Boyardee!

  238. I just want to stick my head in there!!

  239. I just want to stick my head in there!!

  240. J. Bo — bthpppwHAHAHA… too right.

    [clears throat]

    I know a song that gets on everybody’s nerves
    I know a song that gets on everybody’s nerves
    I know a song that gets on everybody’s nerves
    And this is how it goes…


  242. Teho, there’s a troll on Major Points for trying. She’s being an arse.

  243. RingRingRingRingRingRingRing!!!

    Answer the phone, it’s for you . . .

  244. ha ha.. it’s no baloney! heh

  245. Jaypo — yeah, saw it late… was occupied with the “Pop” thread. [shaking head] My view for *that* one is, sometimes you just gotta stand by & let ’em make fools of themselves.

  246. (er… to be crystal clear… let the TROLL prove itself a fool.)

  247. Speaking of bananas and cute animals (nothing bad, I assure you):

  248. T: Ask not for whom the poster…trolls.

  249. What I wanna know is…how do you get all the kittercritters in a kitterlitter to look exactly alike like that? I can see that Mama down in the corner has those selfsame markings…does the Dad too?

  250. Andee — it’s proof positive that there *is* a God.
    I mean, like, at *least* one.

  251. useta hada kitteh says:

    Andee: The Mama kitters went to the KuterKittersKlothingKoliseum and bought Mother and Kitters outfits. She had just dressed them all up, and was getting ready to go out (hence her paws just disappearing from the picture) when the kitters started realizing they’d all been dressed up in silly suits, and they started trying to nawm them off. Result — mayhem.

  252. useta hada kitteh says:

    Not that I mean the kitters look silly in their beautiful Marmalade fur — they’re gorgeous! But I’m sure kids feel kinda silly when they’re put into look-alike outfits.

  253. Whoa, what a thread, complete and total mayhem indeed…

    Chiming in to say I have that book, A Great Big Ugly Man Came Up and Tied His Horse To Me. Yay!

    Jerry Hall
    He is so small
    A rat could eat him
    Hat and all.

    I used to look through that book for hours staring at all the details and little hidden things in the pen and ink.

    And my mom used to tell us that One bright day in the middle of the night one too, and this one:

    Peeking through the keyhole
    Of Grandpa’s wooden leg
    Who’ll wind the clock when I’m gone?
    Go get the axe
    There’s a flea in Lizzie’s ear
    And a boy’s best friend is his mother!

  254. warrior rabbit says:

    “So it turns out that Boxcat Momcat A that we grabbed up last night is *not* pregnant. …She’ll stay in my recovery space (read: storage closet) and get medicated till she feels better, then she’ll be spayed and returned to her colony.”

    It’s a little like an alien abduction, isn’t it?

  255. warrior r, that’s crossed my mind many times while watching animal rehab on tv.

  256. Yes, warrior r. it totally is. Kind of like fishermen who catch and release, too. Me and my trapping pals have commented on that amongst ourselves.

    Ours is complete with bright lights, too, because lately we’ve had to shine our flashlights under the boxcars (catching the glowing, reflecting eyes) to locate our quarry. Last night, though we didn’t catch the elusive 3rd kitten again, s/he finally stopped with the piteous mewing and came out to the feeding station where the big cats eat. So now we think we’ll be able to trap her there tonight. (Fingers crossed.)

  257. 2kittygirl (aka. anonymous) says:

    Tony James: Checking in from my last post…. what the heck, I give up! What in the world does Random Tigers Fuzzy Moles Mean?!?!

  258. Good Lord, TJ & Aubrey. You guys are the PITZ.

    [shakes head]

    I’m gonna be dreaming of skunk-pee rhymes tonight.

  259. Hmmm… Quit Breedings says the only reason people breed their cats is for money. How about my friend Charlotte? She wanted more cats, but her Russian Blue, Shadow, hated other cats. The only way another cat was going to enter that house was if it was Shadow’s kitten. So, Charlotte fostered a male cat, who got Shadow pregnant. Then, a friend took the male. Shadow had two kittens, and Charlotte and her husband kept them both. Money? I don’t think so.

  260. have been viewing your site for months now…have to say, enjoying 🙂 …. but never saw so many posts for one pic b4

  261. Sammie – how do you feel about kitties and babies together?

  262. Danielle,
    SSshhhh–that’s CO’s dirty little secret.. 😉

  263. [dirty giggling inserted here]

  264. nawm nawm nawm nawm

  265. *snort*

  266. Lurker sez “Aubs and Teej have gone round the bend that was round the bend they’d already…uh… gone round.”

    That would be the U-bend, then? (or is that unique to English plumbing..?)

  267. TJ: Nah, we have toilets in the States too. 😉

  268. Can’t forget sinks. Got those too.

  269. Jackie31337 says:

    ceejoe: “how do you make the o’s with the little dots over them?”

    They’re right here on the keyboard. The ö is to the right of the l and the ä is to the right of the ö. If you don’t happen to have a Finnish keyboard, you can find them from the Windows character map (start -> programs -> accessories -> system tools -> character map). If you have a Mac, then I don’t know.