Brush with greatness

Spaulding pup decided to check out another Central Park "pup". Looks like he tried a ‘tock snorgle too. Bronze just isn’t that snorglable, Spaulding. Sorry…




[Attempted snorgle]


Gracias, Jesus D., Adrien, Bruce and Lynn!



  1. Heh! I wonder if he smelled anything?

    And that’s Balto!

  2. Lotte Belice says:

    It looks like a dog I know. Very cute!!!

  3. Spaulding sez “I know the command STAY but this is going too far!!”

  4. amagad goldens are SOOOO STUPID, and so ultimately cute :]

  5. AuntieM, I wondered if that was Balto. neat-o

    and Spaulding looks to be a golden retriever, no? wonderful dogs but not exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer.

  6. Spaulding is a gorgeous, gorgeous Golden. They are wonderful dogs and no, not exactly the sharpest knives.

  7. Meg’s bustin out the wicked funny today. This rules.

    (Sez “Balto” right there on the base of the statue…)

  8. Hee! The second pic looks like Spaulding is attempting the heroic Balto stance. Mayhap Balto is an idol of his?

  9. As the picture began to download, and I saw just the tip of the bronze statue, my first impression was: “WOW! This was taken at the ‘La Brea’ Tar Pits! It’s the statue of the Giant Sloth!! This picture was taken in the Miracle Mile ‘hood!!”

    Still. Cool picture. Spaulding seems fascinated by the Bronze. He’s at that Age.

  10. T. sez

    “Sez “Balto” right there on the base of the statue…”

    yeah, but I thought it was “Balto” before the picture finished loading. so pppbbbfffttthhh.
    and I still get my gold star.

  11. That’s hilarious! (I think that is all I have said for the past 3 days, sorry)
    Bronze-butt sniffa!

  12. Tock sniffage!!!

  13. I’ll bet he got a little weirded out by that thing. My pupper freaked out once when he encountered a concrete donkey statue on a walk.

  14. My dog gets freaked if there’s a trashcan in the middle of the sidewalk!
    No doubt he would bark at this guy!

  15. Balto: “Oh, Captain Spaulding!”

  16. Sweet puppers…even if he isn’t a genius.

    Aubrey…you mention the La Brea Tar Pits…Does that mean you are a Californian…or just that you’ve been there, done that?

    (I only ask, ’cause the husband and I are planning a relocation out to the LA area….)

  17. I am a native Californian. I was born (in a hospital) on Sunset Blvd., actually.

    I live within walking distance of the Tar Pits!

    Relocation? Tell more!

  18. Mariser — compromise… have yourself a Bronze Star.

  19. I’m at Pico and LaCienega! Do I ‘sniff’ a CO meet in the works here? Dinner at Cantors?


  20. Canter’s!Canter’s!Canter’s!Canter’s!Canter’s!Canter’s!

  21. And, I used to work near Pico and Beverly!

  22. It’s Balto! I loved that movie!

  23. That’s so funny! 🙂

  24. Old home week! I lived in Redondo Beach, and both my brothers graduated from Rolling Hills HS.

    Is anyone else a Marx Brothers fan (Hooray for Captain Spaulding!)

  25. Mama:

    Wasn’t Balto the fifth brother?

  26. Aubrey… hee!
    I’m still trying to convince my husband that Sleezy is not one of the 7 Dwarves.

  27. Bthbppppp… I’m in Minnesota. County Road 42.

    All you peeps can meet me at Taco John’s, tonight, never-thirty sharp.

    (Aubrey — I think you’re thinking of Shemp.)

  28. Shemp was a sometimes Stooge. Larry Curly and Moe were the headliners. I know … I’m showing my age.

  29. Cool photos. I think it’s a compliment to the sculptor that the dog was fooled.

  30. MamaD — all this time… and here I was thinking the headlining Stooge was Iggy.

    (Something you’ll need to know about me: I get the jokes, and I mess with folks.)

  31. I thought it was Iggy Pop…

  32. T. – are you mixing Stooges with Marx-es? Why I otter…

  33. If there’s a meet at Canter’s (or anywhere else LA), I’m in!

    Born in BDTBurbank, work across the street from LAX…


    Sorry. Got excited. L.A. peeps – we must meet at Canter’s!

  35. Chripes. Chopped liver sandwiches.


    But, give me a couple weeks notice, I’m in Michigan.

  36. That’s Balto, right? Cute or sad for the attempted snorgle (For those who know the story/everybody in the world)?

  37. Lauri — go to Ann Arbor. Meet Sarcasta and my sister. Then, get sandwiches at Zingerman’s.
    Do it… or else. [dun dun DUNNNNN]

  38. Manhattan REPRESENTIN’ on CO! That pup is absolutely beautiful. I love his great big brush-tail.

  39. warrior rabbit says:

    There are so very few of us CA natives. Everyone is from somewhere else and moved here.

    I actually went to the La Brea Tar Pits for the first time about four year ago with some friends. We found the statuesque re-imagining of the stuck family quite sad.

    We didn’t get to go into the museum, as it was closed. (But that’s why the parking lot was open and free — yay!)

  40. Zingerman’s is the best thing about A2. It’s such a cool town, too bad that university is there. 😛

    Maybe I could drive over and meet the LA peeps for dinner. I know I’ve seen another Phoenician on here, but that was a while ago.

  41. Just joking, Sarcasta and Sister of Teho. It’s football season and all, so I couldn’t help myself from a little poking.

    [pokes Ann Arbor residents and any other Wolverines out there. poke poke poke]

  42. Lauri – didn’t mean to gross you out; but I love me my chopped liver, and I haven’t eaten any in 10 years!

    T. – is this the place?'s

    WarriorR – here’s how I see the mammoth family played out: the one mammoth actually stuck in the tar is the father, staggering home drunk. The adult mammoth on the opposite bank, with the baby by it’s side is yelling: “Get home and put this brat to bed!”

    Do you see it? Maybe not.

    Sometimes I’m bitter.

  43. Yep, Aubrey, that’s it and it’s fantastic. In the last ten years or so, they added another building just for additional sitting. It’s an experience unto itself.

  44. Aubrey — that is the place. They’re also an e-biz, so fret not!

  45. Since it’s Apology Day – sorry for jumping in front of you, T. I’m just here avoiding some work.

    [whistles, rocks back and forth on heels looking innocent]

  46. ACK, I am a Spartan all the way, but still LOVE Zingerman’s!

    There is a miniZingerman’s in Fenton near me, it’s called the French Laundry and it is a wonderful fun place, too! Breads and delie delishes and exotic wines and beers…breakfast, lunch and dinner!
    Friends who work third shift in the lab go there for pancakes and beer for breakfast! 😉

  47. Oh me oh my oh, I didna’ scrolly up far enough…I just now saw your suggestion/threat (heehee) to meet Sarcasta and your sis at Zingerman’s, teho!

    Well, if I must, I MUST! Haha..that would be SO much fun!

    Spartan and true green to the bone I may be, but ya gotta mellow in old age to take advantage of…good food and fellowship!

  48. Hey you Ann Arbor peeps – on Sept. 16 Zingerman’s will be holding a paella party!!

  49. Wow, that sounds great. I am tewtally booked Sept. 16, dang it. 😦

  50. btw, I love trying to imagine what is going on in this dog’s brain as he checks out Balto.

  51. chet's momma says:

    give me corned beef from Zingerman’s and the Greek pizza from Cottage Inn in A2! Oh, and lots of fuzzy beings to snorgle! Yay Ann Arbor!

  52. Aubrey — figures. J & I will be there the following weekend. [sigh] …guess we’ll just have to “settle” for sandwiches & pasta salad. And both kinds of pickles. And I’ll have to eat the pickles since J isn’t picklish. [sleeve-wiping drool from chin]

    AmyH — I thought that second building had seating AND ice cream in it. [GLAHH] [slurp] [switching to other sleeve]

    Lauri — good lord — that can’t be associated with *the* French Laundry, can it?? French Laundry PLUS Zingerman’s?? [SFM, I need a damn BUCKET]

  53. AmyH I’m in Phoenix.

  54. Sandwiches…pasta salad…mmmmmmm

    And here I am eating ranch ‘flavored’ soy crispettes. Life ain’t fair.

  55. I told you he was too old to be cute!
    He’s quite the HANDSOME fellow!
    What a sweetheart!
    Wonderful pics!

  56. I know this doggy!! 🙂 The statue is in Central Park, and it commemorates the trip that was taken to deliver Diptheria vaccine to Nome, Alaska, back in the 20s:

    The park also has a sculpture of a kitty, entitled “Still Hunt”:

    and just for Aubrey they put in one of Alice in Wonderland with all the characters.

    Teh Overload – Skwee AND knowledge in one anerable package 🙂

  57. brownamazon says:

    Teej: I believe the annual Iditarod race recreates this trip in commemoration.

  58. warrior rabbit says:

    Huh. I’ve seen Balto and Alice in Wonderland, but I missed the cat.

    Central Park is so fun. So many little treasures scattered about.

  59. C. Park appears to me like a manicured forest, with all kinds of jewels scattered about. Am I close?

    TJ, thanks for the Balto story – got me all teary and stuff.

  60. Aubrey – sort of. If we can get Meg to get TypePad to sponsor a field trip to NYC to see da big kittehs at Bronx zoo, we can all go to the park for a picnic 🙂

  61. Sign me up for the CO field trip to NYC!

  62. I’m in on the field trip.
    and I think we were promised scooters to get to NYC on a previous thread.
    BRB [goes off searching]

  63. I’m in Lansing! If there’s a CO get together in AA, count me in.

    I’m with AmyH (poke, poke, poke) … I will set foot in AA only for *very* good reasons. Food being one.


  64. [sigh]

    Dogs are the best.

  65. I’m a displace (Portland,OR) California native…I miss my homeland! Portland is great, but CA rocks.

    This was a great group of pics too! Spaulding’s all like, “hey, don’t I know you from somewhere?”

  66. “There are so very few of us CA natives. Everyone is from somewhere else and moved here.”

    Heh! Warrior rabbit, here in Colorado we all gripe because there are so few Colorado natives left. Everyone else is from California and moved here. 🙂

    (So now you know where all the Californians have gone.)

  67. warrior rabbit says:

    With 36 million of us, we can certainly loan one or two to CO (er, Colorado, not Cute Overload).

    Especially if they were transplants to begin with. 😉

    P.S. — Even my parents were transplants, though they’ve been here 50 years.

  68. Hmmmm…most of my family peeps are in California, but my mum is from New Jersey – anyone here from Sussex County?

  69. ka9q's wife says:

    Hey I am a californian Native. I was concieved in a cheap hotel in downtown San Diego and born in Oxnard CA. My birthmother grew up in San Diego and TJ. She was born in Chihuahua. I think there should be a San Diego Contingent to this LA meet.
    Right Warrior Rabbit?

  70. Goldens are too smart! Well, when they want to be. They pretend to be dumb very well, tho.

    I’d be in on the San Diego meet, but I’m off to Vancouver tomorrow. Oh, and there’s a San Diego Golden Retriever MeetUp group, too. Over 65 goldens at the last meetup…

  71. warrior rabbit says:

    ka9q’s wife, I’m generally up for anything that involves food.

    donna, helloooo and have fun in Vancouver. I’ve only been there twice on short day trips from Seattle, but I liked it a lot.

  72. [pokes Ann Arbor residents and any other Wolverines out there. poke poke poke]

    Hee hee. Looks like I missed all the poking. Ow ow ow. However, I agree that it’s too bad there’s a University here in Ann Arbor. The best part of the year is after the damn students leave. You’d think with all the “don’t look before you cross the street” that they’d all be dead by now. And Laurie, I am a Spartan by heritage (my mom and utter fanatical uncle went there) and have no great love for UofM, especially on game days when all the streets are turned one-way THE WRONG WAY. Argh!!! I *just* wanted to go to Target… IS THAT SO HARD?

    Theo, the 2nd Zingerman’s building has seating and GELATO! And baked yummies! And artisan coffees. Yummers yum yum.

  73. Donna, I love Vancouver. Best eggs Benedict are at the Zen Cafe in the Kitsilano area. Then go shopping along 4th St for some funky shops. Lovely way to spend a day.

  74. I’m a native Californian — from the Central Coast. On my father’s side, we go back about 10,000 years in that area. But I moved to the Seattle area in January, to make room for new arrivals to CA.

  75. ka9q's wife says:

    Yeah i am about ready to move as well. I loved San Diego but it is far to big and has been for a while now. However Qualcomm stubbornly refuses to move its headquarters so i can move.

  76. Sarcasta – I couldn’t think of a worse place to be than A2 on game day. I was there twice, but as a Spartan Marching Band member. I kept thinking of the line from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: “We are pilgrims in an unholy land.”

    All in good fun – or at least it is now since I’m older and mellower.

    Gelato? Oh, that wasn’t there the last time I was in Zingerman’s. But that was way back when I was still married to a Wolverine, aka “My Previous Life”. Interspecies snorgling, good. Interspecies marriage, bad.

  77. Oh, and I’m also going to send you my address, Sarcasta. Don’t think I’m not going to take you up on the leaves offer! Hee!

  78. Ack! This is what I get for focusing on the other pictures!

    California – yes! The husband and I have scheduled our departure for Los Angeles in the merry month of May 2007. I’m on the look out for a new job and he is going to give his acting/writing career the good old LA try.

  79. warrior rabbit says:

    “Interspecies snorgling, good. Interspecies marriage, bad.”

    LOL, Amy H.

    ka9Q’s wife, it’s bigger than when we were kids, yes, but it’s still America’s Biggest Small Town. Plus, we’re only 8th now — San Antonio just passed us!

    rpennefe, whew…gutsy move. Hope he won’t be waiting tables long. 😉 Good luck!

  80. rpennefe:

    I see it all now. May – you’ll in L.A. June – you’ll be sufficiently settled for my birthday dinner at Canter’s!

    What kind of job will you be looking for?

  81. Aubrey – we’ll be there with bells on…I assume that all gifts will be accepted…

    As for a job…well…I suppose that depends on what I can find. There are two things I do really well.

    First, I have spent the last four or five years being a cracker jack Inventory Controller/Administrative Assistant. So, I know my way around an office.

    However, what I really want to do is to use my degrees and teach Anthropology/Archaeology at the community college level.

  82. Ok, it sounds there are lots of peeps in Minneapolis! We should organize a get-together of CO Addicts….COA – CuteOverload Anonymous. “Hi. My name is Jill and I’m a cute-a-holic” “Hi, Jill!”

  83. rpennefe:

    I just thought of this place, if you’d ever consider a job at a museum. It always sounded fascintating to me:

    Try the Getty, too: or the Los Angeles Couny Museum of Art – they always have lots of opportunities.

  84. I have heard great, great things about Getty. I can’t wait to be out in the area again so that I can visit it for really real.

    Thanks for the information! I’ll let you know what I find out…

    …I rather expect the jobs to be something like this:

  85. Oh yeah. That’s right. Everyone go and dig into your pickles and pizza and pasta and whathaveyou. I’ll just mope in a corner of my hostel with a mug of lentil soup.

    [shakes head and pouts]

    It’s not fair, I tell you.

  86. I just went to the Getty on my recent trip to L.A. Lovely place. Wonderful things to see.
    I saw an exhibition of paintings that were
    collaborations by Brueghel and Rubens. One neat thing about them, there are a pair of guinea pigs that appear over and over again in the bottom front of several of the paintings they did together. The Cute
    rules, even in fine art!

  87. Getting back to the dog…
    Everyone needs someone to look up to…

  88. william congreve says:

    hmmm …checks out the ‘tock, well yeah that’s cute …until you use the word “‘tock” …please stop using the word ‘tock ….it’s not cute or original …i think i would cringe if i heard a four year old using that term …please stop saying it …thanks