Oh, Nika. Did you THINK we would even consider passing up your delightful Bengal kitteh?

And did you THINK for ONE SECOND we wouldn’t have a SPIDEY SENSE that you kept the best photo for last of this kitteh on your site? (The belly one)


PurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrNika  >^•^<



  1. First post?

  2. ahaha! FIRST POST!!!

    Cutie kitten, so happy and smiley

  3. That is the cutest kitty picture I have ever seen! \(-^o^-)/

  4. What a totally contented little smile. I swear I can hear the Purrrrrrrr from here in Oz

  5. um… wha happen to the link? not another hamster-eating-corn fiasco, is it?

  6. Happiest. Kitten. Evar.

    Although, I suppose if I was that cute I’d be pretty happy too.

  7. That one kewl kitty!

  8. That kitteh is REDONKULOUSLY cute! With the smirk, and the stripy-ness.

  9. I think my head just exploded. The cat is actually smiling. I mean, really really smiling.

    She knows she is perfect, stripes, eyelids, smile…this cat is perfect.


  10. Gary Fixler says:

    that cat is all like:


  11. Pure bliss!!!!

  12. Part kitteh, part snake. It must be three feet long. At least.

    And he’s smiiiiling!

  13. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Oh, god! Happy teeny kitty!
    /is dead from teh cute

  14. ka9q's wife says:

    i’m pretty sure i could hear it purring.

  15. This is the most perfect picture of a kitteh EVAR.

  16. What a perfect cupid’s bow mouth! Clara Bengal!

  17. That has singlehandedly made my afternooon at work……such perfect cuteness! Soooo happy!

  18. acelightning says:

    Utterly *gorgeous* kitty… but that “smile” looks suspicious to me… I don’t think cats actually do that, which would have to mean that something was ‘shopped. She really is a beautiful cat, though.

  19. oooo she’s precious!
    i want a bengal SO bad! they’re just so beautiful.

  20. What a hunka hunka burnin’ Bengal! And she lives in my hometown too! (Make sure she gets plenty of time in the window, maybe someday I’ll walk by and see her!)

  21. I’ve seen some Photoshopped cat smiles before–not sure if this one is, but yeah… what content!

  22. omg Meg! thank you so much for posting this–i had given up. i thought you hated me and i would have to sulk with my adorable little kitten by myself.
    oh, and to the unbelievers—she is absolutely not photoshopped—i can fix colors a little bit, but i’m really not good enough to add a smile to my cat. you can tell from the other pictures i posted that her mouth curves naturally around her muzzle (the angle of the photo helps too).
    thanks for the love!

  23. Nika how do you get anything done in your life? This lil kitteh is too cute to leave unattended!

  24. i KNEW i could count on CO! this is just what i needed to get my arse off to work at 5 am. 🙂

  25. ooo she is just too cute:D

  26. she is so cute I’m having trouble comprehending that she’s real!
    She looks like a cartoon!

  27. She’s not photoshopped, she just wears good makeup. Look at the Perfectly Outlined Nosicle, for heaven’s sake!! I’ve seen cholo girls in the Mission who should take lessons from this Pretty Pretty Princess!!!


  29. I’m sitting here in the dark, waiting to leave for work and then WHAM this little lady jumps right into my screen and I’m sitting here whooooo and ahhhhhing like an idiot… Thanks Meg!!!

    Oh and Megs? Personally, I think it’s the pics with the little feeeeetsies sticking up in the air that are the best!!! Jelly bean pads!!!!!

    What a doll… Ahhhh Ok, I’m ready for work now…

  30. my heart just stopped. beautiful kitten!

  31. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    What a beautiful puss-cat. I couldn’t post a comment on Nika’s site so if you’re reading this Nika – your cat just made me give an involuntary ‘eeep’. Thanks – just what I needed!

  32. little miao says:

    peaceful kitten! what a beautiful smile. 🙂

  33. this is the cutest cat i have seen in my life.
    even cuter then my cat – and i didnt htink it was possible!!

  34. Of course kitties smile like that! You just have to find teh right level of contentment. I love to tickle our cats to that smile!

  35. DavidBoBavid says:

    omg.. i want one of those RIGHT NOW!

  36. That, my friends, is the ultimate look of pure joy!

  37. Pardon me if this makes me EEVUL, but this picture looks like one of those Egyptian cat-mummy heads.

    [ducks] [and not floofy floor-pillow ones either]

    Schweet smiley kitteh face, tho.

  38. Kris, in New England says:

    StormCa, I’m with you. Pet feet, omg, the pet feed. Soft little paw pads, waiting to be touched. She’s supremely confident that she IS the king of her domain.

  39. I’m in love.

  40. “she IS the king of her domain…”

    [in teacher voice]
    Now, Kristofer in NE, what’s wrong with this sentence?

  41. Spots! Smiles! Feets in the air! What more could you want from a cat?


  42. Kitteh head!!!!
    soooo cute…and happy…and snoochely!

  43. I CAN’T STAND IT!!!! Absolutely too cute for words! I want one…and I want it now!!!!

  44. OMG…I needed this smiley SO much this morning!!!

  45. Acelightning: That smile is so NOT ‘shopped. At just the right angle and with chin skritching, my JJ gets that same little smirk of contentment.

  46. I love the first pic on kitty’s website, she’s kronching on her dad’s finger.

  47. Awwww.. I had a kitty that was named Tiger Lily once, even looked kind of like that.. (sniff)

  48. Tanyass — goody, you win teh internets. Your screen name suits you.

    Torley L — it’s genuine. Kitty really does look that happy. I believe Nika. (And RJ, I suppose.)

    Lauri — ayup.

    Thinker — dunno why you’re ducking (heh).

    Looks like Blogger doesn’t like “deep linking” — but this is the stone cold killer pic:
    Might have to copy-and-paste the address into a new browser window.

  49. I just lost my spotted Bengal baby (just turned 7) to cancer a couple months ago. His name was Tarzan. He looked just like this and was the bestest kitty ever. Seeing this sweetie just made me cry. Kisses to you Tigerlily.

  50. May I *be* this kitty for a day? Please? An hour? Five minutes?

  51. Sooooooooo satisfied.

  52. I think people who claim PS don’t believe that happy animals smile.

  53. KitTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!! I need to snorgle the kitteeeeeen! *nuzzles the belly and purrs*

  54. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Awe I love Bengals!!! Look at that big smile, snorgleable!

  55. It’s a photo from Tony the Tiger’s baby album!

  56. thanks everyone–i’m so happy to share my kitten with you! and no, i don’t get anything done, it’s all kitten all the time. there are other pics of her on my blog and i’ll keep posting them too. thanks so much!!

  57. JustMe_Deal says:

    OMG – Pure Bliss*itude! If there were a Cute Olympics, she would take all the golds!

  58. lil bit has tum spots!

  59. this picture of tigerlilly should be in the dictionary under “bliss”.

  60. Bengal bellehs
    Of stripe and spot
    Are made to snorgle
    Don’t say they’re not!

    When I see pictures
    As cute as these
    I have to ask,
    “Can I have one, please?”

  61. Snorglit,

    I am so so sorry over the death of your Tarzan. Seven-years-old is way, way to young. my condolences on your great loss. ((((hugs))))

  62. Kitties do smile …! I’ll vouch for them.

    And this little beauty is so happy – it makes me smile to see her.

  63. That is one happy little kitty.

  64. Mariser – thanks sooo much. I sent a pic into CO (it didn’t make the grade LOL) but here is my Tarzan…

    Nika, I hope you have many many happy years with Tigerlily. Giver her a big fat belly snorgle for me!!

  65. Snorglit:
    Such a beautiful, elegant baby. It’s not right that you should part so soon.

    Was your Tarzan overly curious? Once, when I came home from work, I saw a cat waiting outside my door. I checked his tag for contact info, and saw that his name was also Tarzan. I opened my door, and he shot in, inspecting every inch of my dubious apartment. Then he went were few creatures should – the clothes hamper. He jumped on top, the cover gave way and he found himself immersed in a pile of dirty clothes! I ran over, and his expression as he looked up at me was a combination of “WTF?” and “Well – what do you want?” It was with a kind of reluctance that I called his owner to come pick him up.

  66. Hi Aubrey, I have a theory that animals live up to their names. Tarzan was a “Jungle Man” and was the most curious and adventurous kitteh I ever met. He also lurved everybody and flopped over for belly rubs the second he met someone new. Maybe you should have kept the Lord of the Jungle!!

  67. dear snorglit, your baby was beautiful (he looks a lot like tigerlily). i’m so sorry you lost him after only 7 years–i think i would just about die. i’ll give my little monster extra belly snorgles tonight just for you.

  68. Snorglit, what a gorgeous bebeh Tarzan was! thanks so much for sharing his picture. I am starting to think that blissfulness may be a Bengal trait. and he could have been Ligerlily’s big brother.

    and btw, could you do me personally a favor? not just you, but all of y’all. please don’t say “well, my picture didn’t make the grade” or “my little ______ isn’t cute enough”. that is not true. Mistress Meg* has to go through hundreds if not thousands of submissions and pick a few to feature here; I prefer to think of it as a kind of lottery, not as a contest.

    * I do not speak for Meg, for Cute Overload, or for Cute Overload Enterprises Inc. and its global subsidiaries. The above mini-rant is 100% mine and mine alone.

  69. Well, I’ll second your opinion, anyway.

  70. Well-put, mariser.

    So sorry to hear about your Tarzan, Snorglit.

    As for this Tigerlily here… those who use Skype may or may not be familiar with the (mm) emoticon, but Tigerlily is the very personification of (mm). Ridiculously adorable.

  71. Sorry mariser and theo, I didn’t mean to sound like I wasn’t picked for lack of cuteness or anything. I know Meg is da bomb on pix picking and she has to wade through gazillions.

    This Bengal selection just keeled me today, I’m still bawling, but I can’t stay away from the beautimous Tigerlily and her black pawpads and red brick nose. And that blissful familiar smile. Sigh.

  72. Blissed out 🙂

  73. Blissed out 🙂

  74. oh Snorglit, please don’t apologize. I did not mean to pick on you in any way. I just wanted to say that, and took the opportunity.

    I’m sorry. I’m very very sorry. please forgive me? and I am all-teary-eyed thinking of you thinking of your little guy…

  75. ZenDeQuervain says:

    She’s gorgeous. And a definite shoe-in for wins at Kittenwar should Nika decide to submit. 😛

  76. no probs mariser, I know you weren’t picking on me personally!! I think it might help if I tear myself away from Tigerlily and go check out the marmalade kittehs. This is one poifect little Bengal tho. I heart her.

  77. [wonders when the apology-fest lets out]
    [braces for yet another]

  78. well, *I* am done.
    [attempts dignified exit]
    [slips and splats out all over the hallway]

  79. Aaaaawwwww, Group HUG, Y’ALL!!

    Schweriously, < ---Meg, you actually made my lips fall off with that one and I can't even begin to spell it!!

    SERiously, Snorglit, and Nika,
    I guess I wasn’t fully aware of Bengal kitties, or at least I wasn’t fully aware of how completely gorgeous they are. Wow, breathtaking!

  80. well, THANK YOU Laurie. you are very thoughtful and understanding. unlike other (cough, T., cough) folks.

  81. acelightning says:

    Nika, it’s just that I never saw a cat’s face that could smile like that. But I’ve never met a Bengal in person, at least not yet. (My own psycho-orange-stripey cat “smiles”, but it doesn’t look so much like a human smile.) Anyway, Tigerlily is gorgeous!

  82. [leaning on desk]
    [nonchalantly examining cuticles]

  83. *slips carmelized brulee’ into desk chair*

  84. Whoa…I actually have a url 😛

    I SO wanted to get a pic of this last night…my daughter-in-law had my Boston Terrier, Sheldon, on her lap. He was on his back, all four paws up, she was scratching his tum tum, and honest to garsh, he was smiling almost completely from ear to ear. Big ol’ Boston lips stretched back in the biggest happiest smile I ever saw. Eyes tight closed. Until…..I got up to get the camera.

  85. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Let us peremptorily shove this photo under the nose of the next person who claims “Animals don’t smile.”

  86. Brak — well, sure. But it’s all about the eye squeezes, combined with the purrs, y’know. (With cats, anyway.) The “smiley” shape of the mouth is coincidental.

  87. WickedWendy says:

    absolutely anerable!

  88. If you stare at this pic long enough, you can see the eyes squinting…and I’m willing to bet that there is much delighted kneading on the arm of whoever’s providing the scritching.

  89. (tapping forehead with kitchen torch, re: policeman with pistol in ‘Plan 9 From Outer Space’.)

  90. *giggles at Aubrey, while surreptitiously placing full face mask and autoclave gloves on*

  91. [covers lower half of face with cloak]

  92. Ohhhhh I think I love you……..

  93. Absolutely the best EVER.Went to your blog too,if everybody did that,the world would be a better place!

  94. Awwwwwww. Sweet sleepy smiley kitteh.

  95. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Theo–You are, of course, quite right, as always.

  96. just so y’all know–i’ve been posting lots of new pics of tigerlily, so if you want more click on mah name and you’ll see the current posts on my blog. lil’ miss lily sends warm fuzzy purrs to her many new admirers. <3

  97. The classic “We’ve Been Cute Overloaded” shot…

    …and here’s a NAWM NAWM NAWM scrolldown:

  98. nika, I just visited your site for updated Tigerlilly pics. I hope you realize you are creating a swarm of hopeless, drooling addicts here! How do you sleep at night???!!! 😀

  99. oh, and one other thing: soft, spink, spotteh belleh, belleh, belleh, belleh, belleh, bellehhhhh!!!! *doink* *fractures skull on keyboard*