Apologies in advance for over-using the Pepe Le Peu voice this week

OOOOOOOOHHHH BEBEH, How I LOF your blue mesh triangle-collared shirt—and dee red hair, like Bree on dee Desparate Housewifes. You—you are Desparate too, non? SSSSSSHHH—don’t say a word… Just let me kees!


[whiskers whisking] Aleeeex W.—you shouldn’t haaaave…



  1. heh heh, it’s like Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused..
    “I sure do love them redheads!”
    (or something to that effect)

  2. what still no second post?

  3. It’s like I’m here all alone!
    snorgle city!

  4. Too cute! The hammie looks so soft!

  5. [popping head up]
    hee hee!

  6. Man, that would be some *serious* whisker ticklage…

  7. No one can resist us redheads.

  8. …and then the Hamster Prince kisses the Slepping Primpcess, and then she wakes up and turns all furry, and they snorgle happily ever after.

  9. tink, it’s got her in a giggle about it.

  10. You can tell Miss Redhead there is loving having her ears nibbled.

  11. Am I supposed to do some kind of dance since I got the *first*three* posts? Cuz I kinda dance like Elaine on Seinfeld. That’s not dancing, sally!
    :^ P

  12. LOL! I love it!

  13. brees husbad is a mous thats why theyr getting it on. ^_^ LOL POOR BREE

    i live desperate housewifes! i watch it and gonna buy the DVDV FOR SEASON 2

  14. ShelleyTambo says:

    That is a ticklish spot. My brother used to wake me up by putting a gerbil on my face or by my ear. It was quite effective.

    I’m wondering, tho’–is this a girl hammie? Males usually have noticeable, um, accoutrements in the tail region. Maybe Miss Redhead is desperate in a different way…

  15. Does this count as Interspecies Snorgling?

    Ceebs — take it easy now.

  16. Everyone stand back! Put your helmuts and padding on because ceebs is gonna celebrate a CO first, no…third…whatever.

    Take it away, ceebs!

  17. Is that a Kiddle???
    maybe it smells like cheese.
    I thought it was a mouse in the pic.

  18. Must be working Redhead has her feet off the ground and a strange smile on her face.

  19. oops…dat muzt be “helmets” mein peepkin. Ich was tryink to dizzguise mein true identity…

  20. Georgia — OMGLOLROFLMAOXYZPDQ (“that was funny”)

  21. ceebs, re: georgia’s comment. Maybe it does. 😉

    That’s a disgusting and hideoos comment I just made. I am not sorry.

  22. This is so wrong, yet SO right!

  23. LOL jaypo!!!! you shouldn’t be sorry!

  24. Aww, this fella looks so much like my hamster Buddha, whom my brother gave me for my birthday one year. For the longest time I thought that fella ran away … he was a noisy little bugger so I’d put him in the garage at night, on top of a minifridge. How the hell he could have gotten out, I didn’t know, but one morning his cage door was open and Buddha was not there. Then, YEARS later, I was relating the story again at a family dinner, and my brother confides that he was behind the Hamster Disappearance of 2000. He came home drunk that night and saw Buddha sitting in his cage, BEF-ing up at him… so my brother removed him from the cage and placed him on our front lawn. “Really?” Buddha asked him. “Yes really. Run free, wee hamster,” my brother replied. And Buddha ran off into the grass. He probably lived all of 5 minutes before a neighbor’s cat got him, but my brother insists that those would have been the best 5 minutes of his wee hammie life.

    I miss my wittle snorgler, though.

    … That was a really long story, lol. That pic is True Love. *throws rice, or rather birdseed so no pigeons a’splode*

  25. ROTFL, Lizzie. Holy crap!

  26. Um, *shudder*, that’s a yucky gray mouse trying to eat a doll’s face. EW.

  27. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Awe, Kelly, you just need to learn to love all of the furry littles.

  28. is the redhead a fairy? there seem to be blue wings on her back (may be the pattern of the fabric though). and yes, has already mentioned, The Gray Mouser?Hamster has thoroughly swept her off her feets.
    ah, true love.

  29. has=as

    a propos of nothing, “The Adventures of Fahfhar and The Gray Mouser” by Fritz Leibler (spelling?) are mos’ hilarious. and if TGM had a chance to get it on with a plastic doll, be assured he would.

  30. Sad. Another ham-pecked housewife.

  31. She doesn’t *look* sad.

  32. Lizzy, hilarious. I had a similar experience involving my mother, my cat and a suburban. My mother was too paralyzed with guilt to confess and every time I brought up how much I missed my old cat, my father would lean over and quietly whisper “murderer” in my mother’s ear, and collapse in a fit of giggles. Nevertheless, at one of my wedding showers thousands of years later, my mother and I had imbibed far more than a parent and child should in each others presence and she confessed! She looked so stricken with her lil martini listing to starboard like that.

  33. Oh and we’re both redheads…I felt compelled to mention that.

  34. T., wives everywhere are obligated to paint on their smiles.

    Mouse (I now believe that’s what it is, not a hammie): “Woman, when I get home, I better have AGED cheddar waiting, none of that store-bought crap. I want artisanal, dammit!”

  35. ya know, the more I think about it, the more I see the resemblance to DH’s Bree. scary.

    Aub, you crack me up as always. and btw, why havent’ I seen you in Vox? why are you not following with the herd? 😉

  36. Mel sez,
    “…my mother and I had imbibed far more than a parent and child should in each others presence.”

    I want this rule embroidered on a pillow and/or tattooed on my forehead.

    I *could* mention the time I was idly looking through papers at mom’s house (who at the time had recently remarried), and came across a paper on “How to Find the G-spot” or sumethin’ like that. but I think I better not mention it.

  37. In and up. Bingo.

    Wait, sorry, what were we talking about?

  38. T., it was this, surely:


  39. Surely this is a still from that great B-Movie classic Attack of the 6 Foot Hamsters? See, it’s Drew Barrymore’s body-double, right there.

    PS – is the 6 Foot Hamster wearing little Toasties socks? Because I’m not seeing hamster toes.

  40. GAWD you guys crack me up….(or is that what the Redhead is do-er-saying??)

    Anyhoooo…..ceebs, that IS a BIG DEAL….1st, 2nd AND 3rd!!! Bigbigbigbigbig…

    If I hadn’t been at work it never wuda happened!

  41. LOL…I wish my comments over in LJ could somehow sync here, too. I…I just love this too much. This site…ugh. I love it.

  42. Yay! Yep, it is true love!

    Meg, don’t ever apologize for the Pepe Lepew voice…it’s the BEST! 🙂

  43. Ha Haaaaa! I luuuv the Pepe le Peue voice! Keep it up! Awesome!

  44. Eeets OK bebe. Hno-wan weel seee us. Hyou aar dee-lee-shous.

  45. Look! Her feet are up, she’s enjoying it to.

  46. ka9q's wife says:

    hyou are soo bee-u-teeful to meee. *goes falsetto on the last note and wavers it a bit.*

  47. That mouse is HUGE! There’s nothing cute at all about a giant mouse assaulting a little girl that way…

  48. Ceebs – YAY!

    Aubrey – tewtally agree.

    Mouse looks cuter than the doll, IMO.

  49. C’mon, that’s totally not a mouse! It’s a little ham-ham.

    Mice. Have. Tails. They also have longer, slimmer, faces, smaller eyes, and larger ears. See? http://exoticpets.about.com/library/photogallery/blph_mice9.htm

    I can see where the confusion comes in because mousies & hammies are both 100% snorglable, but they’re two different species.

  50. I don’t know intermixing different species?????

    Cute-i-tude scale 1 to 10


  51. Awwwwww, Patrice! What cute mousie pics! I loves mousies…I had hundreds when I was a youngster! 🙂