Xtreme gluttony

MMMMMM, a delicious McGrapersons. I must have eet! [Paws up]


I can do thees eef I try really hard. EET WEEL FEET! GERGGG [Tiny nose twitches]


Hmmmm. Need a Plan B. [Thinking, clenching tiny paw] Think, Moose, think!




Tiny hamster Moose and Michael L., MERCI!



  1. Tee hee!

  2. I suppose I should have said something more profound… Hmmmm

    First post!

  3. Hey, it’s the human equivalent of trying to eat a watermelon whole. Cut the little guy a break 😉

  4. I can’t beleive I ate the whooooooooole thing!

  5. 11, 14, 19

    We have achieved Trifecta, People!

  6. One of the best posts. EVAR! I love it!

  7. Cool Hand Moose.

  8. This reminds me of a video I saw once of a small owl feeding a whole mouse to a baby owl who was about the same size as the mouse. The baby eventually gagged down the whole thing, not having much choice once it started, but I couldn’t see that there was room inside there for the mouse and the owl both. In both cases I think the parent figure needs to do some chopping.

  9. Eeeeeeeeeeeee! I love hamsters. That’s just too cute! Makes me want grapes.

  10. Some days you just wish you could disconnect your jaw like a snake…..

  11. KarenInToronto says:

    Gulp! The whiskehs!

  12. This made me laugh 😀 The cute little hamster is barely bigger than his snack!

    Mmmm, now I want frozen grapes. Yum…

    that has to be one of the best posts evar. loved the captions!

  14. Wait – this hammie is scornful and jealous? Doesn’t look like it, but…devour grapes, right?



  16. ahhhhhh his little eyeball is stretched out in that last picture cuz all his extra skin, even lower eyelid is going to wrap around that grape!

  17. Hehehe
    it’s almost obscene!
    but cute!

  18. This is hands..er.. paws-down the funniest thing I’ve seen in weeks. I love in pic # 2 the spray of whiskers caught in the sunlight making an arc over the spectacle of the grape-stuffing!

    Good post!

  19. haha what a cutie:D
    makes my want another hamster:)

  20. Aaaaawww!
    Moose sure knows how to handle big stuff! Awesomely cute!

  21. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Am I weird for findng the teeny nostrils in picture #2 really cute?
    Cuz if so, I’m ok with that… ^_^

  22. the captions are hilarious as always, Meg. I have to admit that the steel-will behind:
    sent shivers down my spine…

  23. Urp! Ahhhhh.

  24. Yes, yes, the grape is funny, but please, members of the cute jury, I direct your attention to the teeny belleh in picture 2.

  25. That is the damn cutest ting I evah saw!!! My teeth hurt and I have an uncontrollable urge to laugh and throw things. Pic #2 especially makes me wheeze and sneeze milk out my nose.

  26. ShelleyTambo says:

    Someone’s eyes are bigger than his cheek pouches.

  27. *groan*

    Oh, Aubrey!

  28. I hope someone knows hammie heimlich…

  29. Owner’s Voice

    Fist Pic:”Oh no, not again! Everytime I want a grape, I have to fight you off!”

    Second Pic:”Give me back my grape!”

    Third Pic:”Ok, you want it so bad, let me see you eat it!”

    Last Pic:”Nice try pal, now spit it out!”

  30. I wonder if a hamster could actually damage the cheek pouch if they tried to store something way too large or sharp.

  31. hamsters can damage a cheek pouch with summat sharp, but a grapes ok. hes only gonna store it for later when he will do wee little munchies all around it, then leave it rot lol
    cute in a kind of greedy pig! kind of way 😉

  32. Peg of Tilling says:

    And then what happened…? Can’t you just see that grape bustin’ like a big water balloon?

  33. I had a really dim hamster once, who got a whole baby carrot in his cheek-pouches, sideways, and then got himself stuck in his climby-tube because he couldn’t make the turn. I had to take the tube apart because he wouldn’t spit out that yummy carrot!

  34. Is Moose teh coolest hamster name evar, or what?

    You go, Moose!

  35. my fave entry in the CO glossary (basic HTML went *poof* out the door so didn’t link) is “ehn” and the 2nd pic is totally like moose is going “ehn! ehn!”… er, more like “mmmffphrrren!” and wanna see the rest… i wonder how he *finally* eats it! heheh request a sequel. ^o^

  36. whoa – how can such a little thing have such a big mouth? O.o*

  37. when i used to have hamsters they would take the food pellets (very rough round balls) and stuff themselves, and when they pulled them all out, there would always be little cheek bits stuck all over the food.

    of course, a grape is smooth, so he should be fine. but i think nature made it so they would be okay.

  38. GALGH!!!

    I couldn’t help wondering, though… how would he swallow said giant grape if the hand was holding him around his belly?

  39. GALGH!!!

    I couldn’t help wondering, though… how would he swallow said giant grape if the hand was holding him around his belly?

  40. That is A W E S O M E!

  41. This is one of the most hilarious sequences ever – right up there with “snail scattin'”!

    And a ham named Moose: w00t!

  42. Buahahaha! Gotta freaking love hamsters!

  43. GALGH!!!

    I couldn’t help wondering, though… how would he swallow said giant grape if the hand was holding him around his belly?

  44. My hamster does that with baby carrots!

  45. Hammies should probably avoid eating grapes when they’re on a date… If they’re trying to impress I mean. Then again, maybe in the hammy world that IS considered impressive; they’d try to outdo eachother… Who the hell knows? 😀

  46. Oh, thank crikey CO is back.

    Hello everyone. I have been lurking for months but this little hammie has finally lured me out of lurkerdom.

    More hammies stuffing things in their moufs please.

  47. “Hammies should probably avoid eating grapes when they’re on a date”

    True. He’s eating so voraciously, hardly paying attention to his surroundings, he’d probably fall off.

  48. Note to hammies: If it is almost as big as your head try chewing…

  49. I always loved when my little ones would do that. Awwww. I love hamsters.

  50. Is that a grape in your mouth or are you just glad to see me?

  51. Very very cute. I wanna hammie too.

  52. A Fine Morsel says:


  53. This Hammie looks too much like my 18 year old son at the dinner table…We have to count the plates after he’s done!!!

    I’d be afraid this little guy would choke himself!!!!

  54. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Awsome series of pics!
    Bursing at the cute grape overload seems I am!

  55. nooooooo!! don’t stop yet!! i want to know how the story ends! did mooose make it fit!??

  56. OMG ROFL! Having never owned a hamster (or even wanted to)… this cracks me up! Mr. Hamster don’t you know how to use your teef?? oh man.. So funny!!

  57. cleanasyougo@hotmail.com says:

    you are going to kill him.
    That is not funny. that is animal abuse.

  58. Nice ”galllgh” moment!

  59. Atreyu’s pretty cute, there, Lohan.

  60. does atreyu still slepp a lot?

  61. Ha, ceebs! Thanks for that chuckle.

    As for this little glutton – w00t! What a riot. I may get a hamster one day just to feed it food bigger than its head.

  62. Oh look… little Atreyu is sleppy:

  63. …and am clearly not as fast as Ceebs today. Ah well.

  64. Ahhh! Here we see Atreyu loving a tring:

    This is Atreyu’s old tiger-tab roommate Sterling, attempting to scape:
    …like a lacier scapes the olar cecap!

    Speaking of roommates, this one’s got Dibs on Sterling:

    [drops all pretense]
    Oh sweet fancy Moses, this is twenty-eight kinds of wrong:

  65. OMGBBQBMW! Theo – that’s the biggest set of laughs I’ve had all day. Thanks for pointing out the trings and the dibs (HA!). The onion loaf? Why, oh why? I don’t nderstand!

  66. Another fantastic example of my own personal Rule of Cuteness.

    “Any cute thing with cheek pouches is always cuter when said cheek pouches are stuffed.”

    Hammies <3

    The reason he didn’t bite it, is he isn’t planning on eating it right now! He wants to bury it and dig it up later for a little nibble. I wish my gerbils had cheek pouches. Cheek pouches are the cutes <3

  67. Katheryn Rourk says:

    Three words AHHHHHHHHHHH, Wow, and Ouch!

  68. T.,

    about your ticket. aisle or window?

  69. Can anyone else imagine Moose in a college cafeteria with his little cheek pouches full of powdered donut, saying, “What am I? A zit!”

  70. I’ve got a ticket to ride, but I don’t care.

  71. (or Rye, if you prefer)

  72. Nothing like greedy hammie doin’ the qte, and then a wander through Regrettable Food.

    For those following along, TuxKit is all seepy and tie-tie and comforbuls on the the other end of the couch. HRTortie still hates him.

  73. So, T., I’m thinking that you ain’t got time to take a fast train?

  74. “Moose”, as in, “eats like a”?

  75. Aw! My Ruby likes to stuff all her food in her cheek pouches and bury the food in her little igloo. I have never given her a grape, although it’s pretty cute when she manages to fit an entire baby carrot in there!

  76. Happy Thanksgiving Hammie! I always feel just like this on Thanksgiving…my.mouth.must.open. wider!

  77. Mmmmmmmmm…Thanksgiving…must plan menu…

  78. It wouldn’t be half as funny without the brilliant caption! Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

  79. I had an onion loaf just like that in Branson MO just last week. My 18 year old looked just like this lil’ hamster as he chowed down. It’s like a square “bloomin onion” and you’re right, it’s deliciously evil.

  80. AAAhhhhhh!! I feel Grape!!

  81. MamaDawn — this is what really disturbs me: The “onion loaf” looks suspiciously like it was what came out, when they opened that “Dibs” tub.

  82. Welcome back to Lohan Roberto and slepping Atreyu!

    Theo, any update on Lorna and the Dooneses? Do they have forever homes yet? Are you getting another set to foster?

  83. That is so funny!!!!


  84. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Theo – So not the magic bus this time then?

  85. ka9q's wife says:

    omg that is hilarious.
    That last one reminds me of some star being caught pigging out by the National Enquirer. I can see it now…
    Johnny Hamster star of the hit movie Big Wheels Keep On Turning is caught after a 2 oz weight gain eating a grape the size of his head. His Publicists explains he is beefing up for his new big role.

  86. GALLLLGH!!! Perfect! I love that word.
    && cute name too! Moose. -giggles-

  87. He’s gonna get stretch marks on his cheekses!

  88. Why didn’t the person just break the grape into pieces when they saw the hamster was having trouble? Did they want the little guy to vapor lock and pass out?

  89. Theo you are racking me up.
    My holesterol count just went up 30 points just looking at that onion loaf. And I can’t even imagine what type of loaf it would creat, once eaten.
    weet fancy moses, heo, were you perchance looking at any Seinfeld videos on my blog today, or is that a mere coinkidink?

  90. 2SJ — apparently, I caaaaaan’t haveit.

    Aubrey — won’t throw in the towel, ’til I buy a vowel…

  91. Ceebs — holesterol?? By crackity, I think you spelled that *right*!

    (and nopes… no Seinfeld for Theo)

  92. I posted a video of Elaine doing “the little kicks” and at the end George says “SFM” I just watched it again today, cracks me up every time!

  93. “Sweet Fancy Moses” is used here, sometimes:

  94. Hammy Heimlich! I’m so glad humans don’t have food pouches. I’d attempt to do the same thing.

  95. T., not that it matters, but my 2:10PM ticket reference was more like “here’s your ticket, you are going to he*l” for being such a meanie.

  96. I *know*.
    Just wanted to see you squirm a little.

  97. To prevent a Theo scowl
    I’ll make a presentation of a vowel:

    However, to follow tradition, it will be buried inside this plum pudding, which I will be serving to all my peeps. Finders keepers, etc.

    Can you punch my ticket, please, Mariser?

  98. This reminded me of the time I was helping some of the new volunteers where at the museum I volunteer at taking care of small pet animals. The hamster was, upon inspection, found to have a tumor. Then it magically disappeared. Hmm… 😉

  99. my old roommate in ny and i had a mouse (not a pet) in our apartment and we named him moose. you don’t wanna know what happened to him 😦

    this little guy reminds me of when i give my hamster a dog treat that’s just about that big and she’s an expert at it now.

  100. chet's momma says:

    what is eet about the faux fronshe accent that ees so funny?

  101. T.,

    oooooh, you….
    caught in my own trap. that’ll teach me.

  102. omg! Meg and cuteoverload.com in Bust magazine! “You got cuteness in my feminist magazine!” “You got feminism in my cuteoverload!” Hurray!

  103. Whoa! That hammy has some testicular fortitude going on in that first pic! LOL

  104. OMG, t-o, that tring of inks to the cut-and-paste meister is too funny!

  105. OMG, that’s so cute!

    It’s gonna be the healthiest hamster to consume such a huge grape!


    WTG, Hammie!

    BTW, I also have one (I mean one hamster, not one grape) at home. Wondering if mine wants to eat grapes…

  106. grown people don’t giggle this much. it’s not normal.

  107. ka9q's wife says:

    so if you squeezed Moose after he got the grape in would the grape fly across the room if you squeezed him a little?

    Just askin’.

  108. Aw bless!

    I had a hamster called Calvin. He used to try and shove as many bits of carrot into his cheeks as possible and then he’d fall over because he underestimated on the weight ratio.

  109. Tilly – Laughed till I choked.
    Please please tell me you took pictures.

  110. Awwwww a hammie being TEWtally a hammie! Aeeeeeeee!

  111. But, but…what happens next??? Does he make it? Does it make a giant grape bulge in his widdle tummy? Does he give birth? (oh, sorry, that was Project Runway)…

  112. Haha! Love the captions.
    So a-Moose-ing :oP
    *sorry! please to rotten maters!

  113. oops….NO rotten maters :o)

  114. I’m missing a FIFTH photo!?If there is no such one,PLEASE try again!My hamster could take TWO grapes (but that was before dig. camera).

  115. Gah! What happened next? More! MORE!

  116. LMAO at that last one.

  117. Oh dear.

  118. No worries, Carlisa! No rotten maters around here for exchellent punnage, we loves da puns!

  119. What an oinker! Must be seedless! Love him!

  120. Lauri — um… maybe in the same way that some folks love unbearably spicy food.

    “Come on baby, make it hurt so good…”

  121. Yeah, teho, I know…why is that? A little latent masochism, no doubt! But, it IS suhc fun.

    Gad, the slepping chronicls are racking me up!

  122. *~POP~*

    mmmm grape.

  123. cutest little hammy i’ve ever seen before. good thing he’s a healthy one! 😉

  124. Oh my God!! I can’t stop laughing!! :°D

  125. More debauchery!

  126. I think I’ve just seen the cutest thing I’ll ever see…

  127. i want him!!

  128. Eiiii! I keep comming back here just to look at this. It makes me laugh so hard.

  129. i’m right there with ya, amy… i think this is the 50th time i’ve been back since this was posted :p

  130. “im in ur fruitbowlz eatin ur grapes”

  131. that doesnt work too well, does it, dude?

  132. So yeah Tobin is one gready basterd.

    P.S. I > him at that bunny game.

  133. …Every time I look at this photo, I have a craving for green grapes.

    I think I’ll get some tomorrow. Yum yum yum.

  134. grapes hmmmm sounds good!i WANT 1 NOWWWWWWWW!!! HAAA!!!! MAKE SURE IT DOSENT CHOKE LOL ,CHEW IT UP GOOD!