WAY TOO MANY joke possibilities…








Seriously, John M., you’ve GOT to be kidding.



  1. bahahah…lapkitty…hee

  2. sidenote – can i have a lapkitty? it’s cold in my office today, and a lapkitty would keep me all warm and toasty.

  3. Heh. LAP SHARK.

    …or other things. *cough*

  4. Hey look at her cat.
    *cough cough*

  5. Whew! Those pantyhose was cuttin’ off my oxygen!

  6. Man, the cat almost matches the coloring of the skirt!!!!

    Gee, that’s a nice…Um… Pussy…CAT you have there…

    I tried to resist it, it didn’t work…

  7. I just realized that cat almost looks like one of those Gremlins off the movie! Wierd…

  8. BWAHAHAHA! There definately no need to point out the obvious!

  9. martha in mobile says:

    I need a kitty like that for when my daughter becomes a teenager. She looks like a living chastity belt.

  10. is she drawing a storyboard? I go to art school so i WOULD notice these things 🙂

  11. Here there be tygers.

  12. I’m not touching that with a ten-foot pole…

    Cute kitty cat!! Such a cute kitty!

  13. Oh, hell no. You’ll ban me if I caption that.

  14. Dammit, Laurie C!
    (Anyway, yeah, that’s about perfect. Nice.)

  15. Heh, I bet she keeps that kitty PURRRRRRR-ing!

  16. So is this the new category, Cats in Laps?

  17. Oww….biting my tongue…biting my tongue

  18. BWWWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!! I’m in pain and that’s STILL funny!!! How the heck is that cat situated?!?!? *teehee* *snort* **gigglegiggle**

  19. LOL!

    At last, a cat performing a useful function by becoming a support for writing paper, rather than lying ON it so that it’s impossible to use…

  20. My what a big sweet…


  21. can you say PG-13?

  22. Yep, sure can.

  23. DavidBoBavid says:

    yeah this one is easy and too dirty..


  24. How’s that kitty fly with those wings?

  25. A kitty hiding in the bush? 😉

  26. Begs the question … do the drapes match the kitteh?

  27. Kitteh doesn’t look to comfurrtable. That design on the skirt kinda looks like the one I saw on a curtain the other day… ahaha

  28. you guys r silly says:

    Why am I thinking of the well known saying:
    “A kitteh in hand is worth two in the bush”.


    Medieval knights away fighting the Crusades, often for years at a time, resorted to elaborate and often comical schemes and devices to ensure the faithfulness of their wives during their long absences.

    But perhaps none was stranger than the “chastity kitty,” a specially-trained attack cat who would ferociously guard his mistress’ virtue, often stationing himself at “ground zero” to maintain total vigilance.

  30. Hahahahahahaha…. too cute and farnnyy!!! Too precious!!!


  31. Oh — Props to “martha in mobile” for having the “chastity belt” idea first.

  32. you guys r silly says:

    Is it ok to say that
    needs a

  33. (In Eastern Bloc accent)”Would you like to touch my pussy?”

  34. All I can think of when I look at this is Tattoo You…


  35. The new line of feminine hygiene products…by Meow Mix.

  36. The British remake of “That Darn Cat!” Coming this summer: “That Bloody Cat!”

    >>creeps away apologetically.
    So ashamed of myself.

  37. PUSSY CAT!!

  38. Looking at this photo, I am reminded not of Aubrey, but of That Other Aubrey:

  39. Hey, nice pussy!

    Hey, and did you also notice the cat?

    (I will understand if CO bans me from here, but hey, I can’t resist! It’s just so easy!)

  40. That DAM CAT!

  41. omg I’ve damaged several internal organs trying not to think…

  42. Only one thing comes to mind and it really not worth saying it aloud.

  43. NTMTOM, you almost made me shoot hot coffee out of my nose.

  44. ‘Seen one, seen ’em all’, eh?

    I don’t THINK so….

  45. What did the Cat Nip to get in there?

  46. Theo . . I can’t believe you went there. You, too, o, Redzilla, Mina (ad nozeum infinitum) . . .
    Nope, can’t let you run down the hallways of CO with scissors like that.
    I’m afraid each of you shall have to have a full body bikini waxing.
    Then you can have your scissors back. The blunt-end ones.

  47. Is anyone else hearing Mrs. Slocum from Are You Being Served? in their head?

  48. PuppyMomma sez,
    “Is anyone else hearing Mrs. Slocum from Are You Being Served? in their head?”

    [raises hand]

  49. I’m quite partial to “Lap Shark,” like Katy said….

    Tracy < ---who has only the purest thoughts ;)

  50. So “Kitty” likes company? Who knew!

  51. Birds of a feather????

  52. Sing it with me, a la Tom Jones…

    “whats new pussycat, whooooah, oh whooahhhh whoah whoah…”

  53. A Chas-Kitty belt!

    On another note…somewhere there is a groovy 60s sofa with no upholstery.

  54. “Is anyone else hearing Mrs. Slocum from Are You Being Served? in their head?”

    I wasn’t until you said something, but now I totally am.

    “Look through my letterbox and if you can see my pussy, drop a sardine on the mat.”


    “Mr. Akbar, how DARE you!!”

  55. One word: dirty.

  56. AuntieMame- Thank you so much for explaining Mrs. Slocum to the rest of the class. I was lost. But now I am found.

  57. Those… those are not boots.

  58. can i pet it?


    does anyone else think that the cat looks eeeeeerily human?

  59. Now that is a bad bad kittie…Rawr!

  60. are you kidding me?!? am i really the first one to metion the obvious????

    is that a kitty in your lap or are you just happy to see me?

    😀 and to all a great day!!

  61. I was tryinig to access these delightfully rude comments, but I kept getting a message: “Pop-up window blocked”.


  62. Mary had a kitty cat
    she kept it in her lap
    When anyone would pet the cat
    She’d give their face a slap.

  63. Do you have a copy of Puss and Boots please.

  64. The poor cat. He looks seriously annoyed. Perhaps he can hear us . . . . “Hey. We’re just spending quality time here. Knock it off with the rude remarks already. I Mean It.”

  65. Boxcar cat update, for those of you following the saga:
    Here’s a laugh. It turns out that the momcat we trapped Sunday night was not pregnant after all. She was just tubby from eating so much with the constant supply of food! It’s actually kind of nice that a feral cat is overweight instead of starving.

  66. Hey Ted….
    is that a cat in your lap or are you just happy to see me

  67. That’s one evil-looking kitty! There’s TEETH in that end! 😉

  68. Laurie C — *whew*
    So, caught her in time, then?

  69. “just one step closer and the skirt gets it!”

  70. Theo – yes! Before she got knocked up again! Two others are actually pregnant and due to deliver…any…time…now.

  71. Is that me or that cat is looking exactly like Dobby in Harry Potter??? Same head…same eyes!

    *Bang* Bad bad Dobby! *Bang*

  72. Is this cat skirting the issue?

    And LC – such a relief! I’m glad this makes your work at least a tiny bit easier. Keep us posted on the other two mums-to-be!

  73. Does anyone remember the Johnny Carson joke/urban legend? http://www.snopes.com/radiotv/tv/zsazsa.htm

  74. Yay, LC!

    This kitteh is a tortie. That explains everything.

  75. Only way to keep cat off notebook.
    (Congrats, LC)

  76. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    mariser – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Are_You_Being_Served%3F

    I can’t believe ‘Are You Being Served?’ has a wikipedia page!!! Bizzaromundo!

    I grew up with this show and watched it go through the ‘looked down upon’ stage to the ‘retro cool’ stage.
    And I love Mrs Slocum and her pussy.

  77. Lurkertype–
    So what IS it with Torties anyway?
    We inherited one and we’re still trying to figure her out.
    –Three cats and a Tortie

  78. It’s okay to love your pet, just don’t LOVE your pet.

  79. This reminds me of a “thing” a good friend and I had with each other. We’d look at each other coyly, spread our legs and say: “Meow”…

  80. lauowolf,

    as someone who shared living quarters with Her Highness Tortie (HHT) until her demise, I feel qualified to advise you to give a title to yours. we commoners must address royalty appropriately.
    HHT permitted my SO to address her as “Jessie” but that permissiveness was not, alas, extended to me.
    actually, I was lucky HHT allowed me to live. at all.

  81. 2SJ,

    Bizzaromundo indeed. I think *everyone* who knew them loved Mrs. Slocum and her pussy.

  82. Torties will settle for being royalty most days. Some days they will insist upon being goddesses. Either way, anger them not. Do what they want and things will go better for you.

    Also, they’re nuts.

  83. on the “are you being served” thread…

    *kitty pops head up*
    “are you free?”

    can ya see it? can ya see it?

  84. Again with the HHT – do you know that I adopted almost four years ago now and, until you folks mentioned it today, it never occurred to me that there is something about torties.

    I’m lucky that I’m my tortie’s favorite, eh? She lets me act as a bed for her, she even lets me call her many, many nicknames…you know…princess, angel face, baby girl. I must be a natural at groveling appropriately to HHR, huh?

  85. AYBS rules! I’m free! Or in this case, no I am currently not free 😛

  86. Cats ‘n’ Crotches! 😀

  87. Redzilla, Bloody actually is a corruption of “By Our Lady,” it doesn’t have anything to do with pussies, feline or otherwise.

  88. ANOTHER Boxcar Cat Update!
    We rescued two kittens tonight from the site! Two orange tabbies, who will stay in my trapping partner’s bathroom until the rescue group opens up some official foster spaces for them. And tomorrow we go out after the third one in the litter, a brown tabby. Digital photos will be taken tomorrow night by a friend and posted as soon as possible for the mighty Peeps to see.


  90. They’re fierce little guys, too. When put in a (deep) empty bathtub in my friend’s place after rescue, they shot around it like pinballs, trying to climb the sides to get out.

  91. Last detail: a heavy downpour was forecast this evening for Toronto. But the Thing high atop the Whatever must have been smiling on us poor trappers, because the rain held off until the very moment we headed off home, kittens secured. Only then did the drops start to fall…

  92. They are pinball kitters
    Not afraid to take a risk
    Those pinball kitters
    Don’t know what they’ve just missed…

    “How does LC do it?”
    “I don’t know!”
    “What makes her so good?”

  93. Ooh, look, I’m famed now in song and story! Thanks, Aubrey!

  94. Lauri C rules!

    And I am unanimous in that!

  95. If you look at the hamster series in reverse, its like he squeezed the grape OUT of the hamster.

  96. Scrrrrrrreeeeeam!
    (I am full of useful things to say this morning!)

  97. MEOW! THAT kitty has CLAWS! (…paging Dr. Freud? Dr. Sigmund Freud? …)

  98. My guess is the poor thing doesn’t extend back towards the book, but is in fact squeezed between the woman’s legs, the rest of it dangling underneath (and outside the picture), which would explain the irritated expression. But she’ll live through it.

  99. “Twat the…. ????????!!!!!”
    (Ooops…typo 😉

    And unlike it’s canine opposite, the… err..feline..has NINE lives!

  100. Hope she’s careful not to get powder in it’s eyes! :o(

  101. and I am anonymous in this, AuntieMame!

  102. actually the first thing that came to mind after seeing this picture was how much that cat’s face terrified me.

  103. Some one needs a bikini wax! Pronto!

  104. In my life, I have had one tortie and two calicos.

    Both torties and calicos *are* nuts, and insist on being addressed as royalty or demigods, it’s true.

    Neither a tortie nor a calico will *ever* do anything unless it is Her Idea. Even if it’s something she ordinarily likes to do.

  105. So ….. in addition to the “Cats ‘n’ Racks” category, are you going to start a “Cats ‘n’ ****s” category?

  106. Mrs. Slocumb: I’ll be up stroking my pussy all night

    *sigh* we love that good ol’ pussy

  107. Er… is that “Cats-n-Laps,” CatFreak?

  108. Cat Freak: Yes, torties and callicos think they’re THE best and want to be treated as DEMIgods… but The absolute whackiest cats I ever owned was a CRAZY seal point siamese who thought she was WHOLEgod and went on leading her life treating us like her servants. And the voice, oh my cat…the VOICE on her…MAN. What a diva. I miss her…

    But I recently gave a tortie kitten to a friend and apparently, she’s quite the diva as well! (um, the cat…not my friend!)

  109. Ban me if you must, but I can’t resist:

    “The Vagina Monologues 2: If This P—y Could Talk”

  110. Oh. my God!

  111. So I was looking around and suddenly Is ee this picture…..That’s my cat kartwheel! I ahd to give her and her sister up for adoption because of unforeseen events but OMG she’s just as cute as I remember. I’m glad she found a good home 🙂

  112. Shouldn’t you shave that pussy?