I want my Cute Overload

[Pouting teenager voice] DAMMIT ALL TO HELL today made me so mad. My ISP has GOT TO GO. I won’t name names, but the bandwidth on the FRAMESET to this site was OVERLOADED all day today, even when I bot 50 more gigs this AM, and it’s like the fifth time it’s happened, and I am beyond annoyed, and there are too many details to get into and I AM ON FIRE! I am gonna move all my domains to a new ISP so this never happens again! OMGBBQ!1

Sorry about your fix today, Folks. I’m glad you’re back.


Meee-alllgh Hamish G.?



  1. Cute, and first!

  2. humble acolyte says:

    we are eternally grateful for your efforts on behalf of teh Qte.

  3. ohmycuteness…that marmie is awful good looking.
    hear me all ye pixels and bits and ions and ether…obey the commands of CO!
    we love our cutes!

  4. Hamish is So Prosh!! Look at that clever little furface.

    Poor Meg. No-one who spreads this much happiness should be handed this much misery. We loves ya, Meg, we loves ya.

  5. I was shivering in my corner all day, hugging myself for warmth. The aches and pains were intolerable, I needed my dose.

    Aaaaahh,my first fix of the day with marmaladey goodness. Thank you, Meg!

  6. Your ISP makes me very angry too. It’s been almost 24 hours since my last fix, and it was getting very ugly here.

  7. In the interests of accentuating the pawsitive, I will also say:
    pint lion!

  8. Thank you so much, Miss Meg, for all you do to bring us teh cute.

    (Theo, someone on another thread mentioned there’s a secret way in when this sort of thing happens– will you share?)

  9. Welcome back! You are seriously my crack cocaine, Meg–without you I am nothing but a cracked-out Pete Doherty.

    Sorry bout your problems:(

  10. warrior rabbit says:

    The secret passageway (put! ze candle! beck!) was http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/

  11. Haha. Cute! 🙂

  12. Stephen Soymonoff says:

    Have a look at http://www.siteground.com – they may have the capacity to you need at the right price.

    (No I don’t work for them or anything, just a happy customer.)

  13. kitty cat is smiling!

  14. yeah (wo)man, seriously. wtf? listen, drop these fools. name names! 🙂

    i tried getting my fix late last night and then again a few hours later – i mean, a bunch of hours later, and your site was still down. that’s pretty unbelievable. i was pissed. that’s some bollsh*t. i mean, unless it’s just a downright, nasty brawl or something between you and your wack provider, they should keep the damn site up, ya know?

    time to get serious with a provider, sister. this joe lieberman-type webhosting has got. to. go.

  15. acelightning says:

    Yeah, what the duckling *WAS* that all about, anyway? I kept getting security warnings about “certificates” and stuff, when all I wanted was bunnies and kittens and other snorglicious little critters. (And of all the days when people needed an extra dose of cuteness to lift their spirits…)

  16. thank GOD. it was getting hairy (rather than fluffy) for a bit there. never do i want to spend a day without the cuteness. Wonderfully, you return in time to lull me through a day after 4 hours sleep, because i finished an assignment last night. Hail CO! 😀

  17. For what it’s worth, I never liked the frameset thing…made it problematic to grab a link to whichever cute entry I wanted to send to someone. Plus it was just eerie to always see the same URL in the browser, no matter where I linked…

    In any case, glad you’re getting your connection sorted. I think folks would be perfectly happy with a redirect from http://www.cuteoverload.com (instead of the frameset), and most domain name registrars will do that for nothing.

    I’m fortunate in that my bookmarks were to the underlying Typepad pages, so I was able to get my cute on. I’ve needed it lately. (see http://umuhk.vox.com/ for why).

  18. warrior rabbit says:

    (Sting sing-song)
    I want myyyyy…
    I want myyyy Cee Overloooooaaaaaadddddd

  19. Misscrip wrote *pint lion*. So true!

    Now is he smiling or smurking? It doesn’t matter, I suppose, because he is overloading my cute response center right now!

  20. oh…my… goodness. glad everything is back to normal. I almost died.

    Websites this amazing shouldn’t have to deal with mundane crap. Don’t they know how important cuteness is to life???

  21. sorry. I meant *misscrisp*. I didn’t mean to imply you were in a gang. ; }

  22. Ah, thank you, warrior rabbit, for sharing the ancient secret from the pages of “How I Did It.”

    Once again, you are my bun. Now, go have yourself some nice varm milk, or perhaps… Ovaltine.


  23. That’s Zeke! He’s been gone 30 years, but he remains the standard for all cats that came after, and none measured up. He was In Charge! No doubt in his mind. He could ride German Shepherds out of the front yard and they never came back.

  24. why is this cat smiling ?

  25. Radar is asking me to point out the little ‘tipjar’ link on the left…he made me give Meg his birthday money…he figures his mom spends so much time here it must be worth it 🙂


  26. boo ISP
    !yay! Hamish_G

    what a gorgeous cat. and the smile!
    feline take on the Mona Lisa smile. how perfect!

    BJ, so sorry about your Zeke. 30 years gone and never forgotten. German Sheperd rider, what an amazing image.

  27. Rich — this cat is smiling because he is a Marmie Tom, and we are not.

    J. Bo — no secret, really. As Warrior Rabbit has noted, the un-retouched TypePad URL for Teh Qte™ is:

    Skielar figured out that this one worked, even when the “plain” URL didn’t:

    This “plain” URL is actually a custom dealie, unrelated to the blog & overlaid on the whole site, and it’s THIS service that Meg’s been having trouble with.

    The whole crazy mess is detailed in Mariser’s Vox:

    BJ — I had no idea that the “Tiniest Mew” post was 30+ years old. Cute Overload’s been around almost as long as me! Whodathunk.

  28. Great pic! Great cat! Great site! Is it new? I looked for it yesterday and it wasn’t here! *whaps self on head for being a smarta@@*

    Nice ta see y’all this mornin’! Hugs and cinnabons to all! Especially Meg! Don’t worry, girl, a few of us took refuge on Vox and partied thru the storm!

    Do I hafta go to WERK? Can’t I stay here????

  29. Hahaha…lemura is starting rumors that there are gangs on CO *singsong tattletale voice*

    misscrips, you make me laugh a LOT!!

  30. Phew. So glad your back. Was it a full moon yesterday. Seems like I was having all kinds of computer “issues”–and IRL issues as well.

    Perhaps it was because of the inauspicious anniversary we had yesterday?

    Whatever, I’m SOOOOOOOO glad you’re back. Gotta get my cuteness at least once a day to make it through.

  31. Meg – there’s a list of some registrars that work well with TypePad here:


    And if you need any help, you know you can submit a help ticket 🙂

  32. Whew! All is right in the world, once again =)!

    Welcome back, Meg. I wanted to tell you how much you brighten my work day with all the snorgalicous cuteness! Who needs Prozac when there is such a bounty of lovable cuteness?!?!?!

  33. Well, I never realized how utterly addicted I am to this site.

    The fact that I couldn’t access it, just made me want it even more.

    *Deep sigh of relief*

    That’s better.

  34. YAY! It’s back!!! 😀

    OK, that cat is definitely smiling. And it’s a lovely smile, too 🙂 Com’ere, you lovely critter *snorgles generously*

    *sigh* Life was so dreary and boring yesterday. Yay Meg!!

  35. Thank goodness your’e back!! I was going into serious cute withdrawl!!!

  36. It was very sad…more proof of just how popular CO is. Hope the new amount of bandwidth solves the problem…

  37. this kitteh’s weeskers are just the right length. 🙂

    glad CO is back!

  38. OOoooh, I’m changing my Cute shortcut to the mfrost address RIGHT NOW! Thanks for the tip!

  39. That is one devastatingly handsome cat! Reminds me of my poor marmie that died a couple years ago, another handsome boy, but not quite as dashing as Hamish.

  40. Don’t worry Megs! I am donating more CuteCash when I get paid on Friday!

  41. Thank goodness you’re back, Meg!

    Without CO yesterday, I was irritable, sleepless and just generally grouchy to be around.
    I also stabbed a few people.

    *hugs Meg*

  42. I can only imagine the technical nightmares you must endure to keep this site going~very VERY grateful!!!

  43. [sheepishly]

    could someone please tell me…what the BBQ is for in OMGBBQ…etc.? Barbeque? Every time I see it it makes me damn hungry. But then again, what doesn’t?

  44. oh man. whew!
    i checked thirty times yesterday. waaaaaaah!
    now i can slump in my chair in a cute-daze again. west and wewaxation.

  45. Thank god, you’re back. Cuteoverload gets me through mondays… tuesdays…

  46. Thank god you’re back! I was going through some serious withdrawal!

  47. Whew. I thought something was wrong with MY computer.

  48. *shakes fist at Meg’s ISP’s crotch*

  49. DavidBoBavid says:

    I have to say.. it wasn’t so bad.. I mean I went to the party at mariser’s and then..

    I don’t remember much after that, so I can’t even say that I remember much of the day in general..

  50. Uh, Meg,
    I don’t know how to tell you this,
    but you have a cat coming out of the back of your moniter.

  51. My Cute was finally Overloaded. Sigh!

    Thanks for all the hard work, Meg, on behalf of cute-aholics everywhere. I wish I had some money to donate to the cause!

  52. SAW YOU IN BUST!! Very Cute Cuteometer – congrats! I know you prolly got a mill recommendations but I had the same problem when I started and finally settled with addr.com for hosting. Three years and they’ve never ONCE let me down. I highly recommend them — yeah, it was tough surviving 9/11 without the Cute! We were all tapping the refresh button frantically like manic chickens in need of cute pellets! 😉

  53. I missed Cute Overload yesterday! I will gladly donate some dough to help you keep the place running.
    And check out Hurricane Electric (www.he.net) — They have been hosting my website for 5+ years and have been very reliable.

  54. Soooooooo happy you’re back. I had no idea I would suffer so much without cuteness. Thank you for all you do!

  55. See now, I think what’s happened in that picture is, he’s found the Teeniest Mew, and he’s already played it about 600 times, and everyone in the house is like, “*enough* baby kitten sound-effects for one day!”. And he’s just hiding behind the monitor ready to *leap* out and *pounce* on the play button for the 601th time, as soon as no-one’s looking. That’s why he’s got such an innocent face.

    PS – Write a letter of complaint to your ISP. Enclose a half-dozen disapproving bunnies. That will sort them out.

  56. I agree with wolf up above. Ditch the frameset thing. Not only is it hard to get links to individual articles, but even worse, when you would click on a link to another site, you would see the other site, but the address bar would STILL say http://www.cuteoverload.com instead of the URL for the new site.

  57. chet's momma says:

    that cat is sooo intelligent looking and bootiful! I love his lil pink shmile!

  58. chet's momma says:

    that cat is sooo intelligent looking and bootiful! I love his lil pink shmile!

  59. chet's momma says:

    that cat is sooo intelligent looking and bootiful! I love his lil pink shmile!

  60. chet's momma says:

    that cat is sooo intelligent looking and bootiful! I love his lil pink shmile!

  61. chet's momma says:

    that cat is sooo intelligent looking and bootiful! I love his lil pink shmile!

  62. chet's momma says:

    that cat is sooo intelligent looking and bootiful! I love his lil pink shmile!

  63. We missed you SO MUCH!
    But seriously, hun…
    For the love of your readers, to advertise and get more readers, to pay for more bandwith, and to bring the delights of CO to the WORLD…. sell some merch! We want shirts! We want bumper stickers! We want pins!! I promise, your loving CO fans will buy them and the world will be a better place for it! 🙂

  64. Gratefully–or not as the case may be–I was too frickin’ busy at WorkOverload here to even notice that our beloved website had been whisked temporarily into fairyland. Someone kissed the right frog. And they lived happily ever after.

  65. My GF was all a-dither that something had happened to the cuteness – I thought the site might have been hijacked.

    She and I are glad you’re back!

  66. “Pay no attention to the cat behind the computer.”

    Impossible! This star of the newest version of L. Frank Tom-cat’s ‘The Wizard of Claws’ is a marmie miracle!

  67. Someone asked what OMGBBQ was…. and its just a thing ya type when you’re exasperated. I actually use “OMGWTFBBQTOGOBOX” myself for the crazy situations…

    That said, I so thought I did something bad when I tried to look at CuteO and got security warnings!!!!!!

  68. good luck on the ISP thing, Meg! Hamish is sooooo qte! someone said this earlier up in the comments…. it does look like he (?) is smiling! i love CO!

  69. h gang's mom says:

    I was having withdrawal pains yesterday. I kept checking every ten minutes to see if you were back. DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!!!!

  70. h gang's mom says:

    I was having withdrawal pains yesterday. I kept checking every ten minutes to see if you were back. DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!!!!

  71. h gang's mom says:

    I was having withdrawal pains yesterday. I kept checking every ten minutes to see if you were back. DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!!!!

  72. h gang's mom says:

    I was having withdrawal pains yesterday. I kept checking every ten minutes to see if you were back. DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!!!!

  73. h gang's mom says:

    I was having withdrawal pains yesterday. I kept checking every ten minutes to see if you were back. DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!!!!

  74. h gang's mom says:

    I was having withdrawal pains yesterday. I kept checking every ten minutes to see if you were back. DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!!!!

  75. No Kiddingks with the ISP discombobulation. It was horrible. It made me Cranky McCrankypants. I am now happy wiz ze great big grape and the little bitty hamster. Cheeks!

  76. I was also surprised at how addicted I have become to C.O. . checked several times a day, almost called the company PC support guy to come over and see what was wrong but thought maybe I should not admit how much work time I spend looking at cute kittehs and grape-stuffed hamsters etc. Anyway thank goodness it’s back!


    Just another set of crazy letters to add to the end of a set to make it even siller… and yes… it stands for Bar-be-que.

  78. Okay, thanks Sarcasta & Elliset. Thought I was missing somesing! well, something’s missing all right, but that’s not what I meant.
    someone come play with me.
    I feel pathetic & needy:-(
    i mean, I AM pathetic & needy.

  79. I was kinda bummed out but then I found a secret back-door MacGyverish way to get into the site, which I’ll gladly share with anyone who cares, for a small price (hey, I’ve got a wedding to pay for!).

  80. i love it when animals look so utterly smart.

  81. ya know, I never partook into the Pshop commentroversories… until right now. I am utterly hypnotized by Hammish’s smile. it is a-mazing. it is awesom-o. it is (by any chance) PhotoShopped?

    [hides under table]

  82. Is that the kit’s full name? Not Marmie Hammish?

  83. ahhhhh, what a larf! I have laughter tears all curled up in my eyelashes. Reading everyone’s CO withdrawal syndrome symptoms is just too funny (esp. Maymee!)
    –your official CO gang girl
    (yeah, I’m definitely a Crip, not a Blood) (and yes, misscrisp is my real name not just some lettuce type reference)

  84. what a handsome little boy!

  85. YO! Missycrip! Jump me inta gang, yo! I be shakin’ my fist at yo crotch if yo don’!

    😉 Thank God Meg is back with her cute, I was ’bout to turn to a life of crime…

  86. Thelma and Louise and Betty!

  87. -GEEK ON-
    Hi Meg, why not have cuteoverload.com simply redirect to the typepad site instead of the frameset dealie? Much less bandwidth, and all the hardcore users will simply bookmark the typepad address, reducing the load even further. Not as aesthetically pleasing, granted, but still.
    -GEEK OFF-


  88. RevWaldo hath spoken well.
    So shall it be emailed to Ms. Moo.

  89. I bookmarked the Typepad address ages ago, after some other technical froofaraw. Though I am a Luddite and cannot possibly get my Geek On, I am pleased and proud to be in the realm of the “hardcore user”.

  90. I am sending you an email on how you might fix this problem. It’s fairly simple actually.

  91. Laurie C,
    I suspect you are not THAT much of a Luddite!
    You seem to be coping just fine with all this and pics of boxcar kits and more…

    Ya can’t spell “coping” without CO!!! Yeah!

  92. …”cornball” either

  93. Just in for the new look…hate the ad’s! especially boobs and lingerie, I’m here to laugh and relax and show my two young & very impressionable daughters fun and cute pics of animals…not of boobs & lingerie.