Rule #26 IN ACTION

People, if you EVER doubted Rule 26 and needed just a little more evidence, look no further. Here it is.

April M.—gold star for you.



  1. The deer-like ears are just too much. Extra cuteness points.

  2. I wants to go back to bed!!!

  3. I just woke up, didn’t have enough sleep, and came to CO to get a boost of cuteness with my Red Bull before a loooooong day of classes, work, etc.


    Its unfair that this has to be the first thing I saw! Cute + Comfy Covers!

  4. I love that last little flop of the head underneath the covers as he just collapses and settles in for a full day of sleepingness.

  5. Pfhlaaah!!! Min-pin ‘tocks!!

  6. Dobie mummy?
    Cujo cocoon?

  7. thelibrariAnne says:

    I thought he WAS a little deer for like 10 seconds. He’s actually quite talented at getting the perfect nest going, isn’t he?

  8. My little JRT would love this, she does this all the time!!!! Way to go!!!

  9. O.M.G. awesome! 😀

  10. Meg — re: “Server Certificate Expired” … you’ve got mail.

  11. Cats do it all the time – I had no idea it was known among dogs, too! 🙂

  12. Whew, I’m back in. That was a close one.

    But, I cracked up at little baby digging his way to comferbuls. So so cute.

    My Boston, Sheldon (the smells) does this, too. He goes all the way to the foot of the bed. I don’t know how the dear can breathe.

  13. It was an UNcomfortable morning for me whilst I couldn’t get in to CO.
    A not of caution if you are ever in that situation and you decide to try retyping the addy rather than using “bookmark”.

    Do NOT type in by mistake.

    I am just sayin’.

  14. A notE and a not of caution. 😛

  15. He’s better at tucking himself in than I am, and I have opposable thumbs. Maybe the trick is to just dig in with your head.

  16. Just when you think he’ll never tuck himself in…BOOM! Perfectly snuglified.

  17. That. Is. Awesomely. Cute.

  18. My mom’s min-pin Prancer (aka: Rat Dog) used to roll himself up like a sausage. Sadly, he died just a few months after Mom.

  19. i love animals that burrow and toy english terriers are amongst my favorite.

  20. My min pin Spoogle used to do this daily! They’re such snugglebunnies. Just when I’d be searching around the house yelling Spoogie? Spoogie?! wondering where he went, I’d look on the couch and beneath the seemingly innocent pile of blankies a Spoogle would be sleeping. Precious. 🙂

  21. Hee, “beneath the seemingly innocent pile of blankies a Spoogle would be sleeping!” Heehee!!!

  22. Terrier tunnel?
    Ratterrier Rollup?
    Canine Cannoli?

  23. Heeee! When my cat does this, and is an obvious lump under the covers, I like to say, “hmmmm, where’s kitty? Where could she be?” and then she sticks her head out as if to say, here I am silly! SOOOOOO cute!

  24. Heh Lauri… how about “Dooberman”?
    (I’ve never inhaled)

  25. Really, Teho? Then you kinda missed the point.

    I went “dog… deer?…dog.” Kewt. Now, if it was a deer, that would have been really impressive.

    Now I want to go back to bed. Soo comfurbuls.

  26. LurkerT — you’d have to’ve known me in college. Drugs? …pretty much the definition of “redundant.” It was running gag in my little circle, that regardless of my being completely straight(edge), I’d get asked on a fairly regular basis for some of whatever I was on.
    Ritalin might’ve helped me, though.


  28. grrr… how about “if you’d only known me in college” etc.
    Jeez, even TODAY, you see what simple caffeine does to me?

  29. Lol, T. I hear ya. I can get soooo drunk (acting) without a single thing to drink.

    High on life….(snort< ---really haven't done that)

    I have inhaled, and I simply canNOT tell the diff between that and my RL. 😛

    Still loves me wine/beer and rum anyhoo! No teatotaler me.

  30. LOL….yeah, Dooberman!

  31. Ahh, he was making a nest.

  32. Oh my! The tuckness.

  33. What Chris said. The little head flop like”Okay, I found my spot & I’m out like a —” honkshu!

    My dog just digs on the couch like an angry badger.

  34. too cute! Makes me want to take a nap with my chi who spends way too much time under the covers!

  35. It’s also fun to stick your hand in there afterwards and feel the nuclear-level heat-buildup that forms in the covers. Or your feet work, too.

  36. AAAWWWWWW! Smart,cozy pup.

  37. Hoooooorrrraaaayyy! My wee Buster Chops Boston terrierest tucks himself in, but he’s very polite and waits for me to get all comferbles then he tucks in under the covers right behind my knees! So cozy on cold nights!

  38. “Nudgenudgenudge. Toss. Nudge nudge. Burrowburrowburrow. Nudg . . . . honkshuuuuu.”

  39. Is this what they mean by a Pup Tent?

  40. oh Aubrey…you didn’t!

  41. eeee!
    that was just too much!
    this puppeh made my night

  42. For some reason, the first time I played the vid it played at double pace – I thought it was one uber talented doggy!

  43. Aww, my dachshie, Chloe does this!

  44. Super Adorapup! So determined too. Way awesome cutitude!

  45. talented pup he is!

  46. ive seen this too many times. good to know my dog isnt the only one. 😛

  47. alright meg, i’ll admit this video was completely necessary

  48. My cat does the exact same thing, this is so cute when she does it!

  49. Julie Bryant Hein says:

    My dad’s mini-dachshound sleeps at the foot of his bed……….UNDER the covers! Funny puppy.

  50. Oh, I just died laughing, that is so funny. Wonderful, simply wonderful!

  51. It is nice to see a min pin with ears and a tail. I love the deer ears look I also love when one flips and the other sticks strait up