Maybe we should submit this to Stuff on my

This kitteh wins Most Patient Kitteh Award.

The baby rat with it’s leg dangling near the cat’s mouth wins Ballsiest Bebeh Award.

Check it, the cats’ got ten eyes-glued-shut-delectable-rat-bebehs on her back. For crying out loud, that’s like sitting with a half dozen Krispy Kremes on my head.Must… not… eat!


Really, there is some serious potench gulpitude going on here, Susan C.



  1. They’re like rodent stegosaurus plates.

  2. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    So cute! [squee]

  3. I don’t know if you know or not Meg, but isn’t working. It is saying bandwidth is exceeded by when i went to it is working??? Anyways, very cute as always!! 🙂

  4. Def goes to

  5. Mmm. Kitty hors d’oeuvres!

  6. I bet Mario (stuff on my cat guy) will post this even though it’s already been here – it’s too good to pass up!

    P.S. Ditto what Kim says. I was a bit beside myself this morning!

  7. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Look! He’s taking his lunch to go!

  8. Kim — the problem has been noted (in detail) and emailed to Meg.

  9. Yeah, thanks for the alternate way to get here, teeho. It makes funny blooping noises when I change screens.
    BUt, just glad to be here.

    I want all of dos baby ratlings.

  10. can’t top T., first post (pppbbbttthhh!) “rodent stegosaurus plates” indeed!

    and a shout out to the lovely Skielar, whose CO name I can’t remember at the moment [pouts] but whose Vox address is
    for figuring out a way for us CO-addicts in withdrawal to get back in.
    three !yay!s for Skielar

  11. Amen to that, mariser! Yay!

  12. And I was all stressin and stuff at the work thing. but then I hop over here and SqueeEEE! the cute helped

  13. That is a most, most patient kitty, who must be sent to SOMC.

  14. Oh my god <3 <3 <3 10 Rat Bebehs on a patient kitty! Supreme cuteness!

  15. YES!! must have this!

  16. That’s so cute! I love rats, and I’m sure the cat does too (and I *don’t* mean for lunch!!).

  17. I think “gulpitude” is my new favourite word.

  18. Kiera aka skielar lol says:

    every now and then when I do post Mariser, it’s under Kiera. and no prob. I tend to have a knack at going around things I should not >.<

    My goodness! the cat needs one heck of a reward for this O.O

  19. Wheee! YipeeEEEeee!
    Kitty chortled with glee!
    Ten rat beh-beeees?
    All for meeee?
    Little snack-ees
    As far as my eyes can see
    yum, yum, yummee
    Now please, leave us be!

  20. I think this kitteh must be on some powerful medication!

  21. Sher-reee’s lovelee poeem has been brought to us by the leetteer “ee”

  22. He does look like he is plotting something…. doesn’t he….

  23. Ahh must be a rat breeder, those pups (rat babies) are probably only a month old.

  24. kiera, I think the kitty is hoping that he’s wearing his reward.

  25. new website: lunchonmycat.yum

  26. kittikin, good one.

    It’s multitudinous babies day! First ducks, now rats. I think someone’s clone machine’s gotten stuck in the “on” position.

  27. dont trust the peace here guys…

  28. Whee! Piles o’ bebehs day!

  29. OMG, I tewtally couldn’t get here.


    WTF, Meg? You’re too entertaining.

    luckily, I knew the SECRET back door into the fabulous playground of Cute O!

  30. “I think someone’s clone machine’s gotten stuck in the “on” position.”

    Which would account for CO exceeding bandwidth. Do I sense an alien conspiracy here?

    Patient Rhodesian Ratback.

  31. could give a different meaning to ‘soft kronsche’!! Yipe!

    LOL @ rodent stegosaurus plates

  32. “The time has come,” the [Kitty] said,
    “To talk of many things:
    Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
    Of cabbages–and kings…”

  33. Very calm kitty, and rather handsome. Maybe an old kitty? Although I wouldn’t try that with even my most elderly cat… those teeny rodents would become Lunchables.

  34. I think that is a very patient but tormented look on that kitty-cat.

  35. porcelaintoad says:

    Kim, Lunchables! eep!
    Snack pack? 😉

    Kitty is so unimpressed…perfect for a monday!

  36. Love how the one on the very left is all “Ehn!” trying to climb on the kitty-wagon.

  37. ElfOwl= Awesome

  38. Rodent Stegosaurus plates!
    Rhodesian Ratback!


  39. Hmmm….a mass of bunnies, a mass of ducklings, a mass of baby mice…


    There should be a rule for mass quantities of the same type of animal, forming a great ball of fur/feather/fin/whatever. Rule number…?

  40. This website is like a gift to the world. Please don’t ever go away again!!!!!

  41. That’s the cutest picture I’ve seen in awhile. I love rats so much! The cat must be one in a million to let those little wigglies all snuggle up like that.

    My teeth are aching from the sweetness!

  42. Seriously, there is something wrong with that cat. I am all for interspecies snorgling, but that’s the equivalent of covering me in Lindor Truffles and expecting me not to sample juuuuuust one…

  43. little miao says:

    oh my, what a docile cat with such cute little fuzzy baby ratties!!

  44. “Rodent Stegosaurus plates”? Oh m’god.

    And Amen to saska’s Lindor Truffle sentiments!

    Know I’m not an old-timer, but I have in fact joined the world of Vox. Wahoozles!

  45. you guys r silly says:

    I’m surprised no one else said this yet…
    (Sung to the tune of “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall”…):
    Ten bebbeh rats on the back of a cat
    Ten bebbeh rats on a cat
    If kitteh gets hungry and needs a snack STAT!
    Nine bebbeh rats on the back of the cat.

  46. you guys r silly says:

    And *SO* glad to have been alerted to the back door to CO!!! Yay!

  47. ygrs — simply brilliant.

  48. Jackie from Michigan says:

    “Will you puh-leeze take the damn picture so I can eat my snacks in peace? Also, who in the heck did you put my snacks on my back in the first place?”

  49. Jackie from Michigan says:

    “…and why did Jackie get her sentence subject goofed up, saying ‘who’ instead of ‘why’? Now take the $%#@ing picture!”

  50. YGAS:
    Really good one. Made me LOL.

  51. Is this like those naked ladies that serve sushi off of their persons?

  52. OMG—I need a new ISP PRONTO! That was awful.

  53. OMG!!!!! there are sooo many cute baby rats. poor kity she looks tired

  54. Cat to owner: “…I hate you.”

    😀 )))

  55. Whassallthis cute bebeh rat nonsnense? Cats’er spozed’ta mangle them thangs, not let’em CRAAAWL awl over’em! That aint right man. Just aint right.

  56. This is actually my Kitty. 🙂 His (neutered male) name is Zebo and he died in May 2004 😦 He was 10 years old, he had a heart murmur that caused apparent complications.

    He was an extremely patient kitty and never even ate bugs! 🙂 He would often cuddle with the rat babies and pick them up oh so gently when they got to far away. It was really sweet.

    We always said that he was the reincarnation of my grandpa (who died when I was 4) Zebo had the same patience and grace as my grandpa and he would even look away or leave the room if you were changing clothing. LOL.

    He loved all my rats and other pets ( he had 8 adopted kitty friends at the time of this picture) who he just adored.

    The rats are less that two weeks old as there eyes are still stuck shut. They were part of a litter of rats that I had rescued from being snake food.

    I submited this photo already months and months ago to “stuff on my cat” and it has never shown up on the website. 😦

    Sorry for the long post. I’m really happy his picture got posted. I miss my Zebo.

  57. warrior rabbit says:

    Yaaaaaayyyy! (in Kermit voice)

    Front door (!) entry to CO is again possible. W00t!

    Zebo sounds like a great cat, Susan C.

  58. Wow. What a saintly, patient kitty-boo he must have been, Susan. Was he like that his entire life?

  59. Zebo does sound like a wonderful kitty boy. He must have been awfully sweet!
    Glad you had some great years with him.

  60. Elfie, you’ve given me an idea:

    “But wait a bit,” the rats did cry,
    “Before we have our chat;
    For we’re not sure of our footing,
    And you know you are a cat!”
    “No hurry!” said the cat of Tab.
    So his fur the rats did grab.

    “A nosh of ‘nip,” the Tabbie said,
    “Is what we chiefly need:
    Tuna and Fancy Feast besides
    Are very good indeed–
    Now if you’re ready, rats my dears,
    We can begin to feed.”

    “But not on us!” the rats did cry,
    And they held on just like glue.
    “After such feline-ness, that would be
    A dismal thing to do!”
    “My fur’s so soft,” the Kitty said.
    “Don’t you think it’s true?

    “It was so kind of you to come!
    Tho I wish you had been mice!”
    The rats would say nothing but
    Started to think that flight
    Might be preferable to death —
    “Should we have thought this over twice?”

    “It seems a shame,” the tab cat said,
    “To make you feel afraid,
    After you’ve gone and climbed so far,
    It’s not an equal trade!”
    The rats at first said nothing, then
    “What about the deal we made?”

    “I agree with you,” the kittie said:
    “I’m stuck on you I’ve found.”
    He turned around then sorted out
    ‘Twas the other way around!
    Along his back the rats did lie –
    Their dreaming was profound.

    “O wee rats,” said the Feline One,
    “This has indeed been fun!
    Shall you e’er come back again?’
    An affirmation they did send–
    And this was scarcely odd, ’cause
    They were now such perfect friends.

  61. Holy Freakin’ Kee-RIST!
    Aubrey – I prostrate myself at your feet, sir! I am speechless! Stheriously, dude – that adaptation is inCREDible! [notworthy emoticon]

  62. OMG, baby ratties! Me loves ratties and catties! I have a black & white rat who sleeps next to my black & white cat in my lap. Too cute! Love this pic!

  63. BTW, three of my cats could care less about my rats. They wouldn’t eat them if I stuff a piece of steak in the rat’s mouth and served it on a silver platter lined with tuna and chicken. But my Maine Coonie…well, he’s another story…

  64. susan c: You can see that the cat is very sweet, a real gentleman. 😉
    I can feel your loss…… 😦

    This pic. is very sweet “I lovin it!!!”

  65. ka9q's wife says:

    Aubrey you have my deepest respect as a wanna be filker. I have never heard the Walrus and the Carpenter parodied so well.

    Susan Zebo sounds like a great cat. I miss my Sam all the time and he 4 years ago. He would have eaten every single one of those babies though. MMMMM snacks.

  66. AMAZING!!!

    I looooove me some rat bebehs. When my rat had little uns they were all in a rabbit cage, and eventually grew large enough to hoist themselves up to the bars, whilst still being small enough to squeeze through. It was incredible.

  67. Wattie Babies… i wuf watties!

  68. YGRS, great song! And dang it, I don’t have time to read any more comments…..I’ll have to come back to catch the Ode de Aubrey!!!

  69. Good lord, Aubrey. Clearly I’ve neglected a more detailed Lewis Carroll recurring-theme entry in the Glossary. (I even know one place where it’ll be cross-linked.)

    And I’ll be linking to *your* paraphrasing, if you don’t mind terribly, thankyouverymuch.

    One thing, though: I seem to recall that verse ending with “…they’d eaten every one.” Hmmm.

  70. And jeez — YGRS’s version of the classic roadtrip death song is a hoot, too.

  71. Oh sure, kitteh is patiently WAITING… waiting for his dipping sauce to arrive, so he can commence to snackin’!

    I agree this photo is perfect for Someone submit it quick!

  72. This could also go to the web site, things on my cat dot com.

  73. Susan C, what an adorable kitty. Your story made me go “awwww” thinking of the cat treating those mice as if they were his own bebehs. What an adorable puss. You must be proud knowing he was your cat. Hope he’s in kitty heaven now. 🙂

    (And Aubrey, you deserve a Nobel Prize!)


    That cat had to have been a saint to just sit there with all those baby rats on him…

  75. Susan, You must send this great photo to!
    Zebo sounds like he was a special cat..
    Taking care of baby rats.. how sweet!
    And kudos to you for rescuing the ratties as well.. 🙂

  76. can you say


  77. The snack that smiles back…Ratkins.

    Honestly though, that’s just too sweet. Susan C., you are lucky to have spent time with such a dear gentle-tom! 🙂

  78. Aubrey, wow. Glad to inspire! I wish I had the time and brain power. The manuals are sucking me dry, I think. But I couldn’t have done better, that’s for sure! AWESOME!

  79. jonny

  80. Theo

  81. OMG “Lyds”
    You have my name. What a coincience. Don’t meet many of us around!

  82. So cute!!! And daring! What a sweet kitty.

  83. EYikes. Aubrey, damn, girl. We NEED a spot to place these literary and musical gems. (yes, sad, I finally got a chance to catch up)

    TJ, yee’ah, me, too [not worthy emoticon]

  84. Dunno why, but


    Shite. Nuthin like laggin in behind.

  85. Ratlings on a tabbeh! W00t!

    And Aubrey – you just elicited a deep bow from me.

  86. How, exactly, does a photo like this present itself? Did they climb up there and park themselves like that? Did the cat put them there in that arrangement?

  87. hahaha! Thats funny… Zebo was just sitting on the bed and I had the babies a little bit farther away on the bed, playing with them when we decided that it would make a REALLY cute picture if we put the babies on Zebo’s back! 🙂 We knew the worst he would do is stand up ( making the babies fall about two inches into 20 inches of mattress, so we thought it was safe! 🙂 ) the baby near his head and the one nearest his back side just didn’t want to sit still!!
    PS. Momma rat was a pure albino an daddy was a black and white hooded ( he had a black head with a broken black stripe down his back.)
    The babies really loved cuddling in the kitty fur.

  88. dancer_chic says:

    what the hell are they?!?!?!?