“Just look at those beaks. I mean, come on.”

I agree with you, sender-inner Desi W., but tell us, just HOW did all these ducklettes happened to be piled together like this? They’re like a mini carpet! WTF!?


GAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Mini beakitude!



  1. Imagine this: hapless cuteologies goes in for full-face snuggle with a pile of ducklings. Emerges with half a dozen annoyed ducklings clinging to lips and nose with their adorable bills. Good thing this is just a picture.

  2. Oh, and can I just say: First post!

  3. I took that picture at the MN State Fair, in the baby animals building. They were only a few hours old and were just huddled in the corner of the pen, happily sleeping. I tried to count but I just kept wanting to grab them, and they frown on that at the fair.

  4. Mmmmm, fuzzy peepitude.

  5. And one perfect pair of webbed feetitude sticking out of the pile. Sigh. I can just hear them gurgle-clirking. CA-YOOT.

  6. Desi — w00t for you and the Great Minnesota Get-Together! We didn’t get there, this year.

    Must get back to work… currently being nibbled to death by ducks…

  7. i count 19

    i think

  8. Gah! Cheap shot to my sensitive cuteous cortex in my brain!

  9. IMHO, this was by far the bestest part of the baby animal building at the MN State Fair, and possibly the best part of Fair itself. Well done with the adorable picture!!!!!

  10. Okay, at first I counted fifteen, then eighteen or nineteen, and then I realized it doesn’t matter. It’s more than enough for a good full-faced snorgle.

  11. Nineteen! Nineteen cute baby fuzzy duckies, Mwah-ha-ha.

  12. They’re laying in the shape of a leaping bunny!

  13. And among the nineteen: four peeking ducks!

  14. Oh THANK Gaaaaaahd!
    *dives headfirst into duckpile, snorgling all the way* *nawmnawmnawm*

    THANKS for the link, FGC!!!

    Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh, that’s better. I was quackin’up!

  15. Desi, what a GREAT pic! Specduckular!

    *Happily being nibbled to death*

    Sweet ducking-pile of fuzz, at last I’ve found you!

  16. [snickering @ Arwo’s comment]

  17. [T. is snickering @ Arwo’s comment]

    butbutbut, is true! there *are* for peeking ducks in that there pile o’ fluffitude.

    T. you’re jus’ mean [furrows brow]

  18. (“< *Kwak*

  19. I think they are actually the droppings of the cutie-est cute monster in the world. Don’t look directly into his eyes if you come across him in a forest. Your last dying word will be “SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

  20. Mariser… I was snickering at Arwo’s play on “Peking Duck” (y’know, the entrée).

  21. …OK, I suppose that *could* be viewed as mean, now that I think about it.

  22. Scientists believe that they have discovered why M.C.Escher finally went insane.

  23. LOL TJ… shame these aren’t interlocking baby geese, because that’d be gosselation.

  24. Hehe…squeed to death by peeps, TJ?

  25. Yeah, teho, but these are quacktals!

  26. T.,

    I *know*. is just that the four little quacklets were, you know, actually “peeking” from within da floof. just wanted to watch you squirm a little. 😉 is all good.

  27. Gettin’ “down” with my peeps!

  28. Lauri,


    you slay me, girl.

  29. Teh-O – and what’s the cygneticance of gosselation?

  30. Ahh, pet they were only a few dollars too.

  31. TJ — the cygneticance is that it’s a dramatic natural example of “closest packing.” You know, like you find in squeehives.

  32. YUM!!! Ducks!

    OK no. I mean CUTE! OMG SO CUTE! *pop*

  33. Hmmm…think I’ll mix mahself up a quacktail while I catch up on the peeps.

  34. little miao says:

    So many pink beaks and one little webbed foot!

  35. Pile o’ duck floof!

  36. Is it just me, or does anyone else also see the vague webbed-feets-shape of this pile of anerableness?

  37. I WANT TO RUB MY FACE IN THEM. sssnnnnrrrggg…..

  38. Are we sure we are all not just having a nervous drake-down?

  39. Gary Fixler says:

    This is no way to store your ducks! Get them all in a row, pronto!

  40. Dude.
    It’s a clusterduck.
    Hell yeah.

  41. Oh my [SNORT] Kate…

  42. THAT is a gaggle of cute. Precious duckulences.

  43. Denise in Nebraska says:

    Is there anything in life more precious than fuzzy baby birds? No. The answer is no.

  44. We better get those kittehs from a few posts back to relinquish those KimWipes – we need to keep those beak-ers clean!

  45. MOTHER OF GOD… I just stroked out…has there been a possibly cuter post!?!??!?!?

  46. it’s a sea of duckehs, just like the sea of bunnehs…so proshy cute!

    *I apologize if someone already said this, but I didn’t have time to read through all the comments*

    I’m just glad CO remedied the bandwidth issue…I was on the verge of going postal without CO…lol.

  47. Squee!


  48. There’s a clog in the assembly line at the duck factory.

    This is what happens.

  49. oh my gosh i knew it was the MN state fair before i even looked at the comments. for those who have never been, it is a fantastic place to get your cute on, although now they’ve got the babeh animals in the ‘miracle of birth’ barn, and seeing a dozen bloody piglets just isn’t the same as watching a chick or duckling hatch from their egg…..
    i’m so old i remember when you used to be able to pick up the chicks and duckies and hold them. lurved it.

  50. These duckies may be in danger from the excessive snorglitude coming at them. Better hope they have AFLAC.

  51. Awww!!! All soft and buttery yellow. Lil foot i see! So cute! Just too da-ling!

  52. Squeeee! Lil’ duck toes!

  53. ..and back to you at the traffic desk Jim.

    Thanks Jill, it looks like we’ve got a pile-up on the outer loop. Traffic’s a bitch. Everybody’s slowing donwn to rubber-duck…ah rubber-neck. You may want to take the back roads. Now back to the weather…

  54. Maybe they’re born with, it maybe it’s Maybeline.

    xDDD Couldn’t Resist.

  55. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I’ve heard of an infodump, but a ducklingdump?

  56. Add one more at the top left of the lump and it forms one giant duck.

  57. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Pile…you’re on candid camera!

  58. NDRO — [chuckling]
    [with ducklings]

    CC — hmm, maybe this is where April Floorduck came from?

  59. Pika Hikari KT says:

    The fluffy downitude of it all! …Let’s get dangerous.*snorgles*

  60. *rofl*
    Clusterduck. Hee!

    Lorna is the sweetest of cats!

  61. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    “…NDRO — [chuckling]
    [with ducklings]…”

    Thank ya Theo!
    I knew you’d understand the reference!

    & your “chuckling with ducklings” is a goody of a rhyme!

  62. EEEEE!!! Fuzzy butterball ducklets!!!

  63. I count 20 🙂 Anyone else?

  64. *jealous of crazy people* C& says:

    omg! its like Ming-ming clones! Ming ming is a character from the absolute CUTEST show on tv, wonderpets!

  65. Pika Hikari KT says:

    [Ming-Ming]This is NOT seawious in the lweast![/Ming-Ming]

    And I might as well point out that no one got the Darkwing Duck reference I slipped in last time(bow to the awesomeness that is DW! BOW!:p)!O_O