Let’s check in on Numo…

Hey! It’s our FAVE moist nosicle ‘Numo’ admiring himself on the InterWebs (as he should!)


At least that’s what he’s up to when he’s not "tubing".


Many thanks to the find folks over at Loosetooth, Numo’s site. And thanks for the reminder, E2C!



  1. nop-sicle

  2. La LA la la LAAAHHHH
    what is it about the kawntroverseeal “first post”
    my fingers get all wobbly, trying to get in.
    firstest time first first first
    take that teho

  3. maybe coz it’s really “first comment”
    which makes sense

    ahhhh, the tubing!!

  4. Aaawww pointy cuteness!

  5. cute.

  6. the tubin picture is, erm, is a bit disturbing. or is it ‘distubin’ ?

  7. at least it’s not a mcflurry lid

  8. The first one’s cute. The second puts me in mind of the urban legend that starts, “In retrospect, lighting the match was my big mistake. But I was only trying to retrieve the gerbil….”

  9. The tp tube thing is a hedger favwe. Check this vid of “Spike”:

  10. Err, that was supposed to be “fave.”

    Either way, Numo – and most other hedgehogs – love those tubes!

  11. Ooh, I love Numo so much!
    Especially his hilarious tube antics. Keep up the good work you little spikey cutey!

  12. Bwahahahahahaha

    Crazy hedgey-pig!

  13. awww haha he is so cute. i love the second picture. some one mentioned urban legends and then i was all like “omigosh! it could be a headless horseman.. but instead of a pumpkin, a toilet paper tube, and instead of a man, a hedge hog, and instead of an urban legend, just a plain old legend…” and then i noticed how completely crazy i was being and shut up. anyway, numo = very cute

  14. sweetness

  15. CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. LOL, bunnajenny!

  17. He looks like a crazy prosh turtle in the second picture! Little pink feets!

  18. aw shucks. it looks like a hairbrush, or a furry micropohne, or just a plain ol’ hedgsicle

  19. Numo before the tube.
    Numo in the tube.
    I lub his leetle feets.

    My bunny used to do this with a big cocacola paper cup. (A pict just happens to be on my VOx page) 🙂

  20. EEEEK!! It’s FrankenHedgie! Someone replaced his cute little head with a cardboard tube! What dastardly fiend did such a thing?!



  21. It’s the Extrude-O-Hedge-A-Matic! As easily as you pipe icing on your cakes, you can now squeeze hedgies out into your own home! Simple push the plunger for hedgies, hedgies, everywhere!

    (Patent pending, or pudding, if you prefer.)

  22. brownamazon says:

    Thanks, Rich Fader, I’m all skeeved out now and thinking of Richard Gere.

  23. Oh Laurie C, please tell me the E-O-H-A-M is real and where I can get one!!!

  24. ROFL…you go misscrisp!

    hahahahah, what a sweet little hedgiewedgie!

    He’s the bestest nosicle around!

  25. ka9q's wife says:

    omg Hedgehogs+TP rolls = teh cute. head is sploding right now…..BLAMMO

  26. Looks like McD’s used this little guy to see how small their new McFlurry lids had to be…..

  27. Them’s some tiny little handsies and feetsies.

  28. And a tiny tail nub, too…

    ¡Yo, Arvay! How’re things in the Great White North?

  29. Good point, Trish! This IS the latest crises in the hedgehog world.
    Maybe that TP roll should have been designed more carefully….hmmmmm…..

  30. And, EC, and others…how in the toot do you make an upside down exclamation point? Or a heart?

    Educate the ignorant! < ---

  31. little miao says:

    I love Numo!!

  32. Jackie from Michigan says:

    I hope Numo doesn’t get his head stuck in the tube! At least the spikies don’t [oke holes through the cardboard…then Numo would really be in a pickle!

    He’s still got that famous schnozz!

  33. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Damn typos!

  34. Pix #2: “Whoa, Hedge-doggie! That Cottonelle swell must have been tubular! Because that is some wipe out!”

  35. num-num-num-num-num-num-num-num-NUMO!

  36. *snort* aaaaah, got my Aubrey fix for this afternoon! 😉

  37. “Feeling down? Need a quick, cute pick-me-up? Try Hedgesicle, the new way to recharge your squee! Just put the handy tube down next to Numo, and he will give you hours of adorabuls! Go to Cuteoverload.com to see your Hedgesicle TODAY!”

    (Numo not provided. Void where there are no hedgies at all.)

  38. Lauri, you hold down the [option] key and type the [1] key to make a ¡… at least, on a Mac you do. You can also hold shift + option with the ? key to make a ¿.

    A heart is <3
    (tilt your head to the right)

  39. Another hedgehog fan says:

    And now, a word from a poet who is very fond of hedgehogs herself – Pam Ayres!


    *adopts charming rural English accent*

    “In Defence of Hedgehogs”

    I am very fond of hedgehogs
    Which makes me want to say,
    That I am struck with wonder,
    How there’s any left today,
    For each morning as I travel
    And no short distance that,
    All I see are hedgehogs,
    Squashed. And dead. And flat.

    Now, Hedgehogs are not clever,
    No, hedgehogs are quite dim,
    And when he sees your headlamps,
    Well it don’t occur to him,
    That the very wisest thing to do
    Is up and run away,
    No! he curls up in a stupid ball,
    And no doubt starts to pray.

    Well, motor cars do travel
    At a most alarming rate,
    And by the time you sees him,
    It is very much too late.
    And thus he gets a-squasho’d
    Unrecorded but for me,
    With me pen and paper,
    Sittin’ in a tree.

    It is statistically proven,
    In chapter and in verse,
    That in a car and hedgehog fight,
    The hedgehog comes off worse,
    When whistlin’ down your prop shaft,
    And bouncin’ off our diff,
    His coat of nice brown prickles,
    Is not effect-iff.

    A hedgehog cannot make you laugh,
    Whistle, dance or sing,
    And he ain’t much to look at,
    And he don’t make anything,
    And in amongst his prickles
    There’s fleas and bugs and that,
    But there ain’t no need to leave him
    Squashed. And dead. And flat.

    Oh spare a thought for hedgehogs,
    Spare a thought for me,
    Spare a thought for hedgehogs,
    As you drink your cup of tea,
    Spare a thought for hedgehogs,
    Hoverin’ on the brinkt,
    Spare a thought for hedgehogs,
    Lest they become extinct.


    I suspect Ms. Ayres would be thrilled by little Numo, who is just cute as a button, no doubt flea and bug free, and who will thankfully never have to worry about crossing freeways and the like. Yay!

  40. Aww hedgers are the best, they have such cute furry bellies and tiny wet snozzles, and snuffle away on their way. The hedger watching himself is so cute – Fame at Last!

  41. I laughed out loud and scared the sleeping cat off of my lap. Poor kitty. But that is the most ridiculous hedgehog piccy- so yummy!!! Thanks for making my day!