How do you say ‘Cats ‘n’ Racks’ in Hebrew?

You know what? It’s time for some Cats and Racks, People, Israeli style. I think this guy wins smallest cat in rack award.




Sent in by the lovely Naomi G in Jerusalem.


  1. w00t!w00t!
    blue-eyed kitteh!
    commentroversory approaching!

    …this is a good Sunday.

  2. “Oy gevult” perhaps?

  3. teeheehee… the cutest, smallest racks resident evah!

  4. …hey, you can juuuust make out the “tabbie M” on that kitling’s forhead!

  5. AWWWWWWWWWW!!!! Teeny tiny kitteh.

  6. Is there even a “rack” in this picture… I’m sorry I was distracted by the tinyness of this kitteh.

  7. Oh, don’t make me git all up in yo’ grill ’bout small racks now!

  8. …residents. Small rack RESIDENTS. Sorry Meggles… today it’s all about the tiny tiger tabbie, not teh ta-tas.

  9. The teeny ears are KILLING me.

  10. The teeny ears are KILLING me.

  11. to quote someone that shall remain nameless:
    “anything more than a mouthful is a waste anyhows”

  12. the kitteh…
    I want to stuff it in my mouf!

  13. maymee I agree…wittle teeny tiny earlettes! squeeeeeee

  14. ShelleyTambo says:

    mariser–Trust me, stuffing the kitteh in the mouth is not a great idea (see last few comments on The Very Definition of Flop post).

    Is this really the smallest? Not this guy?

  15. ShelleyTambo says:

    mariser–Trust me, stuffing the kitteh in the mouth is not a great idea (see last few comments on The Very Definition of Flop post).

    Is this really the smallest? Not this guy?

  16. very observant ShelleyT.,

    the one you posted is indeed the teenie-tiny-petitiest-champion-of-world
    early in the comments his foster mom says that the picture was taken the day after the kitteh’s birth!

    and yes, actually stuffing a kitteh in da mouf is not a *great* idea. I di’dn’t say I was going to do it…just that I want to. 😉

    thanks for the concern all the same.

  17. “How do you say ‘Cats ‘n’ Racks’ in Hebrew?”


  18. Oh, there are so many ways I could go wrong with this one. Let’s just say that’s a cute picture and one very lucky kitten and leave it at that.

  19. eye lofs eets eeear-flops!

  20. Ok, I just know that this is an invitation to a flaming, but…
    …I tink da kitteh in da second pik is sayin’, “Nuh-uh, bro – dis territory is ock-yoo-pahd!”
    Lofs da earages an da facial ‘spression 🙂

  21. Since the last cats in racks I have gotten over my cat-in-rack envy, even though my cats are still far to large for my rack.

    My cats are also incredibly pointy, and I have decided that attempting to set them up in said rack would probably result in bleeding to death.

    Now, on the picture, that little marmalade kitten has the CUTEST ears! They’re all curled forward and I bet they’re the softest thing in the woooooooorld!

  22. teehee.

  23. TJ – I’ll admit it: I laughed. I already know I’m going to whatever version of hell my life leads me to anyway 😉

  24. Hrmph. If I stuffed a kitten in my rack, they’d have to send a search-party to find the poor thing after the pic was taken. I’d RATHER have a small rack, thankyouverymuchly. At least I could pad it up with a Wonder-Bra. As it is, I have to settle for the Wonder-If-It-Will-Handle-The-Weight-Bra!

    The kitty is a cutie, BTW!


  25. Awwwwwwwwwwwww…..cutest kitten in rack!

  26. Awwwwwww, that is an anerable kit! Nuthin’ wrong with that! 🙂

    And the teeny tiny baby that Shelley T. linked…..double awwwwwwwwww!!! I loves dem!

  27. What an adorable tiny kitten! I wanna feel tiny kitten tootsies in my boobage! I am jealous!

  28. On the LiveJournal feed, someone found this in her photobucket acct:

    totally mouth stuffage 😀 Though it looks as though the kitten was doing the stuffing 🙂

  29. I think it’s

  30. “cats ‘n racks” in hebrew is “hatooleem v’ shadayeem”

  31. I actually like this kitty ‘n’ rack picture the best!

  32. D2D- Re: “Wonder-If” Bra…

    ROTFLMAO! I’m with you, sister. I wouldn’t do that to a poor helpless cat, meself. 😀

  33. I’m not sure how to say it in Hebrew but it translates from gibberish into English as “the joke/category was cheesy to begin with *yaaawn*”.

  34. Cisne

    That seems to be one content and comfy marmalade kitteh!


  35. Lol, Cisne, that’s a great pic!
    Cats are happy anywhere it is warm.

    My big ol’ guy, Eli, is out hunting all summer. The second it drops below 60 degrees, he is in lolling on top of anything warm. People, dogs, car engines, a heating pad that has been turned off for hours.

    I was curled up reading a book and PLOP, a huge ol’ cat lands on top of my book, under my chin. No accounting for personal space with cats.

  36. The world is a cat’s personal space. It’s your problem if you’re in it. 🙂

    And the problem with Wonder Bras is that they make some of us look like optimistic 11-year-olds…

    My new motto:

    “anything more than a mouthful is a waste anyhows”

  37. Got to agree with Auntie on the feline personal space thing 🙂 – in the same way that nature abhors a vacuum, it goes against nature to have a space without a cat in it. In just the same way that all bags and boxes must contain a cat in the shortest possible time, all space must be occupied by a cat in order to maintain universal harmony.
    The ancient Egyptians understood this concept very well. They knew that the soul of the pharoe would never progress to the afterlife unless there was a cat asleep on top of the sarcophagus. The Great Pyramid of Kheops actually has a cat-flap in the northen face.
    Long before the Bald Pinks came, the cats were tasked with preserving balance in the universe, which was threatened by greeblingzz. Thus it is that in all times and in all places, all spaces must contain a cat, otherwise the world as we know it would cease to exist.
    If the space you’re in is at present catless, it is because it has either just been or is about to be occupied by a cat.
    So next time the 23lb shedding walking trashcan that you call Big Herb nuzzles up under your chin, breathing his catfood-flavoured breath in your face and slobbering on your cashmere sweater, you should scratch him behind the ears and thank him for preserving the universe for us 🙂

  38. ElfOwl: Yeah, they just don’t seem to engineer those darn things very well, do they? I can’t even get the kind with those plastic strap-adjuster-dealies anymore, for fear one will suffer a catastrophic structural failure, causing the strap to lash out violently in a public place, tearing through my shirt and raising a goose-egg on the back of some poor unsuspecting victim’s head while I’m standing in line…

    AuntieM: I’d rather look like an optimistic 11-year-old than a sagging 33-year-old, hon! 😉

    Tom: Feel free to peruse the myriad other categories if you don’t like this one, then. It’s called “free will”, enjoy it.


  39. Teej, you should write a book. Seriously–you have this uncanny knack for making people shoot drinks out of their nostrils. Please do the world a favor and only use these powers for good, OK? 😉


  40. Denita – ok, since you asked nicely, I’ll make you a deal: I’ll write a book so long as you post a pik on Teh Overload of Pepsi shooting out of your nose 🙂

  41. Sung at every Cat Mitzvah:

    “Hava Na-Kitteh”

  42. Those other two links above (hashi and Cisne) are precious as well. Same girl, same kitten, different adorability.

    D2D, just TRY and ask for a Wonderbra sized in a D (or higher)-cup. TRY IT and the salesgirl will stare at you slack jawed and go into convulsions. If you are lucky she will then begin to berate you in public for not “being thankful for what nature gave you already” and she will prance about, lecturing the universe on how she herself was shorted in the “shelf” department and how she hates anyone who was gifted with “shelf” and she will draw a crowd of sniggering onlookers. Not that this ever happened to me… *cough*

  43. Ah, Sarcasta, the small-racked use underwire bras to make more of what they have; they don’t understand that we larger-racked types NEED the architectural infrastructure of underwire. The collapse of a lesser undergarment could endanger the lives of all kittens within 50 feet.

  44. On the subject of cats…(clears throat) another Boxcar Cat has been trapped! w00t!
    (does successful cat-trapping dance)
    Tonight, we got Momcat H, who was pregnant with her second litter of the summer. Here’s the lovely lady, a few weeks ago:
    She has a litter already at the boxcars who just started to eat solid food, hopefully now they’ll be easier to catch and rescue without her around.

  45. Trap-tastic, LC. Care to outline the steps to the cat-trapping dance? It should, in my weak-minded opinion, take the form of a type of COnga Line:

  46. I’m not much of a dancer, Aubrey, so it’s usually a lot of jumping up and downing and w00t-ing. Done alone in the privacy of my apartment, away from outside eyes. However, you’re right, in the company of Peeps, a conga line seems quite appropriate.

  47. “downing” = “down”
    Sheesh, it’s late here.

  48. Way to go, Lauri C! I just saw a note that our vets with the mobile unit spayed and neutered 100 animals this weekend, 52 of them ferals. Yay, for everyone out there helping with controlling the pet population.

  49. and he then continued to sprinkle her tits in the most pwecious shower this world has ever seen. God bless him.

  50. Laurie C, I was just looking at all the photos of the Boxcar cats and kittens…your an absolute saint for what your doing for those poor lost kitties!!

  51. Oh, I know this kitty! He`s all grown up now:

    Naomi`s photobucket is like a textbook demonstrating stages of cuteness in a developing kitten.

  52. *hoots* TJ, I love ya! I do have every space filled with a cat, or about to be filled with a cat. And, I thank the design for it! 😀

    YAY, Laurie C! SO cool!

    Oh wait, I just read all the posts, and I do NOT have a cat in my wonder or wonderif bra. But, since the law of the universe states it, I have to assume that one will appear there shortly!

  53. Lauri – the thing to remember is that “shortly” is relative to the *cat* concept of time, not the human one. Patience will be rewarded 🙂

  54. Another horrible work day soothed by a smoofykittehface. THE EARS, PEOPLE! THE EARZEZ!!!1!1

    I can’t wait till I get kittens and I can submit my own Cats N Racks pic. I am jealous of the bras out there with kittens in them. Rawr.

  55. Actually, Naomi did stuff the kitty in her mouth. It looks quite hilarious! Just scroll down towards the bottom of this page and you’ll see:

    OH, and just because someone says they want to stuff a cat in their mouth doesn’t mean they actually will. Naomi did it because she is Naomi…and she has a big mouth 😀
    And I think its hurting her more than the kitty neways! I mean, OUCH!!

  56. Sweet chipotle Moses, just about every pic in Naomi’s series is just a *killer*, and she’s got pages and pages of thumbnails.

    And I’m sorry, but THIS is the top of the Cats-N-Racks crop:
    Am. Now. Dead.

  57. Teho – Rack schmack, I am slain by the Marmie BellyBelly!! Red Snorgle Alert!

  58. Theo, I assume you saw this as well:

  59. The teenyist boob mew!

  60. this entire cats n racks thing is really annoying

  61. The kitteh`s expression is remarkably similar to the one seen here:

  62. The kitteh`s expression is remarkably similar to the one seen here:

  63. Christopher Delbuck says:


  64. Uncle Janet says:

    Would this then be the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee? XD

  65. Better that than the “Cat in Smallest Rack” Award!

  66. My rack is VERY offended!

    (Yes, it’s me)

  67. [sigh] Hi Naomi. Hope you’re not *really* offended. That’s one happy marmie you’ve got.

    This is our tiger tom, Mr. Bounce:

  68. I’m not offended! I’m very happy with my itty bitty’s. I never wanted big boobs (I come from a family of women who needed reductions or are on the cusp of needing reductions, so I’m glad as I am!) Mr. Bounce is ADORABLE!

    I posted a whole buncha new pics yesterday, here:
    and here:

    Enjoy! 🙂

  69. butteredtoast says:

    where do you find this stuff?

  70. I submitted it. It’s me and my cat.

  71. This takes the Kawaii factor to a whole new level!

  72. Julie Lannin says:

    OMG, I just want to say that you REALLY look like my cousin who lives in Indiana!! Wow!! They say everyone has an indentical twin you’re pretty close to it!! What other nationalities are you besides Israeli??

  73. let’s see… the grandparents are from russian, polish and german descents.