This just in: A melting pug

"Seconds after plopping down into her squishy new bed, Lemon became nothin’ but cheek puff."

Thank you for the fine report—let’s keep an close (wall) eye on the situation.


Kathleen T. and Lemon-pup. Nice work… Oh, and Lemon, nice job on the tail nubbins.



  1. Aww, Lemon looks so sad.

  2. useta hada kitteh says:

    Ooo! Ooo! Am I foist? Da puppeh needs some lovin! What a cute ‘n’ sad face! Hug the puppers!

  3. useta hada and all that says:

    Oh, fiddle-dee-dee. Got so excited about maybe being first that I couldn’t remember my email, and Peter beat me to it. Oh well, he’s the one that’ll have to deal with Teho!

  4. I’m only fourth?!

    She looks sad 😦

  5. waya augusta says:

    *melts with the adorable pug*

  6. get that camera outta my face & come snorgle me or my lil heart will break!

    Go ahead and squish his face on the screen with your thumb and forefinger.

  8. His FOLDS stick out further than his NOSE!


    How does he smell? …awful…


  9. Pretty squishy baby! I think all pugs are sad because they know how silly they look.

  10. Well heck, Sarcasta, if it’s ducks you want…

  11. Piggalette says:

    “Hrumph. Fine. I didn’t wanna play with you anyway. I WANTED to lay here, all by myself, alone.” *pout*

  12. I think that the nose is melting at a rate greater than the rest of the pug…

  13. awwww *squeeshes de lil puggy*

  14. just noticed !! he has a heart on his forehead !!!

  15. warrior rabbit says:

    Hmm. I see two Homer Simpson (or gorilla) torsos in profile facing each other.

  16. awwww.

    i totally want a pug after seeing all the cuteoverload pictures.

  17. lurkertype says:

    I’m with warrior rabbit. Def. Homer. The reverse space of that looks more like an arrow to me.

    Save that pugster before he disappears into a black hole of wrinkles!

  18. xD!!

    omg…that face *can’t* be real!

  19. Aww, Lemon looks frowny… must be the furrowed brow! I’m pretty sure puggies have a hard time *not* looking cute!

  20. She looks sad because she’s afraid that she’ll melt away to nothingness. And then no one will give her treats.

  21. MelissaLovesPugs says:

    Lemon is one of my favorite pugs of all time, and the cutest too! (Don’t tell my Henry boy I said that!) Every picture I have ever seen of Miss Lemon has been extraordinarily cute, and has made me say “Awwww!!!” or “Eeee!”

  22. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Again with the Squooshy McSquoosherfacersons! And look at that awesome cow print on the chair cushion!
    Extra points for the anxious eyebrows.

  23. Lemon is a great name for this here smoosh – adorableness all around!

  24. It’s a Keane dog!

  25. Oh my that is one cute pup !

  26. *Lemon* has to be the cutest name for a puppy ever. And awwwww, little Lemon, it’s going to be OK. You’ll get snorgled soon. Don’t be so sad!

  27. owww… is Lemon sleepy?

    hmmm..makes me want to have a dog of my own.. 😦

  28. “Aww, Lemon looks so sad.”

    It’s a trick to get you to rub your face all over hers.

  29. I can’t get enough of CO pug pics!

  30. Someone should start a “Pug Overload” page dedicated solely to pugs and their redonk muzzlepuffs.

  31. Adorable! Stumbled upon your blog this evening and your posts really made me smile. -M

  32. useta hada kitteh says:

    Margie — one thing about stumbling onto Cute Overload is you’re sure to land on something soft!

  33. Looking at that cute face, I can’t get the mental image of Frank the Pug singing “I Will Survive” from MiB II out of my mind…*LOL


  34. Way 2 keee-ute! I love that widdel indented nose!

  35. I can’t help but imitate the smooshy face. Clearly this pug suffers from a crippling snuggle deficiency and needs a constant infusion of loooooove. *huggles the pug*

  36. “You can give this pug a goodie…or you can hit the ‘Back’ button.”

  37. I think I just died a little inside.

    In a good way.

  38. Sarcasta – “reverse nose boop” = genius. Loooove it.

    The little lemony puggy is soooo cute with her little sad melted self!

  39. It’s just a poof of nose and some very sad eyes. I wish to pet it.

  40. aww i juts wanna hug her until shes had enough!

  41. Awwwwwwww!


  42. C’mon, Lemon. Let’s go drown our sorrows in that beluga’s pool.


  43. This face makes my heart hurt. Garsh.

  44. Oooooo, what a DARLING! And Lemon is SUCH a great name.

    It does remind me of my trip to London, however. A lady was hollering at her young (maybe 7) son. He was heading down the steps of the National Gallery. “Don’t put your jacket on whilst running down the steps, you lemon!!”

    I laughed really loud, since being from the US I was not used to hollering fruit names at children.

    Just an awesome pic, though. Little Lemon wants her lips snorgled.

  45. Thereza Morgan says:

    Danger Cute over load , going to die of cuteness

  46. LOL @ “hollering fruit names at children”!!!
    sounds like a good name for a blog. 😉

  47. Hey, I DID need a good name for my blog, ceebs 😉

  48. awww that look…how could anyone not spoil her like crazy?

  49. I need to kiss that dog. Where does it live? I must go there and kiss it. I’m sure the owners won’t mind if I show up on their doorstep like a stalker and ask them to please let me kiss their dog. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that happens to them on a regular basis.

  50. That could be a good Letterman skit. Mel shows up at people’s doors & asks to kiss their dog. If there is no dog in the house, she then asks for a cold refreshing beverage and drinks it on their doorstep.

  51. Hahahaha…..
    Indeed Lemon is the most kissable dog! I would, also, like to lift up her lips and then let them flap down.
    I don’t think she’d mind.

    My Boston Terror, Sheldon, does not mind any sort of fiddling with his luscious lips.

  52. Sad? No way, look at that lip curl and those big eyes! She looks insanely thankful for the snuggliest, coziest bed she’s ever been in.

  53. Lemon pug, very pretty,
    And this Lemon’s face is sweet,
    Yes, to see the mug
    Of this Lemon pug
    Is a perfect Sunday treat.
    Lemon pug, very pretty,
    With a face made to be kissed,
    Yes the mug
    Of this Lemon pug’s
    Impossible to resist.

  54. Very nice, Aub.

  55. Oh boy, this one is so cute that I just let out an involuntary long and loud “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

  56. Peter, Pug & Aubrey in the house.

  57. Awwwwww! Don’t cry little fella, cause you got Cute-i-tude!!!!!!

  58. I am adopting a puggles with that same coloring… Seeing this picture makes me soooo excited to get her.

  59. adorkable kitteh says:

    OMG that is the most anerable – precious – snorgalish puglett face ever!!! His eyes just melt my heart! Meg – you’re the best…..thank you for such wonderful pics!

  60. I THOUGHT I recognised this dog…

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