Sing this song!





[repeat until roommate kicks you out]


Way to go, New Zealander Chels! (Oh, and SOMEONE is rokkin’ Rule 16…)



  1. Da Poit!!
    [runs from Teh-O…he knows why!! 🙂 ]

  2. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Smile if your 1st post!

  3. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Oh your= you’re…
    I love a dub dub that smiley fella! or fellette!

  4. I’ll take him, but where will I put him? And what about my CAT!

  5. i love the lil pout sported by this guy – or gal lol

  6. ehhhh cute 🙂 hes looking at me!!

  7. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    If you’re happy and you know it clap your flippers!

  8. eeee! a Beluga AND a Dik Dik on the same page!!! These are the ultimate Cute Mascots at my house! thanks again, CO for tailoring Teh Cute just for us.

  9. Amusingly enough, TJ… there’s no need for you to run, is there?

    Does this belugatron blow bubble-rings too?

  10. Technically, per rule 16, his/her eyes are well below his/her nose, which in whales on the top of the (five)head.

  11. cute cute cute!!! I always love the standard cute like kittens and hammies..but I especially love the uncommone dis here balooooooga!

  12. Ahn. Look at his cute big noggin.

  13. He he, I bet that song will get on everyone’s nerves, but I’m sick so they won’t say anything… (rubs hands together menacingly) Deliiicious…

  14. AHHH!!! *hugs it*

  15. usedta hada kitteh says:

    Dancin’ with the beluga, dancin’ and flappin’ around, dancin’ with the beluga… (it has a tune in my head, but you probably can’t hear it, can you?)… oh well, dancin’ with the beluga…

  16. Eyes are *definitely* at the level of the nose (which is one of teh RulZ), but in this case, the angle is weeeeird.
    (Sorry all!)

  17. With apologies to the Beach Boys…

    Beluga, Bahama, come on pretty llama,
    A dikdik, a bunflop, proshness cannot harm ya,
    The nyamnyam, the yeemyeem, baby why don’t we go to the Oh-ver-load,
    Log on quick and we’ll snorgle slow,
    That’s where we want to go,
    Down to the Oh-ho-ver-load…

  18. [waving lighter along with the rest of the audience]

  19. oooo… snogle meh slooowly, baybeh!

    hee hee TJ.

  20. warrior rabbit says:

    Cracking up at der Teej…though miffed that that tune will now be in my head. All day.


  22. [advances to the Place of Kneeling, wearing the Apron of Wormage and the Sandals of Going Forward]

  23. lurkertype says:

    Thanks — I think — Teej.


  24. Happy whale! Happy whale!

  25. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Bowing down yet again to the awesomeness that is TJ’s songwriting abilities.

    And can’t you tell that beluga is looking back at the photographer and saying to itself, “Man, I just don’t GET those things… they are SO WEIRD-looking.”

  26. TJ you made my afternoon – the bunnas have been demolishing bathrooms today, to make room for the belugaquarium. [Not really, just removing evidence of the 1960s – pink! blue! and mint green!. But a girl can dream.]

  27. Well balooooooga me! How sweet is this face? Take him home sweet!

  28. Where’s the gingham?
    (Rule 16)

  29. I love belugas! the only whale with a neck, a Mona Lisa smile, and that HUGE fivehead goin’ on, and the sweetest song ya ever heard…oh yeah, they’re one of my faves!

  30. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    T J Great song spin!!!
    Very spot on & catchy!!!
    Standing O for you!!!

  31. Teeeeeeeeeeeeeej, you…. must…. stop….

  32. But Meg, The Teej cannot stop, for he wears the Sandals of Going Forward.

  33. are those Sandals like the Boots of Butt-Kicking?

  34. Miette–is that a Munchkin reference I’m reading…? *grins in anticipation*


  35. Worshipful Arch Earwormer Teh-O speaks the truth, for it is only with the Sandals of Going Forwards (or the Espadrilles of Advancement) that neophyte earwormers such as myself can pass from the Outer Halls of Catchy Tune to the Lobby of Vermicelli, and thence to the Inner Sanctum of the Sacred Worm, to stand before the High Priestess of the Craft, Lady Springfield of Dusty, She Who Penned Son of a Preacher Man, acknowledged to be The One True EarWorm,. From Which All Others Come.

    Meg – hey, if you send me the TypePad info then I promise that the flow of halfway humourous invective will disappear in a twinkling 😉

  36. D2D,

    I’ll answer for Miette.


    I think

  37. Mariser – I talked to Mr. Krimpvarkie. He says not to worry about it, you weren’t to know, and if you’re ever in Capetown you would be welcome to stop by for Cricket Surprise 🙂

  38. Teej,

    I am so very relieved…
    I know how prickly those SAs can be.


    And excessive goofiness from Teej 😉

  40. aww.. hee.. Looks like he came to say hi!

  41. Damn, what I wouldn’t give to be a beluga right now … I hate anthropods. (Excepting the ones here, of course.)


  42. w00t!
    I’m slowly recovering from howwibble werk-related CO withdrawal.
    TJ you ruleth. Those Sandals (!)
    My day has been ENHANCED yet again.

  43. Yes, yes, YES!!!

    Simply MAHvelous, TJ!!! Belooga, belooga, oo I wanna hoog ya.

    And, the first (several times) I saw that Rule 16 link, I didn’t “get” Five-head”.

    Now, I do, praise jeebus!


  44. Subhangi,
    You only love CO anthropods? Are you having a really bad day? 😦

    It’s ok, most anthropods aren’t worth it anydanghow.

    But, around here, pleasantness reigns! Yay!!!

  45. OMG, I almost forgot
    “BAROOba, beluga, come on pretty…”
    oh yeah.

  46. ka9q's wife says:

    maybe i am late to the table but damn i just noticed the cheek puffage here.
    ooooo can’t i have one too all the cool kids are getting a baby beluga. I could keep it in the tub and feed it on scraps. pretty please.

  47. YAY! for the new zealand contribution! if only meg would post my submissions… *sigh*

    but still yay and lurve the pic so sweet!

  48. This beluga is very familiar to me!!!!
    Lives in Valencia, Spain… and it´s my neightbour…
    Greetings to everybody!

  49. Chelsea Winter says:

    Hey, you are right- I DID take the photo in Valencia!!! :o) from Chels

  50. A Beluga is NOT a fish!!! I shudder to think what category that poor little seal is going to end up in. How ’bout creating a Marine Mammal category?

  51. I was about to freak out about this Beluga being called a fish but I see Liz beat me to it.

  52. Come on let’s get over it in the name of cuteness ok

  53. anonymous addict says:

    HOLD IT!!!!

    All yous going on about anthropods, hasn’t anyone noticed that the beluga whale is not a fish?

    Whats this pic doing in this category! For shame!

  54. That is not a fish! cute, but not a fish. Perhaps there should be a sea mammal section.

  55. People do realize this is not a fish right?

  56. This is not a fish, it is a mammal