And 1 and 2 and stretch and snore! and stretch

[Aerobics instructor voice]

"And 1, and 2 and 1 and stretch!"


"…and 2 and snore and 3"


GET OUT,  Yael W.! You win best puppy stretch evar




  1. Aweeeeeeeee! *dies*

    That puppy can just come live with me…

  2. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Awwww… puppy!
    [gives pup a little teddy bear to cuddle in his sleep]

  3. PUPPY!!! What an awesome aerobics instructor.

  4. I can almost smell the puppy breath! awwwwwwwwn!

  5. Oooh, da puppy!

  6. PuppyDog#1 says:

    “hey i been barking at that dog all day long, protecting you, the least you can do is give me a belly rub… and some space!

  7. lurkertype says:

    I can almost smell the puppy feets.

  8. Extreme Paws-up-itude in the first picture! Puppehs are teh best thing evar put on God’s green earth!

  9. Lookit his witty crossed back feets! If you look up snorgle in the dictionary, theres a picture of this critter there, I’m sure of it!

  10. porcelaintoad says:

    pudge muffin! 🙂 ooooohhh!

  11. Kiss the puppy!

    Don’t kiss the puppy!

    Lick the puppy?

  12. ahhh so cute 🙂 🙂 🙂 squashy and cuddly and fuzzy and ahhhh…

  13. emmy to meg frost for best script for a comedy series episode

  14. That puppy is way too spoiled! Of course, hes extremely cute…:D

  15. That 2nd pic is precious.

  16. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww …

    the dreamy smile is priceless

  17. Too…cute…to…handle…!

    *is ded from cute*

  18. Awwww.. I’d be all over it trying to smell the puppy breath!
    SO cute!

  19. If that little doggy gets any more comfortable it’ll be dead.

  20. must snorgle this pup! such a sweet boy! i can’t tell, what kind of cuteness is this?

  21. That puppy SPELLS cute.

  22. Damn! That’s some fierce Upturned Paw if I evar saw it…

  23. Damn! That’s some fierce Upturned Paw if I evar saw it…

  24. Damn! That’s some fierce Upturned Paw if I evar saw it…

  25. little miao says:

    Such sweet floppy paws and such a heavenly expression!!

  26. He’s smiling in the last pic. It’s like he knows how happy he’s made us.

  27. No fair! When I do aerobics I get hot and sweaty, not cute and cuddly like that little guy.

  28. Awwww, just awwwwwww! He is perfect. The two front feetsies stretched out together.
    The left cheek smooshed into the comforter, left eye slightly closed…and then, poof…snuggle in deeper for the rest of his nap. How are any of us supposed to leave our homes after that. I want to go back to bed!

  29. that is my kind of workout!

  30. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Did I say that already?

    Oh, well, then I will just admit that I am still here on CO trying to avoid going to Vox to learn how to add all the peeps to my neighborhood. I have avoidance tendencies about new technology. 😉

    But, it will be great, I KNOW it will! I got two emails this morning saying I was added to two peeps lists, and well, it was like…I Have Friends!! Hop hop hop!

    Lol. I started a Livejournal once cuz I thought it would be a good way of keeping track of movies and books and stuff…well, I had no “friends” and my daughter said that my habit of commenting to myself just made me a loser. *grin*

    It’s weird being on here yakking away when everyone else is honkshuing! Ok, I am leaving now….*shuffles off to Vox*

  31. Lauri, I just joined the Vox thing….I am trying to come up with a good name for it.

  32. I forget — what is it that you’re supposed to do with your paws to be cute?
    Um… paws under?… paws throughout?… paws Benedict?… paws and smell the toeses?… anyway, whatever it is, Pupster’s doing it.
    [continues pawndering]

  33. what kind of puppyyyy is thattt!

  34. i cannot get over this picture. i keep looking at it, and the cute just doesn’t diminish any.

    i’m a cat person really, but this is just ridiculous. so, so cute. even on a page overloaded with cute, this is beyond cute. it hurts.

  35. Theo, I think you mean, “Raise the woof! (as in, dog barking)”

    Aubrey I ain’t.

  36. useta hada kitteh says:

    The paws that refreshes…

  37. warrior rabbit says:

    I, too, would like to take a nap. Scoot over, pup, I’m coming in.

    What an ideal snuggle buddy! So adorable.

  38. Thanks, I just woke up. Looks like that’s going to be a dismal failure now. 😉

  39. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Must… kiss… puppy… toe… pads!!!

  40. w00t! Wooly pup!

    Even I, as a dedicated Non-Dog Person, would snorgle that fluff-bundle of delight.

  41. oh what a cutiepie!!! soooo adorable, i can’t get over it.

  42. It’s a grey, rainy day here in the heart of the Lone Star State…and I wish I could do exactly what that fluffitudinous pupster is doing!

    Preferably with some good reading and a nice, hot cup of tea… *sigh*


  43. hrh.squeak says:

    Oooooh. Sooo comforbuls. Wanna snuggle Pupster of Luv.

    It’s been a crazy week – I missed youall. Miss me?

  44. denita, i may have asked you, but where in texas are you? tis quite dreary here in houston, i know that much.

    and…*steals puppy*

  45. Chibi! You’re in Houston?!? I’M in Houston!!!

    It nearly rained on me all day while I was out running errands. But I can see blue sky over the White Oak bayou right now!

  46. Kittikin is in the Houston hizzouse too! Can we get our own thread?

  47. I housta be in Houston! (like 15 yearses ago!)

  48. What kind of pup is this? Besides deadly kute that is….

  49. Chibi: I’m a bit further North of you, between San Antonio and Austin. It was grey and dreary here this morning but it’s cleared up now aside from humidity I could drown in. It’ll probably clear down your way by tonight, though the local predictions here say scattered T-storms throughout the week…

    My Dad–who captains a towboat on the ICW–has been pushing through drenching rains himself. And the love-bugs have been BAD this year–he says he gets all his protein in one breath as soon as he stands outside the wheelhouse. YUCKO!

    C’mon, at least it’s not crought-conditions anymore! ^__^


  50. …and by “crought” I mean “drought”. Yeah.

    Need late-night caffeine…*trudges off to kitchen*


  51. squeak, I missed you and everybody. I was just away for a week, myself. (See new kitten pix links I posted in the Day in the Kitten Life thread.)

  52. Laurie C – Just saw them, and they’re Adorabuls. But now I’m hungry.

  53. Malice Alice says:

    My mom says ‘no one sleep like a baby. They just sleep every-which-way’. Sage wisdom if every there was some.

  54. [sniffle]

    This is just what I needed on a miserable Sunday evening.

    *snuggles next to puppy*

  55. *stretching out mine own pawpads, crossing ankles, sighing happily*

    I am spending the day just like this puppers. Had a bit of a virus last night. Staying in and recuping today. Nice hot cupotea comin’ up!

  56. Oooooh, Laurie, cuppatea!! Wif scones? (adjusting Puddinpult for sconage)

  57. awww!! What kind of puppy is that?

  58. Oh yeah, hrh! Lemon? 🙂

  59. the puppy looks a lot like my dog did when he was a baby, so I’m thinking it’s a Tibetan Spaniel.

  60. For your personal exercise regime, CuteOverload introduces two new products:

    “Tie-Tie Master”

    and for the more advanced:

    “Bow-Wow Flex”

  61. I need insulin, NOW!!!!! Cute-i-tude scale: Off the richter scale!!!!!

  62. he’s actually just a mutt. just a cute little mutt we found and decided to take home. he’s now a lot bigger and less fluffier, but he still loves sleeping on his back. glad ya’ll liked it.

  63. jonny

  64. stick it

  65. to cute

  66. This puppy is a perfect candidate for!

  67. oops – typed the url wrong:

  68. Can someone tell me which breed is this puppy? IT”S SOOOOOO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. william congreve says:

    thank you for not using the word ” ‘tock” in your post …this puppy is indeed a cutie btw