Pocket ‘lope

[Teacher voice]

Students, the African DikDik is a ridiculously cute animal. You will not find a a more anerable member of the antelope family, though the tree-standing-and-munching Gerenuk comes close.


DikDiks are dainty little ‘Lopes, standing 30 to 40 cm tall, weighing in at only 3 or 5 kg. The perfect pocket antelope size. Purse-size mohawk comb included.


Ramon C.—You win the prize for most anerable antelope evar submitted.



  1. AuntieMame says:

    There is an eyes-to-head ratio, isn’t there? Holy cow! Look at those eyes! And that teeny little snout! And those honking great ears!

  2. What big eyelashes you have!

  3. Juniper Jupiter says:

    My gods!! Those lashes are bigger than its head!!!! So beautiful!!!

  4. Oh, AuntieM, I was so going to do a First Post Dance just to torque off Teho. But here you are all cozy on the site already with the Ante-Eyes. They are almost Japanese anime in their hugeness!

  5. Is it just me or does the 2nd pic look like someone tweaked his liddle nose & made it all crooked

  6. AuntieMame says:

    Heh! It’s not nice to torque off Teho…

    *thunder and lightning*

  7. Aaaaah! SO CUTE. I seriously envy those eyelashes.

  8. DIKDIK!!!!! SQUEEEE!!!!


    *needs a sedative*

  9. Teho is asleep now, but I’m sure he’ll catch up to me. I think he’s a bit omnipotent that way.

  10. With those dark eyes and Mary Quant eyelashes, this dik dik must be channeling Edie Sedgwick:


    Throw in those marvelously detailed ears and the wiggly nose, and it clearly raises the cuteness ante-lope!

  11. Good call, Aubrey! I can also see a Twiggy-ish resemblance as well. This antelope is so retro.

  12. AWWW MAN! my schmoop & I submitted a dik dik photo MONTHS AGO!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Think pic #1’s eyes are Anime-huge?

    You won’t believe the overall effect in THIS pic; looks like anime literally cming to life!


  14. AuntieM:

    Before you turn in, say this prayer:

    “Now I lay me down to sleep
    I pray T’s temper he does keep
    If I get first post before he wakes
    I pray my steps he does not trace”

  15. Especially deeleecious to cheetahs, lions, bush tribes (and fantasy-prone kittens who watch Animal Planet) are the anerable DikDiks.

  16. Oh c’mon! DikDik?
    *giggles incoherently*

    That is just… I mean… c’mon… is that a real name? How do they reproduce if they are all DikDiks? [quickly exits]

  17. A little late on the warning/prayer, Aubrey. The Wrath of Teho knows no time zones. I’ve been denied Vox service ‘cuz I did the First Post Dance over there. (There’s probably a real reason, but that’s not as logical to me at this hour.)

  18. They are near alien in their full-figured adorability.

  19. miss kitty fantastico says:

    they’re like regular antelope w/botched nose jobs. kind of creepy, but cute from the eyes up.

  20. ok when these cute squishy nose-ed anime eye-ed antelopes speak it can only be in a whispery lispy kind of voice, like little girls on the first day of pre-school.

    And they must munch large pink flowers that are big enough to cover their face except the large and lashy eyes.

  21. Those eyes!

    Mini antelope species are seriously cute, especially when you see them running around with normal sized antelopes. Our local zoo has this sort of thing going.

  22. warrior rabbit says:

    Did you try singlegirlwithacat, AmyH?

  23. The eyes! The eyes!

    They’re even bigger than mine, and mine are massive, look!


  24. wow, what’s the opposite of beady eyes? (the better to see you with). too cute.

  25. wow, what’s the opposite of beady eyes? (the better to see you with). too cute.

  26. I posted once when I am reincarnated I want to come back as a dikdik, so I can hear people say “Look at the dikdik”.

  27. …I need to poke this, to determine whether it’s real or not.

    It’s just…crazy! Never have I seen anything so anime-inspired in real life since the Japanese Flying Squirrel!


  28. I’ve seen DikDiks in the wild, and they are indeed tiny! Teeny tiny tiny on spindly legs!

  29. Huge eyes, twitchy nose, goofy varigated ears, multi-layer eyelashes, overall teeny-ness…


  30. chica y gatitas says:

    Ahh lubb it! So kewt. I want one. Dang! Does Purina make Dik-dik chow?

  31. Dikdiks are the cutest things ever… I went on safari in Kenya, and they are SO tiny and cute, and always in pairs. If their partner dies, they often just kind of waste away and die. Cute AND tragically romantic.

  32. I actually did a squeal so high pitched it was almost inaudible to mine own self. My dogs’ ears all stood on end. That little dikdik is the cutest thing I have EVER seen.

    Awwwwwww. I just read Ttoby89. That is cute and tragically romantic. *sigh*
    Just wow.

    And, fegetabotit, Aubrey. Teho can track first-spouters to the ends of da universe.

    Hey, Mr. Gerebok is doing YAY!!!

  33. I just want to snorgle his iddy widdle snoot. *squeeeee*

  34. *Heeeee to the squeeeeeee*

    Durn it, I was going to correct my Gerebok to gerenuk and I got all brainpoited by Claire’s Japanese Flying Squirrel link. Dang it, peeps did you see the little shite sproinging out of the tree into flying flap mode?!?

    *going off to work TOTALLY addlepated by the CUTE*

    Thanks! 🙂

  35. I can’t believe this is the first dikdik I’ve ever seen.
    *squees in delight*

  36. Dikdiks are also among the few mammals that are monogamous, which makes them even sweeter.

  37. Lessee…enormous eyes: check. Gigundo ears: check. Disney-style eyelashes: check. Prosh short little nose: check. Upturned mouth that makes it look like you’re smiling: check. Added bonus: upswept, twisty little mohawk.

    Yup, pretty much the cutest little antelope ever.

  38. Oh my, thanks for posting 🙂 I’ve submitted the entry twice: Sorry if I was being a pest, I think I was totally ignorant of the turnaround times at Cute Overload 😦

    And the dikdiks are even cuter when you see them move! Their little snouts can snorkel about in all directions! It’s like someone glued a bit of tapir to their faces!

  39. Oh my word! How is this possible?? I mean, look at those EYES! Absolutley adorable…

  40. THIS is the ULTIMATE! i need more! i need pictures of herds of them! i need one standing next to a bike that makes it look small! i need a baby dikdik with its momma! AAAAAAAH!!!!!

  41. GAH! I’d LOVE to have those LASHES!!!


  42. We had a DikDik at our zoo back in East Texas. It would run back and forth and back and forth all day. I used to beg my parents to let me stay at its exhibit. It was, by far, the most anerable animal there.

  43. oh my WORD!

    My miniature dachshund weighs more than a dikdik!!!!!!!!!!!

    DikDik Weight: 10 to 12 pounds

    (looks again)

  45. Huge eyes, tiny nose, they’re anime!

  46. they are called dik-dik b/c that’s what their ittle-wittle cries sound like!

  47. AmyH, you’re totally right. It’s like an anime-lope with those giant eyes. It’s redikdikulously cute.

  48. Oh, and Kewpie head!?! How many animals have Kewpie head? Anyway, it can’t be very many.

  49. Believe it or not, there is a kangaroo reserve about 40 miles north of Atlanta, and they have a dik dik as well. They let it run right up to you and if it likes you, it will “claim” you by touching your finger with it’s little glandular eye pouch thingy. It’s much cuter than it sounds.

  50. How awesome a name is that for an animal? It’s like the sound the sand creatures make in Spaceballs…dink, dink dink dink! dink dink dink…heee.

    And what a noseling! Does it move like a rabbits?

  51. eeeeeeeeeeee! the eyelashes!
    he/she is adorabubble!!!
    I want one! do they get along with kitty cats? :o)

  52. I want eyes like that!

  53. Jackie from Michigan says:

    I guess this is what happens when you cross Bambi with an antelope!

  54. Cute-i-tude!!!! x a million. You just want to fall into those gorgeous eyes!!! and that little Alfalfa cowlick, nummers!!!

  55. What about the pudu? At least as anerable (not to diss the dik dik)!

  56. http://www.bobharris.com/content/blogcategory/70/99/

    Pudus galore (and other cute ‘lope-like critters)!

  57. This site is going to make me lose my job!

    Does everyone know the tune to Darling Clementine?

    I am so, so sorry about this!

    On safari
    In Somalia
    A cuteologist spent some time.
    Saw a dikdik on a picnic
    Who on Acacia leaves did dine.

    Giant ears and
    Wiggly schnozzle
    Oh those eyes so big and bright
    And that Mohawk, so endearing
    You’ll come home with me tonight!

    I looked around and
    Started planning.
    Then I built some humane snares
    More than one, but less than three, ‘cause
    You know dikdiks come in pairs!

    Sad to say
    I will admit that
    My great plan, it came to naught
    My apartment lacks twelve acres
    That the dikdiks would have sought.

    I left those dikdiks
    In Somalia
    With my sad self I went home.
    To my ‘puter to be cheered by
    That cuteoverload.com.

  58. I LOVE the tiny mohawk!!

  59. o.m.f.g. rpen,

    everyday I am amazed at the creativity unleashed in this site. your song is *amazing*.

    Meg, we need podcasts! we need podcasts!

  60. rpennefe: bravo, bravo. Great job. I second the call for podcasts 😉

  61. rpennefe!! You brought a big smile to my face on day when I’m on the verge of snapping. Thank you tank oo tenQ. I didn’t think diks diks could any better…but they just did! xxo

  62. mariser – THANKS! I am blushing and grinning! (Man, I am such a praise whore.)

    I will warn you that such encouragement may increase the number of silly songs that I compose and inflict upon the nice peeps here.

  63. and rpen, I should add:

    your song is *tons* better than “Darling Clementine” too!

  64. Heather S. says:

    Holy EYELASHES Batman!!!!

  65. rpen sez,
    “I will warn you that such encouragement may increase the number of silly songs that I compose and inflict upon the nice peeps here.”

    BRING IT ON!!!


  66. D’oh! I didn’t type quickly enough!

    Thank you thinker and jaypo and everyone! I am simply returing the favor for all the times you made me lol…at work…so inappropriate!

  67. YORPF!??
    [eyes goggle]

    Work interfering with life again. Have to catch up later.
    Peace & puddins, y’all

  68. http://www.africancats-hounds.co.za/scarce_species.htm

    Cuteoverload lovers, I bid you to see what men these are… ones who would murder a dik-dik. I looked up the dik-dik just to see more photos of it and this is one of the top sites popping up.

    It makes me very angry, and I hope it makes you angry too.

    Sorry, Meg… not to make your post a soapbox… it was just shocking to see a grown man holding a dead antelope the size of a large housecat, filled with manly pride.


    Very cute antelope indeed, though.

  69. anne,

    I hope you don’t mind, but I won’t click on the link. I’ll be angry, though.
    I will never comprehend ‘trophy’ hunting/fishing.

  70. I don’t mind the mohawk, its cute, but the nose-mouth-snout ratio is freaking me out!

  71. I’d kill for eyelashes like that! (Okay, not kill…but oh my, they’re lovely!)

  72. (dabbing away tears of laffter, but cursing rpennefe for sticking that song in my head.)

    Oh, and enough with the talk, my people. I need some action. I NEED a Rule Number 7 fix. (That’s the large/small cute pairing, right?) I need a pic of big antelope with tiny dik dik brethren.

  73. okay is teho theo?

    and aubreyM you had a zoo when you were little????
    JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy crap
    didja have ellies? and pigmy hippos? and marmosettes? and polies? and tazmanian devils? and otters? and stuff….

  74. Who?

  75. LesbianNeoCon says:

    The 1st photo looks like he/she is smiling!

  76. RPennefe: you have the gift, my child! Hal-le-LUjah, praise genius.

  77. Redz:

    If you could click a pic of your pick of tiny brethern of the dik dik, that would be some trick.

    Now, unfortunately, I am highly irritated to find that I actually have to WORK this morning…that work is the inter-loper, interferring with my enjoyment of this antelope.

  78. warrior rabbit says:

    Awww. Unrelated (to dikdiks) and sad: panda grief.

  79. being a crazy person that can identify antelopes by species (started as a bet, got out of control, blah blah) and a huge cute overload fan, i was thrilled to see the precious dik dik featured today. and the gerenuk, by linkage. the world’s hooved mammals are truly unsung heroes.

  80. Eyelashes to die for!! This Dik Dik is killin killin me!

  81. I endorse Mariser’s encouragement of more songs from rpen… or anyone.. songs about the most adorable animals on earth can only be welcome.

  82. warrior rabbit says:

    bee, it just happens sometimes. A hiccup. (Or hiccough, if you prefer.) Generally they just stay there, sorry.

    Yes, teho is theo. I’m not sure AubreyM actually had a zoo — I’m guessing she just meant it in the general sense. Like, I might talk about “my zoo” to someone who lived elsewhere. AubreyM ?

  83. This fellow gets second place in the Worlds Most Gorgeous Eyelashes Award – second only to the Giraffe!

  84. rpen: Write away, my dear!

    Anne: We need no convincing that people do terrible to our beloved furred and feathered kin.

    bee: Teho? Theo? Heto? Who he? And… AUBREYM??!


    We have TWO (2) Aubreys in our midst!! The unthinkable has happened…

    AubreyM: We’re going to have to subject you to a pun test.

  85. you guys r silly says:

    Your *cute* song brought a smile to my face! Thank you!

  86. I want a dik dik farm.

    I would keep them as companions and let them run and jump about all day long. They could have babies and raise their families in complete peace.

    This is the cutest little animal ever. EVER.

  87. she …or he is absolutely beautiful!

  88. You think that the gerenuk reaching a tree is is cute. Check out the gerenuk head on.


    The ears on this fellow!

  89. Not That You Guys R Silly The Rhyming Songwriting One says:

    Can I play too???
    *Still to the tune of My Darlin’ Clementine”:
    (clears throat…”ahem”…)
    Saw a dikdik
    Grabbed him quickquick
    Ran and squealed “He’s MINE!!! All MINE!!!
    I will KISS him (NEVER DISS him!)
    Me and dikdik will be *just*fine*!

  90. omfg! NTYGRSTRSO – brilliant! I am speechless with delight…and awe!

    *climbs down from her great height, offers NTYGRSTRSO the place of honor*

    It is an honor to give up my status as king of the mountain to this fantastic singer/songwriter.

  91. this animal is so cute that it is wierd looking, the front view is all doe eyes with no nose

  92. I have a doe-eyed dikdik who has no nose!

    How does he smell?


    /ducks and runs for cover

  93. “We have TWO (2) Aubreys in our midst!! The unthinkable has happened…”

    JP, haven’t you ever heard of ‘The Litchfield Experiment’?

    We are on the ‘Eve’ of Destruction! HA!


    no no no rpennefe!!! Stay up here WITH me!!!
    And sing the 2nd verse with me: (picture you and me and the dikdik all with daisy chains around our necks ok?)
    (still to the tune of Darling Clementine):
    Shiney bright eyes
    (Hear our *girly* sighs…)
    We will *snurgle* all the day!
    Twirling Jumping
    Hearts a thumping
    We will squeeeeeeeeeeeeee our cares away!

  95. Peeps… you’re breaking my brain with them gigantic ever-changing screen names.
    Brevity is the soul of wit.

  96. Yep, another Aubrey…but I don’t post near as many great things as the original:)

    Heh-heh…X-Files. That’s what that’s from right? Litchfield? Eve?

  97. Well, it’s happened NTYGRSTOYGRS, my coworkers have been provoked into calling for the nice men in white coats to take me away to that padded cell with my name on it. It seems that they (my coworkers) don’t understand why I’m squeeing and laughing the live-long day.

    Ah well, I may be confined for my own safety – and the safety of others. Still, I’ll hold these lyrics in my heart forever!

  98. Oh, and it wasn’t MY zoo:) It was my hometown’s zoo. Sorry about that.

  99. OH MY GOD, HOW AMAZINGLY CUTE! Those eyes, the lashes, the great twisty of hair on the very tippy top of her head! Great picture for a FRIDAY!


    Me and *OUR* dikdik will come break you outout…
    keep your eyes open for a cake with a filefile in it….

  101. you guys r silly says:

    oops…sorry Theo.
    I corrected it…

  102. the same warrior rabbit as ever says:

    Personally, I like the long and ever-changing names. It’s part of this group’s quirky personality. I like quirky.

  103. AubreyM – you are correct, my friend!

    Um…have you ever heard of digitalis? Do you know what it tastes like? Oh. You don’t.

    Want a drink of my soda?


  104. Looks tastey

  105. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Cute & commical…
    Like an animal from a Dr. Seuss book.

  106. Awww, look at it’s eyelashes!

  107. It has a useful nose! Read from awf.org:

    The head sometimes does not seem to be in proportion to the dainty body. A shaggy crest of hair on the crown, which at times almost obscures the horns, is raised when the animal is alarmed. Dikdiks have elongated snouts that look like a little proboscis, or trunk. The nose is mobile with the upper end slightly forked, an interesting adaptation to living in hot, dry climates.

  108. you guys r silly says:

    I agree warrior rabbit…NOT TO BE DONE IN EXCESS, but — it’s funny to see someone’s name WEIRD (*quirky*) all of a sudden sometimes…&:o)
    *NTMTOM* showed us the way!

  109. LOL. I’ll have to pass on the soda…it smells a bit too sweet. Thanks, though.

    Who’d have thought–two Aubreys with similar tastes in cult TV and websites. This is great!

  110. AM: If you’re an MST3K fan, I’m afraid we’ll have to walk into the sunset, hand in hand…

  111. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Awesome job on that poem rpennefe!

    Standing O for you!

  112. Tony James says:

    Apparently they’re called Dikdiks because of the sound they make when they’re alarmed…
    …would it be wrong to go in to a field of them and shout “BOO!” so they all started hopping everywhere going “Dikdik! Dikdik!”?

    Apparently they’re hunted by these guys…ear-tuftage!! 🙂

  113. Look at those eyes! How adorable!!! ^__^

  114. It looks like some kind of fluffy alien, doesn’t it? I mean, what can you say about an animal that goes by DikDik.

  115. “I can’t believe this is the first dikdik I’ve ever seen.”

    ROTFL. Must. restrain. myself. from posting lewd comment and remember this is a G-rated site : P

  116. Aubrey: Alas, ’twas not meant to be. I’ve never actually watched MST3K. Not that I haven’t had a lot of people screaming at me that I’d love it. I just never had a chance to. *ducks*

  117. Wow. When did Disney start a breeding program?!

  118. AubM: *screaming* You really ought to watch it!!! 😉

    Seriously–if you like silly b-movies, cult classics, and wickedly funny humor, then you’ll probably love the misadventures of the denizens of the Satellite of Love. Especially the earlier episodes!

    As for the dikdik, it conforms to the rules of Anime: Big Eyes, Small Mouth, and it’s even chibi too!


  119. On a different subject, but check out this otter playing with a rock.


  120. Yes, a verse about jealousy of a dik dik. And it has nothing to do with a certain type of envy.

    It’s not as good nor as timely nor as lengthy as previous efforts.

    Still, that won’t stop me from offering:

    “So very charming
    A bit alarming
    With Mabelline its eyes are lined
    My poor makeup
    Needs a shake up
    Better stop lest I seem to whine.”

  121. AuntieMame says:

    Lengthy dikdik envy?

    Sounds like an email I received the other day…

  122. you guys r silly says:

    Auntie Mame:
    “dikdik envy”…
    you cheeky monkey you…

  123. I want eyelashes like that!!!

    What a pretty animal, I wonder if that is a little boy or a little girl. What ever is it, it’s a sweet little thing!

  124. OMG!!!! Eyelashes should be a rule of cuteness!!!! This Dikdik is the winner for that rule!!! I don’t think any other animal can some close for lash cuteness!!

  125. Gerenuks are my favorite antelope, with dik-diks and duikers coming in a close second.

    But no…*everyone* needs to go look up pictures of gerenuks, because the one posted does not do them justice. They are the *skinniest* and most stretched out animals know to earth! I dont know how they survive!

  126. the you guys r silly who needs it in english please says:

    “30 to 40 cm tall, weighing in at only 3 or 5 kg”
    I’m metrically challenged…
    What does this translate to in inches and pounds???

  127. DavidBoBavid says:

    I can’t get over the fact that’s it’s called a dikdik.

    I’m far too immature.. it’s freakishly adorable, though. I love the ears. They’re huge!

  128. For centimeter:


    KG is actually the abbreviation for Kyrgyzstan, so the photo of the gerenuk doesn’t really indicate its massive size. 3-5 kg would translate into several million pounds.

    Hope this helps.

  129. hey Aubreys! and everyone one else that hasn’t done it yet,

    come over to http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/09/opportunity_kno.html

    and get into the great Vox giveaway! come and join the neighborhood!

  130. erm,

    there is an extra “one” in teh above post. a cookie to whoever finds it first!

  131. Aubret, D2Daguerreotypes and everyone else who likes MST3K:

    didja now that Mike Nelson now has a website, http://www.rifftrax.com/
    “an innovative new site featuring the hilarious DVD commentaries of Michael J. Nelson, head writer and star of the legendary Mystery Science Theater 3000” ?

    read all about here:


  132. “everyONE ONE else that hasn’t done it yet,”


  133. sowry.
    *just* out of SDs. will Chocolate Chip be OK?

    [scratches head]
    [wonders if puddinpult can be modified for cooky delivery]

  134. Mariser:

    Could a happy compromise be reached?


  135. James – the vid of the otter playing is WONDERFUL!! Thanks for that!!

  136. If you haven not gone to see the otter vid, you otter. MADNESS! This otter has stolen my soul. Even now I am planning on ways to get my own otter. Need more motivation? He walks on 3 feets so he can carry his toy rock around!!! And his little belly fat jiggles while he’s doing his Harlem Globe Tr-Otters routine.

  137. Aub,

    didn’t even have to read the recipe. just the title. LOL.

    also, so sorry for calling you “Aubret” at 1:29PM

    I’m veddy veddy sowry.

  138. Yesssssssssss…that otter does indeed ‘rock’. He’s so deft, he has to be a member of the Harlem Globe-otters.

  139. Aw, Redz!

  140. Without reading all the other posts (so I don’t know if this has already been said), I’d just like to put in my vote for cute ungulate: the klipspringer is nearly as cute as the dikdik. Teeny little guys with rubbery feet for climbing and leaping up tall rocky escarpments. They look a lot like dikdiks but spirally horns and their ears aren’t quite as huge.

  141. ***EARS!!!!***


  142. When I was a slip of a girl, I lived near a large metropolitan area with a great zoo.

    Dikdiks were my favorite animals.

    I am not making this up.

    See ya on Vox.com, as soon as I can think of a witty-ish blog title.


  143. Headon picture of gerenuk!!!!

  144. I think I need some of these. 20 would do.

  145. So beautiful – think that they can provide world peace! Awww – lovely eyes and eye lashes :o)

  146. Not only do we get cute fixes here, we also get earworms (a song that sticks in your head and plays and plays and plays and…). But even the earworm is cute, and better than the original! Thanks, rpennefe!

  147. This critter is soo anime, I can’t believe it hasn’t had its’ own Japanese series. Mobile nosicle and all.

  148. This picture is the perfect antilope for the poisonous week I’ve just had.

  149. E to the C sez,

    “See ya on Vox.com, as soon as I can think of a witty-ish blog title.”

    girl please! you already have one! “E to the C” or “E to the See” or “EEEEE to the SEEEE”, or… besides, we are waiting for you [taps foot]

    and I totally believe that dikdiks were your favorite animals…they are bunnehs in antelope form!

  150. oh Aub, I’m sorry to hear. the stars must be (mis)aligned…
    I hope that by Monday this week will be a dim and receding memory…

  151. I’m pretty sure that ‘dikdikdikdik’, as the photo is named, is also the foley-noise made when the dikdik bats its ridiculously impossible eyelashes.

  152. Cute: the Final Frontier!

    I love it when you find cute new animals that most of us have never seen before. But my boyfriend says we can’t have a dikdik. Oh well. 😦

  153. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Dikdik is wonderful and that vid of the otter is also great – I’m pretty sure it’s an Asian otter judging from the squeeeeekings.
    I’ve been hard at diy for days and have missed CO something awful – now I need to go to bed but I feel sooo much better for reading this page!

  154. It appears that in CuteOverload’s attempts to constantly beat previous records of cute, it has had to resort to creating new, impossible animals to satisfy our jaded cute senses.

    I just cannot accept that a 10 lb antelope with giant fairy eyes and a shy little smile is anything other than a cruel hoax. Seriously. My cat could EAT this animal.

  155. Caitlin, maybe you should tell your boyfriend that he’s behaving like a dik(dik)…

    And seriously – would an unusually large antelope of this kind be called “Moby Dikdik”?


  156. Thanks, Mariser. This antelope is my antidote. And to cleanse my soul I’ll try to find a picture of a ‘lope on a slope.

    Much preferable to:


  157. “This picture is the perfect antilope for the poisonous week I’ve just had.”

    I hear ya, Aubs. Friday couldn’t come fast enough this week. I think the stars are spinning backwards and upside down.

  158. If you have a printer at home, here’s some gentle amusement…


  159. 2SJ, Lauri, Hila, anyone else I’m missing,

    this is a repost, so forgive the duplication. but if you haven’t, please come to:
    and join the Vox neighborhood. is being a lot of fun!
    and gar-ant-eed to improve a lousy week, Aub. (and less fattening than icecream. but not as filling)

  160. Denise in Nebraska (still laughing aloud at cuteness of picture) says:

    GOOD LORD!!! (Grabs nearest Dr. Seuss book for quick comparison of features, etc. etc.). Seriously, folks—this creature surely lives in Whoville (or some other Seussian/Seussistic land…)!! It’s a little-known fact that the dik-dik was discovered by the Lorax…who (as we all know) was keenly interested in the well-being of our environment. As a side note, there is an incredibly short distance between this creature’s eyes and mouth (and even less distance between nose and mouth). I WANT TO KISS IT!!!! ok. Calming down, now.

  161. There are dikdiks in many zoos — I’ve seen & adored them in more than one myself. You Cute-lovers really need to take yourselves to a good zoo and see Real Live Cute Animals! If you want to find out if your zoo has dikdiks before you go, you can check out their webpages. Or google “dikdik zoo [city]” or sumpin. Come on … you know you want to go to the zoooooo … say, tomorrow! And you don’t have to round up a child to give yourself an excuse to go. Bring a camera and money for cotton candy. Go by yourself if you have to. Just go check out a dikdik, a klipspringer, a prairie dog, baby mammals of all sorts …

  162. “get thee to zoology”

  163. I love the paper toys. And I have the sound off on my computer so I whistled “Sweet Georgia Brown” while watching the otter.

  164. I get an email antiques newsletter from Kovels and this was in there:

    “Watch your dog or cat or even your pet cougar. A guard dog at a London children’s museum tore up a collection of valuable, rare teddy bears. Most famous was one owned by Elvis Presley that was just on loan. The Doberman chewed up hundreds of bears in the $900,000 collection. All pets with teeth are a problem for collectors. We once watched a chained pet cougar chew the foot off an 18th-century American Chippendale chair worth over $20,000. We were surprised that the owner was amused.”

    Bad dog! Naughty kitty! Rich man.

  165. lurkerT, look for email…

  166. warrior rabbit says:

    I’ve seen dik diks and duikers and whatnot at the zoo before, but sometimes I sort of, uh, forget about them. So it’s always nice to see the pix that will stimulate a grey cell or two and make me go, “oh yeaaaaahhhh — the dik dik!”

    In a zoo-related story, I went to our zoo (San Diego) in June and we were ogling the meerkats when suddenly — full alert. The two that were digging, the reclining sentry and several from God knows where suddenly snapped into action and formed an offensive line, staring us down.

    While interesting, we were all, what? what? what did we do? The guy next to us had a brown cane with dark brown stripes on it. He had merely shifted and lifted the cane so he was holding it with his hand against the rail, parallel to the rail.

    Those meerkats’ eyes were GLUED to the cane. We all decided that they thought it was a snake. Later I saw the same behavior on Meerkat Manor — the line, the staring, the bobbing.

    Moral of the story: bring a snake-resembling cane to the zoo when you go — you’ll get to see cool animal (or at least meerkat) behavior.

  167. thx, jaypo.

  168. oh and speaking of otters, there’s an otter on The Toymaker:


  169. TuxKit just stuck his head in my mouth. Guess he likes my spearmint toothpaste! He kind of liked the mint spray we use on ants. I’ll have to try him on catnip.

  170. Cutie!!!! He/She looks like babi! I love babi!LOL:-)

  171. According to my little sister, it’s the adorablest thing ever!

  172. This animal is way too cute to exist.

  173. Tooo cool, warriorrabbit!
    It is SO interesting to see animals act/interact/react and to try to figure out why.

    Last year we were in Las Vegas and visited the “zoo/garden” at Mirage where the while lions live. An entire crowd surrounded the enclosure. White lions were lounging, walking around. Suddenly one of the adult males locked eyes with a young adult male human outside the barrier. They stared for seconds, then the lion charged the enclosure. The crowd scattered, totally startled. The staring human male fled, too. Noone was sure exactly what that lion was thinking, but….wow!

  174. I petted a dikdik once at the Oklahoma City Zoo. Their enclosure had a side bit that wasn’t well-removed from foot traffic, and there was a space in the fence *just* big enough for the dikdik to come stick its head up to. I scratched between its ears for a minute, marvelling at its pencil-thickness legs, before it got nervous and flitted off.

    One of the best moments of my life, so far.

    Oh, and Warrior Rabbit? The meerkats in my local zoo are FAT. Fat meerkats. Who’d’a thunkit?

  175. Hehe lurker… as if he doesn’t bite enough already! You’re going to NIP him???!??!!


  176. Dikdik mascara – a best seller!

  177. I got a Vox account, mariser, and I am excited to get it going…I am not the speediest of peeps, I am afraid.

    Oh, and the gerenuk is now my background/wallpaper..whatever the heck ya call it. I am in LUV with that animal. What a beautiful thing!

    I saw an Okapi in a zoo many years ago. It was graceful, elegant, beautiful and alone and sad. I loved it, and hurt for it, too.

    Haven’t ever seen a gerenuk in a zoo. Let’s see…I have seen duikers. But am pretty sure no dikdiks.

    These animals are miracles, people, I tell ya, miracles! Look at them!!! Beautiful sproingy legs with tiny flappy schnozzles. HUGE liquid eyes with fluttery fairy eyelashes. Sigh. I am in love.

  178. oh, mariser…. I’m already signed up with Vox.com, but I’ve been too busy working (read: listening to weird music, mulling over my next show) to get there…

    So, patience, m’dear. I’ll be there, tho’ a tad late-ish.

    And Aubrey, re. your last post: groooooaaaaannnn! (Actually, I can’t help wondering if all’s well that ends with ghosts from Denmark?)

  179. Oh, and folks: check out the Kirk’s dik-diks (my former fave animal) at http://www.ultimateungulate.com/Artiodactyla/Madoqua_kirkii.html

    Ulitmate Ungulate.com!!!

  180. mleiv, YES. My thoughts exactly.

  181. EC:

    Do you O-feel-ia OK? I’ll admit it was a little Hamlet-fisted of me. I’ve not been well.

    Tuesday’s wonderful dinner with LaurieC seems like a distant delightful memory.

  182. musicchick2 says:

    Forgive me if someone else has already mentioned this (I haven’t read ALLLL the posts). Is it just me, or do these photos look ‘shopped?

  183. Oooo, Aubrey! How fun to meet with LaurieC! And now she is gnawing on her Tuxkit! 🙂

    EC, I, too, have a time problem. However, it is animals/plants and work which take it all..not nekessarily in that order. What shows are ya typin’ about?

    musicchick2, these photos do not looked shopped. These creatures are naturally, genuinely, totally, incredibly aMAZing! 🙂

  184. And, the excellent advice to get us ALL to a Zoology….let’s GO! and take our cameras! 😉

  185. musicchick2 says:

    Lauri, I will take your word for it. I meant no offense. They are absolutely beautiful….so much so that I thought maybe it was a little ‘helped’. Thanks for settin’ me straight! 🙂

  186. lurkertype says:

    No, I am gnawing on my TuxKit! Laurie C. is the rescuer of Boxcar Kitties, which AFAIK she doesn’t gnaw.

    Pray for us all. We’re letting TK out in about half an hour. HRTortie will be even more pissed.

  187. brownamazon says:

    Man, I go away for a couple days and see what-all I miss! Cute over-lope, my word. And now it seems we all live in happy demented CO neighbourhood on in Voxville–w00t! More hours of work lost to the scourge!

  188. Siobhan, that gerenuk doesn’t even look real. I am going to make it my life’s mission to see one of those critters in real life.

  189. My 8th grade class “adopted” a dikdik at our local zoo for a year using fundraising money.

    I’m fairly certain we mature 13 year olds chose that particular animal because of the name….

  190. Aubrey, o what a noble pun is here unsown. (???? I’m tired, and it’s showing….)

  191. “and I totally believe that dikdiks were your favorite animals…they are bunnehs in antelope form!”

    mariser, that never, ever occurred to me. You’re on target fer shure.

  192. Sorry to put a dampener on things but I’ve just seen the face of pure evil, Its worse than “Sunny Bunny Rabbit Farm” Someone offering to let you hunt a dik dik and he has a photo of himself smiling over the poor unfortunate beast he shot, he has to have a heart of stone. http://www.africancats-hounds.co.za/scarce_species.htm

  193. ScorpioSpirit says:


    Biggest eye-and-lash to head ratio evvaaarrrr!!!

  194. Oh gaaaah! Sorry, lurker, I got all confusculated! And, ya know, I woke up in the night thinking about Tuxkit sticking his head in your mouth, and I thought “I bet he just wanted to snorgle LT’s tongue!”

    I don’t know why that thought popped into my head.

  195. As for the hunting pic and the link that sounded like it would be sad….oh, the panda grief one…I couldn’t even look. I am sorry, I am a wuss.

  196. Ooops, one MORE comment, TJ, the caracal is an incredibly beautiful animal, also. Similarly strange proportions to the gerenuk, and flooftacular ear floofs.

  197. That is the most adorable antelope I have ever seen. Look at the eyes! The eyes!

  198. Two thoughts:

    1) My parents have an old movie of me at the Philadelphia zoo (circa 1980, so I was about 3) commenting on how much I loved the dik-diks. You can hear my father trying not to laugh.

    2) MST3K is one of the best television shows ever. I starting taping episodes in highschool and have about 100 of them on VHS. So obsolete, yet I can’t get rid of the tapes… “I’m huge!”

  199. 😮 it looks like a cartoon character! too cute!

  200. lurkertype says:

    ‘S okay, Lauri, if it weren’t for the Boxcar Cats, I’d never keep you and Laurie C. straight.

    I couldn’t look at the sad pics either.

  201. warrior rabbit says:

    Just to clarify, the panda grief link wasn’t to a picture but to a story. However, it was indeed very sad. And interesting, anthropomorphically speaking.

    I would have loved to have witnessed the lion incident at your zoo, Lauri. Freaky. Who knows, maybe the guy had bad pheromones.

    Jo, fat meerkats? Well, I guess they’re American now, so when in Rome…

  202. Golly, I just want to tie a big floppy pink bow into this little antelope’s mohawk, which would be so wrong, in a wonderful way.

  203. I want to buy one!! How do I buy one?!?!

  204. I want to buy one!! How do I buy one?!?!

  205. I want to buy one!! How do I buy one?!?!

  206. DisreputableDog says:

    Did you know… dikdiks will mate for life and if one dies or is killed the other will morn its death and die of heartbreak as well…
    Or at least so goes Massai legend.
    Take it from a bonafide Kenyan!

  207. Wow would love to have those lashes. Thats the kind of pet that would be a lot of fun to have.