Vacation preparation

"Honey? got the film cannisters ready for the aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!"


Way to go, Soyon… 😉



  1. eeeep! so tiny! so cute! ear to head ratio! beedeee eyes!!!

  2. and I got the first post!

  3. I was just talking to a colleague at work while surfing to cuteoverload and seeing this photo… it went something like this:

    “Hey, have you finished the last file? I wanted to send you HAHAHAHAHA!! HOOHOHOHOHOOOO!!!”


  4. Oooooohh! Das Hammen en di cannon!

  5. PuppyDog#1 says:

    Cheers! Cutie, alert!! LOL:-)

  6. ACK!!! Hammie’s look of confuzlon is perfecto!

  7. one shot of hamster, coming up!

  8. haha, i do this with my hamster all the time. i call it: ‘hamster pez dispenser’, the cutest pez dispenser of them all.

  9. Hammie: “Please, my giant hairless friend. You know how I loff dee cruise ships. Just !pop! I go into the tube. You put a few leetle holes in the top. Dee film canister, she goes into your pocket, no one is the wiser. Den you just let me out at the buffet table.”

  10. army_kitten says:

    man, i knew i shouldn’t have switched to digital photography.

  11. oh, squee city!

  12. “Honey, did you get the film for the Ham-sung camera?”

  13. i want one !! no i want two – awww so cute !!

  14. *poit*!

    Schweet little face!!

  15. It’s like a hammie push-up pop!

  16. I live for Cute Overload and SOMC and reading Aubrey and Theo’s commentary. Absolutely priceless!

  17. He’s gonna be a *BIG* star!

  18. Great caption, it made me laugh 😛

  19. you guys r silly says:

    Not only is he
    but with the teeny little white area on his wee lip, doesn’t he look like he could be a weensie little
    “Got Milk?”

  20. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    You can see two teeny-tiny toofers!

    And just a hint of nubbins of ear fluf!!!!

  21. “I said to get the GAF film, not BEF!”

  22. really cute ^^

  23. (noting Cristina’s comment)

    Thanks very much. Luvs ma peeps. But most unfortunately I’ve got time for exactly squat today, until probably quite late.
    Work does seem to intrude upon my leisure activities, at times.

  24. Pink nose! Peeeenk nose!

  25. That’s so cute I feel dizzy.


  26. …so, all you regulars who AREN’T slammed with work demands today (y’know, like Meg and Thinker)… maybe you can organize a few rounds of all-group singing? Y’know, sort folks into their vocal ranges, pull out the cue cards & sheet music, start a podcast? I *know* we’ve got plenty of lyrics archived here.


  27. So Meg, where do we order this ECC Kit(Emergency Canister of Cute)? I’ll take a dozen please…they are purse size after all!

    “Break seal and pop lid in event of low cute factor”

  28. “you regulars who AREN’T slammed with work demands today (y’know, like Meg and Thinker)”

    I’m assuming HEAVY doses of sarcasm are to be surrounding that sentence, there, Teho.

  29. [allot 1 winkie for Thinkie]

  30. Hammie! in a Cannie! Gawd, what a honeybunch!

  31. “I’m a little cute spot, small and cute.

    Here is my ear fluff, here is my toof.”

  32. The Guy Over There says:

    I can see him popping out as soon as the lid opens, squeaking in an Andy Caufman voice:

    “thank youverymuch.”

  33. brownamazon says:

    Ok, so this doesn’t have anything to do with hamsters, but this Reuters story was too good to pass up:

  34. The Guy Over There says:

    Is the moral of the story that Canada needs more goats?

  35. I wish I could find these kinds of surprises in my film canisters!

    My sister thought the caption was hilarious.

  36. brownamazon says:

    We can *always* use more goats! They’re so… ornamental!

  37. who is this? what’s his/her name?

  38. BrownA: this is nothing to laugh at! He was merely happy to escape the strict Swiss traffic rules, which hold the Monopoly on the ‘Do No Pass Goat’ laws.

  39. his name *has* to be
    Sir Hamster-Pops-a-Lot

  40. ka9q's wife says:

    great now i have pictures of hammies taking snapshots of goats stopping cars in my head.

  41. ka9q's wife says:

    great now i have pictures of hammies taking snapshots of goats stopping cars in my head.

  42. ka9q's wife says:

    great now i have pictures of hammies taking snapshots of goats stopping cars in my head.

  43. ka9q's wife says:

    great now i have pictures of hammies taking snapshots of goats stopping cars in my head.

  44. ka9q's wife says:

    great now i have pictures of hammies taking snapshots of goats stopping cars in my head.

  45. ka9q's wife says:

    great now i have pictures of hammies taking snapshots of goats stopping cars in my head.

  46. ygrs,

    gosh darn it, I just noticed your comment,
    “Got Milk?”

    is true!

  47. Oh, man, must be in the stars for work–*slammed* to the max. Can’t wait to see you guys later if I don’t nod off.

  48. 😉

    That’s a winkie back at T from under the workload.

    And yeah, I’ve never seen any goats on a Canadian highway–though who’s to say it couldn’t happen…

  49. “Do Not Pass Goats”. Nice one, Aubrey! HA!

    Here’s another site that doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but it’s quirky enough for the quirky peeps to enjoy:

    I actually found photos from Michigan’s “Deer Farm” under Fantasyland that look strangely like the photos from our family trip back in the 70’s.

  50. brownamazon says:

    “Do not pass goats”

  51. “Goat Milk”

    Wow, talk about veering off-topic ^^

  52. Tony James says:

    Aubrey – which explains why swiss watches have to be hand-made – they have Goats In The Machine, one assumes…

  53. Sooooooooooooo tiny!!

  54. “Goat Milk?”

    Forgot the question mark 😛

  55. Passing Goats.

    Darn, that sounds painful.

  56. I personally try not to pass goats when ever possible.

  57. TJ, that reminds me of Swiss clocks in general – and not to insult any Swiss members of our audience, or cuckoo clocks for that matter:

    “…in Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love – they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock.”

  58. Aubrey – PLEASE don’t forget the chocolate. Some stinken good chocolate at that.

  59. Heather S. says:

    OH I would just LURVE to find a hammy in my film canister!!! PS… that was *almost* cute enough to send me into labor!!!

  60. I’m telling ya, Port-a-Snorg could make a mint dispensing these things at $5 a pop.
    Question: when all you can see is the little fuzzy head and the little beady eyes, how can you tell whether it’s a hamster, a gerbil, a mouse, or … ??
    Inquiring (bored to death) minds want to know!

  61. Tony James says:

    Aubrey – would that be from the classic movie, The Furred Man, starring Paws’n Skwerls?

  62. Danielle!! LOL!

    I was on the phone with somebody when I saw your “Passing Goats” comment. I had to suppress a snort!

    Very good.

  63. Thinker . . . tenQ.

    I have achieved LOL. My life is now complete.

  64. In Canada they pass geese.

    heehee!! [runs away]

  65. Danielle–
    Passing goats could be rather uncomfortable, what with the scratchy horns and all…;)

  66. *poit* Dis is one extremely cute ham canwich!

    Just as long as none of you pass gas.

  67. Chacha:
    Is like wine…the true connoisseur can tell by the bouquet whether it is hamster, gerbil, mouse or other rodent. (Plus, the ears are a giveaway.)

  68. Jaypo–
    Passing geese could be a very ticklish situation…!

  69. From the same folks who brought you Port-A-Snorg(TM) comes our newest product: Ham-Can(TM)–Perfectly Pocket-Sized Portable Poshness!(C) Conveniently sized to fit in your purse or pocket, specially designed for folks on the go. Use it at the office! Or keep it handy for those bad days in court! Non-Toxic and Hypo-Allergenic Ham-Can(TM) is guaranteed to appeal to every member of the family!

    (Ham-Can(TM) Does Not Contain Pork Products. Do Not Consume Ham-Can(TM) Or Severe Harshness Of Mellow May Result. 80% Of Ham-Can(TM) Users Report Feeling Weak In the Knees. Consult Therapist Before Using Ham-Can(TM).)


  70. Can someone tell me at what local drinking establishment I can sample the new Mousie Shot? I hear they’re all the rage…

  71. I hear you shouldn’t pass geese unless you are feeling particularly peckish.

  72. D2D, I am digging the concept, but I think we might need to slightly adjust the “delivery method.” I think the Ham-Can needs a slightly larger mouth opening, to more readily facilitate kissing hammie on the head. Mwah mwah mwah. You don’t want a narrow-mouth Ham-Can impeding the smooching.

  73. ticklish situation…
    feeling peckish…
    You people are are on a roll today. Toooo funny!

  74. Redz, there was a similar situation regarding mice in a can. A larger mouth opening was needed, so ‘Mickey’s Big Mouth’ was created.

    But mice and liquor have a bad history, only the bad guys would ever ‘slip someone a Mickey’.

  75. Chortle chortle!

    Even if Teho and Thinkie are busy, the rest of you are in fine forum!

  76. Silence Dogood says:

    This picture gave me a flashback to one Christmas season when I was 11 or 12. We had an empty wrapping paper tube lying around and somehow the whole(demented) family got involved in putting hamsters into the tube and blowing them out onto the bed.

    I know, I know, it was very mean of us. But it was rather diverting for a while.

  77. Sounds like another fine Christmas tradition along with freezing ones tongue to a lamp post.

  78. Hammsterwerferschnorglekanonen!!

  79. Tony James says:
  80. tonguesterfroizenlampoistia

  81. Peeps, this is a film cannister, right? So wouldn’t this ham be in a Canon, instead of a cannon?

  82. Ooh, good catch, Aubrey – you saved us in the nikon of time…

  83. Then does that make the hammie a(n) Nikon?

  84. Focus, people . . . focus!

  85. D’oh! Teej beat me to it…

  86. D2D –

    I love the Ham-Can(TM)! I’ll take 3, ‘kay? One each for home, work, and car.

    Express shipping, please.

  87. “I got a Niiiii-kon hamm’ra,
    “I love to take the phooooo-tographs,
    “So mama don’t taaaaaake my Kodachrome away!”

  88. Oh, Danielle, we ARE focused!

    Anyway, from what I’ve read so far, it at least lens itself to that interpretation.

  89. Hmm, I dunno, Aubrey… but I’m willing to wait & see how this thread develops.

  90. Heather S.,

    I just caught your 1:08PM comment about “*almost* cute enough to send me into labor!!!”

    first, congratulations! and second, if you’d like some more help going into labor, may I suggest and/or

    that oughta do it.

  91. Teh-O & Aubrey – enough with the negative comments already. I shutter to think what must be going through your minds – maybe I should zoom over there and try to cheer you up…?

  92. Teej, Aub, and T.,

    stop it! I can’t believe I’m being exposed to such talk…

  93. [busily discarding each and every possible “enlargement” pun]

  94. T,

    you may wish to crop your punning a little…

  95. Crop, shop, and droll…

  96. Now all of you punsters… just f-stop it! Right now!!

  97. I’m innocent! I’ve been framed, I tell ya!

    And I recommend that you stay away, TJ, else I might snap at you. I tri-pod my soul I do, to be nice, but my abject failure is just making my eyes film over.

  98. Theo, is “focal length” in that pile?

    Mega sure knows how to pixel cute picts!

  99. They are cute, aren’t they? They sort of sepia into your soul.

  100. Jaypo — yeah… but I dumped that one in a flash.

    Aubrey — you sure know how to say cheese.

    Kim H — am capping my aperture.

  101. Golly, puns Arbus-ting out all over!

  102. Aub,

    on a brief interlude from punnography, I must say that your post of 3:47PM reminded me of something…

    …and here it is. TA-DA!
    the foist evar CO post, “I’m inno-cent!”

  103. Arb-usting!
    the first book of photographs I ever bought was hers!

  104. mariser,
    A trip down the poster’s memory lane–where’s ariel now? Remember ariel? And little Hammy was there,too, who used to wheee and whine about being alone when all us workin’ folks went to bed. Seems like only yesterday [sniff] that they were crawlin’ around [sniff, sob] on their chubby little keyboards and … jeez, then they leave.

  105. JP, now is not the time to be Penn-sive! Think of what we’ve become! What we will be! And our Dream Office, yet to be built! Look ahead, Young Graduate!

  106. jaypo,

    those were the days, eh? so long ago… I remember Ariel, who couldn’t watch YouTube videos at work. she is so sweet…I wonder what’s she up to now?
    I, alas, go to bed too early (drat the tyranny of EST) to remember Hammy…
    I also remember Anna aka IdleReceptionist. don’t think I’ve seen her ’round these parts lately. more’s the pity.

  107. Aub and Jaypo,

    oh yes! the battles we’ve fought! the puddinges flung! the boooooring stretches at work made bearable by the Virtual Peeps Brigade!
    and the CO Dream Office! not to be built, but conquered from…from…erm, from whoever owns the Space Needle at the moment!

  108. If we plan a takeover, we should wait:

  109. [sobbing, head on arms]
    [looks up]
    [red, drippy, clown-frown, and drool] it’s ok that things get flung and not built and…and… I think I see the sun rising!!! How can that BE?!? It’s only 8 o’clock…!!

    [chorus and cymbals]
    [Dream Office appears on the glowing horizon, ablaze like the dawn]

  110. *Tries desperately to think of a pun for “daguerrotype.”*



  111. I’ve been framed! I shoot away for a dinner adjustment, and you peeps roll out the puns!

  112. Mame:

    It tin’ type-ing you should worry about, so forget about the errors.

    That’s what you were talking about, weren’t you? It was spelled a little weird.

  113. o ye gods. tremble mortals as the day of reckoning approaches:
    TLaP day + Cute O.

  114. . . . from ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night . . . good Lord deliver us.

  115. ….aaaand AuntieM with the finishing move! Teho is DOWN!
    bwAAHAHAAHAHA!!!!!!! [*snork*] -AHAHAAHAHAA!!!!!

    oh lordy…

    [ahem] Oh Auuuubreeey? …j00 iz PWND. (Pfft. Tintype, my aperture.)

  116. AuntieMame: Well you gotta watch out for Aub and the crew, theirunpredictable puns can run from light and innocent…to the cloak-and-daguerrotype.

    *ducks thrown objects* 😉


  117. …though now that I’ve caught my breath, I feel obliged to point out that it’s spelled thisaway:

  118. D2D,

    golf clap. please take a bow.

    not even *Aubrey* dared to tangle with daguerrotype.

  119. pantone200 says:

    enjoy the smooth, refreshing taste… of Hamms.

  120. . . . from ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night . . . good Lord deliver us.

  121. That’s “daguerrEotype”… to rhyme with “the stereo pipe” (or something).

  122. Stereo pipe? As in pipes that come in pairs?

  123. Man, lookit all I missed.

    And D2D, bravo, BRAVO. To pull off a pun even Aubrey was stumped by…now that’s something. Methinks that merits some sort of award from the Dream Office, eh Teho?

  124. …is THAT what I see, dawning on the horizon??

  125. Look, up in the sky . . . it’s a bird. . .

  126. I think it was because the caffeine finally kicked in today…*LOL*

    Thanks, yall! 🙂


  127. I come home and what do I find? Utter, utter ruin!

    “Look what you’ve done!! I’m melting, melting. Ohhhhh, what a world, what a world. …”

  128. The colors and framing here seriously look like one of my junior high science filmstrips back in the 80s. Which were probably produced in the 50s. (prop 13, California public school)

  129. And props to you D2D.

    And many red jumpsuits.

  130. Jackie from Michigan says:

    I’ve heard of Prince Albert in a can and Cheetos in a can, but hamsters in a can? Where in the supermarket can I find those?

  131. Jackie, probably anywhere that sells ham-dingers.

  132. Heather S. says:

    mariser, aww thanks, sometime in the next 25 days I imagine I’ll log on in the morning to get my daily cute and *BAM* I’ll be sent into labor by the cuteness.

  133. Aub: Ooh! I can finally spark up my School Photos! Oh wait…I’m 33 and I haven’t seen the inside of my high school since 1990. Never mind…

    Theo: Aaaaahn! They’re anerable! *LOL*


  134. Rich Fader says:

    “In retrospect, lighting the match was my big mistake. But I was only trying to retrieve the gerbil….”

  135. I mean it about the retro look.. was this taken with physical “film”, Soyon?

    Maybe it’s just that the hammy looks like Ringo Starr. *pops up* “I’m just glad t’be here.”

  136. Yes, Klystron . . .

    “. . . at my age, I’m just glad to be anywhere!”

  137. Klystron sez,

    “…the hammy looks like Ringo Starr. *pops up* “I’m just glad t’be here.””

    that is so funny! and right on! I’d never thunk that a hammy could look like a person, but you are right. this one does look like Ringo (and I can totally hear Ringo’s voice). fantastic!

  138. Oh crrrap, Ringo’s voice coming out of that teeny ham with teeth!!! I am hurting myself laughing.

  139. Oooooo, Heather S. !!!! Talk about cuteness, just wait until your baby makes an appearance!!!! Your head, your heart will all slode, which fortunately is not as dangerous or permanant as EXploding! It’s the greatest thing on earth…and let us know, keep us updated and best of luck!

  140. Oh durn, it, as I hit Post I saw I said slode instead of sPlode.

    Sorry bout dat!

  141. Heather:

    “Mamas, let your babies grow up to be cutologists.
    Let ’em pick the vids and
    Of the cute make long lists.
    On cute trifectas let ’em insist.
    Mamas let your babies grow up to be cuteologists.
    ‘Cos though they’ll stay home
    To find online cute they’ll roam.
    Communing with the peeps they love.”

  142. LOL Aubrey.
    (j00 misspelled “teh” tho)

  143. Oops. Well, I’ve said it before, working within a theo-cracy can be difficult. But rewarding.

  144. Look at those lips! Who does this hammie think he is???? Mick Jager…or Hammie Jager….?

  145. He is very very pert-icular, isn’t he, Aub? Ah, well, the pay is well worth it, I am sure. 🙂

  146. Oh my god, I spit coffee out my nose and pee’d my pants at the same time reading all the puns…ya’ll kill me! 🙂

  147. Well, that’s… vivid. Though I suppose it could’ve been worse.

  148. A good way to keep from spitting out coffee at inopportune moments is to grind your teeth and think up joeks about something else. Even if they’re nothing to roast about.

  149. Java think about writing a book of puns, there, Aubs? You’ve certainly got grounds to. You espresso well the punniness of nearly every subject. I mean how much mocha we stand? Anyway, latte us know if you ever decide to go for it.

  150. [sigh] …yep, now it’s worse.
    Like a hearse in reverse.

  151. I’d say that it’d be a matter of the pot calling the kettle black, but I won’t because I’m bitter. Still, it’s always good to hear from you JP, as I’ve bean in a dark place ever since I had to dreg my sorry butt out of bed this AMJB.

  152. *silence…awe*

    Holy Fright, auntiemame, you really really got a whole latte trouble brewin’ now.

    I am so totally impresso’ed. I was a drip when I concluded that the next thread was The Thread.

    This one is every bitter as grande’.

    Sanka y’all berry much.

  153. ROFL, Aubrey. DUH, I brewed too long and Folger-st terrible that I was sooo slow.


  154. Man, oh man. We’ve got some gifted punners here…

    [bows out]

  155. Thinkie – you could’ve been a contender, a real Star, bucks your modesty dictated otherwise. However, I plunge right in, stir the pot, forget to filter or even spell-check my words and, well, a latte good it did me.

  156. *massive groanage*

  157. Well, Aubrey, I’ve bean thinking about it, but I believe I’d be roasted by you expert punners. Then, of course, I’d have to be shot.

  158. So you Fold-gers is the wisest course, I suppose.

  159. I would toss my own two beans into this pot, but it looks like we’re down to the dregs, and I hate to luwak like I’m kopi-ing the rest of you.

    ASS COFFEE: Run for the hills, then hold at all costs!

  160. Which reminds me (all this java chat, not ‘ass coffee’) that I have to make the coffee this morning. I brew this would happen.

  161. hahahaha….oh man. It’s about bedtime fer me. I can’t begin to compete! But I luff every minute of this punnage! 🙂

    Thinkie, you are jest fine!

    Aub, I printed off the Wet Dreams song by Kip Addotta (a link from somewhere in the past) and it is so funny it hurts! Have you seen it?

    Um’k, I gotta mooove on to the next pic to catch up on cowments. < ---- I don't know what that means.

  162. jonny

  163. Eewwww..I don’t like cannisters..Ew I’m afraid of it..swear…