A kitten licks a puppy while the puppy licks a bunny

HEY! that is a great idea for a post! It’s the "ultimate perfect entry" for CuteOverload (according to Wired News) For more on this check out the article: The Ultimate Blog Post. Thanks, Wired News! [Now searching thousands of photos for the perfect match for this title]


Thanks for the tip, Troy 😉



  1. Hee! I’m just guessing that Lore Sjöberg is not a big fan of blogs?

  2. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    I love the description of Fark.com!
    /your dog wants a kitty to love.

  3. AuntieM,

    you’d be right. or Loren is jus’ jealous. pppfffftttthhh!

    hey Meg, I think the baby beluga pic would be perfect!

  4. ya know, the scary thing is that among the tens of thousands of pictures in the CO vault there *is* “A kitten licks a puppy while the puppy licks a bunny”

  5. Lore has his own blogfest but doesn’t like anyone else’s? What a gwumpy-pants Lore Sjoberg is!

  6. Wow. I really look forward to the time when I can create a filter for everything, and I can ignore everything this dude says. He’s a killjoy, and I hate keeping getting suckered into reading his grouchy articles without checking the byline first.

    And I’d LOVE a pic of a bunny licking a kitty licking a puppy. Or whatever.

  7. Send him a CO t-shirt – but, Meg, ONLY if you can spare one. See what he does with it.

    Still, right now, I just feel that if I had a cat, it would hate him.

  8. I adore Lore. Brunching Shuttlecocks was hilarious. This article, while verging on blog territory, was also good. People (blogs) should be able to handle some fun being poked at them. As should the readers of said blogs.

  9. Lore Sjöberg may not be a fan of blogs & therefore CO…..

    But as they say in the classics “there’s no such thing as bad press” :oP

  10. LOL!!!
    the next entry was hilarious too! (and got CO another mention!)

    If you look to the right, see the huge gazungas in a white t-shirt that says bad grammar makes me [sic]? well, they have a t-shirt that says
    “Nobody cares about your blog” hahaha.
    I don’t think of CO as a blog, I always think of blogs as Myspace crap or crap that no one actually should care about. This is Cute Therapy!!!

  11. …besides, it’s the lunatics that run the asylum around here!


  12. [in my most nasal & pompous voice]

    Lore HAS a blog. Lore is an intarweb FIXTURE. In a very real sense, Lore IS the blogosphere. Back in the day, Lore and friends used to do Brunching Shuttlecocks. It’s over and done now, but the archive’s all here…

    The Björk Song (umlaut + diaeresis = luvvv)…

    Here’s his older webcomic (just keep clicking “next”)…

    Here’s his CURRENT comic (open, w00t, shut, clickity next)…

    …and finally [ahem] his BLOG:

    There now. [folds spectacles, returns them to clamshell]
    Class dismissed. QUIZ IN THE MORNING AS USUAL!

  13. ceebs,

    there is also the t-shirt “I’m SO totally blogging this” 😉

    CO is cute therapy in blog format. the article did mistakenly called slashdot and fark blogs, which they definitely are not. they are news aggregators (with a definite tech slant for slashdot).
    I did laugh at the example for slashdot ultimate post.

  14. Eeesh – sounds like Lore needs a major dose of cute therapy! Oh wait – he hates blogs. That’s why he’s complaining about them on his own. I say, we all send in pics better than any that Meg’s already posted and then see what Lore has to say! 🙂 tehehe

  15. Just to be clear here: Lore… is funnier than me. He’s *allowed* to lampoon blogs.

  16. T.,

    we gets you.


  17. Yeah *YOU* gets me. Just wanted to be sure *THEY* gets me.
    I did have loyalties before CO, y’know. 😉

  18. oh, oh, oh,

    I gets you now. Omerta and all that.

    ’tis allright. our lips are too busy kissing kitten heads to blab.

  19. mariser, I totally agree with you… Slahdot is NOT a blog. Fark is a bit more so, since Drew seems to put his 2¢ in a bit more often… but I don’t think CO is a blog at ALL! When does Meg blather on and on (and on) about her personal opinions? To me that’s the definition of a blog. She lets US do all the blathering! [blather blather blather]

    My favorite definition(s):

    Cute Overload: A kitten licks a puppy while the puppy licks a bunny.
    Fleshbot: Same as Cute Overload, only with coeds.

    For personal reasons, the dig on Digg made me chuckle quite a bit.

  20. Here’s a puppy kissing a bunny! (getting close…)


  21. Sarcasta,

    yeah, the pairing of CO and Fleshbot is inspired.

    CO is formatted like a blog and being a typepad shop and all. and Meg does not opinionate, but it is her unique vision of the cute that has all of us here happily blathering away.

    the dig on Digg: HA!

  22. omfg Renee, that is a fantastic picture!
    I love the expression on the bunneh. looks like her ears proinged in surprise.

    and curly-tailed puppeh…

  23. Hi-LARious article. A wonderful summation of CO. Meg, can we get that picture somehow?

    And Teho: impressive.

    And Mariser, re: your first comment: are you banking on Lore’s assumption about the poor search feature of blogs? 😉

  24. Meg doesn’t opinionate?
    Slashdot is a “news aggregator”??
    Teho is impressive???
    (I missed Amanda’s comment, referencing the Brunch before I did… oops)

  25. {nasal voice}

    funner than *I*. (am)

    and, see, Sarcasta, that’s what I was tryin-a say. only you blogged it better.

  26. Professor T:

    We blather, but do not blab.

    Um…I put an apple on your desk, sir.

  27. AuntieMame says:

    Well, I thought it was hysterical. The irony of a blogger ripping on bloggers was perfect.

    And he’s right. A lot of bloggers are blowhards with an overinflated sense of their own importance.

  28. Y’know, I could probably get a pick of my dog snuggling my cat while licking my guinea pigs…

  29. ***”A lot of bloggers are blowhards with an overinflated sense of their own importance.”***
    AuntieMame, in “the industry” they call that “navel gazing.”

    [insert baby Bart banging on a pot with a wooden spoon and chanting “I am so great! I am so great!”]

    Lizzy… don’t lick your guinea pigs.
    [squirts you with a spray bottle.]

  30. Sarcasta — in the industry, they’ve got other names for that, too.

    (I thought it was TOADS I wasn’t supposed to lick…?)

  31. I thought the article/blog/whatever was fuuunnny. I have a friend who has started two blogs and complains that no one reads them. So for me the personal blog/urine comparison was especially applicable.

    I thought he was just being sarcastic and navel-gaze-ily. But then I love snarky humor.

  32. “He” being this Lore person (as referenced in my last sentence). Loved Brunching Shuttlecocks! And the Bart Simpson “I am so great” reference – faboo! I use that around the office when I’m the one who fixes the copier or something else equally mundane.

    Did I mention I was easily amused as well?

  33. Yeah Theo… they’ve got other names for it… *cough cough Digg cough*

    Licking toads is yukky, and you shouldn’t dangle your participles, either. But I’d sure like to see the acrobatics of taking a photo of a dog/cat snorgle while simultaneously licking a guinea pig… (I’m not the grammar police, Lizzy. I just couldn’t resist that mental image.)

    AmyH… You are so great! *BANG!*

  34. While the bunny snorgles a baby duckling.

    THAT’S the ultimate CO picture!

  35. Sterling F. says:

    Okay, they’re not licking each other in this shot, but you’ll find a special bonus animal:


  36. Excuse me, what in hell does that have to do with cute? And why do you post it here?

  37. am I missing something, but a kitty licking a puppy licking a bunny *IS* the ultimate CO picture. It would make me and the rest of you, too, squeek and go cuuuuute and all that. Lore is bang on. Now, please can someone FIND a picture like that? I need some CO to get me through the day after it started off bad from Lore haters and spammers .c

  38. Just got a question that has nothing to do with this thread, but there is no forum here so..

    I’ve sent in my pictures to cuteoverload@frostdesign.net about a month ago and I was just wondering how or if I’d be informed as to whether they fit the Cute Overload criteria or not. I had no e-mail-reply (positive or negative) and my pictures haven’t been shown here (or have they? I’m here every day.. well, almost. Maybe I missed it.). So, do I just wait (and how long does it usually take for a picture you’ve sent in to appear) or am I notified when they decide to never use my pictures? Thank you.

    Sorry again, for usurping this place with my question.


  39. JudeW — ‘taint nuthin persnal. CuteOverload is still a 1-woman shop, with literally THOUSANDS of photo submissions. So pretty much the only feedback possible is finding your photo posted one day. And it might take a while, too, in the case of pix with special relevance (like shots of the tabbie with the Croc Hunter toy).

    There are times I’ve written up whole formatted & sourced articles (ahem… PENGUIN PARADES) that haven’t made it to publication.


  40. Get over the blogger-dissing-blogger thing (especially since he’s right 🙂 ) and get me a picture of puppy-bunny-kitten-kissing! My newly found bad-ass attitude needs some Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!

  41. I think the comment about the “lunatics running the asylum” said it all….and what loveable huggable lunatics you all are!!!! *big sloppy kisses*

    *wanders off muttering happily*

  42. bleeeeh, at least with toads you get high (I heard), with guinea pigs you only get fuzzy tongues, and probably ruptured eardrums. Wheeeeeeeeeeet!

  43. I’m gonna start a blog. I have to think of a good name for it though.
    “Conversations With Myself”
    or perhaps
    “God, I Hope No One Reads This!”
    (One of my favorite Simpsons eps is when Homer ran away to escape his public tv pledge to be a missionary & was licking toads!!!)

  44. MaggieBelle says:

    Wow. Guy needs a drink or some lovin’ or something.

    Way too angry.

  45. G’morning, peeps.

  46. P.S. teho, love the draguerreotypes.

  47. Thank you so much Theo!! I was wondering. I thought I did something wrong. I can wait of course!

    Sorry to hear about your publications! But one day will come.. ;o)

    Thanks again! This site is awesome!

    Cheers, JudeW.

  48. you guys r silly says:

    Just wondering…
    What is varenoea (a few comments back) talking about???????

  49. Actually, I think a cuter title would be “Snorgle trifecta – a kitten snorgles a puppy while the puppy snorgles a bunny”

    Thats cuter.

  50. AuntieMame says:

    ygrs, there is a word for the “that’s not cute, I demand that you post only pictures of which I approve” types, but I’ve forgotten what the word is.

    Anyway, if a blog that mentions Cute Overload BY NAME isn’t relevant, then I don’t what is.

  51. AuntieMame says:

    don’t KNOW what is, of course…

  52. Folks, I have had a thought: we could start a new website and call it the Infinite Snorgle Project (a la the Infinite Cat Project). Kitten snorgling puppy while puppy snorgles bunny while bunny snorgles hamster…and so on. Whadjathink?

  53. A-tink: I think that’s a great idea, as long as we keep everyone on close to the same level of the food chain. If we deviate too far, something could go horribly wrong and that would be soooo not cute.

  54. AuntieM — I seem to remember “Nuffinghams” (or some variant) being used in this context.

  55. I thought you called them crotches!
    someone was shaking their fist at crotches a week or so ago…maybe there was something *else* going on :^P

  56. Lord, ceebs – I remember that crotch discussion, I groin at the memory.

  57. Huh. I don’t remember the crotches. Perhaps it was harshing my cute (gah – did I just say that??) and I blacked it out of my memory.

    Anyway, Notcuteenoughinghams was used in a fit of frustration over cute-harshing and was then modified to Nuffinghams for sake of brevity.

  58. Ceebs, that’s right. Down with crotchey grumpuses! But “Nuffinghams” (as in, not-cute-enough-ing-hams) was also coined here.

  59. er yeah, what AmyH said. (Though I *do* remember the crotchety version, too.)

  60. Teho – perhaps Nuffinghams is CO Glossary worthy?

  61. I’m monitoring its development. We’ll see if it stands on its own.

  62. Yes, it was Nuffinghams. And, er, AmyH–good suggestion, there. The food chain would definitely have to come into consideration.

  63. ya know, I have a soft spot for “Notcuteenoughinghams”, a long descriptive name born in the heat of battle. but, majority rulez, and I, same as the dude, shall abide.

    my turn to be overwhelmed on all sides at MPOW. what have I missed? recaps, sil’ vous plait.

  64. All I know is I felt robbed. I just read the headline for the post and was expecting a kitteh licking a puppeh licking a bunneh. So, peeps…if any of youse guys HAVE a kitteh and a puppeh and a bunneh…get to work. Talk about the photo that could bring about world peace.

  65. you guys r silly says:

    Thanks Auntie Mame!

  66. AuntieMame says:

    I vote for the whole word, too, just because it’s such a tongue-twister. But keep the shorter version for everyday use.

  67. you guys r silly says:

    I agree with mariser: “Notenoughinghams” is more descriptive (for those of us that need all the help we can get…&:o)
    And I TOO “missed the crotches”…(take that to mean what you will…)

  68. you guys r silly says:

    And we HAVE to remember: In this Snorgling Project, it’s IMPERATIVE that SOMEBODY is snorgling the Ham-in-Can!!!

  69. ~I don’t know why
    she snorgled a fly…
    I think she’ll die!~


    you’re welcome.

  70. I vaguely remember the crotch discussion. (well, I HAVE been married 26 years.)

    I was sure your blog name would include Echidna, ceebs…the Echidna Schnozzicles, or some such.

    Notcutenuffinghams! That’s my vote! Meep!

  71. Ceebs, your blog name should include it all, including echidna – the whole enchilada.

    Echidna Enchilada?

  72. “Enchilidna”

  73. oh and by the way, “Nuffinghams”

  74. Ench…Echichinla..Echidlanada…

    *tongue tied in a knot*

    Ok, Nuff said. 🙂

  75. I love you guys! I also love blogs that are written by dogs. Here are a few examples (one of which was featured on CO just a few days ago):

    Anybody know of any other great dog blogs?

  76. LOL youse guys!!!

    now I’ve got a hankering for enchiladas…

    or as my friend used to call them…

    “Conversations with myself about echidnas, enchiladas, Elvis, and anything else living in my brain mold”

  77. Here is the “Crotches” discussion—remember the “not cute” interns???


    Someone named Chelsea *shakes fist at crotches*

    crack me up!

  78. “now I’ve got a hankering for enchiladas…”

    Ceebs, I just got back from lunch and I feel the same way, echidna not!

  79. Sift the enchiladas… I’m going for a burrito. Enchipotlechidnarama.
    Lama ding dong.

  80. *SNORT*
    This is all good stuff, I tell ya. Good good stuff.

    Karnakerito the Magnifirito.

  81. send whats-his-name a Port-a-snorg hammie in a film canister with his CO t-shirt!

    I bet he’s really a big big fan and keeps his eyes glued to CO all day long into the wee hours of teh night!

    did someone say enchiladas?

  82. FINALLY Slashdot manages to catch up…

    (Sarcasta, any insight as to who the “anonymous reader” might be?)

  83. heh, heh, heh