A Day in the Life of The Shorthairs

They’re such a nice family, those Shorthairs.

Excellent pick, David L.! and Motao 🙂



  1. So soft and squishable! I love! (First?)

  2. little miao says:

    Awwww, happy little baby kitties.

  3. aww! It’s so funny to hear the Japanese people in the background going “Kawaii, kawaii!” …cute surpasses all language barriers.

  4. lol, I love the Japanese “cat voice.” It makes this movie even cuter!

  5. Ka-wai, peeps. I can tell that this is going to be my lousy-day-pick-me-up for about the next year.
    I mean, wobbly legs, and triangle tail, and unspeakable baby paw-licking and snuggling.
    And Mom, she’s all, “I told you stay in the basket.” (Push on head.)

  6. omfg this video has *everything*

    silver tabbiness proshness!
    necklaces! color-matching, nacht
    teeny tiny unbendable taili-os!
    youthful rebelliousness!
    watchful but distant father!


  7. What a way to wake up– The wobblies and tumblebutts! Lubs how bebe kittycats
    Like to play at pittypats.

  8. I heart this video! I love that shot of the momma way up on the top of the cabinet catching some rest, but, still at a good vantage point to watch her babies. Too precious….

  9. Oh….was that the dad up on the cabinet?….even better!

  10. I need to scrunch myself small enough to fit in that basket with the shorthairs!

  11. OMG Soooo cute. I could just watch the cuteness over and over. Dang!

  12. OMG!!! That is THE cutest video ever!! *snif* Brings happy tears to my eyes.

  13. Tony James says:

    Holy freakin’ krap! Cranial splodation as result of teh KYOOT!

  14. eeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Tiny unbendy pointy tails! Little wobbly butts! And bee-yoo-tee-full tabby markings!!

  15. I love the lady’s voice, it cracks me up!!! I also noticed the ka-waiii!! in the audience!
    and the kittehs, the kittehs!!!! omg so stinkin cuuuuute.

  16. Overload…overload…overload

  17. would it be inappropriate to say that I tewtally covet the nice chest of drawers that tiny KaptainKitteh(tm) is attempting to climb?

    well, I do.
    even better if kittehs are included.

  18. awww … I’m proud I recognized some words!

    Caza Neko – Mother Cat

    Onee-chan – Brother/Sister

    Kawaii – CUUUUUTE!!!

    Awesome … even though I couldn’t understand much that was being said 🙂

  19. I am unutterably busy today, so I’ll have to watch this later…
    Greets to teh Peeps!


  20. Good to know that the voiceovers in Japanese childrens’ programming are just as annoying as they are here. Still super-cute!

  21. I must say that as cute as this video is, I was kinda hoping we’d continue Steve Irwin Tribute week with Aussie animals. I enjoyed yesterday. Not that I want to dwell on his death or anything, just the animals from down unda! :):):)

  22. ladadeeda, can’t watch videos at work…extreme sadness…

  23. Jen,

    !yay! for you! are you learning Japanese? thanks for the vocabulary fix.

    Caza Neko

    I learned something today…

    face it peeps, we all better get cracking on the Japanese if we want to remain Cuteologists(tm). we can’t hack it just repeating KAWAII!

  24. Hi Teho! Looks like we have to suffer together…

  25. um…that’s NOT children’s programming. that’s on prime-time TV over here. in japan, you only need to know 2 words to understand most TV shows: KAWAII! (cute) and OISHII! (delicious). but that video is definitely the former.

  26. athink,

    don’t worry, it’ll wait for you at home. something else to look forward to.

    sending good vibes for your day to pass quickly…

  27. aren’t their different colored collars just so adorable?!

  28. I can hear the kittehs as they nurse, they say OISHII!

  29. /dot sez: aren’t their different colored collars just so adorable?!/

    heh! I had to do that one summer. I had six black foster kittens and I honestly could not tell one from the other when they were all running around like little hooligans. So I got different colored collars for each of them – pale pink and hot pink for the two sisters, and red, yellow and green for the other three sibs. What a summer that was…

  30. I soooo wish I understood what they were saying! I sit there watching it making up my own dialogue…and I’m not as amused as I thought I’d be.

    I love the wobbly, my-legs-are-asleep walk.

  31. EEE!!! The cuteness is unbearable!

  32. Pink collared kitten: Yay! I escaped the basket!
    Wait… how do these paws work again?

  33. mariser,

    I watch anime in Japanese with subtitles, so I’ve picked up a few words … I am going to be taking Japanese this fall, though, so I’ll hopefully know more! 🙂

  34. omigod–the cuteness!!!Cutest of the cute? When “Pinkie’s” little stubby tail wags and her whole butt and legs go over with it!

  35. aaaaiiiiii! even without sound, these are the cutest little kitten-cats EVAR!!!! such beautifly markings … i love the pudgy bellies and the stiff legged “ok, we can do this!” walk.
    *^_^* too kawaii!

    will def. be watching this over, and over and over and over ….and over!

    ooh, i love watchful snoozy dad too.

  36. pugmamatimestwo says:

    OMG, her tummy is so big she can’t stand up! And teeny paws – SO prosh :):) I just love Daddy Shorthair asleep above the fray and Mama Shorthair like “honey? honey?! a little help down here??” Sigh…that made my day!

  37. SilvorMoon says:

    Jen, it’s spelled “kaa-san” not “caza”. It’s short for Okaa (mother) and then “-san” as a title of respect.

    Basically what happens is that Tou-san Neko (Papa cat) goes off somewhere, and Kaa-san Neko follows him. The little kitten shouts “Mama, wait for me! I want to go too!” and totters off after her. He can’t find her and wonders what she’s doing, so he runs back to his sister and complains. Then mama cat comes back and makes everything all better.

  38. pistache268 says:

    I love the squeals of “Kawaii! Kawaii!”

  39. Gleee! I love how daddy’s hiding on top of the cabinet to catch some Z’s…. And, of course, the little ambling wobbler is agonizingly adorable.

  40. SilverMoon, thank you for that synopsis! Now I can go watch it again and think about the story.

  41. Tanks, Mariser. Now, we just need some new non-video posts to make it through the day… 😉

  42. Silvermoon! Thank-you! I love it even more than I already did! They are too cute and wobbly, with the thumb-sucking look and the stickie-uppy fuzz!

  43. Silver Tabbies!! Silver Tabbies!!! Yum yum yum!!!

  44. woke up in a bad mood, now i’m all fuzzy inside!! Love how daddy stays “above it all”

  45. atink,

    your wishes, answered. hit ‘Refresh’

  46. army_kitten says:

    neko neko, kawaii desu ne!

    also Jen, onee-chan (or nee-chan for short), is for sister, and onii-chan (or nii-chan) is for brother.

    at least, i’m pretty sure.


  47. The Japanese are and will always be the kings of cute.

    I bow to you, masters. To you and the baby talk voice-over.


  48. Mein eyes have asploded all over my desk in an ooey gooey mess. How am I supposed to aim der puddinkwerferschnorglekanonen now???

    /good thing I can touch-type though, huh? huh?


    Kaye is right – the Japanese “cat voice” totally ups the cuteness, if such a thing was possible!



  50. That was definitely the best kitten video so far this year. I want kittens!! Drat that cat ratio!
    btw Theo, check out stuffonmycat.com once you dig your way out … it’s marmalay-dee-hoo over there!


  52. kittehs who can barely walk are just sooooo cute!

  53. Kim Heggen says:

    It doesn’t hurt that those are just incredibly gorgeous cats. The babies are cute, granted, but the mama is BEEYOOTIFUL! Someday, I’m going to have just one absolutely stunningly lovely cat, instead of the oddball feline characters who infest my house. Love ’em all, but mine are pleasant-looking at best.

  54. The deadbeat dad is the best part.

  55. Aw, man I get 4 secs and it stops! where is my tech-support man??

    (at work, of course, and not home for hours)

  56. lurkertype says:

    My brain has liquified from the kawaii! The bebes are adorable, but the shot waaaay up to daddy made me LOL.

    I have a camera full of adorable pix of TK, and a tech guy who is too busy to get the bits wrangled so I can show you guys! This weekend he gets to leave the room and take his chances in the whole house with HRTortie, which should be hours of amusement for everyone except HRT.

  57. I vote for this as the ALL TIME CUTEST KITTY FAMILY EVER FILMED.

    I laughed outloud and had to turn it into a cough, here in the salt mines.

  58. uh oh. How did I get to this site? I was looking for “crutches”. I hate CUTE. I have spent a lifetime avoiding C-U-T-E. I refuse to even burp the TUPPERWEAR. OH NO. Could I be a “closet cuter”? I mean those little splinter tails and the way that tiny thing stands up and falls over. I never had a kitten. (‘sniff’) I… I… Oh, please, don’t tell anyone I was hear. (door slam)

  59. aly,

    it’s OK. take a deep breath. is nothing to be ashamed of. you are among friends.
    [cue C.O. chorus]

    *one of us, one of us
    one of us, aly is one of us*

    come aly, come towards the light…

  60. HEY CAT – all that is wrong is that your internet cache is full – just restart your computer, honey, and you will have all the cuteness your little heart can handle.

  61. you guys are scaring meeeeeee!!!

  62. [disturbingly toothy grin]

  63. TwinklyTerrapin says:

    Ah, it’s a excellent point in kitty development when a kit is so new at walking that a swish of her own too-short-to-curl tail can knock her over…

  64. …continues chanting

    *one of us, one of us
    one of us, aly is one of us*
    *one of us, one of us
    one of us, aly is one of us*

  65. (meekly) “you’re sure they’re no crutches in here? ok then. I’ll just be…awww, it’s a little…aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh”

  66. This one left me goo for brains today! That kitty walking/wobbling is one of the cutest images I’ve ever seen! And when mom came back and was reassuring it… too much!

  67. Umm…who’s going to tell aly about the hazing ritual?

  68. Aub,

    not yet. wait until aly is all comfortabuls and settled in visions of kittens.

    then…then you can *explain* the hazing rituals. [rubs hands together; laughter]

  69. Very cute, but their little tummies aren’t 😦 they need to be dewormed!!

  70. OMG – we went 6 hours and 32 minutes before *somebody* had to harsh teh cute!

  71. OK. I can handle “deworming”, but hazing ritual? I would settle for definitions of such cute specific lingo as “squee” and “plodes” (explodes? like from CUTE overload?). Or one might explain “prosh”? Then there is the butchered English – example “beautifly” – beautiful + fly? And, can I put “cuteeze” on my resume? Does it go above French or below American Sign? Am I a member yet? I already have a broken leg and am drooling.

  72. Oh… so sweet! It reduces me to redonk baby talk like “ahh, lookie wi’l wuv wuv ki-ee.” NOTHING is as cute as baby kittehs! My heart belong to teh senior cats and will stick to those for adoption, but itty bitty kitties are precious!

    I wuv-wuv-wuvs dem!

    Gah! Must return to normal functioning human being!

  73. Don’t worry, aly, you don’t get dewormed for the hazing ritual. Unless you need it and your insurance covers it.

  74. Aw! I love how at the beginning, I can imagine a mom leaving and saying to the dad, “Make sure the kids don’t get in trouble!” and the kid tries to run out of the house and the dad is like “Get back in the basket! WHAT DID I SAY?” *paw pushes kitten head*

  75. *Couldn’t help self*

    Dad(Cabinet kitty) Is “Oto-san” not “Tou-san”

  76. aly axs for,

    “definitions of such cute specific lingo as…”

    here is a good place to start:
    located in the left-hand side column under the heading “More!More!More!” and brought to you by Theo, he of the [disturbingly toothy grin].

    on the butchered English – scientific research has proven that exposure to cute can affect the language centers causing words to change: this is known in the literature as “Teh Cute Distorshion”
    examples are:

    adorabubble for adorable
    beeootifool for beautiful
    and so on. there is no limit to how far TCD can reach. TCD has also been shown to increase punnability on selected test subjects [see ‘Aubrey’ for an extreme case]

  77. So cute!
    I like how even though I don’t know what the words mean, having cute voices for animals transcends all languages.
    Also, the little falling-down, unsteady kitten walk is anerable!

  78. Aly, I’m sorry to hear about your broken leg. So as for the hazing, well, I suppose we can put away the cricket bat for the moment.

    But it is a complex process, as there are many other steps to complete.

    Let’s see…what is your strength quotient? Could, for instance, you have watched this kit-vid with a straight face?

    What else…have you ever worn a kimono? If so, describe.

    Seriously. Thats the cutest thing EVER!

  80. And don’t forget the Pudding Tolerance Test. Very important.

  81. AmyH: Not to mention accuracy in dessert flinging. Otherwise knowsn as the Shot P.U.T.T. (P.U. (pudding) T. (Tolerance) T. (Test))

  82. Oh yeah, teeny tiny tailio tilting and toppling! And that’s a fat milk belleh, I just bet, not a worm belleh.

    Silver tabbies are so gorgeous.

    *Happily squeeing away my 26th anniversary*

  83. Oh crap, do I dare say it?

    You got me by the Shorthairs.

  84. Stephanie S. says:

    oh jeeby!! those cute little tumblers! With color coordinated collars!

  85. [ka-SNORT!!]

    LOL, Lauri. Uff da.

  86. Typical! Daddy’s sleeping while mommy does all the work.

    Still gotta be the cutest damn video I’ve ever seen.

  87. Kim Heggen says:

    A friend of mine, who has pedigreed Siamese kitties, tells me that at least some of the cat breeders use the “retired” male stud kitties for foster parents. They are like old uncles who really do help with the kittens… washing them and cuddling them. But the active studs? Forget it.

  88. Aiiieeee!

    I was surprised how much of my ‘anime Japanese’ I used watching this. The adorableness is keeelling me.

    And on October 4th, I will have a roly poly kitten all my very own! – except he’ll be my son’s kitten, really, but hey – in my house! Our 16 year old tortie calico is no doubt going to consider murdering me in my sleep, but we’ll survive.

  89. aly,

    sowry about the broken leg. we’ll defer the *ahem* more phyziccal parts of your initiation for later. let’s focus on intellectual pursuits: have you memorized the CO Glossary yet?


    !yay! for roly-poly kitteh!
    since you have the new-kitteh-moving-in-resident-tortie
    -may-not-be-amused situation, you may want to compare notes with lurkertype who is now experiencing the same ‘zact situation. and if lurkertype survives (emphasis on *if*), so should you.

  90. [sigh]
    …finally watched the vid. It’s like tabbie versions of the Doones. ‘Cept of course with Tom playing the part of April Floorduck.

    OK, and maybe with better production quality too.

  91. poor T.,
    [pats your hand]
    is soooo hard letting them go, ain’t it?

  92. mariser – yes, I have been watching the discussions of Lurker T. with interest. Clio used to have a housemate she loved very much, and once when we rented from a friend she fell madly in love with the friend’s cat Tiramisu. They were the dorkiest boyfriend/girlfriend PDA cats EVar. So there is hope. She’s cottoned better to kittens than full grown cats in the past, so I hope to get one ittybitty enough that it draws out those maternal instincts.

    Or maybe it’ll just draw out the claws.

    *crosses fingers*

  93. saska,

    crossing my fingers for you too, that Clio cottons well to the new kitten.
    I love the story of “dorkiest boyfriend/girlfriend PDA cats EVar”. LOL. and the names!
    Tiramisu and Clio
    sittin on a tree
    PDAing and dorking around…

  94. Ok…yeah, I think my head exploded. This is unbelievably, ridiculously cute.

  95. “Oh crap, do I dare say it?”

    Lauri :-p
    First thing I thought of but the Parochial Schoolgirl slapped my inner wrist.

  96. …or was it the inner Parochial Shcoolgirl who slapped my wrist?

  97. I actually understood bits of that! Like ‘Where’s Mother?’ and ‘Stay here.’

  98. useta hada kitteh says:

    Oooh! The skitters! I just have to come out of lurkitude for these skitters! Even if there is a hazing ritual in my future. Bring on the Pudding Flinging Cannon Thingy — I can take it! I loves me some pudding! (Or am I too late for the pudding, and has everyone moved on to the hammie in the film tube post, and nobody will even see this?) Oh well, I loves me some kittehs, too! It’s just too cute when the little guy goes frolic, frolic, kersploink! I knew it would be kittehz that coaxed me out of lurkitude, after I’d learned an approximation of Snorglish (int’rustin’ langwidge y’all speaks around here!) and also after I’d found me a name. I just loves this site, and all your comments! Hope I pass the hazing/pudding/whatever!

  99. “Snorglish”
    You know, that’s pretty fantastic. I’m going to use that.

    (It’s what we speak, Peeps.)

  100. usetahk,

    whoa! you have been paying attention from the shadows, haven’t you? we’ll have to think of new and surprising ways to initiate you…
    puddin’ flinging has its hours, or maybe not. it just happens. so, just in case, you have to spend ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT on the CO page hitting refresh.

    and ditto T. on “Snorglish”. is genius!
    and welcome aboard. bring all the kittehs you can handle.

  101. We NEED a translater! I would love to know what that cute little voice is actually saying!

  102. anmlvr21,

    scroll up to the post with this time stamp:

    Posted by: SilvorMoon | Sep 06, 2006 at 07:59 AM

    SilvorMoon explains it all there. so much more fun to rewatch the clip afterwards.

  103. Wow. Unbelievably cute, and I have seen many a damn cute thing on this site. Knowing enough Japanese to understand the words only makes it that much better. *_* This is going to be watched many times over. 😀

  104. Finally watched the video, too. That’s a basket full o’ squee, if I ever saw one. Especially little Mr. Falling-Over Kitty-Butt, there.

  105. lurkertype says:


    I’m thinking of asking the blood bank to set up an account for me. Maybe they’ll do one for Saska.

    “Women Who Love Kittens and The Torties Who Hate Them For It”, coming soon to C.O.

  106. O…M…G! The voices *make* this video. (I have been known to add voices while watching the Dog Show — ‘spesh’ly the toy group! Husband thinks I’m nuts…no puppeh yet, either 😦 )

    I too love the patty paws! I had a book when I was little about two bebeh kittehs named Toddely and Paddy-Paws.

    Also hoping to join the gang. I feel like a peeping tom…pup-ing tom(cat)?…reading the posts and enjoying the jokes, from my hidey hole…[evil chuckle].

    Pudding…yes. Just not in German…I may snort pudding out my nose while laughing.

    Respectfully submitted —

  107. Cynbad, being a peeping tom is not far from becoming a peep. You’re on your way.

    You might be called upon to chug Jello, or to act out certain terms of the glossary, as chosen by the CO Elders. My term was ‘barfing rainbows’ and I was bed-ridden for a week.

  108. Janet with Angus and Misha says:

    This is just one of the cutest, most wonderful things we’ve ever seen. We are weak from viewing and re-viewing the marvelous Day in the Life of the Shorthairs. (PS Misha says, some of those short hairs have nice long hair–they’re pretty.)

  109. I just watched this vid for the fourth time. The first kit that was given the tongue brush by mom…well, it looked like it was wagging its tail!

    Maybe I should watch it another four times, just to be sure…

  110. lurkertype, I think you’re on to something there… Now accepting donations of Type O and bactine!

    I’ve introduced cats before, usually with eventual success, but it’s tough. I’ve never done the adult-kitten thing, which is why I’ve mostly been silent on the subject.

    Maybe our torties should get together and go bug-catching so they can commiserate.

    mariser – So ridiculous were the PDAs that before we officially allowed them to play together all the time, they used to HOLD PAWS under the door that separated them.

  111. KAWAII!!!

  112. useta hada kitteh says:

    Did any of you peeps notice pink collar nuzzling/snorgling/whatevering yellow collar? I think he’s thinking “Where’d the faucets go?” Luckily Mom steps in with snackies for all! And the little guy playing “My what big eyes you have” with the camera!!

    Aubrey — you’ve only watched it four times? I’ve lost count!

  113. chillinkzp says:

    It seems like this post got a lotta lurkers outta the shadows…. so I thought I should join in as well… Really enjoy the comments over the past few months [puns are my favorites] but hardly have time to comment myself. Either way, this site is so great and has provided me with so much to *read / laugh / squee about* whenever procrastination calls (all the time). The kitties in the vid are sooooooo anerable! Love the momma cat pat “no, you cant come out, …nope, not yet…” =)

  114. [all the peeps respond] Hi ChillinK!

    My name is Cynbad, and I’m a Kewt-aholic. It’s been 3 minutes since my last viewing of the shorthair video…scratch that last part…that confession, not 12-steppin’ 😉

    The first step to getting in CO is admitting that you LUUURRRVVV teh kewt.

  115. Cynbad:

    Your program will of course have to include a series of sub-cute-aneous injections to get your system used to the unusual levels of cuteness to which you will be exposed on a daily level.

    Also, you will be expected to make a study of the following, taking an especial note of the final entry under ‘External Links’:


    Good night, and good luck.

  116. oh my god. i thought i saw a putty tat just eat my soul. kitten snorgling another kitten.

  117. Awwwww… I wuv wittle babeh aminals when they’re like that. All awkward and cute!

  118. Oh well, the necklaces don’t do it for me. Makes them look kind of productish. But kittens are the cutest thing in the world, period.

  119. Those darn bits-of-coloured-string-around-the-neck-to-tell-them-apart products! Damnnnnn youuuu! (shakes fist)

  120. man, that’s some serious cute.

    I’m 99% positive that those are all silver marble bengals, both from the look and from the behavior — beautiful and incredibly soft too!

  121. acm – thank you! The word “marble” has been going through my head ever since I saw the video but I couldn’t place it back to bengals.

  122. This *made my day*. No, seriously! I was in *SUCH* a crummy mood yesterday since I didn’t get the bookstore job I interviewed for. Today shaped up into a *much* better day, though, mostly because of this place!
    Can I just say Oh. My. God. So. Cute It. HURTS! With teh kittains all fuzzeh…
    We supposedly have three new “downy” kittens courtesy of the kitty clan under our deck, but I haven’t seen them yet.
    LOVE the daddycat, BTW!

  123. can you make this a sticky or something? srsly? that can ALWAYS stay at the top of the page so I can watch this 50 times a day, for the next 20 years?

    please? pretty please??

  124. Sherry — just add this bookmark to your favorites:

  125. que buen video !! excelente !!

    saludos desde argentina

  126. OMG — need my insulin — just absolute cute-i-tude!!!! Love the mama pushing the baby down to get back in basket. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

  127. WaitaminitWaitaminitWaitaminit…
    I know this is really late for a double-take & all, but… ahem… WHAT BOOBIES?

    Mariser? [tapping foot] For your reference:
    …boobies, boobies, boobies.

    …not so much in the boobies department. Implied nozzles? …maybe.

    This sort of thing? Unmitigated bait-and-switch. Tsk tsk.

  128. well,

    I’ve been thoroughly smacked down. with links. everywhere.

    what I meant is that towards the end of the video, momma cat is reclining on her side as the savage hungry kitteh horde descends on her boobies (they are cat boobies, but still boobies, right?). and at that moment the camera begins to pan up towards Poppa cat, the music switches to a tune reminiscent of “The Entertainer” and Poppa cat says something that to my quite-Unjapanese-ear sounded somewhat lewd, along the lines of “I can’t wait ’til we make kittens again, w00t!”

    blame it on an overactive imagination; or on that I often go between CO and fark.com, or blame on the meds, or blame it on the moonlight.

  129. Well since you mention Fark, the battle cry of “BOOBIES!” does in fact apply to this thread…

  130. Totally adorable!! They are very CUTE!

  131. Well, we see what word Theo likes. ceebs is ECHIDNA! Theo is BOOBIES!

    Not surprising at all, I suppose.

    Maybe ceebs has Schnozzle Envy of the Echidnas!

  132. Oh, I like a great many words.
    Please note that I haven’t added “BOOBIES” to the Glossary.

  133. ‘Please note that I haven’t added “BOOBIES” to the Glossary.’

    Uh oh. Sounds like a trap.

  134. Watch your step, mate, those sand-boobie traps’ll GETCHA!

    I’ll stick to the sure-footing next to the sandpugs.

  135. Oh, I’m going to hell.

    ‘Casta, I’m glad you bra-ght that to me attention.

  136. And I’m going to hell because I didn’t preview first!

    I’m a Los Angeles local, and as far back as I can remember, things have been brought to MY attention.

  137. The video says the cats are “American Shorthairs.” But I did a google image search, and American Shorthairs and Silver Marble Bengals do look quite similar.

  138. I notice motao has several other really cute videos at youtube – lots more cute kittens!! 🙂

  139. Ok, we now know the origin of boobilate.

  140. *Tittering*


  142. Theo – your link to the definition of “tittilate” – when I went to that page, there was an extremely appropriate Cacique ad on the page, starring the twin sister of the Bad Grammar Babe here at CO.

    I laughed, I cried, I watched teh kittehs again.

  143. Seriously, I’m going to be a downer. I’m worried about the “collars” the kittens are wearing. Are they homemade? Are they able to choke the kittehs? Um, yes. Oh..and get that mama fixed. Pronto. Breed Schmeed. When no shelter cat dies, THEN you can breed. I’m an animal shelter volunteer, until YOU volunteer, you know not what you say.

  144. I’m sure the found good homes for all the kittens. They still are cute. And it seems that this might be a profesional operation, then again they should get them fix, just in case….

  145. MinnieGardenia says:

    This vid could ONLY come from the Land of Hello Kitty!

  146. “Who?”

  147. American Shorthairs, Silver Tabby, blotched pattern. And boy are they pretty. But… I still can’t imagine paying MONEY for a cat. All of mine have been of the “here, take this cat” variety, except for one shelter cat who cost an adoption fee.

  148. kittylover says:

    Three words:
    Best. Video. ever.

  149. Neko kawaiii!

  150. That was so pleasurably cute I almost felt dirty watching it.

  151. Basically it runs as follows:

    Uh oh! Papa Cat (Otou-san neko) is going off somewhere! And Mama Cat (Okaa-san neko)is too!

    Little kitten says “Okaa-san! Wait! I’m coming toooo….”

    Mama Cat: Ara ara! Don’t leave your bed, what would I do if you got hurt?”

    Kitten: I’m coming too!

    Mama: It’s too soon still. What would I do if you got hurt?

    Narrator: Once the Mama Cat has left, the kitten goes outside [the nest] for the first time! What’ll she do? Everything’s new and interesting!

    Kitten: Okaa-san! Where’d you go? You were right here and now you’re gone. I wonder what this is? (something I can’t figure out)

    Narrator: Now the kitten’s getting warmer!

    Kitten: Ah, I smell Kaa-san! Where is she? Is she this way? Ne, ne, Onee-chan, do you know where she is?

    Mama Cat: Here I am. Were you all good?

    Kitten: Yup! I stayed here and didn’t make a peep!

    Papa Cat: And how exactly was that staying put? It’s worrisome watching you.

    Narrator: Dad, who was on the dressers, saw everything! Next time, everyone’s going to (go) play!

  152. looks like a couple comments can go byebye.

  153. I love how the japanese lady narrorates [narrarates?] the whole video. So cute!

  154. Hey Zoenna, thanks for going to the trouble of providing the step-by-step narration! Now that I know what’s going on, I enjoy it even more! 🙂

  155. Oh man, the part that got me was when the little kitten starts crawling out of the basket and the lady says, “Okaasan, matte! Issho ni iru!” (Mother, wait! I want to go with you!) and the mother cat baps him on the head. Haha, priceless.

  156. Welcome much, Stooges Woman :-)! Though after listening to it for the hojillionth time, I realize that the “Is she this way?” line is actually “Is she at home?” ^^;