Favorite Australian animals 1

Today we’ll have some Australian animal favorites in honor of Steve Irwin. Like Mr. Rule Numero Seven here.


G’Day, Aliza D.



  1. Cute koalas. RIP, Steve.

  2. They ARE cute… but I find it distracting to know that they’re also loud, territorial and agressive. Koalas are not friendly cuddle balls of fluff. They look like stuffed animals, but so do Badgers. My grandmother was an Aussie and it always irritated her that the tourists wanted to see the “cute Koalas”.

  3. [pondering]
    “Waltzing Matilda” joke? Nahhh….
    “Monkey on your back” joke? Doesn’t work, does it?…
    Geeky recursion joke? Well, there’s only two of them…
    Ear-to-schnoz ratio?…
    …oh I give up.

    It’s Monday. Please, somebody else be funny.

  4. They are still cute though, esp. the bebes. They definitely aren’t soft & fluffy, I had my pic taken in Australia while holding one. They have sharp claws for climbing.

  5. Post an echidna!!! they are very cute & weird, I sent in a link to some pics from yahoo a while ago. They look like they would be good snorglers!

  6. This isn’t Kansas, teho. It’s Tuesday.

  7. Check out mom’s Weapons of Mass Earfluff! Scary!

    There’s something to be said for loud, territorial and aggressive. You should have seen me at my kids’ soccer games!And, I was still cute! 😉

    And, BEF of incredible luminosity!

  8. Oh, and the stinky, irritable, aggressive koalas are oh so cute.

  9. Rofl, jaypo, good catch. _I_ believed teho when he said it was Monday. 😛

    But, it’s not, it’s definitely Tuesday and a new “House” is on tonight at 8 EST! *hops around the room*

  10. I will miss Steve Irwin, his passion and love for animals. If there was someone who could make a croc cute, it was him. And I want to know where I can get my personal Koala momma and bebe. They are so cute!

  11. Jaypo — son of a $@#^*!
    Well it #$%&ing FEELS like Monday.

    Lauri, Lauri, (Hugh) Lauri(e)…

  12. Awwwwww look at the fluffiness, folks!!! Yes, I do know they are territorial and can be mean at times…But darn it, you can’t HELP but awwed by that fluffiness!!!

  13. Well, baby crocs can be cute at times. Besides, we can’t have a tribute to Steve without crocs showing up somewhere!

    RIP, your legacy shows how many you touched.

  14. Tony James says:

    The Australian Tourism Authority has been busily promoting koalas as cute n’cuddly, eucalyptus-chewin’, slightly stoned drowsy fuzzballs who carry their young on their back. Which of course they are. But they have been strangely silent about the lesser-known cousin of the koala, the DropBear, or Phascolarctus Hodgsonii. Koalas, being so cute n’fuzzy, can only exist in the protected environment of a zoo or wildlife park. The dropbear, on the other hand, is widespread in the Australian bush, and should be considered one of the country’s most dangerous predators. Fortunately Trinity College in Perth has collected a wealth of information on the subject:
    You have been warned…

  15. I vote for wombats! Not only are they cute, but they can also be very friendly. When my husband and I visited the Taronga Zoo in Sydney many years ago, a baby wombat ran across her enclosure to greet us — she wanted to come out and play!

  16. Look at that soft cuddly fur. You know our man Steve snorgled koalas. Don’t deny it…you know it happened. Because, who wouldn’t?

  17. Rest in peace, Steve. I hope all your favorite animals are there to greet you.

    And aww! to the koala and babe. It doesn’t even mar the cuteness that this baby eats its mama’s poop! (It does, seriously! All koala babies do so they’ll have the intestinal bacteria to digest eucalyptus leaves. There, now you’ve learned something.)

  18. Kris, in New England says:

    Aggressive, sharp claws, eat mommy’s poo, sleep 23 hours a day…

    Don’t care – they are so darned adorable it’s almost illegal.

    I love the idea that they are the national symbol of Australia, and so it seems is Steve Irwin.

  19. Tony James: And you’re supposed to smear Vegemite behind your ears to keep them away, right?

    Or is that what the corks on the hat are for…? I’m a confoosded ‘Murrican…


  20. teej, *I* heard that dropbears are responsible for the proliferation of potato bugs in the American South. A loud, riotous, and stinky bevy of dropbears escaped from a local petting farm and are now feasting on local wildlife and garbage, resulting in the devastating increase in the potato bug.



  22. Oooo, TJ, the dropbear articles are wonderful! Did you see the mention of “haggis hunting”? Lol!

    This site is soooo edyookayshunol.

    And,eyuh, I lurve Hugh Lauri-e :D~~~

  23. Oh my goodness, how hoity toity are the potato bugs folks! They don’t even say “piss”.

    Nothing says it quite like a PotatoBugs.com e-card. Scare the urine out of your friends, family and enemies by sending them one of our official e-cards today

  24. Hooray for koalas! I’ve found that marsupials seem to have the most stuffed-animal like fur: tree kangaroos also look like they have thick, fuzzy fur.

    My boyfriend got to hold a koala once. He said it was smelly, but cute. 🙂

  25. RIP, Steve. I had such a crush on you when I was a kid. Then you named your daughter Bindi Sue, and I am glad, after all, that it was not my child. Sad times.

  26. One of my favorite Croc Hunter shows was where his wife Teri was cuddling a baby Wombat and the baby was busily biting her arm. And her only response was “If you bite me again, I’m going to have to kiss you!” They were an incredible couple. She shared his love and fascination of all animals. I hope she will be able to carry on with their dream.

  27. they are gorgeous. I keep expecting this new to be some kind of joke. :sigh:

  28. *news

  29. Oh, YES, an ECHIDNA! They really rule.

  30. Steve, you will be missed. Crikey!

    I just want to pat that little baby on the bootie!


  31. Once a jolly croc-man
    Created the ‘stralian zoo
    For the protection of animals free
    And he sang as he watched and waited and as he toiled
    “Who’ll come a-waltzing Matilda with me?”

    Down come a huge croc
    To drink at the water hole
    Up jumped the croc-man and grabbed him in glee
    And he sang as he stowed him away in his tucker bag
    “You’ll come a-waltzing Matilda with me'”.

    Up came the purse-makers
    Riding up from Fashion Week
    Up came shoe-makers – one, two, three
    “Where’s that big croc you’ve got in your tucker bag?”,
    “You’ll come a-waltzing Matilda with me”.

    But the croc-man he up and jumped in the water hole
    Rather than betray his animals free,
    And his ghost may be heard as it sings in the Billabong,
    “Who’ll come a-waltzing Matilda with me?”

  32. Aubrey, that’s fantastic – tops everything that’s been said by a mile. After reading so many of these posts, I really think that someone should mention CO to his site. Sure there will be lots of tributes to him all over the internet, but CO is chock full of animal (and Steve Irwin) lovers and the comments here are amazing. It’s fantastic that Meg is devoting a whole day to him. Personally, I’ve never seen his show(s), although I have certainly heard of him (I don’t have cable so don’t get any of the fun channels). Of course, the memorial site is too busy, and for the bulletin boards, you have to be a member. Anyway, just a thought – who knows, maybe even his family would see it some day…….

  33. The lighter fuzz on his bootie looks like a little diaper!

  34. The song is GREAT, Aubrey! I got all goosebump covered. (Again. I do that a lot around here. )

  35. Beats my Rick James riff, no question. Maybe somebody oughtta email a link or two to the fine folks over at Animal Planet…

  36. Whatever the koalas are, I love their “just got out of bed” haircut. That’s all I will say, we’re on cute overload, not Animal Planet.

  37. Aubrey –

    FABULOUS. You outdid yourself.

    Jeez, I’m think I’m gonna be depressed for the rest of the week. 😦

    [sigh] Steve.

  38. Aub,

    you are giving me chills here. pure, pure poetry.
    (and 100% pun-free. a befitting homage).

  39. When I go, I want to be cuddled to death by Koalas.

  40. Rachel Nell says:

    RIP Steve-O. You were a fascinating teacher, and your love of God’s creature’s came through every programme you made. My thoughts are with your family and friends. You will be missed!

  41. Every summer we get these massive old koalas hanging out in our backyard…they’re sort of animal that’s absolutely gorgeous even when they’re big and old…but they’re even cuter when they’re tiny like the the little guy in this photo! Squee!

  42. Whooo.oooooaaah, PinkSoprano…

    that thought, “massive old koalas” is…rather oxymoronic.
    What exactly does a massive old koala look like? And how old? That’s fascinating!

    Und, you know what, teho? The pre-crochunterdeath best song WAS your RJ She’s supersneaky! 🙂

  43. Much like other koalas, really…they’re just a lot bigger, and even slower, and even grumpier. And they grunt outside my bedroom window and I can never tell if they’re mating, fighting or just chatting. Sadly, for all my family is generally tech savvy we dont own a decent camera, so I have no photos of our guests. I’ll try and get some this summer.