Please put your toys away, Billy…

…It’s time for dinner. Billy—where’s Noodles?


Sweetness, Mario A.!



  1. AuntieMame says:

    Whew! Good thing he has a white muzzle, or he’d disappear into the shadows completely!

  2. Hey, I thought “Billy” was Noodles, and vice versa!

  3. girlladyfriend says:

    This looks like something out of “E.T.”

  4. Dog??? What dog??? I don’t see any dog? Gotta get them eyes checked…. Pronto!

  5. hehehehe. my puppy used to sleep in her toy basket allll the time. of course she’d throw her toys all over the house first. mini schnauzers = eternal 2-year-old

  6. That expression is priceless.

    “Umm…excuse me…what am I doing in here with all the non-animate animals…. Hello?”

  7. sweet jane says:

    “How do I get out of here? Guys? Guys?”

  8. That appears to be a turtle costume for that dog.

  9. I like how glassy-eyed Noodles is managing to look… he really could be stuffed.

  10. “Someone said that we were going to be used for prizes at the County Fair. Are you sure about this? Um…is there someone else I can talk to?”

  11. I see how this happened:

    MOM: Billy, you may choose one toy today when we go out.
    BILLY: (internal monologue, all the while rubbing hands together) Yeeessss, one toy, she did not say it must be an inanimate toy… Briiiilliant… (to mom) Thank you, Mommy! May we please stop by the pet store to look at the puppies?

  12. YOU SEE? This is what happens when you don’t properly dust off your shoes when you come home from the beach. You bring the Sandpugs inside with you, and they proliferate in dark spaces, specifically toyboxes.

    When will people learn?

  13. I am a great fan of stuffed animals. My son and I have at least 300. It’s a shame we don’t have a place to display all of them.

  14. CheeseMeister:

    I don’t have 300, probably 50 – I have them piled on my living room couch. If anyone is ever bold enough to want to take a seat, I have to clear all those guys off. And I’m not sure if some might be harboring any resentment or not.

    So…what’s with the cheese, anyway? Can you get me alot of it?

  15. Sandpugs! brilliant, Fang!

  16. I am loving the attention to black puggies on CO!! So precious.

  17. *giggles* the sandpugs are coming!!!! Ruuuuun!

    I lurve his sideear flaps!

    Yay for No Nonsense Big Chunks of Cheese! Lol! the Fromager, indeed! 🙂

  18. Stuffed animals are *real* you know. They command respect because you’re never around to correct them when they misbehave. 😉

  19. omg too cute.

  20. Fang: I chuckled so loudly with your comment that my boss is wondering what I’m doing!!! GREAT comment!!!

    Jaypo: I’ve often thought that my stuffed animals had fun when I wasn’t home!!!

    What a cutie!

  21. i always thought pugs were too ugly (or shall i say “pugly”) to be cute. but the last few pug-posts here are changing my mind! also, i saw one in action the other day, and he was just the cutest thing. every time he shook himself, his back end would pop up off the ground momentarily. i guess they are a little front-loaded, aren’t they.

    is that a little dog costume in the basket?!

  22. That is such a sweet little face. NOODLES!! Hooray!!

  23. He can definitely join my pug army. Look at his skills! He’s the master of stealth. hehe!

  24. Is this a full bred pug or a puggle? My friends got one and it is so cute!!

  25. Beauregard says:

    Awww man. THat is the cutest name and the cutest pug.

  26. Muzzlepug.

  27. teehee!

  28. Please,keep the black pug pix coming – I’m trying to convince the huz that said creatures are necessary for a full and happy life…he ain’t buying it so far, but thanx to CO, he has admitted “well, yeah, they are cute”.

  29. Rich Fader says:

    I saw that and the first thing that came to mind was the closet scene in “E.T.” What a face!

  30. The wonderful thing about pugs is thier total LACK of schnozzles.

  31. Seriously, the frog moved. Didn’t anybody else see it?

  32. Tiberia—keep trying, harder. A pug is a great and wonderful thing.

    and black pugs are VERY different from fawn—-much more vocal, and all pug vocals are worth hearing—IF you like that sort of thing. I do.

  33. This pic brought back a memory I’d completely forgotten. When I was growing up, we had a cat that insisted on sleeping in the laundry basket. One day she almost went through a wash cycle. The only reason she didn’t was because mom’s sharp eyes caught something too dark for that load. Mom went out and bought a covered laundry basket a few days later so she wouldn’t accidentally wash the cat.

  34. Pugs-n-kisses says:

    I agree that this looks like the scene from E.T. where E.T. is hiding in the toy closet! Also agree about this puglet looking like a toy from the fair… we just had our county fair last weekend, and the prizes in one booth were toy pugs of all sizes and colors. Saw lots of people carrying toy pugs that day!

  35. Hahaha, KarKar, ya had me going back to look at the frog. 😛

  36. This lil guy’s expression keeeels me!!!

  37. Stuffed squirrel butt!

  38. What a precious little pug! MORE PUGGIES, MORE PUGGIES, MORE PUGGIES!

  39. *grin* Yep, I, also, went back to look at “stuffed squirrel butt”.

  40. Soooooooo cute. Yes the frog is really up to something. Look at those eyes. ewwwwwwwww!

  41. CUTE-I-TUDE!!!!!! Love those eyes, just want to soak in that gaze!!!! Refreshes my awwwwwwwness!!!!

  42. hello everyone, thanks for the wonderful comments about noodles! (special thank you to CO for posting her pic). just to answer someone’s inquiry from above: she is a purebred pug and often very vocal — especially when dogs, cats, or birds show up on TV 😉

    enjoy her flickr set by clicking on my name below!

  43. Lol, the cute little pug looks like a toy itself!!