Favorite Australian animals 2

Holy Marsupials! This could not be sweeter…


Orphaned Pocket roos from Mo L. at Wildcare Australia.



  1. Nawmnawmnawm.

    I love their substitute mommy-pockets.

  2. the snorgle-spot is between their ears!!

  3. awwww so cute! *HUGG:ES* and “SQUISH*

  4. bunnajenny says:

    When I moved to Australia as a child, the very first family outing we had was to a wildlife rehabilitation center. When we arrived my sister and I were given pillow cases, some white bread, and told to go and sit on the log under the gum trees. We were bemused but obedient so off we trotted and sat down.

    It seemed kind of boring for about 5 minutes and then HOLY KANGAROO we were accosted by orphaned joeys who jumped into our pillow cases, did the rolypoly turnyaroundy thing and then settled in to nibble on the bread. Once they were comfortables the wildlife people brought us their feed and we were all has happy as joeys in a pouch.

  5. don’t forget about the honey possum….we had a pic awhile back, where everyone decided possums were cute after all, it was a drawing, teensy guy, long nose, hanging from a flower!!

  6. *sigh* Got a big enough pocket for me to join too, little guys…?


  7. they are lovely, lucky them to be found and saved and reared. I’d love to help with them 🙂
    RIP Stevo! xxx

  8. So right, teh snorgle-spot is between the ears. Can you imagine those lovely ears flapping against your face?

  9. Love the photo.
    Love the term ‘pocket roos’
    Love the fact that these roos seem to be hanging some inches above the ground
    Don’t love the fact that the fabric on the right reminds me of the robe that Grissom wore in the finale of ‘CSI’.

  10. Joey…baby….don’t get crazy…
    hehe concrete blonde

  11. Hey, I’d’ve come in with the next line, Ceebs. A little credit here.

  12. Even on a *Monday*, Theo?
    :^ P

  13. I’ll never live that one down, will I.

  14. Theo – when you talked about it being Monday it never occurred to me that it wasn’t until someone else said something. Most of us just figure you are always right!

  15. It really does feel like a Monday. 😛

    *puts a pudding in the pult and aims for MN*



  17. *SPPPPPLLLLLLAAT* Direct hit on the big bad ‘brella….very satisfyin’.

  18. I heard that pudding was being discussed here.

    Saturday, boyfriend and I made dinner for my parents at the beach house. Dessert was: CHOCOLATE PUDDING. Was it wrong for me to serve it by flinging the puddin’s from the kitchen to the table?

  19. More like pudding was being DISCUS’d here. Platterfuls.

  20. If a platypus had a platterful of pudding would would said platypus be compelled to propel the platterful of puddin’ – even if he knew he shouldn’?

  21. That’s it.

    [high faint whistling noise]

  22. That’s enough, T. One more dessert outburst and I’m contacting JPL (Jello Propulsion Laboratories).

  23. I loved your story Bunna Jenny. Thank you for sharing it.
    Hope I’ll do the same soon. 🙂

    🙂 Those joeys are cute, ok, is there another word for cute? 😀

  24. ‘ROOS RULE!

  25. *laughin’ out loud and confusin’ the pups*

    They always look at me weird when I am laughing at the computer.

    Discus’ing the puddins!!! Sooo perfect. And, Aubrey, how the else heck are ya supposed to serve pudding other than by overhanding it over the kitchen island.

    If it doesn’t land with a “splat” send it back. I believe that is Puddin’ Etiquette.

  26. I am not the Platypus Puddin’ Propeller,
    Nor the Platypus Puddin’ Propeller’s son,
    But, I’ll propel puddin’s til the Platypus Propeller comes.

  27. Dawwww… it’s the pocket buffet!

    I believe the “snorgle spot” is the equivalent of the “sweet spot” of one’s stereo system: the point at which all comes together in perfect harmony. 🙂

  28. Aubrey – not Jell-O! Gelatin is not vegetarian-friendly. Make it agar. Agar is seaweed-based.

    *offers use of her brain mold*

  29. brain… mold…

    [violent shiver]

  30. Like this brain mold???


    or green fuzzy stuff like I have on all my brain cells that have been sitting around unused for years, rotting?

  31. Ooo, can I use the brain mold when you are done, teho? *grin*

    I have a Halloween party comin’ up and need some brains!

  32. Yeah, just like that, ceebs! Good lord, is that the hypothalamus in there?