Everyone loved the Crocodile Hunter

It’s very sad to report that conservationist Steve "Crocodile Hunter" Irwin was killed during a filming expedition in the Great Barrier Reef today. Whenever I saw Steve on T.V., his passion was stunning and admirable—I’m so sorry to hear he’s gone. As you can see, everyone loved the Croc Hunter…his adventures are legendary. As soon as there is a live link to "The Crikey Fund", I’ll link it.






"That was close!"


That was quite an adventure, Karen K. [Who sent these photos back in March!]



  1. He will be dearly missed. Where CAN you get that smashing toy?

  2. a very nice tribute to Mr. Steve Irwin.

  3. Aww … cute AND touching 🙂

  4. Pretty kitty – glad he/she didn’t actually swallow it!

    Irwin was a good man – he’ll be missed by lots of people.

  5. anonymouse says:

    The really lousy part was that his wife was out on safari and could not be immediately notified. Literally the whole world knew about his death before her. An unnamed news agency (Think three letters long and American) tried to fly a news crew out to her on a helicopter so they could be the first to tell her and get her reaction on tape, but a group of ham radio operators were able to get in contact with her first and spoiled her plans.

    He will be missed.

  6. Woods Walker says:

    Adventuring is a risk and Steve took his chances like all adventurers. I remember reading a reprint from “UP FRONT” by Bill Mauldin. One of the characters says”I feel like a refugee from the law of averages”. That law caught up with Steve Irwin.-Woods Walker

  7. Thanks so much for posting this today (and the kitty, Lhiri, is a girl). We in this household are very sad for the Croc Hunter was held in high esteem.

    The toy was from Subway – it was part of their Kids’ Meals for promoting the Crocodile Hunter movie. There was also a moving spider, slap bracelet snake, and a baby crocodile. Steve and the Crocodile are wind up and the cats love to chase it.

  8. Thanks so much Karen, for sending in those photos. Who knew this would happen, and your photos are a fun, adventurous series.

    Tomorrow, we’ll have a bunch of Australian animals on the site to honor Steve.

  9. AuntieMame says:

    Aww, kitty lurves Steve-o. 🙂

    And since I’ve already been ripped once today on another message board for presuming to criticize him, I’ll say no more…

  10. warrior rabbit says:

    I was stunned this morning when I read of it. I read somewhere that he lived life in capital letters, and always seemed to be have a few exclamation points to boot. I thought that was an apt description.

    He’ll be missed.

  11. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Shocking and sad…Gone too soon…only 44.

  12. Poor Steve. May he rest in peace. Nice tribute.

  13. I too was stunned at the news. His pash and love for all animals – especially the less loveable, reptilian ones – was inspiring. He saw beauty and worth in all living things and his death is a terrible loss. Meg, your idea to honor Steve Irwin is a splendid one – thanks.

  14. i’m still in denial. i can’t believe it. he was my favorite person in the universe. sigh…. i have a feeling that little Bindi, who was a daddy’s girl for sure, will be a force in continuing her daddy’s legacy.

  15. pistache268 says:

    Poor, poor Steve. Goodbye!

  16. I was watching some of the older documentaries they were showing on Animal Planet today and there was a part where he was talking about how once he was confident that his children could continue this amazing work, he would graciously ‘step aside’. I believe that is what he’s done. Look at it that way. He had a life-long passion and accomplished so much… which is quite a rarity, but such a tremendous inspiration to all of us, no matter what our life purpose(s) may be. He now knows that it will be passed on, and that he will always be remembered.

    Peace and love to him, his family, and his fans.

    (Adorable photos also).

  17. Jackie31337 says:

    To use Steve’s own words, this is shockin’ awful. 😦 I’m still waiting for somebody to reveal that it’s all a hoax.

    Anonymouse: The Australian Broadcasting Company is also known as ABC, so it was probably them.

  18. thanks for adding that meg, I miss him 😥 I too donated to the fund for conservation. Sad, sad day. He would’ve loved those pics of kitty 🙂

  19. Was taken aback when I heard the news. Just horrible and sad. Even though his life was way too short, he really did accomplish so much. And even though their dad is gone much too soon, there is so much about him forever recorded on film, that his kids will be able to know him so much better than most others who lose parents at a young age.

    What an all around great guy. My heart hurts and I didn’t even “know” him.

    Been trying to send a message directly to his site, but haven’t been able to log on.

  20. Sad to see someone that was so devoted to the environement leave that way…

  21. To hear of his passing was truly horrible. I am somehow comforted by the fact that he was killed not in a plane crash or automobile accident but out doing what he loved. Goodbye Steve; you will be missed greatly.

  22. Good good stuff, folks. I knew Meg would have just the right thing. Steve would have loved it!

  23. “…he was talking about how once he was confident that his children could continue this amazing work, he would graciously ‘step aside’. I believe that is what he’s done.”

    Amen, anon. Steve was a true hero in a world where we have so very few. He was courageous, respectful, big-hearted, passionate. A model for us all in how to live to the fullest of our capabilities. His legacy is suddenly huge and important to everyone, much more so than if he died quietly at age 99. God bless you always, Steve. We love you.

  24. I couldn’t believe it when someone mentioned it. I had to read it on cnn to prove it. He will be missed.

  25. I was suprised how sad it made me when I heard the news. …Seeing as I didn’t know the man.
    I just LOVED watching his shows. He was like some kind of nutty superhero. I think it was his fearlessness that I found so engaging.
    Say what you will about him but this is a man that truly lived every portion of his short life.
    I think he was one of the coolest, maddest human beings on earth. And I wish I had an ounce of his drive and unbashed joy of life.
    Yes, he will be missed.

  26. When I first heard it on the news I just couldn’t believe it, I thought they were joking or that I had heard wrong.
    It sounds strange, but I felt so very sad, he will be terribly missed. I still get a little teary eyed when I think about it.

  27. How poignant. I just feel terribly terribly sad that he’s gone. Here in Oz everyone is in shock a bit- Steve the invincible. Next time I catch a brown snake in the yard I’ll release it back into the bush I think.

  28. To die doing what you love, what more could anyone ask? He will be missed, the crazy ole boy. Sniff.

  29. ooh ooh. I just read your msg Meg- can we have koalas pleeease?

  30. I am much distraught over the loss of one of my childhood heroes. Steve Irwin was always one of those people that I expected to be around for eternity. He was an immortal of sorts. It is saddening to hear of his unfortunate demise.

    However, I can say that he probably went in a way that he would have preferred. My heart goes out to his family.

  31. snoopysnake says:

    I keep reminding myself that Steve is now in heaven with Sui, his beloved dog. Steve Irwin was a friend to all animals and will be dearly missed. He’d have loved those kitty pics – and all the animals on this site. RIP, mate, and prayers for Terri, Bindi Sue, and Bob.

  32. Although I have never watched any of his shows, I knew of the work that he’d done and how much he loved animals… Much like Cousteau (spelling?) though, his legacy will live on in his children and his lovely wife….

    As for this Kitty, She looks like just my Squirt!!! (Or as I call him while I’m snorgling him, “Squirt Blossom”… We call this breed Patio Cats, ’cause they’re usually hanging out on some patio somewhere…

  33. i was so sad to hear about this too. there are few enough people that care passionately about animals and conservation, and even fewer who have the personality and ability to affect so many other people’s consciousness about these subjects. what a great guy. i’m sure he has inspired many children, and hopefully at least some of them will grow up to do more of this kind of work.

  34. though of course, no one could ever do it quite like him!

  35. Even knowing his line of work was extremely dangerous, I still can’t believe he is gone. Stupid stingray. This is so sad.

  36. The world has seen one of it’s brightest lights extinguished. We have lost something truly fine and wonderful.

  37. Does everybody else remember Cartman’s Croc Hunter spoof on South Park? That was just great. These pictures come in a close second, though.

  38. When my husband woke me with the news in the wee hours, I thought it was a horrible mistake.
    Steve was a modern day super hero, I was proud for my children to be able to see that kind of drive, passion and unabashed joy for the true world out there. The earth and animals on it (non-human & human)are so blessed for having been touched by this lifeforce.
    Thank you Steve rest in peace. May your family be strengthend by the love flowing towards them from around the world.

  39. blueberries4me says:

    I’m really saddened to hear of his death. I was an avid follower of his show and his quirkiness and love of animals always put a smile on my face. Like him, the more hideous and obscure the animal (except I don’t like mole rats eww) the more I adored them. I’ll miss you big guy.

  40. I’m glad CO did a tribute to Steve. He’ll definately be missed! ='(

  41. pugmamatimestwo says:

    Steve Irwin’s passion and enthusiasm will be sorely missed by everyone who loves animals and the natural world. Like someone said, I’m sure he would have chosen to go doing the thing that he loved most. I hope his wife and daughter can take some comfort in that.

  42. I’m sad about Steve Irwin. I still can’t believe it. I loved how he saw the beauty in misunderstood animals.

  43. Simpson O'Brien says:

    What an absolutely beautiful tribute. Thank you Meg.

  44. Simpson O'Brien says:

    What an absolutely beautiful tribute. Thank you Meg.

  45. Simpson O'Brien says:

    What an absolutely beautiful tribute. Thank you Meg.

  46. Simpson O'Brien says:

    What an absolutely beautiful tribute. Thank you Meg.

  47. Simpson O'Brien says:

    What an absolutely beautiful tribute. Thank you Meg.

  48. Simpson O'Brien says:

    What an absolutely beautiful tribute. Thank you Meg.

  49. blueberries4me says:

    He also left behind a young son. 😦

  50. Rest in peace Steve…

  51. Thank you so much for posting a message about Steve Irwin, and it’s so nice to see the other posts here from others that respected him so much. In today’s world where so many idolize someone simply because they’re in the movies or play professional sports, most of us tend to not notice those like Steve Irwin who’s celebrity status was born from passion, caring, and a life dedicated to making the world better for all of us until it’s too late. I loved and respected him dearly, he was the only real hero that I ever had. I still can’t read the news about him without crying. I truly feel that I’ve lost a friend. I hope wherever he is he’s reunited by his mom, his beloved dog Sui, and plenty of agro, snapping crocs…

  52. I’m still so sad about this.
    Last night CNN ran a 2004 interview with Larry King after the Baby Bob incident, and they showed his “last entry in Sui’s diary” and that was when I really started to lose it, his voice was all shaky on the voiceover and it was just so sweet.

    I always thought he was the happiest guy on the planet. His passion for his work, his family, and for life in general is inspirational.

    While I would hope that his kids continue his legacy, it’s just so sad to me that he won’t be there for them. Prayers for Terri, Bindi & Bob, and all his friends & family. Much too soon to be gone, though he probably lived more in his 44 years than most of us could in 444 years. RIP Steve.

    PS–I’ll never forget the segment with the spitting cobra—

  53. I’m getting all tearyeyed here.
    He left an 8 year old daughter and a 3 year old son.

    When my cousin died a few weeks ago a friend of mine said something that really lifted my spirits. My cousin was also FULL of life and energy, a free spirit who raised everyone else up when he walked into a room.

    What my friend said was this,”Did you notice how the day Mitch died everything in the universe was a bit more beautiful, because all the love and energy in his body was now released to join it.”

    Well, I felt that way yesterday whilst working in my garden. I thought of all the love and positive energy of Steve joining that of the very air around us and making it that much more beautiful.

    Yoiks! Sorry for the longwindedness…..

  54. Very sad, loved his show. Am assuming that I could just send a check to the Australian zoo? I heard that there would be a fund for his kids and for the animals, but I don’t know how long that could take to set up…there’s only one main Australian zoo, right?

  55. astrogrrrl says:

    thank you for doing this

  56. Lhiri is a BEEyootiful kitty. She looks so much like Buttons, my very very first cat, who lived 20 wonderful years.

  57. Steve was (and is) an institution. He’ll be missed, but will also be remembered all over the world.

    Karen’s tabbie is “M”-tastic, of course.

  58. Kris, in New England says:

    I echo what everyone else said. He was a force of nature all by himself – he defined “larger than life”.

    We watched him faithfully for years – I wept when we heard the news and I still feel a bit teary. The world has lost a tremendously passionate person. I’m certain there are animals worldwide mourning him, his touch was that sympathetic to them.

    He was “a beauty”…

  59. Thank for doing this tribute, Meg. Steve was a man who helped the average, couchbound individual appreciate–and even love–the wildest of wild places and the fiercest of fierce creatures. His life was so thoroughly documented, and he was so cheerful and casual about it, that it was as if he was part of everyone’s family. He never treated his staff like anything less than family, and he extended that feeling to all who dealt with him.

    The world didn’t just lose a great entertainer and ecologist….it lost a brother.

    But if you think about it…if there was any way for the good Mister Irwin to go, a one-in-a-million accident was almost as poetically appropriate as being eaten by his favorite crocodile…I just wish we’d had a lot more years before something like that happened…


  60. ‘Twas very sad news about Steve. Bizarre sort of accident, but I guess not too surprising. Thoughts go out to his family…

  61. Knowing the way Steve was, he’s probably up in heaven telling everyone about the events of yesterday, saying “I was swimming with that stingray and then he tagged me! What a naaaawghtey boy!”.

    Rest in peace Steve-O. You will be sadly missed.

  62. Steve would be the first to say the stingray was just being a stingray and is not at fault.

    Rest in peace, Mr. Irwin.

  63. This is a really, really cute cat. The feet, the eyes, and so careful with the toy. Nice cat personality.

  64. I think Steve would have gotten a big kick out of those photos! I know I did.

  65. Kim Heggen says:

    Nice tribute, Meg. Glad you hung on to those pics.

    And that is one FINE tabby. Love the tabbies…

  66. Albertanator says:

    Thanks for posting this touching tribute to Steve….he was one of the good guys and he really loved God’s critters!!!

    I feel just awful for his wife and 2 little children….

    Truly, rest in peace Mr. Irwin!!

  67. Terri-Lynn says:

    I was surprised most of all by how saddened I was to hear it – not knowing someone, but caring so much that they’ve passed. And it made me all warm and fuzzy that no matter who I told, they’d already heard and were just as sad as I. It’s truly touching that so many people can care about the life of a person they’ve never met. But he was truly an inspiration, full of life, passionate and dedicated. And, as many people have already mentioned, he really did meet his end doing what he truly loved.

  68. Such a positive good natured person, who loved cuteness and animals! He probably adored Cuteoverload. Now his spirit will forever wander the beautiful Earth protecting all the sweet beasts!!! LONG LIVE SWEET BEASTS AND THOSE WHO LOVE THEM!

  69. What a BEAUTIFUL tiger!
    I am grateful for everyone’s tributes-I have learned a lot about a man I think I had the wrong impression of.

  70. jenni joon says:

    Nice tribute, Meg and C.O. What a sad time. So sorry to hear of Steve’s passing. What a huge loss. Huge. Terri-Lynn- I second that. How can a stranger have had such an impact on me personally? When I heard the news, I just felt so… so sad. Maybe it could be helpful to think that he died doing something I am sure he liked so much.

  71. Lauri, that’s a beautiful way to put it.

    RIP Steve, we love you.

  72. Steve, I hope you’re wrestling crocs in Heaven.


    All your fans

  73. One of my regrets is never trying to send Steve these pictures. When they were taken a few years back, we both said that we should send them on. But I never looked up how to do that.

    I wish I had. 😦

    And yes, Lhiri is a very sweet, very adorable kitty. Just like her brother and sister (who look just like her).

  74. seraphkins says:

    Poor Steve… I was really upset upon hearing that he’d died, too. Was really quite a shock.
    He’ll be missed.

  75. Steve was a really unique, wonderful soul. ;A; He still inspires me to live my life to the fullest.

  76. [sniffles]

    Oh Meg, so touching. As a longtime fan of the Croc Hunter, I thank you.

  77. I cried all day. I can’t believe he’s gone.. even Finland misses Steve.

  78. Steve loved animals and was in your face about it, but never in a bad way. He was an awesome dude that helped so many animals (and probably people too). He was a real-life Captain Planet (except no tights) 😉

  79. If you would like to pledge a donation to help Steve’s legacy live on – go to “Wildlife Warriors” at http://www.wildlifewarriors.org.au.

    Wildlife Warriors was established by Steve and Terri-Lynn Irwin as a way to include and involve other caring people to support the protection of injured, threatened or endangered wildlife – from the individual animal to an entire species.

    We Australians, although we made fun of his crazy antics, admired his passion and life’s work. We will miss him – it’s also nice to see the world mourns too with us.

  80. It was stunning news. Steve was so super vibrant it didn’t seem like anything could slow him down. I’m one of the few people who never saw any of his programs, but I loved seeing him in interviews. My heart goes out to his family and his country. Thanks, Meg, for all the pictures. They were priceless!

  81. Meg, I stheriously cannot figure out whether you are joking about the Crikey Fund. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. 😛

  82. Caitlin, it’s for real. See the message from the Discovery Channel people on the link Meg posted.

  83. Arbed — which link? [looking…]

  84. Steve’s official Wildlife Foundation was Wildlife Warriors and you can find it at http://www.wilslifewarriors.org.au The Irwin Family has asked for those who wish to remember Steve and his work make donations there.

  85. Sorry re: link. If you click on the link that Meg posted with this pic, it takes you to a shortened version of the press release. At the bottom of that page is a link to the full press release. There is mention of the Crikey Fund on page two.

  86. OH MY GOD YOU ARE NOT SERIOUS. Haha. I think that just made my life. 🙂

  87. For all those who missed it, the official statement from Discovery Communications, the one mentioning “The Crikey Fund” is here:


    Steve rules!

  88. R.I.P. Steve.

  89. These pictures are a great tribute to Steve. I loved looking at them. IT was like one of his many adventures. I loved watchng his shows and I can’t believe he is gone!

  90. Rachel Nell says:

    there’s some beautifully made video tributes to Steve on YouTube.com. Just do a search for Steve Irwin and they’ll come up.

  91. It’s a sad loss for us all, animals and human. Was there ever a more enthusiastic, loving, passionate conservationist? He made every animal seem interesting and wonderful. I am sad for his wife and children, but I hope that his memory and his work will live on.

  92. **crying**

  93. Requiescat in pacem, Steve-o. Thanks for all you did for the world of animals.

  94. He touched a lot of people’s lives.. and a lot of animals’ lives. He was really my hero, and made me realize that working with animals was what my purpose in life was. Now I’m a zookeeper.

    I cried all morning on Monday.

    We miss you, Steve.

  95. We have one of those toys at work! It says Subway on the bottom.

    *Plays with it when I should be working*

  96. Stever will be dearly missed. 😦 His catch phrase was popular among my friends.

  97. [stares hard at pic #4]
    Sari — the underside, you mean?

  98. Thank you for posting this. I have a job that takes a lot of emotional energy to do well and I quietly check in here every couple of days to remember how cool the world is. Somehow Steve Irwin’s death knocked the wind out of me. I think it was becasue he made me feel like if *he* could do what he did – and with such spirit – then surly *I* could get through whatever seemed scary (but comparitively much less so) in my life. Such a fitting tribute to a spirit that radiated love even to those he never met – thanks for positing it. My prayers are going out for those he left behind.

  99. A CORRECTION IS WARRANTED ON THIS BLOG SITE: Please Note: Terri Irwin, Bindi and Bob. Were in Tasmania on a hike, when Steve was lost to life. “The Entire World” was not aware of the fact Steve was lost to life, until Terri could be notified. All national and international news agencies, had this new witheld until Terri could be notified of Steve’s departure. Even those News agencies that knew of Steve’s loss were directed NOT TO proceed with any news until the next of kin could be notified. This is a National Law in which the announcement of the dead cannot be news aired until the next of kin is notified. Australia, America, and the majority of the civilized world. Every now and then a slip occurs. But not in this case. News of Steve’s death did not hit the airwaves until approx. 6 hrs. after his death, only after Terri and Robert Irwin were trekked down and notified. My deepest condolences to the Irwin Family and the Family at the Australia Zoo! Steve’os Spirit will live forever as unique as he was, he is an irreplaceable ambassador to the world, the greatest conservation diplomat the world has ever known. We were fortuante to of have had him in our time. Wildlife was even more fortunate.

  100. I think those photos are mean. Steve died and his family is grieving the loss of him. Straighten up and be nice. Whoever submited that should think MORE about others.

  101. Um, Katie, as stated at the bottom of the post, I submitted those photos in *March* because they are cute. I regret never trying to send them to Steve Irwin since I think he would have enjoyed them.

    My fiance and I would have worn our khaki’s the other day had we known that Australia was doing so.

  102. warrior rabbit says:


    No apologies! Steve (and his family) loved animals and he had a terrific sense of humor. He would have appreciated having his likeness batted around by a kitty cat, especially one so pretty as Lhiri. I think Meg made the right choice posting this set as a tribute.

  103. jonny

  104. stop it.

  105. Given this image is a freak occurance – but I feel it is too soon to be posting an image of this nature I am requesting this image be temporarily removed to give the family, friends and public some time to grieve in peace! I encourage others to request this also!