Australian Animal Favorites 3

A dingo pup! (I’ve never seen one, only heard of them!)


And an Australian Shepard (natch!)


Dingo from Featherdale Park in New South Wales, Australia, from Misato K., and the Shepard is from Em A. 😉



  1. adorable.

  2. oh noes!

    did the dingo eat your baby?

    how cute. he’s got little mittens, and he is all ?baroo? where’s me berr?

    he’s got beatiful brown eyes…

  3. brownamazon says:

    That little pup looks like it would *never* steal somebody’s baby…

  4. Australian Shepherds were actually developed right here in America. Fun fact of the day!

  5. WOMAN: Are you going upstairs? Tell my fiancé I’m looking for him. I have lost my fiancé, the poor baby.

    ELAINE: Maybe the dingo ate your baby.

    WOMAN: What?


    ELAINE: The dingo ate your baby!

  6. I think they’re BOTH begging for cookies, along with this little dude…

  7. Crap my PS got in the middle of it.

    WOMAN: Are you going upstairs? Tell my fiancé I’m looking for him. I havelost my fiancé, the poor baby.

    ELAINE: Maybe the dingo ate your baby.

    WOMAN: What?

    ELAINE: The dingo ate your baby!


  8. marsmannix says:

    sooooo cute!!!! love the dingo pup.

  9. Gaaaah. Both pups are so cute!

  10. Sterling F. says:

    It’ll take the dingos (dingoes?) at least a few dozen years to live down that whole baby-eating thing. I’ve heard people say “A dingo stole my baby!” in an Aussie accent without knowing that it originally came from a case that inspired a TV movie, “A Cry in the Dark,” with Meryl Streep. (She can play anything.) See:

    This sweet little puppy would probably only eat some baby carrots, though. Is it being served red lentils?

  11. FairyDogmother says:

    Australian Shepherds are my favorites!

    I just lost my Aussie, Maverick about a month ago, he was almost 15 years old and playful and active until the last week he died!

    He knew each of “his” kitties by name and took great care of his little Pekingese sister.

    I will always miss him. They are a wonderful, wonderful dog, but not for everyone!

  12. I don’t know about babies but a dingo definitely stole my cheese while i was on fraser island in oz. I left it on my table while i was finding a knife and next thing a happy dingo was running away cheese in mouth…

    So i am upset that this pup is soooooo gorgeous. It will grow up to be a cheese thief.

  13. Oh, what a sweet lil’ dingo pup! He looks slightly worried. Reminds me a bit of my neighbor’s Basenji.

    Pups with furrowed brows = anerable!

    The Aussie baby’s darling, too! My next door neighbors have two, and they run around my back yard all the time, play fighting and rolling in my flowers.

  14. Who would have thought a cheese stealing baby eater could be so cute?

  15. hehe…I had a kookaburra steal at chip from my lunch at the Taronga Zoo. Landed on the table across from me and looked at me while he ate it , the cheeky monkey!

  16. blueberries4me says:

    I also had a Aussie crossed with a Border Collie and they are wonderful dogs. She passed away of lung cancer a couple of years ago. I miss her 😦

  17. Meg, I think we should have a “Furrowed Brow” day. What do you guys think? (Um, “you guys” is “y’all” in Minnesota speak. I’m not implying that some of us aren’t female.)

  18. warrior rabbit says:

    Ceebs: And Oz’s band on Buffy was Dingoes Ate My Baby.

    And “you guys” is pretty universal, Zelda. Who else remembers Rita Moreno screaming “Hey You Guuuuuuuyyyyyyyss!” on The Electric Company? My brother and I must have driven our mother nuts, because I distinctly remember competing with him over who could imitate it better.

  19. whaddya think’s in that bin? ground up baby.
    Streep, who uttered the now cliche line, is THE GREATEST.

  20. Furrowed browsers=Cute!

    I could just pucker up and kiss that little Aussie pup on his furry dog lips.

  21. No platypus? No kiwi? Come on! 😦

  22. TwinklyTerrapin says:

    That lil’ dingo is cute enough to eat himself…

  23. Dingo pup!!!!!11 Ahhh! I propose Rule #27: Big body to legs/feet ratio. =DD or would that be redundant?

  24. brownamazon says:

    LOL@ceebs. Your ECHIDNA ECHIDNA rallying cry sounds like that Shakira Shakira song… ummm, spines don’t lie?

  25. Warrior rabbit, I’m glad (about the “you guys” thing)! I’ve had some gals look askance when I use that phrase, as if I’ve insulted them.
    Well, I never!

  26. haha, I use “guys” all the time for everyone. I think it drives my mother-in-law crazy.

    *shrug* meh!

  27. Australian shepherds are the most buoyant of dogs! And I love those blue eyes!

    And as for dingoes and cheese – I love non-sequiturs – any animal that ran off with my cheese would leave me cheesed off, bleu and in dire need of a-Swiss-tance, as the police ric-otta be on the case ASAP.

  28. Yes every one loved Steve Irwin. He was one of a kind, that is for sure. He will be missed so very much. This has been a great tribute to him. Thank you.

  29. “It’s like you’re dreamin’ about Gorgonzola cheese when it’s clearly Brie time, baby.”

  30. Aubrey – do you do fondue, too?

  31. T:

    Can do fondue, just for you.

  32. oh lord, I just found out that a baby Echidna is called a PUGGLE!!!!
    how cute is that???

    Squee city!

  33. lurkertype says:

    That dingo is clearly, “Baroo, mate?”

    I could not believe my eyes when Mr. L brought up the CNN page about Steve Irwin. I thought he was on some joke page, like the Onion. I had to click on several different web sources to believe it.

  34. little gator says:

    It’s spelled Shepherd, not Shepard. BUt cute by any spelling.

  35. they are both so lovely 🙂 I love looking at Aussie animals today, thanks.


    *sigh* 😀

  37. Who knew dingo’s are so cute! They are skeery, but I guess all bebes are cute. Those white spats kill me!

  38. Snorgle-rific!

  39. EEEEEEE!!!! Dingo bebbeh!!!

  40. Holy Shite, ceebs… that true? A baby echidna is a puggle? That’s aMAZing!

    And, may I comment(who can stop me, hee, hee)…on the fact that I think you just love to SAY echidna!! (ok, type echidna)

    I made bruschetta so much this summer and talked about it so much that he accused me of just making it because I love to say “bruschetta”

    salsa salsa

  41. Um…whoa, an entire phrase is missing…it was “my hubby accused me..”

  42. I dogsat for an Aussie Shepherd a couple years ago (named “Boy”), and his mom told me that he didn’t like the neighbor man, so whenever the neighbor would come over, Boy would herd him right back home again.

  43. Seltzer? Salsa!
    I luvs me some bruschetta!!! mmmmm….
    echidna! echidna! It is such a great word…
    are you echidna me???

    LOL Auntie Mame! great story! hehehe

  44. All this talk about dingos reminded me of the Far Side cartoon where the dingo farm and children’s day care center were located next to each other. I think the caption was “Trouble Brewing”.

  45. y.manynames says:

    barroo? Where did Steve-o go? **sigh**

  46. Babies ate my dingo!

    And a friend of mine said people in his office would use “dingoes ate my…” as a general catchphrase for tech problems.

  47. snoopysnake says:

    Somehow the shepherd looks like our beloved Steve-O! I like this tribute to him. The animals are goooorgeous!

  48. Hee! I did work experience at Featherdale wildlife park – it’s AWESOME.

    Poor dingoes. The only pure-bred dingo population left is that on Fraser Island, and it’s highly endangered. But every dingo there that starts hanging around human camp sites stealing food has to be culled as it’s only a matter of time before it starts seeing children as potential prey. It’s sad – the dingoes attract the tourists, yet the tourists are unwittingly contributing to their demise. 😦

    Incedentally, baby platypodes are called ‘puggles’ too. 🙂

  49. about, “You have got to be echidna-ing!”


  50. Puggles, it sounds like it should be the next Teletubbies-type thing!
    Platypodes? That is the plural of platypus? I never knew that! I like that too. Sounds like an MP3 player for monotremes, haha. okay, now I’m just getting stoopider. ‘nighters!

  51. lurkertype says:

    I love a place where people know “platypodes”!

  52. Okay, somewheres in here I seem to remember several distinct yet polite requests. (requests that I now feel compelled to satisfy.)
    I think it’s pretty darn cute: check out the foldage!

  53. awwwww!
    kinda looks like a itty bitty mini tiny manatee-ny with a duckbill!
    Thanks misscrisp.

  54. You wants les echidnas? I geeve you les echidnas! 🙂

    Well, one anyway. It came to visit and I took piccies. 🙂

  55. Clotypus: The kiwi is native to New Zealand, which is definitely not Australia. Some people may have got the wrong idea from the fact that it was featured in WB’s 1990s Taz-Mania cartoon, but that was never meant to be set in the ‘real’ Tasmania or Australia.
    ceebs: there actually were plush toys called Puggles in the 80s or 90s, part of an Australian line called ‘The Lost Forests.’ Their stores were absolutely beautiful but went bust due to a crooked business partner taking off with the dough. Puggles were adorable and squishy but I never got to own one.
    Everyone: Dingo puppies ROCK.

  56. More on the puggle bloke:
    In fact, several of the webpages I’ve looked at say that he coined the word ‘puggle’ for a baby echidna.
    Puggle can also mean a pug-beagle cross.
    I’m helpful. (preens)

  57. Yes, Sarah, you ARE helpful! Thanks so much! 🙂
    This is all completely fascinating!

    Ceebs: Rofl…honestly, Platypodes, the MP3 player for monotremes. THat definitely was worth repeating! *still giggling*

    And the baby platypus *squeesqueeSQUEEEEE* He really made me squee! Thanks, misscrisp!

    Dingo is definitely similar to a Corgi. Wonder how THAT came about? Swa-eet Corgi in the tub with his rubber ducky!

    And, finally, aaaaaw, Mr. Echidna has the schnozzliest, pointiest moist nosicle ever! Great pics, Adies! You guys ALL rock.

    Meg, best tribute ever.

  58. Eeeh, ceebs, you just totally hit on the thing I love about platties–the itsy bitsy manatee-ny quality to them.

  59. Thanks Adie for the echidna fix! I didn’t look at allll of your pic pages but the rest of those birds were amazing!

    Now I wanna go back to ‘stralia so bad!!! I only went to the east coast, and NZ for 5 days, and I wanna check out more wildlife, and the west coast. So cool.

  60. Eeeee, it’s Mallei! He takes the most fantastic pictures, Em takes tons of him. He’s much older now but still just as pretty. 🙂

  61. You’re right Sarah…..I got the long snouted creatures swapped in my head. Thanks for the polite correction!

    And THANK YOU misscrisp for the baby platy picture!!!!! My GOODNESS! Lookit all that skin rollage!

    I’ve NEVER heard the word platypodes before! And I like to consider myself quite the enthusiast of the webbed critter! I always called them Platypi – which is, from what I heard, a plural form that’s going out of style? Someone mentioned to me that platypuses is the correct form now? Pity. Platypi is much more dignified.

  62. Incidentally, that’s also the first platypus pic that I’ve seen where its mouth is open! VERY cool!

  63. Actually, has platypi and platypuses as the plural.

    No entry for “platypode”
    but Platypod gave us this:


    –adjective 1. Also, pla‧typ‧o‧dous Pronunciation[pluh-tip-uh-duhs]
    having a broad foot, as certain gastropod mollusks.
    –noun 2. a platypod animal.

  64. There’s my baby boy!!!!

    He’s tricksy though cos he looks like he has blue eyes in the photo but they’re green.

    And he’s an Actual Aussie shepherd, cos we’re in Australia. Everyone thinks he’s a Border Collie because Aussies are rare down here, no one knows what they are yet. So there’s another fun fact!

  65. Brak_Silverbone says:

    My dad and stepmom have a dog who’s 1/2 Aussie Shepherd and 1/2 Blue Heeler. My stepmom frequently tells me that the dog is smarter than my dad.


    Cutest pic of Steve and a Tiger Cub

  67. Hellloooooooooooo CUTIE! And look at those eyes…. LOL:-)

  68. Anyone remember the Croc Diaries (Or was it Croc Hunter.. I can’t remember..) episode where Steve was playing with the dingoes? I loved that one!

  69. The Red Queen says:

    The Aussie (Australian Shepherd) is not actually an Australian breed of dog. They were developed in the western part of the US in the 1800’s. More info can be found here…

    Have to get my breed of choice’s history set straight!

  70. Emily — that picture is lethal. AwwwwWWWWWWWWWNH!!

  71. Well, now that ol’ shepard has the eyes of an old soul…I can just melt into them.

  72. They are beautiful and seem to be very good, that eyes!

  73. jonny

  74. your site needs something about all astrailian animals!not just CUTE pups!(sarcasic enfensize on cute)