Overwhelming fluffitude

Not since THIS BUN have we seen such overwhelming fluffitude. This cat seems to go on forever. Nice tangled limbs composishe!

You just got SERVED by the CuteTracker…



  1. finally an update!

  2. impossible!

  3. (calms down)…I particularly lurve the feet towards head angle…
    welcome to mountain ranges of floof! population: cute.

  4. Very sweet!
    I love fluffy white kitty belly- reminds me of my kitty before he got his haircut.


  5. *snort snort* *singing to self*

    …dwownin’ in a sea of fluffitude…sinkin’ down, deep down in a sea of floof….

  6. najjie! Haircut kitty is very very funny! But, then, I looked deep into his eyes, and …well, he is quite a beautiful boy!

    Will not allow simple human to laugh at his shorn condition!

    *bows humbly begging kitty pardon*

  7. I recently took a similar photo of my cat – less fluff, but she gots multicolored paw pads!


  8. najjie-
    I’m taking my kitty Pooky in tomorrow for his semi-annual shave, and he will look like this too! He’s always so embarrased for the first week or so afterwards 😦 But he will grow all his floof back and be beautiful again in a few months. 🙂

  9. acelightning says:

    I’d hate to have to vacuum *that* person’s house!

  10. Ooo, the multicolored pawpads are beeyootiful! 🙂

    The thing about Cutetracker that I _don’t_ like is picking one of two cute pictures and saying one is not as cute as the other. It makes me feel bad….I usually can’t make myself choose one, so I avoid the whole thing.

    I wouldn’t want one picture subatomically “sensing” that I didn’t like it as well as another one.

    Yeah, that’s me. 😛

  11. lurkertype says:

    Ultimate FLOOF! What a great boy! I wanna snorgle that tum. And then go “ptui ptui” spitting out the fur.

    In TK news, I tried all the suggestions here to stop the biting. I wish I had a picture of the look on his face when I blew a puff of air! It worked for a few seconds — which is the longest of anything.

  12. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I like the little caramel-colored “kiss spot” right on the bridge of his nose! And of course, all the fluff.

  13. WOW! It must takes days to groom him.

  14. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    LurkerT that is one toughnut kit you got there – my two *hate hate hate* the blowing into their faces thing. The girl runs off somewhere to glare at you and the big dumb boy stops stock still in disbelief before also disappearing elsewhere to glare. TK obviously has balls of steel – or I’ve got a pair of pussies!!!

    And that shaved cat – OMG- lol – why do you need to do that to a cat? Sorry mine are shorthairs and I’m ignorant about floofty cats but I’ve never seen a shorn cat here. Well, you see cats with post operative shavings – but an all over body shave? – oooh the indignity.

  15. She’s a truly floofy grrrl
    The kind you can’t ignore for nothin’
    She will never let your spirits down
    But she might hork on your sheets (gah kitty!)
    She likes her toys laced with catnip
    But a sunbeam’s even better
    She makes her move if you get up and leave your dinner
    Gonna snatch it off your plate now. (ka-SWIPE!)

    She’s all right, anh she’s all right
    She’s got her own agenda…


  16. Theo–LOL!!

  17. teho :-p [snort]

    Jeri, Katee is too sweet.

  18. chet's momma says:

    i lurve katee!

  19. chet's momma says:

    i lurve katee!

  20. chet's momma says:

    i lurve katee!

  21. chet's momma says:

    i lurve katee!

  22. chet's momma says:

    i lurve katee!

  23. chet's momma says:

    i lurve katee!

  24. Whoa, Theo, that’s really…um….great! 😉

    Ka-SWIPE!!! Hahaha….I do have the earworm, now.

  25. Theo!!!! – you said HORK! I thought I made that word up! That’s what it sounds like to me, too. Cracked me up 😉 At one time I had 4 horkers, but now I’m down to just 2. (Plus my hubby’s cockapoo)

    2Sheds – Yes, my first 3 kittehs were shorthairs, then I ended up with a long-floofy-hair, and he is a BITER! He does NOT like to be brushed, and has a problem with his back end because of it, so it’s a lion cut every 6 months or so – And it DOES embarass him, I swear!!!

  26. G-Lo — um, no, “hork” has been around since at least Strange Brew. A little comedic reference here…

  27. And the cat layed down on the sofa and went POOOF!

    Yes, POOOF!

  28. Theo – Thanks for the link! I really never heard that before! It just sounded like the best description I could think of for it. Oh, and thanks for the earworm ;-P

  29. Haha, the “remember personal info?” does not appear to be working.

    And “hork” ….oh my, my fiends and I …yes, I said “fiends”, have been using it for years. 🙂

    It’s a good one!

  30. Teho! Hilarious!

    Peeps you HAVE to sing this song aloud in your best nasal RJ voice. Makes it even funnier. Don’t worry what the neighbors think.

  31. So much floofiness, so little time…

    And could someone please post a link to a kitty with a lion cut? I love the lion cut kitties… ;P

  32. hehe found one myself..they always look so p.o.’d..


  33. OH….MY…GOD!!!!

    That link, Betty! THE LINK!

    It looks like he’s wearing BOOTS! Fur-lined BOOTS!

    [passes out]

    I have contemplated getting my long-hair cat shaved, but after seeing that unhappy bare muffin I will not. Ever.

  34. Surely this is ‘the fluff that dreams are made of’.

  35. Nothing is better than a fat fluffy cat–and I should know, for I am a fat fluffy cat!

  36. I just love it when they’re lying down and they become enveloped in floof. But, as far as that lion cut is concerned, I think anybody who does that to a cat ought to be flogged!!!

  37. That is one PO’d lioncut cat! And I don’t blame him!

  38. OH FLOOF!

    What I wouldn’t give to be napping with that cat right now, with my face buried in that belly o’ fluff…

  39. WHOA.

  40. I am so proud to have my kitty on cuteoverload.com! His name is Agamemnon, and he is the Great Grecian General around our house. We call him Kittymem for short. Thanks so much, Meg, I’m a huge fan.

  41. I would really appreciate it, though, if the picture could get a small edit. Name: Agamemnon
    Sent In By: Chuck B. Goode of textphish.com

    It’s a monumental occasion. Wait till my little sisters find out our cat is on our favorite website! Thanks again. You guys are always on our list.

  42. Hi Peeps-
    Just picked Pooky (my plus-sized long-floofed kitty) up from the groomer with his lion cut. Please go easy on me – no flogging, PLEASE -it really needs to be done, and this time they put a little kerchief on him and he looks so cute! Oh, and he feels like velvet! I’ll try to get a picture if I can. 😉

  43. I’m terrible about trackbacks and pings and permalinks (I have no idea how they work, regrettably) but I’ve spotchecked the site over at my blog, given thanks to the cute god, etc etc. http://textphish.com/2006/09/05/stop-the-press/

    Again, thanks, cuteoverload!

  44. Chelsea,

    love your cat. love the name Agamemnon (even though I could never pronounce it). love the “Great Grecian General”. 😎

    and I’m sure that Mistress Meg will be more than happy to give him a name and credit to you; it may take a little while, but be sure it will be done.

    carry on with textphish.com

  45. No problem! I appreciate it. Thanks to all of you who gave such awesome comments. I feel so proud. ^_^