Loco, loco roco

We’ve seen a lot of cute games. Loco Roco takes one look at other Cute games and kicks their tiny cute game asses. One by one! You must check it out. It’s available starting tomorrow.

It’s got this hilarious, layered, made-up language soundtrack, while you roll and bounce a blobby yellow character around, running into strawberry-like treats a avoiding little spikey urchin guys. The character is all fat, roly poly and smiling. It’s good times.




I think it’s even better than Hamtaro, and that’s TOUGH!



    [runs in terror]
    [and maybe terrier]

  2. Bummer! I was all set to play it but I have to BUY it??? Wah! For weird cute games, I’ll go back over to http://www.poptarts.com and continue to waste a perfectly good day off doing nothing.

  3. AlmightyRaisin says:

    I bought this game a few weeks ago, and I was SO going to tell CO all about it… guess someone beat me to it, dagnabbit!

  4. what a we love katamari rip off! 😀

    check otu we love katamari first 😀

    its the best game ever 😀

  5. littlelizard says:

    I’m with AmyH.
    Buy a game? Surely that’d make me a GEEK! Pixels ain’t cute, floof is. 😀

  6. AlmightyRaisin says:

    Oh, and here’s the best part: the blob actually sings while you roll him around, and you can split him up into individual little blobs, and when you do one of them keeps singing while the rest form a kind of chorus, and… and… *squee!*

  7. I have to say I’m with AlmightyRaisin here. The game is great – I played a demo version of it (we borrowed a PSP from someone who had downloaded it) earlier this summer. It’s really fantastic. This and Katamari are the chief reasons to by a Playstation, I think (we’re considering it…).

  8. I Want to play! I want to play! I want to play!

  9. I like this one– Solve the puzzle & they show you their bellies. (Though Putin doesn’t come to snorgle them)


    hehe 🙂

  10. HA! Ceebs! Perhaps the Bonus Putin Snorgle only happens when you reach a super high level.

  11. AmyH, curse you for mentioning PopTarts.com. I had to go check it out and it’s addictive. On the up side I did get on today’s high score list for Snowball Freeze.


  12. DavidBoBavid says:

    i was looking at this game a while back.. it looks interesting and goofy-fun.

    and it might actually give me a reason to use my Playstaion Paperweight… i mean portable.

  13. Sorry, but this game doesn’t come close to Chibi Robo for Gamecube in cuteness! I played a demo of Chibi Robo at Target and almost melted into a puddle of “awwww!” in the middle of the store.

  14. It does look somewhat cute, but NOTHING is going to top Katamari Damacy! I want a PSP just to play Me and My Katamari.

  15. Alas I have no PSP nor the money to buy a PSP. *cries*

  16. Off-topic but totally Peep-Friendly:

    Can I get three of these for my furkids…?


    (Human Armor Not Included)


  17. eh, just get a DS Lite and Nintendogs… just as cute and half the price 😉

  18. Ever visit http://www.orisinal.com ?

    Get lost in the kewt…

  19. working link:


  20. hmmm…

  21. Sorry, peeps! Here’s the correct link:


  22. I agree with doh! We Heart Katamari is amazing.

  23. I’m no gamer but these cute little fatass smiley things make me very happy.

  24. Uber cute site there jaypo! Sweetly cute, not syrupy cute.

  25. omg it is just like iloveegg
    http://www.iloveegg.co.uk it is the shizzle i cant believe i didnt tell yall about it sooner

  26. Ack! Now I’m sucked into a game! From jaypo’s site, I was playing Cats – which is sooo addictive. My real cat was trying to get my attention (“MOM! You PROMISED to feed me!!!!”) and I actually said, “Just a minute sweetie, let me finish this game.” Oh, how could I have sunk so low?! So feeling duly chastised by my conscience, I quit the game and decided to be responsible.

    Now that he’s fed and happy, I’m going back in!

  27. Yet again the Japanese hand us our ass in the cuteness department! Makes me wish I saved my money and got a PSP instead of a DS *taps away on Kirby Canvas Curse*

  28. oh no! I know better than to click on that link of Jaypo’s! not me, no sireebob. nu-huh.
    weeell, maybe one-click. just to see what got AmyH away from Elvis. just one peek.
    mmmm. interesting… crabs and apples and penguins. cute but no big dea….omfg is that a Cow game!!!!

  29. Y’know… what if I *wanted* to leave my ass in Japan? Think about it. You can’t possibly think I left it there by *accident*, can you? Seriously.

    I left my heart in San Francisco, too.

  30. hey Michele,

    CO knew about iloveegg when it was just a teeny tiny egg. see http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/02/i_love_you_egg.html

    at the time the site was believed to be a possible virus vector. so Meg removed the link.

    however (much to the delight of my 9-year old niece), the egg song has been saved for posterity at:

  31. A…cow…game?

    1:02:02 later – I shrieked when I saw this! Then playing – I thought I was going over the edge. I’ve never seen cows move so fast! AAACK! I’m totally sending this link to the family down on the farm.

  32. mariser – The egg song rocks!

    My mom bought the grandgirls a songbook from Boynton that came with a CD. Even though I haven’t heard it for a few years, I still have “Snuggle Puppy of Love” stuck in my head.

  33. Aha – here it is, “Philadelphia Chickens”. If you know someone with children who would LOVE it if the tikes had a CD to play over and over and over and over, this is a great gift.

    It’s actually pretty good. And there’s a great cow song…

  34. snuggle.puppy.of.love.


  35. I feel really bad, I’ve sent that poor little squirrel in on Orisinal plummeting to his death five times already. It’s the touchpad’s fault.

  36. I love the Boynton books. there is one, I think, about ‘going to bed’ which was hilarious.
    something about hippopotamuses in their pajamas brushing their teefs…

  37. But now everything is byootiful because I love eggs!! I really really do love eggs–I love eggs so much, that for my twelfth birthday, my parents gave me a dozen eggs and every one had a *double yoke* !

  38. Mariser – in perusing the site, I see she’s made a book out of the Snuggle Puppy of Love song.

    My nieces learned the song and substituted “Grandma of Love” for my grandmother’s 90th birthday. So sweet!

    Then they sang the Star Spangled Banner, which they learned from going to Michigan State football games. Touching, yes. Super funny, absolutely.

  39. Alrighty then.

    I am NOT going to check out teh games tonight. I have been “addicted” to a “M.U.D” ….am very wary (poet.dont.knowit) of getting addicted to other “games”.
    But….I will check them out soon…rainy,cold, sleety,crappy day…..I can stop anytime I want…I can..I can…

    And, AmyH….woOT..MSU….I grad from there, my hubby from there, one kid from there, second kid in senior year…ok, you get it, …GO GREEN! :)))))))

  40. jaypo,
    What incredible parents you had. Giving you a dozen doubleyoked eggs on your 12th birthday. That is….eggxtravagant! Ha, I meant to say spectacular!

    I have four rather old chickens. They aren’t laying too many eggs anymore, so I need to get a bunch o’ chicks in the spring. Of course, my old girls will live the life of pleasant retirement til they pass on to the great dustbath in the sky. We do NOT eat them. 🙂

  41. DS + Nintendogs + Animal Crossing = more cute for far less.

    Also this game didn’t do so hot in Japan, and 75% of Japanese have a doctorate in cute. That says something.

  42. Oh oh oh! mariser, my nephew, who is 22 months old, has an awesome book. It’s Boynton. Ducks say “Quack”, Sheep say “Baa”, Three singing pigs say “Lalala”. No no, you say, that is not right, the pigs say “Oink” all day and night.

    Yes, we have all read it to him a few times. Great stuff!

  43. Lauri,
    Those who’ve never had chickens are missing out on one of the best entertainers in the animal kingdom! I always say they’re like fire and ocean waves–you watch can watch them for hours, they always do the same things, but somehow they do them different every time. An ex-bf had them and a good friend of mine has a lovely flock from which I get—FRESH EGGS. Yippeee!

    And yes, my parents are sweet, delightful loves.

  44. Totally off-topic, but …WOW.

    G’night, peepers! xxo

  45. Lauri – Go White!

    My entire college career consisted pretty much of being in the band. Football, basketball, hockey – it was a great way to see all the games.

    Aaaagh! I’ve been at that Cats game for SOOO long and I’m still 1,000 points shy of getting on the board. I’m saying “We’re walking, everybody walk. No, sit, sit, sit!!!” to the point I’m worrying about myself.

  46. Chickens are cool. Okay jaypo i went to have tea with the little mice and fear kept me from pressing the cow one. Can’t afford to buy the games, but oh boy i like to play. love & peace

  47. Ha! It looks like a happy version of Lemmings!

  48. Oh, man, I love that treadmill video! I was telling the peeps at work about it yesterday. Now I can save it and share it! Thanks, jaypo!

    You know why chickens and kittens are cool? Cuz they are SO TEWtelly chickens and kittens! I think that is why, some of us humans, are so attracted.

  49. I was just about to check out the lemmings when Elvis decided to start a rousing game of hide and seek. These online games are fun, but they can’t replace my cat and me chasing each other around the house. Better get back to my hidey spot…

  50. OMG jaypo! Thank you for letting me know I’m not the only human being out there who thinks double yolks are the neatest thing ever!

    I was showing my husband an old photo album, and he pointed to one photo and asked “WTF?” It was a picture of a skillet with 3 sunny-side up double yolked eggs frying in it. I *tried* to explain why I felt it necessary to photograph the moment… but he just didn’t get it.

  51. All I’m seeing – through my fingers, as I immediately clapped my hands to my eyes – here is gigantic globules of butterscotch pudding taking over the world.

    Still – not that that’s a bad thing.

  52. Somehow it’s making me hungry!

  53. Oh, my 1st thought was also “I Love Egg”! (Yes, I do.)

    jaypo, the link is very cool, and hey – I’ve thought about getting a pet chicken, but the local zoning laws are not in my favor.

    Watching goofy bun-buns is also a lot like watching fire or ocean waves… (IMO, at least.)

  54. Katamari Damacy > *

    Cute and fun!

  55. Hmm, is that an affiliate tag I see in there? “cuteoverload-20”?

    Thanks, but no thanks.

  56. Mikael the swede says:

    Ohhh! I got this game a few months ago and is showing it to all my friends. I love it, they love it, everyone loves it. Best game ever. Period.

    It’s a bit like talking to a new born baby. You can’t understand what it’s saying but it’s still very entertaining.

  57. yeay, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who loves “we love katamary damacy” 😀

    that game is so much better, cuter and funnier , and of course crazier 😀

    try that game people 😀

  58. ^^^

    And also, to play this game you would need a PSP. *shudders*

  59. snowwrestler says:

    But watch out for turnabout.


  60. It looks very qute. Now if only I had time for games.

  61. salescavalier says:

    All it takes is one brief glance to know this pales in cuteness comparison (cu-comp) to katamari damacy! The song and intro alone are enough to leave me a ‘deafeated by the brilliance of cuteness’ puddle on the floor – check it out http://katamari.namco.com/

  62. For those who compare Loco Roco to Katamari and say it falls short in cuteness/is a ripoff of Katamari/etc., have you tried playing it yet? I’ve had the chance to play the Japanese version and it is so cute it’s almost painful. And this is coming from someone who owns (and adores) all the Katamari games. Katamari is zany, strange cute. Loco Roco is happy cute. Can’t they be equally cute in their own ways?

    Oh, and to ‘doh’- I wouldn’t say Loco Roco is a ripoff of Katamari, in fact it’s more like Super Monkey Ball in that you control the environment and the roco-blobs just go with the flow. Just my 2 cents.

  63. pudding:
    i agree, i used a bad choice of words. but i was thinking more design wise and the style of the game. not how its played.

    i’m sure that when you look at loco roco the first thing that pops in mind is “this must be a katamari damacy ripoff”

    ive tried loco roco, but think we love katamary is a much better , funnier game 😀

    if i have any weird words/Grammatical errors, please try to ignore them people :p im from sweden and english isnt my first language 😀

  64. Here is the official game site.

    Katamari & Loco Roco are different games all together. It’s like comparing abbot and costello to laurel and hardy – same but different.


  65. anonymous coward says:

    One of the Loco Roco developers has a weblog at:


    Lots of information about the game, promotion, working as a dev in Japan, etc.

  66. i love that game! ^_^

  67. This game is so cute it will make you cry. At least watch a video of the locorocos singing before you bash this, katamari boosters.

  68. rubber duck says:

    I thought Katamari Damacy was THE Cheery Japanese Game™ until I came across videos of LocoRoco on YouTube. This rarely fails to cheer me up 🙂 “Pachonbo moi noi noi chakaretapatton pankorake ton ton, nora churererotton porapora petton purora tan tan…” la la laa… *smiling stupidly to herself*