Learning from the best

No Kid, it’s like this…

Yeah, that’s it. Good work.

CuteTracker, delivering AGAIN!



  1. Just say ‘Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww’

  2. No…just say “raaaarrgh.”

  3. Argh! that paw’s gonna go. >o<


    Sheltie Puppers!

    I loves me some Shelties. We have a 5 month old and they’re soooooooooooooooooo cute. They’re pre big dog furrrrrrrrrrrr!

  5. I don’t know why, but when I look at this pic, I can’t help but feel that Lassie has gotten lazy, and instead of physically going to get help, she just barks real loud. Tsk, and teaching the youngin’ the same behavior.

  6. Raaaaaaaaaaaawwwr!

    What beautiful clean floors! Where’s da hairballs?

  7. I can scream louder than you!

  8. Lol! Excellent!

    – “So, let me see your teeth, say “Aaa” “

    – “Aaaarhhhh”

  9. Peg of Tilling says:

    Good heavens, it’s the last act of La Paw-heme.


    Oh, I miss my Sheltie so…

  11. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I’m not sure if that pup is a Sheltie or a collie. Collie pups are adorable, especially when they hit that awkward stage when they’re all legs. And look at how patient that big dog is being with the upstart youngster!

  12. Best friends who sing together..that’s what friends are foooooooour!

  13. [howling]
    “Down by the ooooooold, millllll, streeeeeeeam,
    “Where I firrrrrst, me-e-e-e-e-t, yooooooou…”

  14. A friend of mine had a Rat Terrier and a Great Pyraneese and the Pyr used to lie down like this so the rat could play….otherwise brinley just ran underneath madison 🙂 But when Maddy got tired of Brin, she’d just squash her with one paw 🙂


  15. Big Boy: AARRAARAA-oooooo!!
    Puppeh: Yaayaayaayaa-rrrrr!

  16. Lol, Theo!

    The version we sang as kids:

    Down by the old (not the new but the old) mill stream (not river, but stream)
    Where I first (not second but first) met you (not me, but you)
    With your eyes (not your nose, but your eyes) so blue (not pink but blue)
    Where I first….etcetc..and so on and so on…

  17. Yeah, Lauri, we’d sing more-or-less that same version in the car on family roadtrips (along with lots of other stuff). But we’d always open it with 1 verse of the “straight” slow version.

    And my sister would always, ALWAYS sing “blue” offkey (a half-step sharp, to be exact) because she knew it irritated me.

    Dee-Ann, are you reading this? I’m going to teach my new nephew to *sing*, do you hear me? MUAAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!

  18. Aww! The puppy is soooo adorable, learning to howl from the best. I love this!

  19. That’s a Sheltie puppy! Yay! :0)

  20. Big Dog:”Yes, when the vet tells you to open up you go like this….AAAAAAWWWWW!”

    Sheltie Pup:”Ooh! OK! Aaaaaaawww!”

    Big Dog:”See it ain’t so hard! Tommorrow we practice roll over and play dead.”

  21. poor violet says:

    Definitely a sheltie. Collies have long smooth snouts, whilst shelties’ are a little stouter and theirs have a little step down from the skull to the snout.

    Your pup-tell-apart wisdom for the day.

  22. ka9q's wife says:

    They look like two drunks singing together and leaning on each other.

  23. How funny, Theo!

    My much younger sister has given me a new nephew and neice in the last two years and I am LOV’IN what I can do with this. I taught Elijah his “high fives” and “touch down!”…Joanna is only 4 months old, so there is still plenty of time….. 😀

  24. ka9q’s wife,
    excellent! Have you seen this before???? 😉

    Also, poor violet, I was thinking the baby’s paws were way too small to be a collie’s?

  25. I just want to sing along with them their having so much fun together… I can usually get all three of my dogs howling at once if I start howling myself…

    This pic is priceless!

  26. The little dog looks like a dentist checking out the big dog’s teeth! 🙂

    “You need to brush more.”


  27. Another episode of ‘Doggie Bowser – DDS’.

    In this taut episode Doggie teaches an older patient the importance of brushing his canines.

  28. They look like they are singing a beautiful tune!

  29. Too adoreble!
    Check out the dog motif in the carpet even!

  30. Rofl.
    AUBREY!! So nice to have you back!

  31. or they could be singing the old classic “Gobs and gobs of greasy grimey gofer guts…”

  32. Daws are Teh Weird. Cute fluff on that pup tho.

  33. *Dawgs, make that. Sheesh. Sleep deprivation strikes again…

  34. Whew, thinkie, I couldn’t figure out what a daw was fer nuthin’!

  35. musicchick2 says:

    This SO reminds me of voice lessons back in High School and beyond. “Drop that jaw!” “Sing from your diaphragm!” LAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

  36. No more like, say ahhhhh, oh there’s da bad tooff. We’ll have to get in der and drill!!!!! Nurse, oh nurse!!!!