We know cats like boxes, but this is ridiculous

Yes, we’ve reported on strange cat ‘n’ box behavior befo’, but these guys are starting early. Look at this! But just what the heck are ‘Kim Wipes’ anyway!? Oh, let the jokes begin. Sorry, all you ‘Kims" out there.

Michelle S., I didn’t post ‘Calico Overload’ as you suggested, but saw this one next to it…



  1. lol! Kittie refuses to share the box~ XD So cute.

  2. Kimwipes are very thin pieces of tissue paper. my chemistry class uses them to dry test tubes and flasks so that no tiny bits of towel fabric get left on the glass.
    a kitten container is a much better use for them, though!

  3. Aw! I love how he tucks his little face into the box and you see his eyes above blue box like water, and the eyes! They remind me of an alligator in water. But these bebes are much cuter than alligators.

  4. KimWipes! I haven’t seen those since my days in the lab [your mad scientist joke here].

    ‘Course, we always got the kind without the kitty. Stingy damn supply department…

  5. Seriously…amazing. How can you not smile.

    Poor Kim’s of the world, by the way.

  6. I bet he doesn’t volunteer to be first in the box again anytime soon. Kim-Wipes are like coarse Kleenex. At the hospital we use them to clean microscope lenses and slides.

  7. Peg of Tilling says:

    Oh for funny. If I had to close-caption the boxed kitten it would be something like “Guys? Uh, guys? Little hand here getting out of this thing? You’re not helpiiiiing!” Cause he looks kinda worried…(but I’m sure no kitties were harmed in the making of this video).

  8. I will bite this box until you are deeeead! Hahaaa! Mew.

  9. Awww, little kitties are getting fur all over the previously lint-free KimWipes. That box is ruined, but way too cute to get mad over.

  10. adorable

    spoon ftw

  11. lurkertype says:

    Oh. Mah. Gaaaah.

    I must snorgle TK immediately!

    Kitten-In-A-Box, with extra pouncings!


  13. LOL! GTFO my box

  14. The kitty is the King of the Box and no other kitty will ever have his place. He is the Tom Brady of kittehood!

  15. Denise in Nebraska says:

    This video clocks in at an incredible minute and thirty-six seconds of kitten-wonderful. That’s longer than I take to do facets of my own hygeine, folks (eg: brushing teeth, washing face, etc. etc.)! I like how the the footage basically plays out like a music video….also fading out, at several points. Has anyone else noticed the poor cat in the back?? He wants to BE the kitten inside the box, so badly!! He tries to fit himself in and mash his body to accomodate the strong desire, but to no avail. This kitten clip ends with said kitten playfully “attacking” comfy kitten gnawing on box, from the inside. Poor cute little guy!

  16. I’ll never look at a box of Kimwipes the same way again. Sadly I only ever come across the kitten-free type as well.

    The video kinda reminds me of the time my full-size cat got stuck in a kleenex box.. his head did, anyways.

  17. I love near the end when the Kim-trapped kitty is kinda left alone with the other kitties playing in the background. The Kim-trapped kitty gets this look of desperation on his face..heeeeeeeeee! Then all is well when attacked from behind.

  18. New Kimwipes with FREE toy cat inside!

    Oh, how this would improve a boring day in the lab!

  19. “Next on Dateline: A startling look into the secret world of Kitten Hazings. Are your kittens being stuffed into boxes and pounced on? Plus: The ten warning signed that your tabby is at risk.”

  20. Er, I mean “signs”.

  21. Geez…I just watched this video on youtube today! Before it was posted on CO, and I thought to myself “hmm this would be something good for CO” and low and behold…here it is…

  22. Oh my god…. i needed that, thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. Man, I gotta see if my lab can get a box like that!

  24. Man, I gotta see if my lab can get a box like that!

  25. OMG.

    Total redonk!


  26. *LOL* soooo cute! gimme a couple of these please! 😛

  27. I love the bit where the attacking kitten on the left stops and scratches under his chin with a look of total distraction.

  28. soo cute.

    do i get a prize for surfing cute overload at 2 am? jk

  29. Organic Chemistry would have been SO MUCH more tolerable had our Kimwipes come with kittens!

  30. I can’t stop watching. The pouncing, the biting, the batting, the chewing of the box, and the falling off of the box at the end. Genious!
    I must have a kitten.

  31. Hahahahaha, the Ear Gnawage! The constant batting, swiping, pouncing, wildeyed kitten fun!!!

    Oh to have a pill with “kitten energy” in it!

  32. Oh man, that was so cute. “Im still in the box because Im stuck!” And did you see the kitten in the beginning kinda going after its own tail? *squee!*

  33. So that’s what happen to my box of tissue.



  35. I love the little guy’s wink about halfway too. He “tewtally” knows what he’s doing…

  36. Ok all you stockmarket people buy KimWipes cuz they are gonna rise up. Kitten approved. So cute.

  37. Mighty Peeps,

    I’m about to leave on a week’s vacation to visit friends in L.A., so although I might get a moment or two on their computer to look at the photos on CO, I probably won’t get time to read any of the comments. Two consolations, though — my friends have cats for my cat fix, and I get to meet up with the fine Aubrey (w00t!). So have a good week, everybody.

  38. Bye, Laurie–get some R & R! And a kitty bop or two.

  39. And give Aubrey a head-butt for us!

  40. I love kitties who love boxes.

  41. I want to get calico overloaded!!!!!!!! *pouts*

  42. Besides the whole video being so danged cute, the end where the kitten in the box is tussling with the invader, it reminded me of Big Time ‘Rasslin’–Kitty Style! So cute.

  43. Little kitty doods. You rock.

  44. Spazzy kittens make my sunday 🙂

  45. so anerable! I want them all.

  46. Next time I open a box of Kim wipes, I’m hoping there’s kitties inside!!!

  47. No one pointed out how his LOWER JAW gets STUCK under the lip of the box! COMEON all you haterz out there… this could lead to kittens getting paper cuts on their little lips, which could lead to people of all ages viciously snorgling them with extra zeal! Please won’t somebody think of the KITTENS????

    Haw haw, I love putting my finger crosswise in my cats’ mouths to see them look perplexed and try to get away.

  48. lol, is this box a sub-marine? Is it a bobsleigh? Or maybe a Go-Kart? Where’s the wheel?
    Ho! it’s a soap box kart!! 😛

    This video reminds me of the Fatboy Slim video “Jokker” (smth like that) with plenty of kittens playing around :-D.

  49. Laurie C: Have fun with the Potentate of Puns! 🙂 We’ll hold down the fort ’til ya gets back!

    Waiting for this 96 minutes of sheer kittenish joy to load on my craptastic dial-up was WELL worth the achingly long wait! Especially Winkie McWinkersons in the box. My heart melted into my shoes!

    And g’mornin’ y’all! ^__^


  50. AHHH. This is amazing. So adorable. And the Spoon song fits so well.

  51. The thing about KimWipes that makes them popular in chemistry labs is that they don’t leave lint traces behind, unlike regular paper towels. This makes them invaluable for clean experimentation runs.

  52. SO ADORABLE!! I love this site! It always cheers me up!

  53. Darn, I forgot to mention to y’all that I’m in LA for the weekend! 😛 Wore the hamster shirt around the Chinese and Kodak theaters yesterday, even!

    These kitties are toooooo much, I was hoping for a little more ducking into the box to hide, then popping out to get gnawed. 😛

  54. I don’t think there is *any* better start to a Sunday morning than a minute and a half of kitten cuteness set to Spoon.

  55. Morning, peeps!

    Gee, too bad you guys couldn’t have planned for a CO triumvirate–“Winkin’, Blinkin’, and Pun in the City of Angels”

  56. Sterling F. says:

    I actually keep thinking the song is going to be “Bone Machine” by the Pixies, but Spoon’s cool too. And I keep watching it because the kittens are so hilarious (and cute).

  57. Rachel Nell says:

    Awww!! Bless!! How adorable are they?!

  58. lurkertype says:

    Laurie C and Aubrey together! How faboo! We expect reports.

    This box of KimWipes now comes with extra lint — all the floof you could want. Is the little guy planning to gnaw his way out?

    HRTortie is planted in the hallway, doing continuous GRRRRR with occasional SSSSS at the door behind which TK resides. It is NOT going to be pretty when we let him out. He does have brains enough to step back from the door and look worried about it.

    Am still concerned about HRT’s not eating. Since she gets this way sometimes for no reason, the vet has given us appetite boosters — we call them “hungry pills”. Only problem is, while they do make her eat, they also make her more! TALKY! Thank goodness this is a long weekend and Mr. L is home to be with her.

    TK remains boiioiiing!

  59. “Get OUT of my BOX.”

    I think attacking-kitty is suffering from box-envy.

  60. Frist of all, cutie alert!! OMG i would love to be the owner of those adorable kittens!!! LOL

  61. Ok, I checked out every box of Kimwipes at the lab where I work today. Not one kitten. What kinda cheap rip-off is that???

  62. sarcasta- ooo, I love doing that finger crossways in the kitty mouth, especially in mid-yawn. you get a priceless reaction every time, very “taken aback”

  63. YAY SPOON!

    to me, the kitty in the box knows he’s got a sweet deal going. . .and he ain’t giving it up no matter what.


  64. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Hope you have a great time Laurie C and Aubrey.

    These kittens are just what I need after wrestling with loft boards and fibre-glass insulation all day – hurrah for CO.

  65. “Thinking outside the box” would be sooooooo much more fun if cute little kittens go in and out of the box.

  66. army_kitten says:

    the kitten in the box is totally going to be one of those alligator cats. you know, the kind that like to gnaw on everything–furniture, electrical cords, people’s toes…

    one of the cats i used to live with, pudding, was an alligator cat. i still can’t believe he never got electrocuted from all the cords he chewed through. he was especially fond of the skinny adaptor cords, like for cell phone chargers. but thankfully he only got through the top layer of rubber on my PS2 cords (both for the controller AND the power!) before he lost interest.

    though i do understand. rubber really is fun to chew on.

  67. OMG SO CUTE!!!!
    I nearly died from the cuteness.
    Now I miss my cats. 😦

  68. Hey misscrisp: What do you mean by finger crossway? Do you just put your finger in the cat’s mouth or is there more to it than that? What do you mean by crossway? Can anybody explain this to me people….love the kittens btw.

  69. a bit of wonder-killing just in case no one said so yet: kim wipes are thusly named because they’re manufactured by a company called “kimberly-clark”. we gots ’em at work, i look at them every day.

  70. Another Laboratory thing that I look at every day is Bibulous Paper.

    It is used to absorb excess moisture off of microscope slides so we can look at them sooner. But…..it has always been one of my favorite things to say, and often, for no reason I will yell out….

    Bibulous Paper!!!

  71. TS Jackson,

    What were you building all day?

  72. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  73. so freaking cute. this is what i imagine kitties doing.
    my two cents about kim wipes… my dad had them in his shop, and i use them in the photo lab!

  74. Whoa, freaky, I was watching this, and then I came here and saw it again. :O

    Kimwipes are a kind of tissue meant for glass for beakers and such.

  75. Kitten #1: “Get in there and stay in there!”

    Kitten #2: “Yeah! Stay in there!”

    Kitten #3: “C’mon, guys! Leave me alone!”

  76. lurkertype says:

    Bibulous Paper! Hee! It is fun to say.

    “Alligator Cat” — that is what our lil TK is shaping up to be. Either that or he’s actually a bun and must gnaw all the time to keep his teef in shape.

  77. LoL It’s like “Come oooooooon, you’ve been in there foreeeveeer. It’s MY turn!!!”

  78. Kim Heggen says:

    Grr!! For some reason, I can’t get ANY of the videos to load anymore, and so haven’t been able to see this one or the “tiniest mew” one. I haven’t changed anything on my computer; is anyone else having this problem?

  79. omg, this is so sad. the whole time, i kept wanting to free the kitten in the box. s/he looked depressed and wanted to be free to roam!!!!!!

  80. Oh my gosh! I was watching CNN (1:00AM PST) and they did a “cute segment” about how cute is in, and how we automatically trust the cute. They flashed on Cute Overload’s homepage! I thought that was so cool. I mean, you probably know about it, but I didn’t, so I thought I’d say it’s cool anyways. 😉

  81. …..did that kitteh just wink at me? (00:45)

  82. Sweet holy sugar, folks…Steve Irwin is dead…

    Just…damn. :-/


  83. WTH????? He IS????

  84. Sigh. He is. That’s very sad. What a freakish thing to happen.

  85. Good lord yes.

    But if anyone can be said to have died doing what he loved, it’s the Croc Hunter.
    Rest in peace, Steve.

  86. My heart goes out to his wife and kids.

    Thanks for the link, mariser.

  87. AuntieMame says:

    I can’t say I’m exactly surprised, though. The only thing that surprised me was that it was a stingray and not a crocodile that did him in.

  88. MAN! That sucks about Steve Irwin! We were just watching Snakes on a Plane yesterday and I leaned over and asked my husband “Where’s Steve Irwin when you really need him?”

    irg19, what misscrisp and I meant about putting a finger “crosswise” in a cat’s mouth (we can’t be the only ones who have done this) is this:

    1. Hold your index finger out like you are pointing.

    2. Make sure your pointed finger is perpendicular with the cat’s mouth (as if you are pointing at something beside the cat’s head).

    3. Wait for your cat to open his/her mouth in a BIG yawn, or do a stealth attack when your cat is biting you.

    4. Quickly push the extended finger against their open kitty lips, so you get kitty lip corners pressed against your knuckle, and teeth above and below the finger.

    5. If cat is angry type, pull finger away quickly. If cat is less aggressive, optional “finger loitering” my be attempted.

    5. Laugh at cat’s disgruntled and slightly confused reaction.

    lurker, I gave my two adult cats 3 weeks to “get used to” my new kitten… and after 3 solid weeks of hissing under the door and odd behavior…. three weeks to the DAY… they were suddenly fine, and even though they aren’t best friends with him (aforementioned Matrix, who is dumb as a post, so he doesn’t really notice) they tolerate him as one of the pack. I honestly think it was letting Mr. Dumb Socks out of confinement and giving him a chance to interact with the other two that made the change.
    Give it time, and give HRTortie lots of love. It’ll get easier.

  89. Thanks for the tewtally awesome explanation of the finger game, I just saw the request. I especially love the repeated opening and closing of mouth once finger is removed, as if to get rid of icky human aftertaste.
    I can’t believe the Crocodile Hunter’s way to go out….sorry, but “stabbed in the heart” by a stingray? It’s so bizarre. Super sad for wife and kids.

  90. I just read about Stevo too. I’ve always loved watching him do what he loved.

    Sympathies, many sympathies to his wife and children, and to all the folks that he taught and touched, like me. 😦

  91. brownamazon says:

    So sad about Steve Irwin, although I think it’s a case of the danger odds finally catching up with him. Stingray barb through the chest: what a horrible and completely bizarre way to go. I can’t help but think of the South Park spoof of Crocodile Hunter: “Now I’m going to shove my thumb up its anus–that’ll really piss it off!”

  92. Dear Lord…he was swimming with his daughter when it happened. She was with him when it happened! Poor Bindi must be insane from grief…

    Ye gads, and Terri has to come home to a cold, empty bed…

    Oh man, I’m gonna start crying again. Just…oh man…


  93. D2D –

    I read about Steve and immediately called up my sister. We both LOVED his show. Animal Planet will never be the same without his “crikey!” and “go-geous!”

    Now both of us are gonna cry ourselves to sleep. R.I.P, Croc Hunter.

  94. Subhangi: Yeah, same here. I always wanted to go to Queensland and see him at the zoo, maybe even introduce my boy to him. Now we won’t get that chance.

    What’s really creepy is, I was just reading about him on Wikipedia just a couple days ago. Probably less than 48 hours before his death.


  95. http://www.flickr.com/photos/77417334@N00/232650770/

    Must be listening to Suzanne Vegas’ 99.9 F°, while checking out the cuteness

  96. Sigh… Steve Irwin. I can’t believe it. My earyl middle school and late elementary school years were spent loving his show… Poor Terri and Bindi..


  97. One thing about Croc Hunter. No one who knew him will have any regrets about him not living life to the fullest. He loved every minute of it!

  98. Amen, Lauri, amen!

    I don’t think he would have wanted to pass on any other way. Well, aside from being digested by one of his own “pets”, that is. I wonder what the funerary arrangements will be…? To just plant him in the ground or reduce his body to ashes seems so…anticlimactic.


  99. Burial at sea? He would love that, I would think.

  100. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This video made me giggle! I especially like the other kitty carefully lowering his heinie after getting his forequarters into the box, and the first box-kitten looking around like, “What? Huh? Stop that! Get outta here! MY box, fool!”

    R.I.P. Steve Irwin. He died doing what he loved–and that’s pretty much the best way to go.

  101. oh, man, poor Steve. I can’t believe it. I always remember him looking at this cantankerous old female croc and saying something like, “Isn’t she just a beauty, what a gorgeous and grumpy girl she is…” If he could have chosen a way to go, it would have had to be something bizarro.

  102. nerd alert. I wanted to say Thank You to D2dragons + Lauri + Subhangi + jaypo and all CO peeps (let us not miss out Meg n Theo n Aubrey n LT n Lauri C. n mariser n so many others) for being such a wonderful virtual community. Having worked with that stuff technology for a long time, I always think it’s better if we actually ~use~ it. CO makes me feel all “web2.0” but in a good way. It’s been a long time since I always want to read what a bunch of strangers have to say over the ether. Today with the loss of a big animal person like Steve Irwin, it’s been particularly sweet. Anyway, y’all are wise and kind. Thanks. Oh gee, MC went all misty on us. (will attempt not to lurk in shyness for days)

  103. Ditto, misscrisp. After just looking at pics forever and then discovering this wonderful world of commentary and community, I’ve been hooked. The wittiness, the support and squees are too great to miss. Oh, and not to mention the pudding fights.

    We’ve been blessed to have had Steve Irwin in this world with us. Steve – thank you for drawing so much attention to the animals you love. RIP.

  104. *tosses puddins and Kleenex at MissCrisp*

    I know exactly how you’re feelin’, hon. This is a refuge from politics and poseurs and bad news…or in this case, the common-room where we mourn in unity the passing of an incredible man. Feel free to be as misty as ya wanna be, ’cause we peeps might be scattered across half the world–but around here, you’re not alone. *HUG*


  105. You know, we could have a Vegemite Puddin Fight in Steve’s honor. The stuff’s nasty, of course. But just this once.

  106. Great idea, Theo. Besides, throwing it is better than eating it! 😛

    (Apologies to our Aussie peeps, we just haven’t acquired a taste for your lovely treat.)

    [scoops up spoonful of fermented yeast paste, flings it toward the Midwest]

  107. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Poor old Steve – he was so good at being more Aussie than the most stereotyped of Aussies but in a good way – what a bummer. Ironic that such a relatively harmless critter did for him. Poor sod – I’m bummed out big style.

    (Lauri – a very late answer and you probably don’t care now but I’m boarding out my loft so my husband can play with his trains well out of my ((and the cats’)) way.)

  108. I’d be willing to try it–spread THINLY, I’m not THAT naive!–at least once. Just to say I did it…

    Ya think about it, Vegemite is to Aussies what lutefisk is to Sweden. Or Cheez Whiz is to America…

    *pulls out scroll of Protection From Weird International Food, casts on self, grabs blob of yeasty paste and flings it back at AmyH*
    (What can I say, I’m an RPG geek…*grin*)


  109. Anyone else have a kitty who delights in chewing the edges of cardboard boxes? (And passports, and ID cards, and term papers?)

    RIP Stevo… I’m glad you at least weren’t eaten.


  110. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Vegemite is slightly preferable to Marmite – and I like both – so if you don’t mind I’ll stand here with some toast to catch some of the stuff if it’s being slung around. – Ta very muchly!
    (Once you’re used to the taste you start to like it spread quite thickly Two Dragons -it’s like stilton cheese you have to aquire the taste!)

  111. (shaking off soft and smooshy feeling for potential savory pudding fight)
    Tis probably the British in me (yeah, I’m an immigrant) but I LOVE Marmite.
    …offers platter of cucumber and marmite sandwiches, corners cut off natch…
    wait, haven’t we had high tea here before? where’s my branston pickle?

  112. [reaches into cargo pocket]
    [comes out with can of Foster’s]
    [shakes vigorously]
    [and with solemn expression…]
    […PUNTS it westward]

    Ashes to ashes.

  113. TSJackson: Well, I know my brother’d probably like it, considering he used to eat bouillion cubes like candy when he was younger. I still have to hide them from him if he comes to visit! As for myself, salt’s my guilty pleasure too, so perhaps I’d like it after all. I’m willing to try darn near anything once, as long as it doesn’t have blood as an ingredient.

    MissCrisp: Send me some of that cucumbery, Marmitey goodness!! 🙂 And what’s a branston pickle…?


  114. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    misscrisp as it happens I was just finding a recipe for fruit chutney – I have a tree full of damsons that need using – trust me it beats Branstons! Hell to get out of your hair though so perhaps I won’t throw it around – best stick to yeast extract for chucking purposes.
    Is it me or is there any synonym for throwing that doesn’t also mean vomiting? Just a thought – sorry to bring down the tone.

  115. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Bloody hell Theo don’t use that bloody awful stuff – they only sell that to non-aussies so thety can keep the decent stuff for themselves – best use a VB (Victoria Bitter).

  116. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    ahem – sorry *they* not thety

  117. *Sitting here with a big smile on my face*

    You guys are awesome.

    This is the first place I check when I sit down at the ‘puter, now, (I didn’t know Steve was killed until I read D2d’s post.)

    I DO still care, TSJ! I think it’s great you are giving hubby a special place for his trains!

    *scoops big handful of scary Vegemite*

    *Flings it skyward* Catch it if you can, TSJ and misscrisp!

    Here’s to ya, Stevo! Crikey! *Big swig o’ Foster’s*

    Austraylian fer beer!

  118. Lol…synonyms for throwing that don’t mean vomiting….

    hurl, no
    toss, no
    cast, sling, pitch, sly, lob…ok, better

    launch, project, propel…ugh, nope!

  119. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    OK guys I’m not an Aussie but – just as a FYI – if you offer an Aussie (especially a Queenslander – who’re extra Aussieish)a beer make it a Coopers or a Carlton – anything but Fosters or Castlemaine 4X. It’s like Carlsberg and the Danes – they only export the lousy stuff. 😀

    Thanks for the yeasty stuff Lauri!
    D2D – Branston pickle http://www.premierfoods.co.uk/brands/branston.cfm

  120. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Lauri thanks it was hurting my brain trying to come up with other synonyms – I can go to bed content in the knowledge that there are words for *throw* that don’t mean *chunder*. Phew! And a last fling (a-ha!) of vegemite in honour of Steve.

  121. 2SJ — Understood. For the record, though, I was aiming at L.A. You won’t catch me booting any of your VB or XXXX westward. No worries.

  122. And while we’re at it, here. One for Steve, one for you.

  123. TSJackson: So it’s sorta like sweet gherkin relish…? Or what we call “bread-and-butter pickles”?

    Either way, the combination of sweet and tangy has me thoroughly drooling on myself. *drip…drip…*

    This is what I love about our happy band of peeps: this morning we were mourning, and by this evening we’re playfully flinging virtual vegemite in honor of our fallen crocodile-catching comrade. He would have loved us…


  124. I got one brewski better, y’all:


    Made just down the street from me. Some days I can even smell the malt from my front porch. Yummilicious!


  125. [sigh]
    We had the James Page microbrewery up here for a while, in “nordeast” Minneapolis. It got bought out a while back (I think by Sam Adams, even) but they used to be in the next warehouse studio from my old roommate. I remember their pale stuff being really good cold on a hot day, and my old roomie would get loads of it for free.

    You know what else random I just thought of… what trumps Marmite or fruit chutney? My vote’s *lemon pickle*.

    A really fast search turned up this recipe…

  126. Hi Peeps 1010am Tues 5th Sept here in Oz. The whole country is in morning for Steve Irwin.

    D2D said “Dear Lord…he was swimming with his daughter when it happened. She was with him when it happened! Poor Bindi must be insane from grief…”

    It’s OK Bindi & Bob (his son) were in Tasmania with Terri at the time. They will all be in shock of course but at least they did not witness it.

    He will be sorely missed.

    RIP Steve

  127. gulp. ahhhhh.
    I raise a glass of (boring) Amstel light eastwards.

    Branston pickle is definitely on the savory side…a dark lumpy substance that has a distinct worcestershire meets crunchy mystery pickled vegie type morsels. It could almost be Marmite plus chutney. With a nice local cheddar, homemade brown bread + pickle: this is often called a “ploughman’s lunch” when you’re at a pub out in the countryside. yummmmm.

  128. Hmmmmm misscrisp……

    1 ploughmans lunch & a pint of dark ale to go please

  129. Thanks for the update, Chilli–while it’s still sad news, at least Bindi didn’t witness her Dad’s untimely passing like I’d thought. The fact that he was out there filming a show for her, though…

    I hope Terri keeps up the Australia Zoo in memory of her hubby. The idea of it passing out of Irwin hands seems just unthinkable.


  130. Good heavens, misscrisp, I can’t wait for my next trip to England to try a “ploughman’s lunch”!

    I had a blood sausage in Ireland….no big deal! It tasted like any other sausage.

    And so many folks in Ireland were drinking Carlsberg. Lol!

    I did the Guinness thing over there…but, it’s not something I want to make a habit of…..it’s a “bit heavy on a stomach” as one bartender told me. 🙂

    I am a wine fan, meownself, or VO and ginger!

    Beer, tho….Labatt….I like dat. 😉

  131. Kim Heggen says:

    OK, got it all working again, video was adorable. Yes, I remember KimWipes from my days in the lab; I was a chemistry major, and boy did I get tired of the jokes.

    The only time I actually watched Steve the Croc Guy was when I was in Norway and I was watching American and Brit cable TV just to hear some English. I enjoyed his shows; I just don’t dare get cable TV at home or my hubby would be a drooling idiot. And he knows it.

    Here in Oregon we are inundated with lovely beer, much of it local. But currently I am drinking nice brews from Alaska Brewing Company. Here’s an Alaska Summer Ale toast to the patron saint of odd antipodean wildlife.

    Haven’t had Vegemite but suspect I would like it… the hubby does, corrupted by Aussie exchange students in his youth.

  132. I had a ploughman’s lunch in Savannah, Georgia. some veddy veddy British pub. and it was veddy veddy good.
    cheddar, stilton, brown bread, cucumber pickle, radishes and sweet butter. outstanding.
    and many, many pints of berr.

  133. I had a ploughman’s lunch in Savannah, Georgia. some veddy veddy British pub. and it was veddy veddy good.
    cheddar, stilton, brown bread, cucumber pickle, radishes and sweet butter. outstanding.
    and many, many pints of berr.

  134. mmm. having a few pints at the moment. must be the reason my comments are (hic) double.

  135. Oh great gaaargh, mariser! laughing all the way! 🙂

    Ooo, ooo, Alaska Amber…uk, can’t remember if that’s the name..or Alaskan Amber. Anyhoo…delish. 🙂

    Okaaaay, I had too much VO’nginger and need to go to bed. Love you ALL.

  136. oh, oh oh. I did have “High tea” in Vancouver, BC. Exxxcellent.

    What the heck did that have to do with “ploughman’s lunch”?

    I dunno. 🙂

    Night night!

  137. ahhh fun! very cute kittens, very funny play and kitten ‘tude, and the soundtrack was just perfect for the moment.

  138. Hey, that looks like fun!

  139. Hey, that looks like fun!

  140. Hey, that looks like fun!

  141. Hey, that looks like fun!

  142. Hey, that looks like fun!

  143. Hey, that looks like fun!

  144. That video makes me very happy!

  145. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Thanks for the beer Theo – and if you like lemon chutney you should also try lime chutney which is just a slight variation on the theme – lovely mmmmmm.

    I’m so pleased that the link to the microbrewery featured bearded men – I think membership of CAMRA (campaign for real ales) in England means you have to wear a beard. (I’m not sure about females – perhaps a hook over your ears one.)http://www.camra.org.uk/
    The photo on the website isn’t representative – whenever you see these guys on telly they’ve got beards you could lose a badger in and bellies of extreme proportions. They’re my heros though because they’ve stopped the big breweries killing good ale.

  146. What a great way to start the day!! These kitties are adorable!!

  147. I admit I’m way behind, and I don’t have time to read all the comments 😦 But I just want to say these are adorable kitties and the one in the box looks like he’s practicing for the bobsled competition.. ducking down with just his eyeballs sticking out. *giggle*

  148. So funny…I’ve been glancing down the table in my biology class at the box of Kimwipes there and wondering what they were…finally an answer to my question!

  149. Oh Lawdy…the fun just don’t stop.
    WL- that was a funny one indeed. CO as learning conduit, says I.
    We’ve got beards, we’ve got beer, we’ve got miles of long distance cheer.
    (had to revisit the scene of my sappiness and tickled to bits at responses)

  150. He looks like he’s in a little kyak or submarine. Is there anything cuter than kittens? honestly.