W00t! Great idea, E to the C…



  1. W00t indeed.

  2. Second post again! Blast!

  3. Second 😉

  4. FOURTH! I call fourth!


  5. I’m sorry, there are images in this tag that do not belong…humans are not snorgleable, just furry, scaly, feathery things…babies, girlfriends, husbands, all just right out…animals only!!



  6. hrh.squeak says:

    Huh. If it has fur, you can snorgle it, says I.

  7. Ahhhh… Take a look at page 1 of this search (Meg linked to page 2):

    Pic No. 2 (from the top, that is) is The Original “Snorgle” phot on Flickr – that’s right, the one with the black and white bunny! w00t indeed!

    here ’tis, via direct link:

    ( )
    ” ”

  8. Oh, and check the caption, yo!

    “snorgle is a trademark of all bunny owners / inc.”

    Doesn’t get kewlR than that!

    Link (again):

    ( )
    ” ”

  9. that’s hilarious.

    Love the “Bunny Deathcamp Snorgle” title….LOL twisted but funny

  10. Do you think this cat wants in on the snorgling action


  11. What hath Meg wrought?

  12. staticgirl says:

    I like the humans snorgling. It’s nice to see happy humans as much as it’s lovely to see cute animals…

  13. OOH! Fiona Trixiebell Applesauce! What a cutie!

  14. Love the baby sandwich snorgle and the self-labeled “big dumb oaf” and his kitten.

  15. I loved Midas and his detailed snorgling instructions!

  16. ms. E to the C,

    is this your bunneh?

    Nibbles is adorabubble! an oreo bunneh!

    give her kisses and cilantro from us.

  17. Isn’t it about time for a Wikipedia entry for “snorgle”?

  18. Lisa — now that *is* an interesting thought. Esp. since the Flikr search kinda illustrates that the general internet public doesn’t really know the true meaning & usage of the word.


  19. Lisa theo,

    Think I’ll send the glossary to the OED if its on the internet then think CO should be credited with coining it

  20. Woohoo! Great ideas, guys!

  21. Hey, why no entry yet? Chop chop! (snaps fingers)

  22. Maybe I’m unclear on the concept….but this includes pics of furries by themselves — doesn’t it take at least 2 to snorgle? Can you snorgle if there’s nobody snorgling you?

  23. dustb sez,

    “Can you snorgle if there’s nobody snorgling you?”

    mebbe. in some the pictures linked, the critter seems to be obviously waiting/hoping for a snorgle. we could imagine that snorgling is about to take place as soon as the photographer puts the camera down…

  24. Okay, I couldn’t help plugging in another favorite. It’s not quite as “pure” but fine examples abound. Examples of what, you ask? ummm…..baroo?
    and while I agree this is an aminals-only kind of thing, this one has giggle power:

  25. Absolutely, mariser, the Snorgle Potential is always a very important concept in each picture. How snorglable is the subject? How much of the subject is snorglable. Is the snorgling going to be reciprocated?

    Hahahaha, baroo has become another favorite word.

  26. Re: Wiki entry for “Snorgle” (or anything else in the CO Glossary)

    I just tried to create an account on both Wikipedia and Wiktionary (which is probably more appropriate anyway)… and it told me my account was created, but when I try to log in, it tells me my account does not exist. “Baroo?”

    So. If I try again in a few days and still can’t get it to work, then pooscoop ’em. We’ve got a Glossary here already.

    PS – Yay!

  27. So right, Theo! Teh Qte Glossary is more than sufficient! I use much more of it than anyone would have thought possible! 😉

    Very Yay! 😀

  28. Heeee! I googled nosicle.

    Results 1 – 9 of about 41 for nosicle. (0.18 seconds)

    Cute Overload: Thanks, Frank!”The Moist Nosicle PWNS you all!!! Bwahahahaha!!” An adorable hedgie named Numo Could charm everyone in the room, “Oh My”, they would say, … – 61k – Cached – Similar pages

    Cute Overload: Tiny DotI saw a tiny calf today and he had the most beautiful moist nosicle. … Good gaaalgh… am I gonna have to add “Moist Nosicle” to the Glossary? … – 72k – Cached – Similar pages
    [ More results from ]

    Numo: Hedgehog blogHe was a good guest, showing his “nosicle” and letting folks feel his quills … Of Numo, Meg says, “perhaps the most famous moist nosicle on the InterWebs. … – 99k – Cached – Similar pages

    Cute Overload GlossaryNosicle, Moist Phleh… just thinking this word makes my teeth all wibbly. But anyway. First used to describe a hedgehog’s nose, I believe. … – 52k – Cached – Similar pages

  29. Wow, Lauri… I guess it never occurred to me that the Glossary links might be Googled directly (as in, through good ol’, not through the CO Sizzearch box).

    I also like how you can get to HRH Squeak’s limerick about Numo, from two different natural results.

  30. ahhh, Teho seeems to be around, and since it’s right there in your name, maybe you can help ‘splain the “teh” factor. Why is teh cuter than the?

  31. Oh, it’s not necessarily cuter. It’s just more like teh internets.

  32. It’s a whole gnu langwadge! 🙂

  33. …ack! (catten Ruble looks askance at odd vocalization from pwner)
    Not just cuteologists, but mind readers!
    Namely, tha Internets or intarweb or other fun variation officially being the Second cute-ism that’s been grifted into my “other” communications (redonk being the first).
    zees ees kwaht ehmaizeeeng.

  34. Googling snorgle brings up 13,300 hits – the first one links to the CO glossary.

    We need more to take over the world, people! More snorgle!

  35. Ooh, now *this* is interesting. Somebody’s been seeding the Urban Dictionary. They even referenced CO).

    Who is this “Snorgles”? Who? Whooo??

    And get THIS!

  36. thank you for posting the link. i was about to bite the bullet and just ask what snorgle actually means. now i can pretend i’ve known for years.

  37. OK, elena, I believe *this* was the first time “snorgle” was used here, but in a slightly shorter form:

    The word quickly morphed into the one we know and love, though I noticed that Meg recently gave it another twist: “snorglé.” w00t to that (and Meg!), too.

  38. Her’s a link to the original “snorg” image:


  39. AWWWWWWWWWW they’re really cute!!

  40. But we didn’t see any dachshunds! Nothing is more cuddly and loveable than a good ole Weiner Dog!

  41. Omg…I, too, “hee’d” EC. That is the perfect snorgle.
    And, the….oh man, that baby is SO SO SO cute. With his little snorglin’ schnozzle.

    misscrisp,”( catten Ruble looks askance at odd vocalization from pwner)”
    I lurve it.

  42. EC – By the time Mr. Snuggles laid down his phat beats, “Snorgle” was already in common enough usage to warrant the contraction “snorg” (see pic #3).

    I think this *might* be the earliest appearance of “snorgle” in a CO post:

  43. paging ms. E to the C…
    ms. E to the C to COHQ…

    you never did answer my question (upthread, Sept. 3, 8:49 am) copied here:

    is this your bunneh?

    Nibbles is adorabubble! an oreo bunneh!

    well, is Nibbles your undercover super-secret bunneh? is Nibbles

    ( )
    ” “

    enquiring minds want to know! erm, not unless is a Top Secret Confidentiality issue of National Security…