Good times at the Shore

Look, it’s the last weekend of summah. So, before you put away your white pumps and linen suits, go to the beach. And by beach I mean The Shore. Anyone for hoagies from White House?


Righteous puppitude brot to you by Alex N. 😉



  1. Hoagies from Bradleys in Stone Harbor are better! Hollah 107th Street!

  2. ohmigawd… another cute HEAD.

  3. yikes!
    he is soooo black his muzzlepuff kinda melts in his face.
    I’m somehow reminded of that other sand picture from Ano Nuevo

  4. Raaaaaaaaallllgh!!! (Elephant Seal sound)

  5. Is that a black puggle? Never seen that before. Anerable!

  6. Khhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!

  7. AuntieMame says:

    Cute! (But I have a horror of seeing disembodied heads on the beach…It comes from being stealth-shocked by a horror movie with Ted Danson and Leslie Nielsen…It has to be funny…Right?!?)

  8. I REMEMBER THAT MOVIE! it was horrible. You’re right, AuntieMame! I thought of it too. before I posted…

  9. omfg, I know that movie. gah!
    wasn’t it the big screen version of “Tales from the Crypt”?
    and Stephen King had a role as a farmer? [getting foggy there]

  10. Can I have a lil’ black head like that for my car antenna (New Year’s Party Jack will have to step off)? or my desk? or next to me on my pillow at night?

    oh, and never saw the movie..and I think I’m glad..

  11. good good puppeh… hope he doesn’t get any sand fleas.

  12. and i lurve how it’s almost 11pm on a friday night, and we’d rather be home with the CO!
    w00t w00t, party with the peeps!

  13. *high fives bearlet and passes the pudding* 😉

    Funny thing, I’ve been out with my kids tonight but *just had* to check CO before tucking in for the night…

  14. “…it’s almost 11pm on a friday night”

    for you Cal-ee-forn-iains

    it is almost 2:00 am for moi.
    can’t sleep. toggling between CO and Farkistan

  15. been incredibly stressurized at work this past 2 wks, and have found myself retreating into CO-land every 5-10 min just to maintain sanity. i physically / emotionally / mentally NEED you guys (meg is my savior).

  16. Rich Fader says:

    [head pops out of sand]

    “Hoagies? Did someone say ‘hoagies’?”

  17. 1:20 AM here. Practicing my iTunes mixology. HEYOHHHH!!

  18. thx, betty. and now that teho’s popped up… gad i want some puddin now. butterscotch, precisely.

  19. “HEYOHHHH!!” ?

    what is that in reference to?

    all I can think of is “Banana Boat”

  20. For you, Mariser, I’d happily DAAAAAY-OH.
    (Just think of it as something a club full of Beastie Boys fan-dweebs might holler from the pit.)

    Bearlet — I’m thinking HUNNY instead. Not sure why.

  21. doh! it is Day-O. forgive me?

    BBoys are cool. I’m listening to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at the moment.

  22. “hey LADIES!” (cow bell) uh! (ch-chuk-ah)… “all you ladies in the house” … git… git funky…

  23. “Well, here I am!

    “Hey, just a cotton-picking minute! This don’t look like the Coachella Valley to ME!

    “Hmm, I KNEW I should’ve taken that left turn at Albuquerque.”

  24. what’s up doc?

  25. AuntieMame says:

    iTunes! I’ve been fighting with iTunes all evening, too. Ugh! Does anyone know an easy way to rename eight million m4a files to m4b? And then remove them and add them all back into iTunes again? And give them all unique track titles?

    *le sigh*

    And the movie wouldn’t have freaked me out as much if I had known ahead of time that it was a horror movie and not a comedy. And if it wasn’t the middle of the night. And if I wasn’t alone in the house. Someone else’s house…

  26. sweet jane says:


    “heyohhhhh!” is a reference to a “that 70’s show” episode–it was one of bob’s lines, over and over. that’s all i remember….

  27. ::sniffle::

    No shores within a zgillion miles of me. Somebody send me a jar of sand and picture of a hoagie.

  28. Bourgeois Nerd, it’s most likely a pug. A “puggle” is actually just a mix of a pug and a beagle.

  29. How sweet!

  30. See, I look at that and just think “creepy”. I heard of someone that did that with kittens at low tide and left them there. They were rescued, but the person who did it was never caught. *shudder*

  31. Cute picture, cute pup. A word of caution though, his little lungs cant expand for breathing when he’s encased in a bed of sand. And wasn’t it scary for him while he was being buried? You probably had to hold him in place while piling all that sand on him, but being an obedient companion he tolerated it for your sake and the sake of your pic.

  32. The rare water pug comes ashore for a bit…

  33. He doesn’t really seem worried to me. Quite placid I’d say. But hey, the picture doesn’t last for ages, it’s just a half second of time.
    And he’s cute, but though I know the body is down there hidden, my eyes don’t see the same and are like “huuuh??!”. :-p

    And to “Uhh”, I am really disgusted to learn that somebody could do that to kittens, it’s just plain cruel. Because bringing them to the beach and digging the hole, that dude had plenty of time to think about what he/she was doing. Humans… they always surprise you, no matter what. Tssss. Let’s be positive to all that we can, and never let that happen if we ever witness that.
    Power to the positive!

  34. i dont think he likes it. 😦

  35. [slidding to a stop across wooden floor, bottle of coconut smelling lotion in hands, crazy over-sized beach hat on head with huge inflated parrot under arm]

    Am I too late? Did I miss the party??? Durn, Looks like you guys had a blast in the wee hours!! And it certainly looks like the poochie had fun.

  36. For my part, I’m belgian, so I’m at least 6 hours ahead of US.

    To Elit, honestly I think the dog is okay. The eyes are not popping out, and the ears are not down; wich are signs of scare.
    He/she look more like “bored” :-p, and looking on the side.

  37. Not really a good weekend to be at the Joisey shore what with Ernesto’s rains pouring down….
    but now I am wanting a cheesesteak from Pat’s in Philly…it would only be about a 25 minute soggy drive for me…but, maybe I should stick to breffast foods at 10 am…
    Oh, and that crazy movie with Ted Danson & Leslie Nielsen was “Creepshow” (‘Something to Tide You Over’ was their segment)

    Oh and CUTE PUG HEAD!!!!

  38. i’ve buried a boston terrier in the sand before and he was quite appreciative of the coolness of the sand all around him. relief!

  39. …I am sad to say that I just took the time to figure out TypePad. I registered a while ago, but never actually got around to learning how to use it. Whoops.

    Anyhow. I would like to trade places with this dog. He can do my classwork for me. I shall sit encased in sand and be content. He shall write papers, attend lectures, and pay ridiculous amounts of money for it. I shall nap.

    Oh, to be a puppeh.

  40. now all he needs is a nice cold corona with lime stuck in the sand next to him. hehe…


  42. AuntieMame says:

    As light and fluffy as that sand appears, I daresay with a couple almighty wriggles, of which any self-respecting dog is more than capable, and he’ll be skipping down the beach chasing seagulls.

  43. I love cuteoverload but I found this picture more creepy and sad than anything. 😦

  44. On the couple occasions that I’ve taken my Boston to the beach he has taken it upon his own self to dig a nice hole and lay in it. Thinking back, I don’t think he would have minded much if I gently patted some sand on top and around him… At night he likes to burrow down under the blankets on my bed.

    He would have just given me the mild look of dissapproval that this sweet lil’ pug is giving the camera.

  45. So cute…

  46. not sure if that’s a pug, are u guys sure it isn’t a petit brabancon?

    it’s cute, though

  47. I don’t like this one.
    I’m sure the puppy is fine-but it’s a little creepy.

  48. lurkertype says:

    That puggle is completely in control of his situation. Just humoring his person.

    “Hey-O!” was also Ed McMahon’s signature comment.

    “Creepshow”. Ew. I actually gave Stephen King a hard time about that one.

    Is anyone else having problems with the CuteTracker? I’m only getting one picture at a time instead of two. How can I vote on the cutest when I have no choice? In Soviet Russia, cute votes on YOU? (sorry, wrong website)

    TK is learning How To Climb, and he’s so pleased with himself.

  49. lurkerT, see how pleased he is if he hasn’t also learned How To Get Down. (Sounds like a Winnie-the-Pooh adventure in the making.)

  50. lurkertype says:

    Or was Ed Mc “hi-o”?

    Dunno, it’s a holiday weekend and I’m not caffeinated. I got a sinus thing and I’m spending my time between an overeager TuxKit and a depressed tortie.

  51. lurkertype says:

    Exactamundo, Laurie! It took him hardly any time at all to figure out that one has to retreat butt-down, not head-down. He’s a Kitten of Very Large Brain.

  52. AuntieMame says:

    You can get down head-down, too. It’s just a little more, um, precipitate.

  53. AnotherPugMama says:

    Puggeh…so cute!

  54. The trick to Getting Down is to feel the groove, relax all the way down to trance levels, let your mind go and your booty take over. Be sure to tell your kittens.

    (Or simply absorb & roll the landing. Knees and elbows bent, people.)

  55. lurkertype says:

    TK decided the precipitous descent wasn’t as much fun upon the THUMP of landing. Even with his built-in shock absorbers. Now he doesn’t turn around till he gets close to the ground.

    I’m a tad worried he may end up an Evil Genius Kitty! Scott Adams once told Mr. L and I that Catbert is based on his brilliant yet terrible tuxedo cat. In which case we and HRTortieness are in deeeeep trouble.

  56. Lol…it sounds as if Tuxkit IS gifted, LT.

    You know the most gifted children are the most difficult to raise. But with lots of love, guidance, and support, he will learn to do good with his life! 😉

    That picture reminds me of a “dream” one of Stephen King’s characters has in “Insomnia”. The char’s wife is buried to her neck in sand and the tide is coming in. I’ll betcha that book is where the idea for that part of Creepshow came from.

  57. I *heart* Stephen King’s books, what a wonderful and crazy mind he has! 🙂

  58. Goodness Laura! Have you ever even seen a petit brabancon in person? I’d love to see a pic if you got one! According to the laws of probability, though, and because it looks like one, I still think it’s a pug!

  59. Laura, I saw the most precious little dog in a car the other day and now I know what it was!

    It was in the lap of the driver, looking out the window, totally enjoying the ride and the many kisses his mom planted on his head at the stoplight. What a darling pup. Yep, this one looks like a p.b.

  60. Oh, what a tiny little cute dog! I have never heard of petit brabancon before.

  61. Lauri, the information I read online about them said they love to be spoiled, which the one I saw obviously was!

  62. Hee, ‘twould be hard not to spoil the little stinkers. They are too cute!

  63. i can’t believe no one’s said this yet…
    i guess it’s the dog days of summer!

  64. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Personally I’d just be worried about the turds on the beach if they’re letting dogs on it. Don’t get me wrong – dogs I like – it’s their inability to find inoffensive places to crap I dislike.
    P.S. What’re hoagies?

  65. Man, that is one patient and long-suffering puppeh.

    And Two Sheds, I had to look them up meself, but:

  66. Hoagies are Philadelphia’s name for submarine sammiches.

    And they smell like a stinky armpit. Like much of Philadelphia does!
    (I can say that, I grew up in this area)

  67. And Wawa is like a 7-11, only much better!!!

  68. Oh, and Two Sheds, don’t blame the dogs for where they crap, blame the bad owners for not picking it up!!!!

  69. ceebs, I grew up in Maryland, and we called’em hoagies there too. Or submarines. You know what they call them in Massachusetts?! *Grinders* Go figure…

  70. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    ceebs – I do blame the owners, I do!
    I also admit a bias (in the extreme) on the whole dog front. I like dogs and enjoy walking my neighbour’s dog but I’m owned by 2 ginger cats. Cats have mastered the art of burying turds so you are unlikely to pick up cat turd on your shoes. Plus cats tend to avoid the beach – they don’t like the tourists because cats are snobs.

    Mind you I tend to wear gardening gloves since I got adopted by the ginger pair.

  71. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    So these long sarnies – they can have anything in them can they? There’s not some quintesential recipe for them?
    Sounds like a bit of a cheat saying a sandwich is your city’s speciality – as bad as the Welsh with cheese on toast! 😉 Come on peeps give your cuisine some effort! 🙂 I jest – I love sarnies – I can make almost any meal into one given a couple of slices of bread – except soup obviously.

  72. OMG WaWa! Fond memories of salad days in Pennsylvania. The sign with the geese or something. It seemed like a very strange name. I think this lil’ sandpup is not only relaxed and cooperating in the scenario, h/she’s awfully awfully adorable.

  73. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Oops sorry – forgot my manners – thanks for the links to hoagies ceebs and A thinker.
    It’s early a.m. and now I’m fancying a sarnie after reading about all that stuff you can put in a hoagie.

  74. I was out collecting dog turds in my pooper scooper this evening thinking what a shame it was the dear things weren’t evolved enough to shat somewhere inconspicuous. But, if they were evolved enough for that, they might not be the lolling, lovable goofballs that doglovers love! And I am a doglover/catlover…plain old life-lover.
    Our Giant African Millipede died this spring and is mourned by the whole family, so I guess we are buglovers, too.

  75. lurkertype says:

    Ew, Lauri. Millipedes ought to be in Stephen King stories.

    TK is, unfortunately, a very bite-y cat. Like a kid, his way of investigating anything is to put it in his mouf. Which is NOT GOOD for our fingers and toes. We have tried taking the appendages away, and telling him NO and making loud noises, but the little guy has a short-term memory of about 4 seconds, tops. Any suggestions? As he relaxes into his new home, he’s getting much more bite-y by the hour! 😦

    HRTortie continues to mope. I’m a little worried about her not eating enough — she gets these spells sometimes, it’s a vicious circle. Gave her kitten wet food to try to tempt her appetite, and let her nap with me this afternoon.

    Submarine sammiches. Yum. If you have to go franchise, scorn Subway and hie thee to Togo’s.

  76. AuntieMame says:

    The only place for sandwiches is Quizno’s. No cold sandwiches for me.

    TK’s probably teething, isn’t he, lt? Maybe he’ll be less mouthy when he has his grownup teeth. Does he have chew toys? Do cats even like chew toys?

  77. Ha! It looks like he could’ve just tunneled through from elsewhere and popped out to check out where he ended up!

  78. LurkerT, LaurieC gave a suggestion a few posts back about bitey kittens. She said that when the kitty gets bitey and hurtful, to *gently* poke your finger deeper into its mouth and it’ll get gaggy and stop. Also, to bat it lightly on the nose like momcat would do to teach the bebeh No. I think it was this week she said… sorry I’m tired and can’t remember zactly when.

    Lauri, I’m so sorry about your millipede-ums. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have had one as a member of the family, but I too have developed affections for unlikely creatures–garden spiders, toads, beetles, and other crawlies. The beauty of animals, like people, is often in the “soul” of the beastie and seldom known without intentional pursuit. To those who dare tread on such territory, bugs’n’such are delightful and mysterious critters.

  79. lurkertype says:

    I tried putting the finger deeper in. That just made him happier! (nawm nawm nawm) No gag reflex on this boy. We’re trying nosebops but that only works during the bop. A fraction of a second later, back to the chewing. He’s a very determined boy. And he chews on his toys, too.

    Do kittehs teethe?

  80. lurkerT, kittens definitely teethe. And they lose their baby teeth when the adult teeth come in. I remember finding kitten teeth in my shoes a couple of days running.

  81. lurkertype says:

    Oooh — now I’m looking forward to finding kitten teef scattered around! What age does this take place at? I can’t find any dates.

  82. lurker, I just Googled it. They lose their teeth at 12 to 16 weeks old.

  83. Theo, all kitties and puppies are BORN knowing how to Get Down; they just sometimes lose their grooves when exposed to pasty white humans.

    And Two Sheds, last year I had some irresponsible cat owners for neighbors whose Siamese used my carefully cultivated side garden as a toilet, ruining the plantings with its BARELY BURIED raw-nitrogen pee and poo. While I, too, blame the humans, I don’t give cats any more credit than doggies for potty tidiness, really.

  84. jaypo: “I grew up in Maryland, and we called’em hoagies there too. Or submarines. You know what they call them in Massachusetts?! *Grinders* Go figure…”

    Guess it’s a regional thing even in MD. I grew up in Baltimore, and they were always subs to us. It was quite a surprise when I went to college in Westminster and people there called them hoagies (I think that’s also the term they use in southern PA). Didn’t see the grinders thing until I visited Canada though. Here in Finland, anything sub-like is called a baguette (patonki in Finnish).

    Two Sheds: Philadelphia is famous for the Philly Cheese Steak sub/hoagie (see

    Sorry to stray so far off topic. 🙂

  85. Oops, bad link, the ) got tossed in with the URL. Here it is again:

  86. Re: grinders….I was informed recently that a grinder (around here in PA) is a sub or steak sammich or whatever, like a meatball sub, that is stuck in the oven & toasted. That’s what I was told, don’t know if that’s what it is in Mass.

    Also, re: Wawa— Yes, the logo has a Canada goose, and that’s what wawa means, it is a Native american word for the Canada Goose (WHO, by the way are also inconsiderate poopers that don’t bury their turds!! A gaggle of geese and a gagfest of goosepoo!) And there is also a Wawa, Pennsylvania.

    Here’s what you want if you should be in Philly:

    Not something that smells like unwahed gym clothes.

  87. lurker, I just caught the question about what to do with a bitey kitten… (that’ll teach me to leave a thread half-read) and my solution was to buy that apple bitter stuff that is sprayed on cords and such to keep doggies (and rambunctious kitties) from chewing on them. I would spray it on my index finger and let them chew on the other fingers… when the bite was too hard I would yell “OUCH!” and stick my bitter finger right in their mouth and be sure to get some on their tongue. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. They got the idea. Eventually. As adults they have NEVER broken the skin, even when terrified at the vet.

    My husband has a “less friendly” approach… when he got bit, he would grab the scruff of the kitten’s neck (where the momma carries them) and squeeze it, forcing the kitten to reflexively go limp (a natural, normal reaction) and hold it there for about 20 seconds, looking intently in the kittens eyes with no love in his heart. Not sure if it *really* worked for him, but he claims it did.

  88. Sarcasta, I could see the lift-and-glare technique working… I read someplace ages ago that where dogs see us as a part of their pack, a cat relates to its human in one of two ways. The kitty sees us as either its mom or its baby and it changes throughout the day. So they knead and purr (we’re the mom and they’re the baby). Or they lick and bite (we’re the baby, they’re the mom). Makes sense to me…!

  89. Lauri, one of my strongest memories from Africa was seeing a giant millipede one night–must have been a foot long and at least an inch thick. Startling to say the least!

  90. Oh, that is so cool, thinkie.
    Our millipede, Pedey, (ha!) was about 14 inches long, also around an inch thick. We had him for 4 years. He had quite a personality.

    My youngest son was his favorite. Aaron was the one who started out holding him. Pedey “recognized” Aaron’s hand and if he was trucking around on Aaron’s hand/arm and one of us (a stranger) would put our hands up for him to walk onto, his little antennae would go “tap tap tap” on our skin, and he would practically “Harumphf” as he turned away to continue his trek on Aaron’s hand.

    He did get to know us all, and would walk on any of us after awhile. What a cool little guy he was.

    He knew as soon as fresh veggies were put in his food dish. All practically a zillion legs would start moving, and he would zoom across the aquarium to check out the treats.

    Anyone who thinks bugs don’t have souls have simply not gotten to know any! 😉

  91. Whoa, jaypo, I just read your post about the mom/baby thing with cats. It really DOES make sense. I had never thought about it that way before.

    Our elder statescat, Pinto (affectionately known as Mr. Bean), is very lovey and purry and biscuity, but then he has a personality reversal, and bites.

    When he does that I gently grab his neck scruff like mom would and tell him no.

  92. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    J.Bo – bad luck -sounds like you were the victim of a disputed territory – male cats will leave poo uncovered if they’re trying to mark territory. Mind you it might just have been lazy!

    Lauri – sorry about your millipeed – I met one in Fiji and thought it was very cute.
    Lurker – I gently blow into my cats’ noses if they get too carried away -they really hate it but it doesn’t hurt them.

    Jackie – I really hope that tastes better than it looks!!! What is it with comfort food? It always looks sooo bad but tastes soo good – guhhhhh (Homer style drooling now)

  93. Two Sheds Jackson says:

    Lurker Sorry that should be *into* their faces or *onto* their noses – blowing into their noses would be very difficult with such teeny nostrils!

  94. TS Jackson,
    Good advice to blow into their faces. My darlin’s don’t care for that either.

    lol…guhhhhh is a great way to describe the Homer drool!

  95. Dear Cuteoverload and all fellow fans of this site,

    This site is all about cute animals and I love it. That is also why I am asking you to please cast a vote to save animals that are being killed and treated crually.

    Here’s what happened in Chinal recently:

    Thank you.


  96. Man #1: “Watch out for the sandpugs!”
    Man #2: “The what?”
    Man #1 (Shaking head): “Gets ’em every time…”
    (Man #2 is devoured)

  97. lurkertype says:

    I did not know giant bugses lived that long. Huh.

    Have tried blowing in TK’s face. It works for a fraction of a second. EVERYTHING works for a fraction of a second with this boy! If you can grab his scruff, that works a bit longer, but he’s soo squirmy. The bitter apple sounds worth a try. Perhaps he’ll be better after he changes his teef. We had HRT at that age but I never found any loose kitten teeth. She probably ate them. Or batted them under the sofa. Thanks for the ideas, all! Although I’ve had cats all my life, I’ve never had a kitty this young before.

    Mmmm, cheesesteak.

  98. Hahahaha, sandpugs, Fang! That little pug head is still giving me very mixed feelings. He is extremely cute, and looks happy, but there is something about bodyless heads that gives me the willies.

    Ha..that reminds me, Willie is a black pug that lives in my daughter’s bf’s frat house.

    Good luck, LT with Squirmy McSquirmerson. Possibly grabbing his scruff, saying No, or Ow, and then if he squirms too much gently set him on the ground. Consistency and repetition should help. The little dudes are full of beans for sure.

    Oh, and as for teeth. All the kittens we have had and I have probably only found one or two teeth. Don’t know where they go.

  99. Check their poop. 😛 I was told that puppies, at least, swallow their baby teeth most of the time.

  100. yay for Squirmy McSquirmerson! kittehs really are nonstop at this age. and suddenly. “honk-shu, honk-shu” wherever they drop. adorabubble.

    LT, I know is trying, but TK will stop biting. eventually.
    I can personally vouch for the “grab by scruff of the neck” method. kitteh goes limp for a few seconds while you lecture him.

    btw, I’ve read that the reasons that kittehs (and cats) go limp when grabbed by the scruff of the neck is a survival trait/mechanism: when the litter is in danger, momma cat needs to move all kittehs *quickly*. the kitteh going limp eases the process.

  101. *laughing* just listening and seeing all these kitten/puppy stories is driving me nurts.

    My youngest cat is three, then 6, 12 and 14. Dogs are 2, 5, 8, and 11.

    I Neeeeeeed kittens!!!

  102. Update: I told husband that I posted his “grab the scruff” technique and he responded:

    “Yeah, but I think really what broke him of biting was when I threw him in the pool.”

    I had forgotten all about that. That cat could SWIM! But he hated it. Luckily, the whole thing happened when I wasn’t there. Unluckily, there was no video. (Don’t worry, the pool incident was completely supervised, with people in the pool to guide Matrix the kitty to the edge if he was having trouble.) I think this happened more than once. When I wasn’t there.

    Try the apple bitter. Guaranteed he won’t ever bite YOUR finger again.

  103. Oh, and, ya know what, ceebs? I’ll take your word for it. I just bet that IS where the little toothums go.

    No tooth-poop diving fer me!

  104. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Smooshy McSmoosherfacersons!

    *ruffles ears*

  105. Sandy Muzzlepuff McSmooshersons! 🙂

  106. Erm, sorry, forgot teh …McSmoosherfacersons!
    Whoa, type that three times fast.

    that that that…..


  107. Boyfriend and I were housesitting his friend’s beach house this weekend. This particular beach is VERY doggie friendly. Watching dogs romping on the beach, riding the waves, goofing in the sand is the best…THE…BEST.

  108. We dachshunds were bred for burrowing. But these days we prefer burrowing under blankets!

  109. How fun, Aubrey. Our dogs LOVE the beach/lake, too. They wear themselves SO out when we are up at my parent’s cabin.

    Cujo and Mia! Show yerselfs! Let’s see a pic of you Dachie Terrors!

  110. I have had the distinct pleasure of having snuggled Orion the Wonder Dog myself. He’s like JT – even cuter in person.

  111. hello! I am from Atlantic City and surely you mean “Down the Shore” ??


    And so do pugs.

  112. The reason I immediately thought it might be a Petit Brabancon was because I’m quite familiar with the breed. You see, I have a Brussels Griffon at home, and a Brabancon is a griffon, just without the beard ^_^ Here, in Holland, the breed is extremely rare.

    here’s an adorable pic i found
    aw well, it doesn’t really matter what kind of breed it is, it could be both, but all that matters is that it’s cute

  113. CUTE-I-TUDE!!!!

  114. to cute