The tiniest ‘Mew’

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  1. Oy vey! That is too cute for any words at all!

  2. LOVE!

  3. ohhhh
    too sweet!
    im getting a new kitten soon and i can’t wait! i’m so excited!

  4. That sure was a teeny-tiny mew.

  5. *dies*

  6. AWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

  7. That sounded more like a squeak then a mew!

  8. Oh what a cutie!!!

  9. awwww. that’s unreal!

  10. So teeny it has to be mi- mew-t!

  11. Oh goodness, the little darling sounds like a squeak toy!

    That could really work against him in some areas…

    Anyone catch the contemptful glance at the camera, the disapproval is strong in this one!

  12. ahaha awwww. It sounded like a little bird. So cute.

  13. That is THE cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. My day has been made by that kitten. Thanks Cute Overload!!!! I shall be happy all day now

  14. it’s too tiny! baby kitty tongue lapping at his palm. AAAAAAAHHHHHHNNNNNN!!!!

  15. Rest assured, dear peeps, that this is a very contented and well-fed kitten. As one who has fostered kitties this small, I can assure you that they have amazing lung power and can produce ear-splitting MEEEEEWWWWWs when the food is not forthcoming quickly enough.

  16. yeah thanks for that. now i have people in my office wondering why a grown man is CRYING out of sheer joy for the tiny meeping kitten.

  17. I especially love the way the guy holding the camera provides a translation. (Linguaphone “Get By In Kittenese”, anyone?)

  18. I’m dead now. That one pushed me over the edge. Officially Overloaded.

  19. acelightning says:

    That is the tiniest, sweetest, most utterly adorable Itty Bitty Kitty I’ve ever seen – or heard!
    *dies of cuteness*

  20. Eeeeeee! **dies from snorgle-urges***

  21. What an adorable itty bitty kitty! *dies*

  22. What an anerable furry little handful of sweetness!

  23. Oh gosh, that is just to die for!!! Look at the feetsies people!!!!

    I just looked over at one of my older kitties, who weighs in at 19 pounds and it QUITE comfortable with herself and asked her why SHE can’t be that cute anymore… Of course all I got back was a “duh” glare…

  24. I had to take care of a kitten that was that small a while ago. Lots of hard work, but so rewarding. Shes now big and healthy. Well, she’s still a kitten but not a runt anymore! This one’s adorable!

  25. I WANT IT!!!!!!!

  26. awwwwwwwwwww*fayes fall down*
    omng thats too cute to be true!
    the kitten licked the guys hand

  27. I want to see the next few seconds of video, where the tineh kitteh, exhausted by its furious display of mewing, stretching, and licking, falls asleep on its feet.

    You can just tell that’s one tiny tie-tie at the end.

  28. Laughing out loud at all the dead peeps! CO certainly takes a toll on the world’s population! However, they always seem to come back to die another post!

    This little baby is totally heartstopping. I love how I sit on the edge of my seat waiting for the video to load, looking at the bebe , holding my breath, knowing that I am in for some major Qte. *Sighs happily, and goes into cardiac arrest*

    *Code Cute in the livingroom at Lauri’s house. Code Cute!*

  29. Have to say it – I am addicted this site, thank you for maintaining it and letting me in. You are all so clever and witty and, yes, cute, especially Theo and Aubrey – I think I am in love but with which?

  30. It appears the kittin doesn’t even open his mouf to make that lil squeak! I watched it five times, and there’s only the most infinitesimal movement of the mouf, and I don’t think it actually opens. Sweet tiny bebeh. Aw.

  31. Who’s daddy’s baby? Who’s daddy’s widdle baby then?

  32. Yay Kent! So good!

    Now, how do I send in my video of Lottie?


  33. My friend is having trouble viewing the site especially the videos. Any suggestions?

  34. ommmgggg that is toooo cute. i was smilin all the way thru. i miss my catsss *sigh*

  35. *POIT*

    My head has never sploded from Teh Cuteness before.

  36. Sue sez,
    “My friend is having trouble viewing the site especially the videos.”

    can you be more specific about the trouble? any error messages?
    is your friend trying to watch from work? many workplaces block YouTube and others.
    or possibly is because your friend needs to download a program to watch the video (like QuickTime or Windows Media Player).
    or could be the internet browser your friend is using, is it Explorer/FireFox/Safari/Opera/etc.
    or could be the security settings in said browser.

  37. littlelizard says:

    Adorabubble. (Wibbly legs + small meepy noises) x ear to head ratio = Flooffy cute factor of 10.

  38. and btw,

    cute teeny-tiny kitteh!

    remember, a kitteh on the hand is worth…

    …a gazillion _________*

    * fill in the blank

  39. OMG!

    >>Flumpf>FLUMPF< < (You did it again!)

  40. AAAAeeeiiiiiiiIIIIIEEE! So adorable! so wee! so squeeeky! so snuggly!! so much asplodin! I can’t take this much cute before coffee!

  41. That most certainly was the tiniest ‘mew’. At least, the tiniest ‘mew’ I’ve ever heard. Now excuse me whilst I go explode due to the sheer ‘aww’ factor.

  42. weewee beebee.. I bet she fell asleep in his hand moments later.

  43. mariser – it’s not working for me either. I’ve never had problems with videos at work before. Have we had myspace before?

  44. ceejoe,

    well, I’m no expert… I don’t think Meg has had links to MySpace before. what error message are youi getting?
    may it be that is blocked at your workplace?
    you could try opening another window and go to and see if it loads.

    good luck getting it figured out!


  46. Jaime,

    heh. someone more talented than your truly oughta do an AudioEdit of Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men”. can you imagine?

    *that* should greet visitors to this site. a warning and a dare at the same time.

  47. Who knew that meeping and licking a human hand could be so exhausting? So tie-tie, indeed…

  48. brownamazon says:

    I think my stomach makes louder noises than that.

  49. mariser and ceejoe:
    If i’m not mistaken, all myspace vids are Flash 9— download it from

  50. This is so cute it hurts me.

  51. miette,

    thanks so much! I’m not really familiar with MySpace.


    as Miette says, download Flash 9 (if you can d/l at work).

  52. Too cute!

  53. All you naughty people trying to hear kitten mewlings while you’re supposed to be working…ooops, boss is coming…BYE!

  54. aaaaaeeeeeeiiiii!!! I came back from break and it’s working now!!! How cuuuute and anerable is that!!!!

    Even when I fostered, I never had itsy bitsy ones like that. /whimper/ I miss having babies in da house….

  55. Truly Adorable!

  56. Do they make “My first mew” picture frames?!?!

    Flumph, again!

  57. *SQUEE*
    that melted my heart. The tiny mew and then the licking of the hand. OMG.

  58. Meg, you don’t understand. I’m in pain here. This is so cute it HURTS. You know when your heart feels tight in your chest and your bones ache because you need to HUG AND LOVE AND CARESS AND GO AWWWWWWWW AND THANK ALL HEAVENLY THINGS FOR CREATING SUCH ADORABLE CUTENESS? This is it.

    Someone please call an ambulance.

  59. That’s not a mew, that a squeek!

    (head explodes)

  60. Tony James says:

    Teeny Tiny Meeperkins!
    Maybe when he grows up he’ll look like this… 🙂

  61. teej, perfect Baroo face.

  62. Look at those tiny little claws!!!

  63. Look at that sweet mini quantoon! I just want to trim those nails and let that little bunnypants sleep in my pocket all day.

  64. I can’t stand it! I have to have a teeny tiny kitten and I have to have it NOW!!!!

  65. hmmmmm… not working again… well, at least the fickle internet gods smiled upon me for a brief ray of sunshine… meep!

  66. Sounds like a squeaky toy!

  67. EEEE! -explodes-
    I wanna kitten now! =(

  68. Ceejoe, those tiny little claws are lethal weapons. When we have bottle babies, our hands are covered in “kitten rash” from the excited grabbing of bottles. We’ve learned to use towels for protection. Kittehs cling-on quite well.

  69. Oh, that is barely even a kitten. Put that back!

  70. *sigh*…I’m weeping…I must take a quiet moment to absorb the extreme cuteness…

  71. OMG! That is so dewicous!

    Just don’t DROP the cute wittle wobbly baby!

  72. chica y gatitas says:

    Dis is adabbabah! I lub eeet!

  73. I may need a doctor, my heart just melted.

  74. This commentary just reminded me of the Monty Python skit where someone writes a joke so funny, it’s lethal, and they use it as a weapon of comical warfare. From all the ‘splodin’ and the *poit*’in’, you’d think the CIA’d be knocking on Meg’s door, telling her she’d been recruited to “serve her country”. Imagine all of those enemies whose heads would ‘splode when exposed to C.O….

    On another topic, is anyone else running through screen cleaner at an amazing rate? I have to buy the gallon sized bottles to keep my screen free of all the petting, nose rubbing, snorgling and kissing it’s getting!

  75. This should come with some kinda visual notice!

    WARNING! Watch at own risk! May contain THE cutest kitteh evah and dying of cuteness may ensue!

  76. Stephanie S. says:

    aww!!! its eyes are so open-wide! So curious! what a little twehjoh!

  77. off subject (like we never do *that* around here), but you gotta check out Lucy’s site when you get a chance. That Matijs is just a hoot and a half!

  78. I have a dog who has no nose!

    How does he smell?


    That, I believe, is what the Monty Python boys claimed Hitler came up with in an effort to find a lethal joke.

    As for the wee bebe, I, too, have been unable to view the video. Oddly, though, I can hear the tiny squeak. I have to admit that I’ve been playing it over and over.


  79. Naaaw!… That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  80. Oohhhhhhhh!!! Not the MEEP!

    That little heartbreaker can’t even be 3 weeks yet!

  81. AuntieMame says:

    The little meep is adorable but by far the cutest thing is when the tiny tongue is slurping on the guy’s thumb. Awwww!

  82. ceejoe,
    Isn’t Lucy the BEST hammie in the world! And Mathijs the BEST hammie papa? Next to Javi, that is. It’s pretty close, actually…

  83. She sounds like a squeaky toy!

  84. *poit*

  85. Meg — the Catcave is in between foster families right now, with the Doones back at the shelter & up for adoption… but I *guarantee* you, I’ll be able to provide more video like this in the not-very-distant future.
    Oh yes. Yes indeed.

  86. T.,
    good to hear The CatCave is getting readied for new tenants. !yay! for your family.

    q. about fostering: do you get reports back from the shelter as to Lorna and the Doonces whereabouts, when they get adopted, etc.?
    do you get postcards covered in little pawprints from them?

  87. Theo, more videos like what? Are there new ones?

  88. Oh! You mean new bebes! Can’t wait! Lucky charmers.

  89. too sweet for words

  90. I dont know whether to meep back at it or to squee or to just drop over dead…!


  92. My little guy was about that size when I rescued him 10 years ago. I can still accept kittens like this as cute in the abstract, but after all the $$$, bottle feedings, constant mewing, fights with my other cat, poo accidents under the bed, well… I prefer the senior kitties now.

    But my little guy *is* the most adorable widdle wuv-muffin in the whole world now. A bit neurotic, clingy, and brain-damaged. But adorable.

  93. there was a teensy floof
    it made a tiny (mew)
    our heads all es-sploded
    now what are we to do?

  94. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Somebody get a sponge and mop me out of my chair, please?

    I am a puddle of squee right now. Oxytocin levels reaching critical mass and rising…


  95. I searched for it without a clue
    Thru city and countryside, too
    Then a lady called Moo
    Who with cute knows what to do
    Posted The Tiniest Mew

  96. ^_^*
    Oh dear….

    I *actually* “eep”ed.
    The word “eep” literally fell from my lips! Impossible! I’ve never “eep”ed before….
    I don’t “eep”…

    What have you done to me?!

    It must be some kind of kitten-based mind control focused on the cerebral ventral striatum!! Yes – that’s it – must be!!

    I don’t just “eep”…!

  97. I am dead in kittie heaven.

  98. rpennefe: Yes, that joke was the Nazi’s secret weapon. Which is why they lost.

    And as for that squeak – it’s like a whistle that only CO peeps can hear… and they are on their way, even now: from nations and continents not yet heard of, they are coming, they are coming…

  99. I think the “squeaking” is coming from the owner making kissy noises, not the kiten itself. Only the distinct “mew” comes from the kitten.

    And I want to hug Psychotia for “eep”ing, I think I squealed and everyone at the office gave me a funny look >_>;;

  100. My heart is melting! We have all the cats we can afford/handle now, (3) and whenever I need a kitten fix, this is where I come!

  101. Kitteeeeh.

    I just fell off my chair.

  102. Throktar, why shouldn’t a grown man weep for joy at this wonderful kitteh?

    I say we broadcast this kitty video globally… and cause peace to break out all over.

    (Insert footage here, of soldiers and politians dropping everything to hug kittehs and pass kittehs around for hugs.)

  103. Mariser, Jaypo, and [ahem] TJ…

    …that’s the last of ’em.


  105. CUTE!!!!!!!!

  106. And… um, Aubrey…

    (Mariser, I’ll check in with MVHS)

  107. EEEEEEEEEE!!!!


  108. oh theo, we’re gonna miss em too… just keep remembering, you done good!

  109. Tony James says:

    “[ahem] TJ”?
    So wonderfully cute, Teh-0 – sending lots of warm squee-dlish wishes for Momma Doonce and the Dooncettes as they venture off into the wild blue yonder [snif].

  110. GOLLY.

    T., you should know better than to attempt to steal a kit’s toy mouse, even in jest.

    However. The extendo-paw that the wee whiskered kit (or whis-kit: for all your biscuit making needs!) demonstrated in defense was just too enjoyable for me to yammer on about it.

    Thanks for the memories!

  111. Brak_Silverbone says:

    That sounded more like a squeak-toy than a kitten!

  112. Juniper Jupiter says:

    My gods!! What a cutie!!! I sometimes wish all kitties stayed that size, you could put it in your shirt pocket! Any grown man holding and loving a kitteh like that is the ultimate mushpot!!! I luv it!!!

  113. Gaaaahhh! The cuteness!! It’s KILLING ME!!!!!!!

  114. Awwwwwwwww! I think I may have just collapsed under the weight of all that cuteness…it’s so TINY!

    Such a cute li’l kitten…I want one 😀

  115. A Fine Morsel says:

    squeak plus tiny licking….*too much*!

  116. It’s mew-sic to my ears!

  117. Just great.That video was so cute that when I watched it, I had a stroke, and now I’m in the hospital. Thanks for nearly killing me with cuteness! Guh!

  118. bees on pie says:

    Could anyone else tell just from Kent’s “mew” that he’s English? Doesn’t take much, does it?

  119. Ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod he’s so liiiiiiiiiiiittle! Ahhh!!!!! *dies*

  120. pistache268 says:

    Yay, a fellow Brit.

  121. So precious!!! 😀

  122. So wee. Such a wee voice.

    Clearly terrified of falling off the hand tho.

  123. My God – people are dying right and left; you have to step over the corpses to get to the post!

    This kit has bodies stacked like cordwood!!

  124. lurkertype says:


    I’m gonna have to go snorgle TuxKit after that. Luckily he is quite the luv muffin.

    I must pester Mr. L to put pix and video of TK up. Actually, I’m not sure how many still pix we have — he’s quite the electron probability cloud. He wakes up whenever we open the door so we can’t even get pix of him when he’s tie-tie.

    He let Daddy trim his pointy pointy little claws, so we’re not donating quite as much blood. HRTortie is busy sulking and growling. And we haven’t even let the little dewd out of the spare room yet!

  125. lurkertype says:

    Oh, and the combo of TK and me spending so much time here: Mr. L actually used the word “snorgle” in a conversation!

  126. Cat-astrophe says:

    Theo – I was at the MN State Fair the other day and saw the MVHS booth, but no pics of the Doones on the “ready to adopt” board. They are so adorable.

    I’m sure you are missing having all that cuteness at your disposal, but soon they will have happy new homes!

  127. Oy.

  128. That is so cute it hurts! My heart is about to explode into palm-top kittens! ahhhhh!

  129. OMGolly!!!!
    I hadn’t seen the doonceables until now. SO SO SO cute. You’re lucky and noble, excellent combo. I miss baby kittehs so much. I know we really have to keep up the “animal control” these days more than ever, but remember the olde ignant days when everyone’s cat just had kittens all the time? I miss that a lot.
    By the way, my mew-tastic friends, handsome Ruble of the silver paw fur is now over a year old, but his voice has yet to change. In other words, he sounds a lot like this kitten. Truly. Anerable.

  130. This reminds me of when my cat had kittens. I have HOURS of fotage of kittens, from the day they were born to about 6 or 7 weeks old when the tape ran out. Too bad it’s not on the computer…

  131. Er, that would be “hours of FOOTAGE” not “fotage” 😛

  132. Tony James says:

    R. Moore – We (The Popular People’s Front of Cutea) have the technology to put your fotage onto disk and MPEG. If you like, email me (click on the name) and I’ll send you the address to send the tape to. I’ll convert and send you back the tape and a disk, if you promise to upload the mpegs to Google Video 🙂

  133. OMG- so cute! She sounds just like my dog’s squeaky toy!

  134. You must have been a mew-tiful baby…

  135. That melts my heart!

  136. * dies from teh cute *

  137. lurkertype says:

    TK’s sibs have been very much mewing like this (but louder) today. Something in the air, or maybe they’re on MySpace as well? MomTux has been talking to them and even once to us. Chatty B&W cat day, I guess.

    I love checking up on the Dooneses at the state fair booth! Famous kittehs, they are. Did you eat food-on-a-stick to get over the disappointment?

  138. LurkerT,

    I have a suggestion re: name of new addition to the family. what’s about “TuxKit” or “TK”?
    that’s what you already call him, and it seems poifect.

    or, to honor your nickname, “LurkerKit” or “LurkerKitten”?

    hope HRTortieness doesn’t need much therapy…

  139. T.,

    yeah, I hope the MVHS is able to keep you (and us by proxy) posted of the upcoming adventures of Lorna and her Doonces.

  140. I made a sound when I saw this. Wow, my day has been brightened.

  141. AAH! I am smitten unto death via the mew.

  142. Mariser, I had thunk of that, but it seemed so much better when you said it. I think TK will be his online name, fer shure.

    HRTortie is going to need a shrink and some kitty Prozac or something, I fear. She is showing many of the signs of clinical depression in people, but then she’s a tortie (excuse me, a TORTIE!!) so it’s difficult to say. She’s going to have Problems when we let the lil’ guy run free. She goes *hiss grrr* across the hallway from the door he’s behind.

    But TK is sooooo cuuuuuute, I hope he’ll be worth it. It’s nice knowing he comes from a good and affectionate family. I hope whoever adopts the Doonses is given the heads-up to the videos Teho shot.

  143. LT,

    I’ve lived with Torties before; well, not really. I was allowed to live in the same house with my SO and his Royal Tortie Consort, Jessie. and I managed to live.
    I think (fingers crossed), that HRTortie will come to accept TK, especially as much of a lovebug as he is.
    I’d suggest that Mr. L spends a lot of time and affection (even more) with HRTortie so she can be assured that the hierarchy has not been upset.

    P.S.: have I mentioned how much I love the name “HRTortie” and “HRTortieness”? they are the best names evah!

  144. *sniffle* That’s so cute I want to cry and laugh and sigh all at once. What a sweetheart! *dies*

  145. Cat-astrophe — there’s a little “hold” time that all new tenants at MVHS need to go through before they show up in the adoption cages. There’s shots, for one thing, and mama Lorna needs a little operation & some recovery time. Thanks for looking, tho. 😉

    MissCrisp — thanks. Yeah, kittens = luvvv. And while I haven’t known *many* barn cats, the Doones were all sooooo much friendlier than those.

    Mariser — naturally.

  146. LT sez,
    “I hope whoever adopts the Doonses is given the heads-up to the videos Teho shot.”

    a faboo idea! T., hope you are listening!

  147. Pika Hikari KT says:


    That was no tiny ‘nya’. More like a ‘nyiii~’!

    Still kawaii though, nya! *huggles*>^.^<

  148. Ba-mew?

  149. Boxcar kittens Puffin & Pufferfish are now on the Annex Cat Rescue (in Toronto) adoption website, with photos I took to advertise them. For those who can brave the many cat and kitten pix and stories, the link is here:

    Unfortunately, me and my trapping partner have barely seen, let alone been able to rescue the next boxcar litter. And did I mention that three of the moms who had litters already this summer are pregnant again? We went trapping earlier at the boxcars this week, but came up empty-handed. Only kittens too young to spay (and too old to socialize) plus a cat we’d already spayed, plus a mom who was still nursing kept coming to the trap. And we don’t get to try again for another week (boo), due to unavoidable circumstances. I just wish I could be out there every minute trying to catch them — they’re always on my mind.

  150. BengalTumTum says:

    meepers jeepers. such a little squee-meister.

    Laurie C, you ruined me for the weekend with the Annex site. OMG the Puffs are beyond sweet. And all those other kitties on there – keeled me. Sigh.

  151. oh my flipping goodness gracious

    cute of this extent should be illegal

  152. LC, it was tough reading the other stories – completely heart-breaking…If I could, I would definately take one of the elder statesmen!

    The puffin’ twosome stand out via the one-two punch of agressive cuteness and floofiness. A loving family is going to snap them up quick, never fear.

    LC, I might be a little behindhand on this, but has the Annex Cat Rescue helped you out with your box car project? Is it a project they can shoulder in your absence? Do they have volunteers who can help?

  153. This is absolutely the cutest thing I have EVER seen!!!


  154. i agree it should be illegal

  155. that might be the cutest mew but isnt this the cutest TRILL?

  156. WickedWendy says:

    That was just toooo anerable!!!

  157. Aub, yes, the cat rescue group is helping, mos’ def’. They’ve already covered the cost for the spays on the two females we’ve caught, covered kitten vet appointments as well, and one of their trappers is helping us trap as well (and supplied us with donated food for the colony, too). It’s both that volunteer’s schedule and my schedule that are keeping us from trapping next week.

  158. this kitteh has given me diabetes, for god’s sake.


    *dies* from the meep!
    and the BEF!
    and the TEENY ears!

    (…and the cute-sounding guy translating the meep!)

  160. No matter how long I live, it will never be long enough to take in all the cuteness and fluffitude in this world. In my heaven, there will be lots & lots of kitties. And I will pet them all and snorgle them all.

  161. Well, I hope I will be in heaven! If there are no kitties there, I guess I will know where I ended up.


  162. *head explodes* I just want to cuddle the little kitten, and kiss that little nose. I also want to smooth out that fur. It’s a fuzzy mess. Where’s its momma?

  163. best of luck to a brave kitten-papa. i hope he has his kitty as long as i’ve had mine (for-ever). is he gonna call it dona ines if don juan turns out to be a girl?

  164. I think that the squeaking noises that don’t seem to come from the kitten could even be a bird chirping offscreen. They sound parakeety.
    BRILLIANT kitten.

  165. I just watched the Doonses videos (all that footage is a lot of cute in one sitting!) – yay to Theo and his fostering!

    (and he said “butt.” heh.)

    Yay to all that foster!

  166. *poof* [head explodes from cuteness]

  167. Jackie from Michigan says:

    What a tiny ball of squeaky mewing cuteness! That kitty barely fits in the person’s hand!

    I totally like the pinkie ring too…gotta love Celtic knots!

  168. ZOMG
    I can’t deside what is more addorible. the itty bitty mew or the fact that the kitten is litteraly a tiny handful. @_@

  169. LaurieC, the Puff brothers are just stunning! So alert and charmers from the heart, it shows in their eyes. They are the beguiling bros.

    The other cats and kittens–well, it’s most heartbreaking what they’ve had to bear. But here they are, fortunately, in warmth and love, soon to have forever homes. I wish I could hold and hug every one of them.

  170. That wasn’t even a picomew, that was more like a femto- or attomew.

    When I look at the fuzzbutts in my life, it’s hard to believe they were once that tiny.

  171. lurkertype says:

    I think “Femtomew” would be a great name for this little fuzz handful.

    We are getting many nanomews from TK, in between his busy schedule of sleeping and playing with his ping pong ball. He’s adorable although he is a farty little beast — Mr. L has installed a fan in the window to clear out the stank. We had a Cats N Racks (TM) moment, wherein he was Most Disappointed in my nipple.
    (TK: “Looks right! Feels right! No milk!”
    LT: *shriek* “aaaahhhh! cat tongue! yEEE!”)

    HRTortieness is very clingy to us when not growly. She will eventually forgive Daddy but I have a feeling she’ll never 100% get over it with me (she is a serious daddy’s girl). Mr. L had her nap with him this afternoon.

    The TKs’ daddy wandered by and had a few words to say — MomTux then had to go “rrr? rrr?” and round up the kids.

  172. LT sez,

    “wherein he was Most Disappointed in my nipple.
    (TK: “Looks right! Feels right! No milk!”
    LT: *shriek* “aaaahhhh! cat tongue! yEEE!”)”

    omfg, that’s hilarious! I can just see it. btw, it is likely that if TK wasn’t completely weaned, he will continue to search for the Elusive Nipple(tm) in the most unlikely places (such as elbows/knees/hair/whatevs

    oh! I can’t wait to hear what happens when TK walks up to HRTortieness for a drink…

  173. also,

    “…(she is a serious daddy’s girl). Mr. L had her nap with him this afternoon.”

    good idea. HRT will forgive Mr. L. *you* otoh…

    I’ve noticed this: Torties being female, will bond strongly with daddy, while yeller cats (being mostly male) are mommy’s little darling. who’d have thunk that we’ll see the Oedipus and Electra complexes in human-feline relationships?
    luckily, tuxkits, cowkitties, tabbies, etc. seem to not be as affected.

    /interesting, no?

  174. Someone please bury me where cute animals play because the mini mew just killed me dead.

  175. What a shmoopy ickle sweetie! Such a darling face!

  176. Ed,

    considering the number of victims strewn around, best we can do is throw your body atop the mass grave.
    but don’t grieve! ’tis was a glorious death, carried by angels chanting “meeep”

  177. HOLY CRAP!
    So much God forsaken cuteness in one tiny little kitten! What’s next!?

  178. ……………

    There are simply no words!

    The half wet-fur, teh barely opened eyes, the barely started-growing ears, the licking of the palm, the shivering!

    Enough to kill a girl! Geesh!!

  179. If ANYTHING makes your head explode, it’s these sized kittens! Truly wonderful!

  180. ***hair stands straight up on end***

    the power of this tiny meep knocked me off my feet on my butt. ow!

  181. LT & Mariser-
    My first kitty was adopted and I don’t think she was completely weaned either. I had pj’s that had a lace trim in a strategic location, and she would lay on me like a baby nursing, and would suck on the lace. In time, it didn’t matter what I was wearing! Talk about Cats ‘N Racks (TM)!!! It was the weirdest thing, but I eventually came to see that all kitties are weird in their own ways! I was done for!

  182. ZomGS


    whoever’s kitten… i’m gonna steal it >;]

  183. Oh my!!!
    I have been reading about the boxcar kitties for weeks now but I never knew they were Toronto kittehs
    Every year I donate to Annex Cat Rescue in Toronto and it is good to know the money is going to look after kittehs I know!

  184. can’t get enough of that noises! aww

  185. SIGH – What am I going to do? I need another cat like I need another hole in my head, but THIS wee one makes me want to go out and adopt another one!!! YIKES!

  186. Yay, browngirl! Yes, Annex Cat Rescue does so much good stuff. My three kitties were all adoptees from them (acquired from when I fostered for them).

  187. capriquarius says:

    Someone should start like a kitten addict support group or something for times like these. That way, i would have some one to call.

    “Dude, talk me down, i’m about to go get a kitten…”

    “Don’t do it. Think of the cats you already have! They were kittens, once, too, ya know. It’s never enough!”

    “What if i just go to the humane society and just …look…”

    “That’s it, i’m coming over!”

    I’m only gonna watch it one more time. I swear.

  188. That is a very precious kitty! So sweet!

  189. G-Lo, Mariser and Lurker:

    My white cats do that, too, especially my girl Jadis. She’s fixated on this fluffy white light-up pillow that my son loves, and she’ll “make biscuits” on it and suck on the fluff.

    One day I caught my boy imitating the cat, and just about peed myself laughing!

  190. Oops–let me clarify: My HUMAN boy, Zane, was imitating my FELINE girl, Jadis. Yeah, that’s the ticket…

    Remind me not to type after taking allergy meds. Blegh… :-/


  191. warrior rabbit says:

    Oh! I followed Chu’s link and found these other two ADORABLE videos of this batch of kittens…somewhere.

    Too cute!!! I love how they come streaming out to meet him. Well, maybe tottering out would be a better description.

  192. D2D-
    I understood 😉
    Where’s that darn camera when you need it?! THAT would have been a CO moment!

  193. Looks like most of you are either dead or severely injured/brain damaged. I guess the few of us who can’t see the video, and therefore are relatively functional, will just have to gather around y’all, providing medical attention (pudding IVs) or presiding over burial services.

  194. I just played chu’s link with the kittens out on the grass, and when the white one starting mewing extremely demandingly, my cat Sodapop jumped up on the desk to try and find the kittens.

  195. There are no words!

  196. I just played chu’s link with the kittens meowing and my cat did the same thing as Laurie’s. In fact she is still on my computer desk looking for the kitties.

  197. Oh da mew mew videos.

    I want every kit-ten in da VURLD!!!

  198. Nope, Jessica, no words at all! [sigh]

  199. Like mew!

  200. OK, this kitten had me hyperventilating. The tiny newest pinky toeses!!! GAH!!! And it’s SQUEAKING!!


  201. Hey LaurieC, I’m in Toronto at the mo, so could theoretically go and visit the Puffers! (Prob. won’t, in reality, but it’s good to know they’ve got a good place).

  202. Hi, thinkie. Nice rain we’re having, huh? The Puffers are actually at someone else’s house (fosterers like Teho). I’d say let’s meet for a coffee or something, but I’m heading out of town tomorrow morning. 😦


  204. It’s a quiet night here. My hubby is north at the lake with the kids. All my kids are at the lake. I am home, to work in the mornin’.

    My youngest kitter, Gree the Gray, has been stalking the house with her tiny bell-like mew going nonstop all evening. She doesn’t like it when everyone’s gone.

    And, now, Claude, the hermit crab, is clunking around his aquarium. Must be time to explore.

    And, time for me to get to bed. Night night, Peeps.

  205. somebody help me… i can’t stop playing the video. the ears, the eyes, the tiny claws, the tiny nuzzling, i am beside myself. this is defcon level cuteness that should come with a warning label.

    someone please come turn my computer off… no! don’t touch that button! want the kitty! WANT THE KIT

  206. lurkertype says:

    I love the way you talk about your house, Lauri!

    This video would tewtelly have killed me if’n I didn’t have TK handy for snorgling. He’s nowhere near that small, but it helps.

  207. I feel you Elena, I feel you…


  208. Yeah, teh rain, Laurie C…

    Fortunately I lived here for a long time and don’t need to do any “touristy” stuff…

    Next time! I’ll alert you when I’m in town and we’ll get that coffee 🙂

  209. Mew…….lick..lick, lick, ….mew

  210. absolutely precious!

  211. Hello little friend! This makes me wish I could take in another cat. But four is enough for now!

  212. I keep returning to this video and it gets me every time. It`s not a squeak, it`s a perfect mini-mew. The cuteness is overwhelming to the point of physical discomfort! I have tears in my eyes.

  213. I keep returning to this video and it gets me every time. It`s not a squeak, it`s a perfect mini-mew. The cuteness is overwhelming to the point of physical discomfort! I have tears in my eyes.

  214. This is my first week of school with new bebeh first graders…a week filled with stress. I’ve watched this video a zillion times, just because it makes me smile every time! Thanks for giving me a guaranteed smile this week!! 🙂

  215. That is like the absolute cutest thing I have ever seen. I still giggle at the squeaky little mew and the cameraman’s comment: “Mew?”

    It’s soooooooo cute ^_^



  218. OMG! that’s the CUTEST mew EVER in the history of mew-ness.

    Buuuuuut…when the dude mewed after the adorable kitty did…it lost some cutness points. 😦

  219. It sounds like a squeaky toy.


  220. good pets

  221. 80’s Tim, I am so glad it was you that found Don Juan and not a hawk or someone extremely disturbed person.

    Kudos to you for taking up the responsibility 🙂
    Julie (mommy to 5 kitties)


  223. wooowowowoooo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~how can she/he be soooo cute?!!
    i envy u ….