Get back to work, Slacker

So, you’re an employee at Cute Overload Headquarters, and your "boss" McKittersons here, demands that you "GET BACK TO WORK MEOW"!

You are *such* a slackerrrr! [singsong]


Maria W., He wants that repurrrrrrt on his desk first thing Monday morning.


We loves us some wet pawsitude

As ya’ll know, we loves us some wet pawsitude here at C.O. headquarters. Lil’ stray "Chavo" was found and given a scrubbin’.

Chavo: "Meeeee-allllgh!"


And, ahhhhhhhhhhh….


VikkiRules, it’s true, you do.

Seal Puppage!

I swear I am not making this up, Sender-Inner Andrew W. caught this little guy on film. He’s practically Disney-ish, all stubby, resting on a kelp bed. Lo’ hep me!


This one is even better:


Get out, People! [Pushing yous against a wall in disbelieving fashion]

Somethin’s amiss

This kitteh has some Runaway Bride eye action going on, and a brilliant display of stubtetude (see tail). The biggest question is, WHERE IS HER FOURTH PAW!? (I swears I didn’t Photoshop it out)


Elizabeth C., WHERE IS IT?

Shifty-eyed Central™

HOLY Shifty eyes! These pup are TEWTELLY up to no good. They are sooooo lookin’ for troubles. Hiding under plants, muzzlepouches to the ground—truuuuhhhhble! [singsong]


Lin S., Great find… This one is BEGGIN’ for an animation…


Question: "What did you do today?"
Marmalade Kitteh Answer: "Oh, I just floomped around."


Thanks to the McFloomperson Phill for this one 😉

Love = Pain

Dog: “Oh, my little Snuggledums, I will lof you forevar! You’ll always be…”


Dog: “MY CHICK!!!!”
Chick: “GAAAK!”


A Pomeranian unclear on the concept brot to you by H.M.W. 😉

Cats in boxes part 4590

Howard and Roz sent in this fabu kit-n-box photo. At first you DON’T EVEN SEE the entire cat… THEN YOU DO! Those two eyes starin’ atcha! hee!


Gabe, the cat, thanks for checking the Diet Coke box for any danger… >^•^<

One ear: Baroo!? Other ear: flop

Beautiful shot of Bailey, Dennis Y.


Soft focus act-shon!

Socks, sandals and theeee

Check out these McStackersons on this foot. How did they get there? Were they drawn to the "Chicks Rule!" sock motif? I mean, I am drawn to it, so the ducklings must be too. I think I saw those socks at Fashion Week.


Don’t flick your foot, Leah B! (and Sebastopol photographer Delora P.!)