Poodle disguise for Dobermans

Aaakitpoodle1Are you sick of people looking at your breed of dog in fear because politicians and the media? You might need, THE POODLE DISGUISE for Dobermans.



  1. A thinker says:


    /poor Dobermans

  2. mejezabel says:

    THAT is classic!!

  3. too funny/sad

    some of the sweetest dogs I’ve known are Dobermans (and mastiffs, and Rottweilers, and…) I’m sure many of us have similar experiences.

    where is the chihuahua disguise for Rotties?

  4. Soooo funny! Love the disclamier: “dressing your dog like this will increase the chance of it biting you”. Well, of course!

    Sqwerls, buns and faux Dober-doodles. What a great day this is turning out to be.


  6. Hehe, I always tell people Elvis is a Rottweiler in a Chihuahua suit!!!
    cuz that’s how he acts sometimes!

  7. Oh my dog, you have to click on the pic & see the whole thing!!! very funny! poor dobie!

  8. I thought that was freakin hilarious…!

    How long before someone comments about it being cruel to animals though 😉

    Dressing up animals is funny! 😀

  9. I love it! Also, I very much agree with the point they’re trying to make.

  10. jenne, any minute now.


  11. A thinker says:

    I dunno, Laurie C. There’s been a conspicuous absence of the Nuffinghams, lately. I think we might have scared them away.

  12. That would be refreshing. Oh, and a new word for Teho’s official glossary.

  13. Halloween IS coming up soon. Maybe pooches all over can have their own poodle costumes!

  14. LaurieC and Athink,

    I know shorter is better, but I still have a soft spot for the original “Notcutennuffinghams”.

    at any rate, don’t miss them much.


    [breaks down laughing]

  16. AuntieMame says:

    That ‘special foot insertion device’ looks suspiciously like an empty toilet paper roll. 🙂



  19. I’ve also noticed and enjoyed the lack of Notcutennuffinghams. Huzzah!

    Perhaps they banded together to finally create a site they can enjoy, since CO was sooo lacking.

  20. NO, NOT PINK!!!!


    what are screaming about?

  21. er.
    please replace
    “what are screaming about?”
    with the correct
    “what are we screaming about?

  22. AmyH, they probably post pictures of themselves on it.

  23. JayP,


  24. Hehe, the full set of pictures is great.

    The funny thing is there are so many poodle variations out there these days, that this might have a place. 😉

  25. Oh. My. God.

    thanks, you made my day!

  26. brownamazon says:

    LMAO–Pure genius! The look on the dog’s face says it all: “Master should sleep with one eye open.” I actually think it looks more like a mutant bison than a poodle. And think how much funnier it would look if it were one of those dobermans with the docked ears… bwahahahaha! And for the record, I’d be way more nervous about a wah-wah with a Napoleon complex than one of these big galoots.

  27. Jaypo – I suddenly thought of another ring/level in Dante’s Inferno. Pictures of themselves would be posted and everyone else posts comments about how not cute they are, how horrible it is to look at the photos, how disappointed they are, etc.

    Back to this post, though – is he a Dober-doodle or a Pooberman?

  28. MelissaLovesPugs says:

    Hahaa! That is so funny. I love the after pictures, Painted face and all. Dobi looks like “What did I do to deserve this?!?”

  29. Why nothing for pit bulls? They’re the Big Bad in America, lately.

    (Of course, that would mean that you’d have to attempt to put that outfit on a pit bull, which might be hazardous to one’s health.)

  30. faux dober-doodle!! *snort* that’s great!!!

  31. Oh, wow, Mariser, I didn’t even see your comment about the chihuahua disguise for Rottweilers when I posted mine!! Too funny, I really do tell people that all the time, ‘specially at Halloween!

  32. ceebs,

    yeah, that cracked me up too! is like we were thinking the same thing, except, you know, like opposite-like.

  33. Last Halloween, I had temporary custody of my brother’s dog, a Rottweiler/??? mix. (And a big love of a perfect gentleman, but that’s another story…)

    A group of (ahem…) older trick-or-treaters knocked, and the dog came with me to answer it. One of the young men said, “Wow! Is that your dog? What kind is he?”

    “No,” I replied. “It’s my cat. Like his costume? He made it himself. Did a great job, didn’t he?”

    “Uh, yeah,” said the kid, backing away uncertainly… We couldn’t get the door closed fast enough before we collapsed in giggles.

  34. OMG! I fell on the floor and spewed gatorade all over when I saw the finished product! LOL!

  35. hrh.squeak says:

    Emc^2 – Collapsing in giggles mineself, here.

  36. That is NOT funny! Don’t you people realize that dogs are social animals??? By dressing that poor dog up as a poodle, he will be ridiculed by the other dogs, lowering his self-esteem. How could you do that to a poor animal? He will suffer from species identity as well, furthering his descent into isolationism. You people are SICK for laughing at such a poor mistreated animal! I will contact PETA, SPCA, FBI and Homeland Security to get this photo removed! Do you not realize that you are aiding the terrorists by giving them hints as to how to disguise themselves and sneak into the country??? You are either with us or against us, Meg!

  37. brownamazon says:

    Kat shoots and scores!

  38. Thanks, Kat, I was starting to think nobody was gonna take the bait!

    *snort* Lol

  39. A Fine Morsel says:

    Ha Ha Ha!! I especially love steps 10-12 (the special foot insertion device)

  40. Ha, Kat! It’s a synopsis of the rants (rantage?) in the pink poodle debacle. You may need to keep this one ready to cut and paste for all the animals in clothes posts.

  41. To jenne’s point – perhaps we do miss the Notcuteenoughinghams? What’s a post without commentroversy? A NASCAR race without a crash, that’s what it is.

  42. Maybe it’s part of the DWPP (Doberman Witness Protection Program) for dogs that have barked up the wrong tree.

  43. Haha, thanks guys. Glad you liked it (and got the sarcasm!). I think I will copy and paste this, AmyH, if the medically-deprived Nuffinghams don’t beat me to it and use it as a real argument!

  44. AuntieMame says:

    The thought of terrorists wearing dober-doodle disguises and trying to creep onto airplanes fills me with so much unutterable joy…

    Oh, I wish I had Photoshop! And PS skillz!

  45. AHAHAHA that is one of the funniest things i’ve seen XDD

  46. they soooo need these for pitbulls and rottweilers. everyone hates my dogs and i cant find a place to live because of them!

  47. Too funny! Of course most people who are terrified of pit bull have no clue what they actually look like. Case in point, I was constatly asked if my catahoula was a pit (or a dalmation).

    And I can’t believe Aussies have issues with Great Danes and Greyhounds. That’s ridiculous.

  48. EEEE Catahoula! I’m so glad to ‘hear’ someone mention one! We just got a Catahoula/McNab dog last week and I swear nobody I talk to has heard of either breed! Sheesh! In the midst of cattle-country even! 😉

  49. Hee!

    AmyH – Doberdoodle! Pooberman! [collapses in fit of giggles]

    I love step 7: “put some extra duct tape on”. that’s really the secret to every successful project, isn’t it.

  50. boooo Tracy! pit bulls get a bad rap! there’s no such thing as a bad animal just BAD OWNERS/PARENTS

  51. OMG!!! Auntie Mame—DOBERDOODLES

  52. OMG!!! Auntie Mame—DOBERDOODLES ON A PLANE!!!



  53. lurkertype says:

    HEE! at Doberdoodles on a Plane!

    Yes, my reaction was “Greyhounds”? Huh?

    That is one patient doggie to put up with all that. Too funny.

  54. Hahahahaha! Fantastic. My favorite part is the “Other Happy Customers:” pix of real poodles. Funny stuff.

  55. If we giggle at Doberdoodles, can Snickerdoodles be far behind?

  56. Hahahahaha….Mars Bars dressed in Snickers suits, Aubrey!

    And another big hahahaha, to jaypo, DWPP for dogs that barked up the wrong tree.

  57. OMG… that made me LOL.
    That doberman looked so miserable in that last picture…like a
    “Why do you hate me so?” hehehehe
    Too funny.

  58. Those dogs ARE dangerous… I’ve hurt my ribs laughing too hard. 🙂

  59. LOL that’s terrible! =P
    Of course it’s terrible to make your dog uncomfortable but I’m sure if he was that incredibly annoyed he would have gotten all assertive and attacked his owner or something.
    Pooberman. XDDD

  60. XD As a Rottweiler owner, I find that EXTRA hilarious. XDD
    Rotts, Dobies, Pitties, all of those ‘bad rap’ dogs, are so sweet and goofy if raised by a responsible owner.

  61. no one thinks my princess is dangerous but that’s only b/c she is fat!!! Oh well she is still the apple of my eye.

  62. Pooberman!! EEK!! I am laughing so hard I can barely type!!

    That dobie is SUCH a good sport. What a pitiful expression on her face!

    Oh, I really needed that laugh today! As always, thanx CO!!

  63. This is effing hilarious. And I agree, the leg-poof application device DOES look like a TP tube – that was the first thing I thought of. Poor, noble, good-natured puppy!

  64. That BSL stuff really irritates me. Our Ridgeback just turned 5 two days ago, and she is not at all dangerous. We (er…my wife 🙂 ) Went out of her way to socialize our dog specifically so she *wouldn’t* be agressive. She is protective of our home, but when we board her while we’re out of town, they won’t even put her in the “big dog” cage. She’s a 100 lb dog and they let her play with the miniature dogs and puppies because she’s so gentle and quiet.

    At the same time, while some breeds might be more difficult to handle, and therefore a little more likely to be agressive, mistreatment of *any* dog, whether it’s a mastiff, a Pit Bull, a Golden Retriever or a Basset Hound will result in a dangerous animal.

    The answer to this is not BSL, but tighter controls on breeding, stronger leash laws, required obedience courses, and holding more dog owners responsible for the acts of their pets. As is usual, it is people who are the problem, not the dogs.

  65. I agree with Lisa on the Geryhound/Great Dane part. o_O I mean, have you seen a Great Dane? They’re only dangerous if they crush you from trying to hug you… xD No, seriously. Watch out for that.

    That is the most adorable/pathetic dog I’ve ever seen. I work at a place that sells dog clothes. I’m tempted to tell my boss to order these. xD

  66. Awwwww. My mom just rescued a Doberman. I don’t think the puppy needs a poodle costume to look cute and innocent though; those floppy ears and gangly legs do the job just fine. 🙂

    Don’t understand why anyone would fear a Great Dane. They’re huge, yes, but they’re also really really laid back.

    My 4’10 grandmother has two pit bulls. They’re the two most spoiled, loving brats I’ve ever seen. My itty bitty nana is definitely the alpha with these two.

  67. My Great Dane gave me a bloody lip when I ask her to “shake hands” once and she got overly enthusiastic.
    Dangerous dogs, I will ya!

  68. Good grief, how did “I will ya” get in there. I am sure I typed “I tell ya” 😛

  69. Is there a Doberman disguise for poodles who want to look fierce?