A Virtual Sea of BUNNEHS

Swim!!! SWIM, PEOPLE!!!!


Redonkulous sea of bunnage brot to you by Joice over at Flickr. YES, WITH PERMISHE.



  1. Another Angela says:

    I couldn’t be first, could I??!!

  2. You are, my darling, you are.

  3. Another Angela says:

    Well, very cute. Almost as cute as a pile of white rattie babies, but not quite, and I say that as a bunny companion.

  4. A. Angela says:

    I probably speak for everyone when I say I want to nap with them.

  5. misscrisp says:

    OK, if it wouldn’t hurt them, I would really like to play that game where you roll over all your friends laying on the floor. Remember that one?
    woot, early comment!

  6. People, this is an absolute prosh-strocity.

    Oh man. The noses!

  7. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Why are you telling us to swim?! I’d much rather drown in the sea of bunnies!

  8. I’m with Fish Eye. Why swim when you can happily drown in that sea of fluff? *allows herself to sink into the fluff*

  9. acelightning says:

    Bunny Overload! I want to lie on the floor with them, and let them hop all around me and all over me. (Well, except for the “rabbit raisins”…)

  10. [plugs nose]

    Goes under

  11. Pika Hikari KT says:

    All the sleepy bunnies…so cute…cuteness rule #9, baby!

  12. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Bunny sea! Where is my snorkel?!? Never mind…all aboard the USS Snorgleville!

  13. Thar’s a gale a blowin’ Cap’n, rough seas ahead! Batten down the hutches!

  14. Oohhoooooooo *dives*

  15. If it wouldn’t crush their adorable nossicles, I would cannonball into it.

    I think I just broke my friend’s eardrum with the squealing. Hope you’re happy, Meg! Geeeez!

  16. wow, check out the shy bun behind the leafage:

  17. que fofo! this photostream’s making learn spanish.

  18. Adrianna- I’m pretty sure that’s Portuguese… Brazilian Portuguese, judging from the Brazilian link on a side bar…

  19. I’m with those who wish to drown in such perfect fluff.

    And adrianna – it’s in Portuguese.

  20. And once you come ashore
    You’ll be seeing even more
    Lying without number
    Will be your Endless Summer
    Happy coz it’s sunny:
    A blanket of beach bunnies!

  21. Constance says:

    oh man, those little dewds would help me sleep

  22. Constance: Wouldn’t it be cool if there were little counting bunnies that could hop over you like the proverbial sheep to help you fall asleep? zzzzzzzz…..

    I would take a snooze with those babies on the floor.

    *imagining a chorus of tiny honk-shus*

  23. *mwah* *mwah* *mwah*
    That was for each little bunneh nose sticking out in the picture. As for all the ears… *nawm nawm nawm nawm*

  24. Villeline says:

    Aubrey, you’re my favourite.

    Well, apart from the bunnies, kittens, puppies, donkeys – have we had donkeys on yet? – birdies, fishies, and so on. Of course. And, maybe Theo.

    Meg’s in a class of her own. Of course.

  25. Constance says:

    Renee- that would be so amazing. I just cannot sleep for the life of me today. I guess it was from spending the night in the ER last night with a good friend. but now I’m awake and thinking of fluffy bunnies.

  26. I keep hearing the tune “Sea of Love” in my head while looking at this picture…

  27. Now they are cute 🙂 thank goodness for the permission :laughs: !

  28. Hey there! As announced before, I linked your blog for BlogDay2006


  29. Aww, rhinelander babies ^_^

  30. I´m very happy!!!
    Thank you so much!!!

  31. Can you be killed by a color?? (pink)

  32. Kris, in New England says:

    It’s a Prosh-Pit – jump in and party on people. Pink noses, tiny earses, whisker fluff, and all the bunnage that’s fit to print.

    Being selfish here – can we have an all bunneh Thursday???

  33. you rule, meg.

  34. Looks like a Bunneh Twister party to me –

    “Right front pawsicle on red, got it. Your turn to spin now, Miss Flufferkins.”

    Next thing you know, they’ll be breaking out the oiuja board!

  35. Sort of creepy.

  36. proshapalooza!

    i love the little foldy ears in the back…

    [a longtime lurker emerges from her lerkim, finally overpowered by the sea of cute]

  37. [pointing Acme shrinking ray gun at peeples and pulling cute trigger]

    “Everybody is shrunk now – go play with da bunnies!”

    Roll, roll, roll in de hay!
    Roll, roll, roll with de bunne’ !

  38. Adrift in a sea of
    proshest floof
    Or a melee of
    precious fliff…

  39. …Regardless, my maties!
    Climb in, climb in,
    What better ocean to
    float our skiff?

  40. So soft.
    So pink.
    So precious!

  41. A thinker says:


    [lifts head up to breathe]


  42. Trying to decide what to paint my bedroom…hmmmm…do you suppose if I took a sleepy pink-nose bun into the paint store they could do a color match…

  43. It’s a perfect little cloud of bun-buns.

    (And I’m with Tom, cruelty free all the way!)

  44. RedZ, I painted my whole downstairs Benjamin Moore “Cottontail.”

  45. Aaaaaaw, no way to swim in this lucious sea. I’m for sinking ALL the WAY!!!!

    Here’s a little ditty from Down Under that’s awfully cute for the astronomical crowd.

    G’day, y’all.


  46. Itty, bitty, baby buns!

    THANK YOU to all the folks sending in bun buns!

  47. *a la “Finding Nemo”*
    Just keep swimming,
    Just keep swimming!

  48. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Do y’all see the one all the way in the back with that cute stripe down his widdle bunny-butt?

    Oh man, I wish I could get in a few laps in this pool every morning! I’d never leave!

    Whoohoo! *dives*


  49. Do you remember when we met
    That’s the day I knew you were my pet
    I want to tell you how much I love you

    Come with me, my love
    To the sea, the sea of Buns
    I want to tell you how much I love you

  50. bats–
    awwwww, lubs dat poem.


    I want a bunny rainshower. NOW.

  52. *im suffoctatin… aww…*
    *suffocting with overwhelming cuteness…*

  53. I’d love to be in the middle of all that fuzzy bunny-ness!

  54. Ahoy there! I’m DROWNING in that sea of fluffy Bunns!

  55. Hi, skippy, welcome aboard.

    Jaypo, nice poem. I’m reading the Hornblower books these days and greatly entranced by all things boat-y. (or skiff-y, as it were)

  56. sings
    Drowning in the sea of buns
    Where every bun lays down to dream
    Now the buns are gone
    It doesn’t matter anymore
    All the memories of floof
    Will carry me on.

    Bunneh, you’re the snorgle in my life
    I wish you never die, never be gone
    And when you are gone
    To the warren in the sky
    All the memories of floof
    Will carry me on.


    with acknowledgment and apologies to Fleetwood (Bunny) Mac

  57. A Fine Morsel says:

    I’m doing the backstroke folks, pausing once in a while to tread and snorgle! 😉

  58. Farewell and adieu ye white sleeping bunnehs
    Farewell and adieu ye bunnehs asleep
    For I’ve received orders to get back to my work
    So for this morn I won’t see you again

  59. Aub,


    /ooops. I mean


    whatever shall we do?

  60. They look like willow.

  61. OK – am I a total geek that I recognized Aubrey’s tune as “Spanish Ladies”?

  62. We’ll snorgle and squish
    like Cute Overload-ers..

  63. Show me the way to those bunnies
    They’re tired and they’re sleeping on their tummies
    I saw this picture several hours ago
    And the sight put me at peace
    Where ever I may roam
    O’er land or sea or foam
    I’ll always be on CuteOverload
    Show me the way to those bunnies

  64. Now these songs are giving me a definite “Jaws” vibe. I keep hearing these bunny versions in Robert Shaw’s and Richard Dreyfuss’s drunken voices.

  65. Oh how I wish to buried in babby buns.
    Oh Oh Oh… *drifts off into dreams of fluffiness*

  66. lurkertype says:

    Bunneh sea shanties! It’s a new artform. All the cool kids are doing it.

    The noses are really too much.

  67. LC/LurkerT:

    “This was no BUNNY accident!”

    Unless you talk to those Holy Grail guys.


  68. Just wanted to respond to Tom’s comment about the cosmetics test that happens to bunnies. It is cruel and I’m totally against it and I’m glad he made the comment and I hope y’all buy cosmetics that have NOT been tested on animals.

  69. LaurieC: “Now these songs are giving me a definite “Jaws” vibe. I keep hearing these bunny versions in Robert Shaw’s and Richard Dreyfuss’s drunken voices.”

    …you mean, like THIS? *GRIN*



  70. I am loving the tiny bun with his back to us at the top o’ the pile. He’s all like, “I don’t want no stinkin’ picture taken…I’m sleepin’ here!”

  71. 2D2,

    too unspeakable awesome. I wants one.

  72. meg – so glad to see that Joice said OK!

    BTW, the photographer (Joice) is Brazilian. I’ve been following her bunnystream on Flickr for several months now. These are brand-new bebehs – or pretty new, since she jsut posted the pic…

    ( )
    ” “

  73. Um monte de coelhinhos lindos.
    Beijos querida e parabéns pela escolha da sua foto.


  74. Lol…yay…..Bun-O-Vision!

    I am trying to be really quiet and hear the tiny honk-shus of these babies.

  75. all those little pink noses! could you imagine them all awake and twitchery? so much cute….

  76. Oh my good lord.

    This reminds me of the beginning of “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* But Were Afraid to Ask”. Check it out if you’ve never seen it. Genius.

  77. Muffins for me says:

    Extremely cute petit’e l’apins, they are! Fresh-out-of-the-oven, brand-spankin’ new baby bunnies, ready for snorgling! ^_^ But my bunny died today… :’<

  78. Muffins, I’m sorry to hear about your bunny. I hope you have supportive people around you.

  79. Brak_Silverbone says:

    So soft…

    So warm…


    *klunk* ZZZZZZ…

  80. I wants one in my mouth..and then two under my chin… They are so soft and delicate…

    New wallpaper, sorry cookie monster bunny.

  81. The bunnies… the bunnies… -dies of cuteness overdose-

  82. Cute,almost looks like my bunny. My bunny is like a cat,i litter trained him,funny huh?Not really,but seriously i did do that, it was pretty hard,he still messes up but he does pretty good at it.How many are there?8,9,or10?How many?Well i gotta get going cause ym bunny is hollering at me to take him out.

  83. Those bunnies are soo freakin cute,i want another one!!!!