The tiniest mohawk

He’s all PUNKED out, multi-colored and a teeny ‘hawk. RIGHTEOUS!


Gracias, Schwa-brah and love boid Oliver 😉



  1. A thinker says:

    Wow. That ‘hawk is, like, three…feather…pieces. Yeah.

  2. pretty darn gosh cute…

  3. post two..

    the colours look sherbety yum!

  4. “I want more off the sides but keep one feather on top this time, ok?!”

  5. He looks like a popsicle.

  6. Denita TwoDragons says:

    You can just imagine him in front of his little mirror, trying so hard to slick it all down and make it look good for his lady-friend, but that one feather goes all “poit!” and sticks back up…*LOL*


  7. Eeee, a popsicle!! :-p

  8. purdy birdy

  9. D2D,

    love the image. I’m laughing now.
    I do find it a bit *odd* that we can only see one eye…

  10. Yey! More “boids” please!

  11. Lovebird with a mini hawk…love it!

  12. Tewtally righteous!

  13. So incredibly lovely! And birds are so smart, this little guy seems like he takes the cake. Plus the ‘hawk makes him smart-but-cool! Great pic, Meg!

  14. Whoo, nice mo-ho, lovahpunk. 😉

  15. I’ve noticed that the content of cuteoverload is getting…well, less cute.
    Back in the day logging on would cause me to squeal while at work. Now its usually just a sigh of disappointment.
    And its not just me saying this. My friends and coworkers agree.
    All we can say is:

  16. CUTE is in the eye of the beholder, SP.

  17. I know this is going to sound like a tired old record but, SweetPea, start your own cute site and let us know how that works out for you….

    I’m sure you know what you and your freinds like best.

  18. SweetPea, it’s gone. All gone. There’s only a finite amount of cute in the world, and we’ve finally used it all up. It’s like fossil fuels. So it’s probably high time to move on to something else, eh? Maybe try politics. THERE’S a reliable source of daily disappointment, if there ever was one.

  19. PS — Raaaawk! Pretty birdie!

  20. you guys r silly says:

    Guys — LISTEN:
    This little fella may LOOK all cutey-patootie, but
    *BEWARE*!!!!!! (I can NOT use enough exclamation points here!)
    Love Birds are *THE*NAUGHTIEST* little critters you will ever come up against I GUARANTEE YOU!!!
    Love Birds BEGUILE with their little beady eyes, and their feather fluffage, and their funny little bodies that are almost HALF head…
    they hold A WORLD of orneriness and naughtiness that just CANNOT BE CONTROLLED!
    Don’t say I didn’t warn you all!!!!!

  21. I’m running right out to get some rainbow sherbert for breakfast.

    Sweetpea: You and your friends must have developed a higher tolerance for cute over time. Take a look at say “Daily kitten” and see if it’s the same “oh well” response.
    If that’s it, take some time off from CO and then come back when you’ve had a rough day and see if the impact has returned.

    Taking a cute photo of a very cute critter can be really difficult. I’ve been playing around at “pet portrait photos” mainly annoying my cat and my friends’ pets. I figure I take 12-14 photos to get maybe 3-4 really nice ones.

  22. I haven’t tried photographing the birds yet. I know someone with a love bird that TEARS CAGES apart!

  23. you guys r silly says:

    We used to raise birds as a hobby and we had a couple of different kinds. And one pair of naughty little love birds that we had: It was their
    to continually BITE every other bird’s feet!
    Every one of our other birds must have HATED seeing these 2 tiny terrorists coming over to them, because they absolutely would NOT stop nibbling on everybody else’s feet, and it bugged the living *DAYLIGHTS* out of everybody!
    Birds can be the funniest (most adorable!) little companions!

  24. Yay! A bird! I like birds. Birds are cute. More birds, please?

  25. OOOOhoooo bright birdy…
    *ruffle the feathers* 😀

  26. He looks like a very distinguished gentleman, whose mom dressed him. 🙂

  27. “I asked wanted my cut to get a little trim, and she goes ahead and feathers it! Who am I, Feather Fawcett? Bah!”

  28. Pika Hikari KT says:

    Aw, pretty bird! The feather colors are beautiful…but how could the camera get that close without getting ‘the peck’? You know how birdies are with their reflection…

    But beautiful closeup.^^

  29. LOL Arvay… but wouldn’t he have a valet?

  30. “they hold A WORLD of orneriness and naughtiness that just CANNOT BE CONTROLLED!”

    ygrs, that’s because they’s so smart! True bird stories:

    Story 1 – The cockatoo who figured out how to open his cage in an aviary and promptly freed all the other birds.

    Story 2 – The guy who commented his parrot was smarter than the other guy’s dog.
    Dog owner: No way, man.
    Parrot owner: Yeah. What does your dog do when you say “sit!”?
    Dog owner: He sits! [gloating]
    Parrot owner: What does your dog do when my parrot says “sit!”?
    Dog owner: [silence]

  31. oh gosh, he’s so fluffy and soft looking. i could just squeeze him and hug him and love him and ….


  32. you guys r silly says:

    Oh I LOVE the thought of a birdy FREEING all of his buddies!!!!! That’s GREAT!!!
    Oh yesh!!! They ARE exceptionally smart — I agree!

  33. YGRS:

    You used the word ‘beguile’. Thank you.

    And so you would say that they have an especially formidable BEF?

  34. you guys r silly says:

    Actually, I think they *INVENTED* it!!!

  35. you guys r silly says:

    It used to crack me up when any of my little birdies would turn their head and
    one beady little eye straight at me!!!
    (“the better to SEE you with, my dear!”)

  36. I agree with the posters who say that cute little birds can be hard to deal with. One of my petsitting clients had two “lovebirds” like this one, and I wouldn’t put my hand in that cage even with the heavy leather biker glove the client provided. One of those little buggers was always trying to nip my fingers off. I called them “biker birds”.
    Maybe it was just their way of saying that they should be in the rainforest, not a damn cage, in which case I agree.

  37. I agree with all the commenters comparing the bird to sherbety goodness. I want to kiss the top of his head but I’d probably get my lips ripped off. Drat.

  38. Hi! I’m the owner of Oliver, the lovebird pictured. I just want to put my $.02 regarding lovebird behavior. The first few months we had Oliver he was a tad skittish and bite-y. Then, rather suddenly, he became one of the sweetest and most affectionate pets I’ve ever had. He likes to curl up by your neck or have you cup him in your hand while you skritch his neck.

    I’ve read that having paired lovebirds actually makes them worse pets, because they are bonded to one another. Having only one bird means that he bonds to his owners, making him much more friendly and sweet.

    Which isn’t to say he can’t be filled with mischief sometimes, but all in all he’s delightful…

  39. A Fine Morsel says:

    What a handsome fellow!

  40. Bird is the word

  41. Aww, Oliver is beautiful!

    I have a hand reared cockatiel who is sat on my shoulder right now and is an absolute sweetheart.

    Anyone who says birds aren’t cute need to spend some time with one. They’re hard work but the joy they bring is immense.

    I wuv my birdy!

    P.S. And wouldn’t you know it he’s just crapped on me. *rolls eyes*

  42. Judy B, when you wrote:
    “is sat on my shoulder”

    I instantly wondered if the word “sat” might soon become another word that rhymes.

  43. you guys r silly says:

    Please give Oliver a *scritchy-scritchy* on his little birdy head from ME, OK?

  44. Oooooo! I’m not particularly a “bird person” but there are some birdies out there that I just love love love. It looks like Oliver falls into that category. Such pretty coloring and he’s got a sweet look about him (which I’ve found in animals of all types can be very very deceiving). Horray for finding cute birdies!

  45. *shudder* I lived with 2 lovebirds and 2 cockatiels once. I hated them. THE NOISE and feather dust EVERYWHERE. Theyre cute, but too many bad memories!

  46. A big fat LOL @ Laurie C 😀

  47. LC: Would that have to do with singing, but not the kind a birdie would do?

  48. I had an “h” in mind, rather than a “c”, Aub.

  49. Oh, s*at. I do so hate being inaccurate. Apologies, and stuff, LC.

  50. No need, Aub. They both work.

  51. He looks like a widdle lime and orange sherbet popsicle!

  52. There once was a lovebird named Ollie
    Whose cuteness made folks exclaim, “Golly!”
    On schwa’s shoulder he sat
    But occasionally shat
    When some human confused him for Polly.

  53. I had a lovebird myself named Tequila Sunrise — Tequila for short. He was quite the lover and a little *&%^ too! It is true that they will bond with you if there’s no other bird around. Mine used to climb up the spokes of my wheelchair, then me in order to get in some loving. If I wouldn’t pay attention, he’d hop on my fingers while I typed on the keyboard! He also loved harrassing my cat who would lie (belly up) on the floor and wait, hoping Tequila would play with him. All he did was bite his ear and then run, screaming for me! He now has a new home where he is spoiled, since Tequila was so jealous of the cat.

    Lovebirds make wonderful pets!

  54. Piggalette says:

    We have a pair of these lil guys at the animal clinic where I work. They have to live in the back, because they were so loud that they were setting off the burglar alarm. They really need a good home if there are any birdie lovers in North Carolina.

  55. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Isn’t it gorgeous how the feathers shade from deep orange above his eyes down to soft peach under his chin?

  56. joshua, you sad bird torturer!

  57. Brak,

    you are right! I notice now. what a beatiful span of color.

  58. ain’t it amazing how we (well, *I*) can look at a picture bunches of times and not notice something until someone points it out?
    oh well. I always know I wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer…

  59. know = knew

    my spelling sucks around dinner time…

  60. Love da poem, Skwerly.

  61. Rich Fader says:

    I don’t know about the ‘hawk, but he looks like he got a crew cut and dyed it green. Ollroight…

  62. good gravy he’s cute!
    (and i have never had a bad experience with a peach-faced lovie — mine has lived with me for almost 7 years and is by far the sweetest, most charming, biggest-love-whore of a pet in pet-town, who will give anyone and everyone kisses)

    just saying 😉

  63. Finally a lovie!!! I have two and have been yearning for them to be on here. I can now die happy

  64. Not only does he have a tiny feather hawk (crewcut), he also has dipped his beak in blue dye! What’s next, a piercing?! ;-P

  65. wait a minute…
    this is not cute!

  66. he’s trying to be all bad-ass, but he’s just cute! rock on, little dewd.

    we used to have a budgie that did somersaults around his perch. is that normal? also, his cage hung near the guinea pig cage, and he started making guinea pig noises – whistles & chirps. I don’t know if they actually carried on conversations, but if they did, they were probably along the lines of:

    “where’s dinner?”
    “where’s dinner?”
    “you copying me?”
    “you copying me?”

  67. Something different to nourish our hearts, great pictures too. Thank you for helping me celebrate Blog Day.

  68. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Mariser– *raises hand* Art geek here… I always notice weird things like that…

  69. About time we had some more photos of cute parrots (in this case, Peach-faced Lovebirds) on here! Sure, the kitty, puppy and bunny lovers are cated for, but the adorable birds are where it’s all at 😉

  70. What a cutey pie. I wanna give em a kiss.