I love it when kittens are at that stubby stage where their paws and tails can hardly bend. There should be a word for that phase…


Fine, fine submishe, Stormy Girl!



  1. Good morning, peeps!!

    FEEL the sunshine, FEEL the fuzziness, then squeee aloud…

  2. Bug stage?

  3. stoofy legs, stoofy tail

  4. A thinker says:


    In the sunshine.

  5. Stumpy? Stumpy little tail, and they stump about on their little feets.

  6. Deckard Canine says:

    Too young to catch most birds, so they settle for ladybirds.

  7. The tail! It’s killing me.

    Killing me to DEATH.

  8. You gotta love when they get hissy at that age, too. Jumpin’ sideways, trying to scare everyone. Mkaes me shiver just thinkin’ about it. WoooOOoooOO – scary!

  9. I love this kitty’s little blue eyes in the shadows. She’s looking up so sweetly.

  10. rachel =^_^= says:


  11. Oh, Kate, you’re right! I didn’t see those precious eyes of sky shining.

  12. Kris, in New England says:

    “Ehn, ehn – get outta my space wouldcha? I mean, I love you but sheesh, a girl’s gotta have her space to sprawl and lounge.”

    This is a total bombshell of a Ragdoll kitteh.

  13. Stormy Girl could be the kitten’s name as well as the submitters. She looks like a little cumulus cloud.

  14. “submitter’s”! (sorry, spelling junkies)

  15. Turn to the light, kitteh, we must see your sweet lil face!!!

  16. A thinker says:

    Just imagine: lying there in the sunshine with that sweet little cloud of kitty, rubbing your face in the floof. *Sigh* that image will get me through work today.

  17. What a cute-ums!!. Wow, the toy is almost bigger than she is!
    Aaagh, I want to snorgle her!!!

  18. LaurieC, lovely image.

  19. Ooooh, I know, I know! *waves hand in the air*

    The word for it is: CUTE!! 😀

  20. snuffy little snuckens…

  21. Sooo cute!

    My little one is about this size and just as cute, until he’s awake. Then the biting starts. I hope he grows out of it, or it stops when’s he’s neutered (he’s too young.) I’ve tried a lot of different things, but none that seem to make an impact.

    *Sigh* I guess just looking at cute kitties who love their owners will have to do for now!!

  22. A thinker says:

    katerpie: kitties this age, and a little big older, are notorious biters/kickers/scratchers. It’s just their way of playing and getting used to their world. They *will* grow out of it. My sweetest boy baby was quite the fighter when young (I used to use an oven mitt to play with him; try it).

  23. A thinker says:

    *bit older

  24. Teughcats says:

    Katerpie: My little Katiecat was driving me nuts at about that age also. The oven mitt is a good idea; also there is a toy called a “kitten mitten” (glove with extra-extra-long fingers that have puffballs and bells at the end) that helped. But what helped the most was getting her a slightly older sister. Now she and Alliecat playfight with each other instead of me, and I (mostly) just get the purrs and love!

  25. Denita TwoDragons says:

    Awwwww good morning, fluffy little storm cloud kitty! And good morning, fellow peeps! 🙂


  26. !Stubbie McStubbiersons!

    /had to be said

  27. Jan Spencer says:

    Awww! I can only imagine my cat Sassy Girl was like this as a kitten. I don’t know as I adopted my cats as adults. She is sure a snuggler now I tell ya! Oh, and does anyone else have a cat who is ADDICTED to the treats TEMPTATIONS?
    She follows me into the kitchen every time I go in there and just meows til she gets her way. Til I open the cupboard door, and get them out for her. I don’t spoil her one bit. Or the other one (Tedi Bear)

  28. Those are really good suggestions! Thanks for the hope. 🙂

  29. Jan S sez,
    “I don’t spoil her one bit.”

    sure, sure. [pats hand] not *one* bit…

  30. It is a lovely pic! and cute! But I want to see the kitteh’s face!!

  31. bunnajenny says:

    I have a confession. I just squeed out loud at the office AND last night I actully stuffed my cat’s ear in my mouth…the snorgling was good.

    I need a cutidote.

    Katerpie: I would also consider a little discipline for your youngster. If you’ve had your baby from ~6 weeks and it hasn’t been socialized with its litter, you have to be the mama cat and set appropriate boundaries for play etc. A little bop on the nose with a fingertip, a little water spray (unless kitty likes water) or a coke can with a few pennies (Georgie-cat LOVES water) does the trick. Or as 2Cats suggested a sibling to teach it feline etiquette, we went that route too and George has been a lot more civilized since Emily’s arrival. She’s younger and smaller than he is, but spent some time on the streets and in a multicat foster situation, so is quite strict on the rules of engagement.

  32. martha in mobile says:

    A thinker is right – my kitteh was hell bent for leather when young. Now (at a year) she doesn’t use her claws on me when she knows it’s me. But if my hand is disguised under something (especially a sheet or towel), all bets are off and she’s Eviscerating HellCat.

  33. Wow… this comment thread is positively FERTILE with new vocabulary.

    And what a fantastic little poof.

  34. bunnajenny, I’m really glad to read that. It confirms what my instinct is for getting a new kitty. I want a kitten, but also want to adopt an old tom from a shelter, and haven’t been able to decide. Maybe I should do both, and Mr. T could help baby K behave herself with proper kitty decorum.

  35. crossed feets, peeple!


  36. Jaypo,

    heh. good luck with that. old toms are not generally known for “proper kitty decorum”, but rather the opposite.

    an old tom be good at setting boundaries, though. good luck on the adoption process and !yay! for kittehs of any age.

  37. I want to curl up to the kitty and sleep next to it.

  38. Yeah, I know… but who else will love’em?


    the few*.the proud.

    the peeps.

    * but growing!

  40. “Rigorkittenis” it should be called.

  41. Jan Spencer says:

    mariser…thanks for “believing” me. LOL 🙂

  42. bunnajenny says:

    jaypo, I’m sure you’ll find the right old man for your furry family, perhaps one that has been in foster, rather than solitary. While I fully concur that there are kittehs who are better off as only cats, most felines loves the snorgle too. A good mix of genders, a good mix of purrsonalities, enough litter boxes, enough food dishes, and enough personal space, topped off with a dash of patience, and we’ll be welcoming another member of the Cutefamily quicker than you can she snorgles siamese softly on the (web) site.

  43. When Miss Megumi was tiny, if I even felt a claw or tooth I would “shriek” (aiieee!) and over react as if it really hurt. She’s now super gentle with me…and rougher with others, but still usually within reason.

    This also means that I have to take a clawless paw slap or a low impact bite seriously. She has to have her way to say “no” “not now.” and “are you freakin’ nuts?”

    Last vet visit though he got the full treatment, she likes the lady vet better.

  44. what is she THINKING ABOUT? i would give my kingdom to know.

  45. katerpie, another way to keep a cat or kitten from a lot of biting is, whatever they’re biting, say your finger, push that finger or whatever they’ve got hold of just a bit farther back in their mouth/jaw (not violently). They let go right away. They will soon learn that biting isn’t fun for them, either.

  46. Jan S – That’s exactly what happens in my house! Elvis luuurves the Temptations and he only comes into the kitchen to convince me to give him some.

    As for the bitey cats, I have a worst-case scenario. (Sorry to be a downer). I adopted a baby cat during the time my ex had Elvis. Pugsly was a little biter and I thought he’d grow out of it, especially after having him neutered. He ended up being mean and nasty, to the point of attacking me without provocation and drawing blood. Something was just not right with him and I was on the verge of taking him to the pound as unadoptable – I wouldn’t let him near any friends or children and frankly, I was getting scared of him as well. I think he knew that and shot out the door one day when I was bringing in groceries. I looked for him but he was gone.

    My friends say the fact I named him Pugsly pushed him over the edge, but I do think he wasn’t right in the head.

  47. Silence Dogood says:

    Reminds me of when my son was about 18 months old. When he held his arms straight over his head his little wrists were about level with the top of his head. Huge babyhead! Teeny babyarms!

  48. Some ‘stub-born’ kits just don’t grown out of that stubby stage.

    Incidents, this cuteski reminds me of ‘The Orange Menace’. I was just about to go to bed this morning, when I thought I’d watch that vid again – it had me still laughing, at 12:30AM.

  49. katerpie: When my Hemingway was that age and bitey, I would squeak like a kitten in pain every time he bit me or used his claws. Of course, this depends on the kitlet caring that it’s hurting you, but he learned quickly how hard he could bite, and once he got control of them, he stopped extending his claws when he played with people’s hands. Sadly, he lacked the ability to abstract the concept of a hand under a blanket, so if I was playing ‘blanket monster’ when he got bigger, he could get me through a big puffy comforter. @_@

  50. amyh sez,
    “…the fact I named him Pugsly pushed him over the edge”

    I tend to agree. cats have their dignity, ya know.
    /snark off

    sad story, though. I hate to admit it, but some of us (humans and fellow mammals) are ‘bad seeds’ or to quote George Thoroughgood *bad to the bone*… and we as of yet have no means to deal with or assimilate them.

    here’s hoping that Pugsley found what he was looking for. [raises water bottle]

  51. Saska – yeah, all bets are off in the Blanket Monster game. Yowza!

    Elvis will give me a slight ‘love nip’ when he’s trying to get some luvin’. It’s more annoying than anything, especially when I’m trying to sleep. But then I look into his sweet, pleading eyes and I HAVE to give him some snorgle-time.

  52. I agree, Mariser, and thanks. I thought for a long time I was a bad cat mom and I read books, talked the vet, tried different ways of training, etc. I didn’t want him running around as a feral, but perhaps he was answering the call of the wild.

  53. Speaking of Temptations, my cat Bubba loves them. He will go so far as to open the drawer I keep them in and get out the bag by himself. He is so bad about this that I can’t keep anything around that is in that type of package or he thinks its for him.

  54. What’s most interesting about Temptations in our house is that Elvis has all his chewing teeth removed (old kitty, gingivitis) so I can’t imagine he even tastes them. He just swallows them whole in a blink of an eye. Whatever makes him happy…

  55. that is not a kitten. thats only a fluff. 😛

  56. Stubbler. Like a toddler, but much stubbier.

  57. In re: cat / kitten claws

    There are these things called ‘Soft Paws’, which are plastic claw covers you stick on with nail glue (comes in the package). Dusty wears them, and can therefore attack the bed-mice with impunity. She doesn’t particularly like getting them installed (and they have to be reapplied when the claw sheathes they’re glued to are shed, a natural, normal process not related to the Soft Paws), but she puts up with it. The only problem was that the store was sold out of the girly-pink ‘kitten’ size ones, and she’s currently wearing baby-boy-blue instead… Oh, the indignity…

    — Emc^2

  58. I think that stage is called nubbin time.

  59. Amy/Kelly, OK then my cat isn’t crazy. I thought she was. Man, seriously, even when we have those summer thunderstorms, Sass will run and hide under the bed, but all I have to do is shake that Temptations bag and out she pops and starts meowing profusely. LOL Funny critters aren’t they? Boy I wish my life was like that, the only thing to worry about is when do I get more treats. LOL

    I wish whoever made Temptations would contact me, or maybe I should contact them, then we could get a contract for a lifetime supply of Temptations vs. showing how nuts my cat gets everytime I shake the bag. Her favorite is the chicken ones.

  60. i want a kitten even more than before now!! a fluffy one.

  61. geez, I’m gonna hafta go find some of those Tempatation treats now, after hearing these stories. I use Pounce treats now, but of *course* want my babehs to have the very *very* best.

  62. Jan S – there’s another treat I found back in Michigan (haven’t found in Arizona) called “Catty Shack”. They are soft treats in a cardboard carton like the milk cartons from elementary school. When Elvis was staying with his grandma and grandpa while Mom (me) was gallavanting around Europe for a while, my littlest niece picked them out for him. He went bonkers! My parents get them for him as a Christmas present and even though it’s a once a year thing, he still goes freaky crazy as soon as he hears me shake the box.

    They probably have no redeeming nutritional value, which is why he loves them. (Kind of like me and Doritos – I eat them rarely because all restraint goes out the window).

  63. ceejoe, Pounce treats have their uses. Once, on vacation in Vancouver, and needing a cat fix, my boyfriend and I walked down a residential street just after dark and shook a can of Pounce treats. Cats popped out of various places and came running from halfway down the block.

    Cat fix achieved. I always thought I should write that one in to Pounce. (And maybe get that lifetime supply!)

  64. Ceejoe – You can find the Catty Shack treats at Meijer. Just in case you wanted to check those out as well. (Now I feel like a kitty treat pusher. HA!)

  65. Laurie C – *great* story! I know what you mean about being away and needing animal fixes!

    AmyH – I’ve seen those Catty Shack snacks too. Maybe I’ll try both!
    /and you and Doritos ==> me and Ruffles…/

  66. chunkstyle says:

    Our kittens have that ladybug and a butterfly made by the same company (Fatcat I think) They just luuuuuurve their lil’ buggies. They crackle and have catnip inside. Seeing my lil black cloud cuddle up with a ladybug sends me into sugar shock.

  67. The Adirondack queen says:

    OMG!!! Is this not just tooooooooooooooooooooooo
    cutesum!!! Love it. Donna and Jenna

  68. My Omen-cat is willing to have his dignity compromised for chicken-flavoured Feline Greenies (which look like little green fish-shaped combs). There’s nothing quite like watching a nearly-full grown tuxedo-cat tottering about on his hind legs, front paws reaching for a small tidbit….

    Except possibly for this little fluffball. ^.~

  69. “Eviscerating HellCat”


    Yes, I have one of those too, Martha in Mobile. Calmer now that she’s a bit older, but she still has her moments.

  70. Cuteness of this intensity could push me towards some sort of violent act.

  71. My old-man cat will do anything for the cat treats Restoration Hardware sold, packed in a white-enameled tin labeled (naturally) “Cat Treats”. I bought it for the tin, thinking I could just put any treats in it when what came with it were gone, or if The Beast didn’t like them.

    To my surprise, Monty loved them. Unfortunately, I had thrown away the tag before I found out how much he liked them, and RH no longer carries them. Anybody know who made the treats (don’t need another tin…) and how I could get some more for him?

  72. musicchick2 says:

    Jan Spencer – My two babies are also ADDICTED to Temptations, and turn their noses up at any other brand of treat. It’s so bad that I have to hide the treats and SPELL the word if describing their addiction to a friend. ‘Cause if they hear the word TREAT they are on me like white on rice! LOL!

  73. Emc^2 –
    Sounds like all you need to do is put Temptations in the RH tin!

  74. Jan Spencer says:

    Ceejoe, I tried Catty Shack treats with my two, they kinda just turned their noses up towards them, don’t know why. I got them when we lived in Wisconsin, must be more available in the midwest.

    The Temptations, man, musicchick, yes, I am right there with ya on that.

    Hey, Meg, think we should contact the Temptations people and have them sponsor your website??? What with all these testimonials here for the brand. LOL

  75. Jan:

    If that idea takes, how are these for themes:

    “Ain’t Too Cute For Meg”
    “Baroo of Confusion”
    “Puppies Rolling After Bones”

  76. Jan Spencer says:

    Aubrey, oh that is way too good! I like the Baroo of Confusion! That’s great!

  77. Geez, with Meijer about 2 miles down the road, I’ll have to try Temptations AND Catty Shack NOW NOW NOW. My 4 cats can hear me THINKING about treats and they are staring me down with impunity. [Don’t tell them I hid the catnip in the pantry. They’ll open the door, climb in, knock over the flour and soon be in kitgazmo-heaven.]

  78. clearly the ‘stubblet’ stage.

  79. Oh!!a fluffy kitty..Joy Joy 😀

  80. How about Stubbitude?

  81. His name is Skyler Bleu and is a big boy now of nearly 2 yrs old

  82. Landy — Skyler is Bleutiful.

  83. what a q-t