Don’t make me keeeeell you.

Alert reader Diana S. is obvy playing with fire. FIRST, she names her cat: "Mr. Carlos Muffin." I mean, sure, he just happens to LOOK like a Carlos Muffin, so she got lucky there. THEN, she decides to dress him up in a bonnet and have her friend Tex take photos. She’s reeeeaaaally playing with fire…


Watch it, Diana S.!



  1. What a sour puss!

    *cymbal crash*


  2. looks like she’s squeezin him till his eyes water.

  3. That is *so* Cute/Evil.

  4. [Joe Satriani elec guitar TWANG]

    “My kitter’s gonna kill your mama…”

  5. Stephanie H says:

    He’s SO not impressed.

  6. You can already see murderous thoughts in his eyes 😦

  7. I just love that leedle biddy smushie-face! I just wish I could get away with looking at my boss like that!

  8. Disapproving kitten? He’s more than disapproving…he’s…
    deploring kitten or disgusted kitten.

  9. Lauren C. says:

    Wow! Carlos Muffin is probably the greatest name ever devised for a mitten.

  10. LOL!! He’s SOOO mad…

  11. KITTEH! He’s an angry pussy.

  12. you guys r silly says:

    holy god in heaven — first,
    killed me INSTANTLY.
    ripped me from my final resting place and

  13. Aw, don’t be mad Mr. Carlos Muffin. You look so pretty wearin’ that hat.

  14. pinupkate says:

    let’s all just be thankful that there’s not a matching lacy dress involved.

    *waits for the “it’s not cute, it’s cruel!” brigade to show up*

  15. Grumblepuss! Mew! I love the ‘tude and the adorable name combined… like Mr Tinkles in “Cats and Dogs” … He will claw your eyes out and take over the world, then make biscuits in a sunpuddle for houuuurs.

  16. I’d like to see the next few frames in that photo shoot …


    Gah. Poor cute kitteh. Garrison Keillor talking about the neighbor girls dressing up their cats as “little cat children” didn’t mean THIS.

  17. My name ees Carrrlos. Carrrlos Mmmmuffin. To you, I may seem all teeny and furry and sweet, but of thees I warn you: thees eenocent-looking leetle bonnet geeves me sooper powers of weech you cannot eemageene. See how my eyes they start to glow, my mouth she turns so deesapproving. Soon, thee claws will appear. Weeth speed like thee lightning, I weel rip thee bonnet from my head, grab thee long reebon and beefore you know eet, you weel be tied up like a leetle peeg. PEEG, I SAY!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  18. you guys r silly says:

    On a more serious note, if I may be permitted to say so…
    The beautiful grumples faced kitteh reminds me so so so much of my own beautiful grumples faced Stinky who I lost over a year ago. . .
    How I would love to *smooch* that wondermous squashed-in face one more time…&:o(

  19. This is just a disguise..I have charted my take-over of the world. Conquest begins at 09:00 hours. Right after a can of tuna and a trip to the litter box. Be warned humans!

  20. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    Just a minute, let me catch my breath!


    I’m sorry Senor Carlos Muffin, Sir, but you look like you need a kiss…maybe a hug…howsabout getting high on some catnip…that’ll make everything alllllllright.

    You dig? Groovy.

  21. Rule of cuteness #XXX: a pissed-off expression = cuteness.

  22. I think persians are ugly, but this pic is simply lovely! 🙂

  23. that’s just too freakin’ adorable. It’ll be worth all the terror that cat will cause later in revenge. (especially since it won’t be any terror towards me! Ha!)

  24. Wow, he looks soooo pissed of. I mean, like dude, seriously.

  25. Kitten-lovin' freak says:

    shouldn’t this be in ‘cute or sad’? The poor skittle guy looks humiliated… beautiful kitty though, love the smoky fur and smooshy face.

  26. Kitten-lovin' freak says:

    shouldn’t this be in ‘cute or sad’? The poor skittle guy looks humiliated… beautiful kitty though, love the smoky fur and smooshy face.

  27. Kitten-lovin' freak says:

    shouldn’t this be in ‘cute or sad’? The poor skittle guy looks humiliated… beautiful kitty though, love the smoky fur and smooshy face.

  28. Kitten-lovin' freak says:

    shouldn’t this be in ‘cute or sad’? The poor skittle guy looks humiliated… beautiful kitty though, love the smoky fur and smooshy face.

  29. Kitten-lovin' freak says:

    shouldn’t this be in ‘cute or sad’? The poor skittle guy looks humiliated… beautiful kitty though, love the smoky fur and smooshy face.

  30. Kitten-lovin' freak says:

    shouldn’t this be in ‘cute or sad’? The poor skittle guy looks humiliated… beautiful kitty though, love the smoky fur and smooshy face.

  31. “Hello. My name is Carlos Muffin. You put my head in a bonnet. Prepare to die.”

  32. ‘Unspeakably cruel and not at all cute’ …

    … is how I would describe whatever Mr. Carlos Muffin is about to do to his owner.


  33. pugmamatimestwo says:

    So where are all those folks to accuse this lady of abusing her squishy-faced cat by allowing him to exist? I sense a pugnaciousness double-standard here.

    ANYHOO, this is the best expression I’ve ever seen of pure kittie evil. I bow to Carlos Muffin’s superior self.

  34. hrh.squeak says:

    Aubrey – I laughed so hard I lost my *breath*.

  35. This one belongs in the cute or sad category.

    Is that hat actually lace, too? gaaack!!

  36. Doesn’t anyone else think the kitteh looks like an Ewok? But in a good way…

  37. That almost got me in trouble. I was in the process of leaving a phone message when the page loaded. I snorted, kind of backwards, and nearly choked. So now, there’s a message out there with “I just wanted to let you know *snort**gag**cough**ouch* that I’ll be …”

  38. Kris, in New England says:

    OK, the cat is superior. But clothing on animals is just wrong to me.

  39. We have a kitten counterpart for the famous ‘most fearsome bunny disapproval ever captured on film’. Again, no survivors 😀

  40. When the page loaded, I actually gasped. Amazing little cranky face.

    But the bonnet doesn’t go so well with the elegant touch of mink-y looking fur.

  41. A thinker says:

    Oh poor Mr. Grumpyface!!

  42. A Fine Morsel says:

    Oh, the miserable wretch! Ha ha ha!

  43. A thinker says:

    And *bravo* to Aubrey.

  44. Neighborhood Kitty Haven says:

    Aubrey – I love the Princess Bride reference. You can see this kitty repeating that phrase over, and over, and over. 🙂

  45. Wow! I can FEEL the hatred coming off this poor kitty in waves!

  46. Inigo Montoya was always my favorite.

  47. [sings]
    you are so dead, Diana S.
    you are so dead, so dead
    don’t go to sleep, Diana S.
    kitteh is gonna sit on youuuuu


  48. MelissaLovesPugs says:

    Aubrey, as if the face wasn’t enough. Your comment really got me. Hehee!

  49. man, he does not look happy. say good-bye to your eyes, unless he’s de-clawed

  50. “You keep using dis word ‘cute.’ I do not think dis word mean what you think it mean.”

  51. Greetings ~ I’ll have you know that the situation has been “taken care of”. I’d advise you to take your laundry to the laundromat from now on, however. The washing machine is, uh…full.

  52. Is that a bonnet? I thought it was a muffin paper…

  53. Teughcats says:

    Teehee – cute annoyed smooshy-faced kitty!

    We have a tortie Himalayan at the shelter currently. Sorry, Carlos, but she is the CUTEST smooshy-face ever. And with the tortie-tude also…

  54. This cat is the feline incarnation of Stewie from Family Guy.

  55. The Adirondack queen says:

    Oh, the humiliation!!!! Best thing to happen to a cat says my girl Jenna Pooh (JRT).

  56. When is someone going to complain about the cruelties of breeding Persian cats with flat faces?!!!

    LOL, sorry. People are rees.

  57. i agree with kris in new england. with rare exceptions (hedgehog with flower), clothing on animals is just wrong. sad rather than cute. cannot condone. where will it end?? i must take a stand.

  58. Floppy limbs!

  59. semanticAntics says:

    Not cruel, but it is butt ugly.

  60. Day #73

    My captors exacted their excruciating torture upon me in the form of a lacy white bonnet, but still, I would not speak. Even though it was kinda pretty.

    One day, I shall have my revenge. Oh yes. One day.

  61. I totally can hear the kitty saying “I will keeeeel you” in the voice of Izma from the Emperor’s New Groove.

  62. Dustbunny says:

    “We are not amused.”

  63. Now that’s one ugly cat!

  64. Teughcats says:

    Hey, it’s the return of LR! Aren’t you going to direct us to a photo of your slepping cat?

  65. …and no redundant link, either! The boy can learn.
    Howdy, Lohan.

  66. O….M….G!

    That cutie little kitty puss looks JUST LIKE my boy Chester! And I mean JUST LIKE! Only difference is my boy Chester has ORANGE eyes! Mr. Carlos Muffin (fabu name, BTW) is my boy Chester’s doppleganger!

    And my boy Chester pretty much tolerates just about anything we might do. He’d wear the bonnet and look resigned and perturbed, not unlike Mr. Carlos Muffin!

    Bonus: I get to snorgle my exact replica of Mr. Carlos Muffin ANY TIME I WANT! Most of the time I can only dream of snorgling all of the cutie pies on this site!

  67. Piggalette says:

    Man I love angry-faced cats! Too funny.

  68. Tony James says:

    [evil Colombian drug baron voice]
    “So…you like to play leetle games wiz Carlos “De Muffin” Muffin, eh? Well let me tell you somtheeng, greengo – tonight Carlos, he play leetle games wit Choo! How about a leetle game we lak to call Proctologeest, where de local ER tries to work out how you got thees bonnet shoved so far up your heinie? Dat sound like fon to you? Me an my fren, Meester Teenkles, we find all sorts of fon and games for you…”
    [/evil Colombian drug baron voice]

  69. lurkertype says:

    Yes, Mister Carlos Muffin will have an elaborate and painful revenge.


    Obvy, I am back from vacation. We reclaimed TuxKit #2 and installed him in the library.

    HIM WUVS US!!!

    Tiny squeaky mews, insistent head-bonking for pettin’s, big purr, etc. every time we go in there.


    He’s eating crunchies, wet food, drinking his water, pooping in his box, playing with toys, little teeny tail up in the air.

    Her Royal Tortieness is bristling, growling, hissing and alternately looks like kitty above or is purring on us. She is The Tortie, our Kitty, a jealous Cat who thinks we should have no other cats before her, y’know…

    Outdoor TuxCats came up to the door and demanded food as soon as we got home. Kittens still adorable — they grow so much in a week — and neither them nor MomTux seems to miss our new boy.

    Still looking for a name for the lil’ guy.

  70. lurkertype says:

    Oh, and *pat pat, there there* to Teho for giving up the Dooneses.

  71. Okay, I’ll give a one former poster this much: no, squashed-faced cats shouldn’t be favoured either. It _is_ a cruel streak in animal breeding, and by not demanding those as pets their breeding will end. But every existing one should be taken better than good care.

  72. Welcome back, lurkertype! Though no welcome from us peeps could rival your tuxkit welcome, from both sides of the door. Thanks for the update. Glad they all love you.

  73. Tony James says:

    Lurker – YAY for TuxKits! Suggestion: you could name them after people who look good in tuxedos: Cary (Grant), Greg (ory Peck), Jimmy (Stewart), and then all of the Bond actors. After that there’s penguins: Emperor, Rockhopper, King, Ridgen, Gentoo, Adelie, Chinstrap, Snares, Macaroni, Little, Magellan, Humboldt, and Galapagos.

  74. Aw heck, throw “Dodo” in there too.

  75. TJ – Macaroni penguins? I fear you might have made that one up and threw it in to see if anyone was paying attention.

  76. Lick My Pickles says:

    Pussy yells “EVIL DOES NOT WEAR A BONNET!!”…then continues to plot to take over the world!! mwahahahahaha

  77. lunkertype-
    My tuxcat is Oreo – he would be honored to share with tuxkitty. Or, as far as good looking dudes in tuxes, how about my favorite – Clooney?!

  78. LurkerT: Nothing beats a good, insistent head bonk. And if you find yourself leaning towards Cary Grant name-wise, may I suggest instead Archibald Alexander Leach?

  79. Ooops, mega sorry – lurkertye!

  80. Thank you, Theo. Though I much prefer the idea of TJ making up a new species. He’s so inventive.

  81. Tony James says:

    Laurie – while Macaroni would be a sweet name for a kittin, it really is a type of pengwinne:

  82. Tony James says:

    Aubrey – Archie Leach would be a great name for a kitten, but then you’re into John Cleese territory, which leads us to Monty Python, and after that all bets are off in the naming stakes (“It’s spelled ‘Raymond Luxury Yacht’ but it’s pronounced ‘Throatwobbler Mangrove’).

  83. Oh, and Theo- hope you are coping ok with the empty catcave 😦

  84. OMG that’s the funniest thing I’ve EVER SEEN!!!!

  85. TJ: We happily wander into Python territory! Look no further than the (very) Silly Party:

    “Malcolm Peter Brian Telescope Adrian Umbrella Stand Jasper Wednesday (pops mouth twice) Stoatgobbler John Raw Vegetable (sound effect of horse whinnying) Arthur Norman Michael (blows squeaker) Featherstone Smith (blows whistle) Northgot Edwards Harris (fires pistol, which goes ‘whoop’) Mason (chuff-chuff-chuff) Frampton Jones Fruitbat Gilbert (sings) ‘We’ll keep a welcome in the’ (three shots, stops singing) Williams If I Could Walk That Way Jenkin (squeaker) Tiger-draws Pratt Thompson (sings) ‘Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head’ Darcy Carter (horn) Pussycat ‘Don’t Sleep In The Subway’ Barton Mainwaring (hoot, ‘whoop’) Smith”

  86. lurkertype says:

    TJ speaks truth. I was looking at various Gaelic names, and no one but ourselves would be able to spell/pronounce them, and it would be too, too, too much for the vet staff, all of whom are Punjabi…

    I love Clooney too — even saw him in person once (swoon swoon!) — which leads me to believe Mr. L won’t accept that. 😉

    I will inquire of the kitty what he thinks of the above names. It took us at least a week to name HRTortie, so it’s okay to wait.

    He seems a clever boy — much more Eben than Snooch.

    Mr. L being a geek, I have already premptively vetoed “Gentoo”. This is a kitten, not an operating system.

  87. lurkertype says:

    Aubrey, we were listening to Python CD’s on our travels, incl. that sketch. And the “Spamalot” cast recording.

  88. CARLOS MUFFIN????????
    diana is ingenious….. the bonnet thing gets done around my house weekly…
    eterrnally funny

  89. That cat is SO gonna come and get you in the middle of the night. LOL

  90. Carlos Muffin would have FOUND the weapons of mass destruction!!

  91. lurkertype says:

    Carlos Muffin IS the WMD!

  92. Tony James says:

    WMD? Whizzing Mittens of DEATH!!! Bwa hah ha ahha ha ha ha ha ha….

  93. “There is no theory of evolution. Carlos Muffin simply allows Chuck Norris to live.”

  94. Next t-shirt:

    “There is no theory of cuteness. Just a list of animals Meg Frost allows online.”

  95. Awww!
    Just look at the “bags” under his eyes… adds to the whole “Don’t make me keeell you!” effect. =P

  96. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Whoa! That is one pissed-off kitty cat!

  97. Warning: the stories are kind of grim – I cleverly decided to read them thoroughly after I posted the link.

    Carry on!

  98. His Excellency Carlos Muffin the VI tewtally belongs in the arms of Dr. Evil.

    yoohoo! Pshoppers! run with it!

  99. Woods Walker says:

    I was half expecting for the CAT to at least bare it’s claws after such an insulting occurance. But then the owner has to sleep sometime.-Woods Walker

  100. Definitely a candidate for…

  101. misscrisp says:

    Welcome home to lurkertype and hooray for tuxkit keepsies! I’m most horribly envious of evolving headbutting glorious fun. Clooney IS a good name.

  102. Now I think that is cruel and unusual punishment. That poor persian!
    The kitty’s got that look that growls “I am not amused!”

  103. How wonderful! Just that whole look about Mr Carlos Muffin that tells you exactly how her days are numbered……

    All I can say: that is a brave, brave lady.

  104. Gwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Thsi reminds me of finding the old photgraph of my retired Sgt. step-father’s two cats wearing top hats. And he said we were silly to dress up animals 😛

  105. Cruelty to animals is illegal LOL ….
    Someone save that poor baby before they try and make him/her pose for a cat commerical ..too cute

  106. Lady Douji says:

    ‘I swear by my pretty floral bonnet I will end you’

  107. “Get ready for a cat/hat trick that you’re not gonna like at all.”

  108. brownamazon says:

    “Say hello to my leel’ friend!!”

  109. He looks like Winston on FourFour!

  110. Tonight.. while you sleep..
    HYAK! … a hairball in your shoe!

  111. All right, that does it. Tony James, will you be a guest writer on the site?

    Write me that you will!

  112. AuntieMame says:

    Oh, please, please, please, pleeeeeeease! Do it, TJ!

    And Miss Diana S. had better watch her back. Mr. Carlos Muffin has a hairball with her name on it…

  113. acelightning says:

    Definitely “Cute Or Sad?” – and I vote for “sad”.

  114. nothin’ like tabbing over to CO from a pro tools session, bursting into hysterical giggles, and having a whole band of grizzled teenaged rockers wonder what the hell they are paying me for. lmao best rarr!kitten EVAR.


  116. Such a face. That’s a fur bawl just waiting to happen.

  117. WA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!!

    If looks could kill, there wouldn’t have been any evidence of this ^_^.

  118. THAT CAT has a grudge now !

  119. Holy crap that is one pissed off cat.

  120. everything’s better with a bonnet on it. ethpecially a persian puddy tat.

  121. OMG SCARY!! but cute at the same time. The photo made me laugh out loud for a few seconds, a scared laugh that is.

  122. That cat looks so much like my persian, Wookiee, that I’m now convinced he’s been skipping out on me and playing dress up with other owners.

  123. I think he looks rather self satisfied, as the the vengence has already taken place and hasn’t been discovered yet.

    He’s thinking, “I’ve gotten you back, all I have to do it hang here and let the plot come to fruition.”

  124. Lauri, you may be right! Whenever I do something my cat doesn’t like (clipping his nails, cutting mats out of his fur, taking away the piece of garbage he’s playing with,) he leaves me a nice “surprise” in the bathroom sink. Bad kitty!

  125. Tony James says:

    Meg – what can I say? I am both honoured and enormously flattered to be asked. There are so many great commentators on this site, I don’t know that I am worthy of the invitation, but I will do my best to live up to expectations.

  126. [Columbian drug lord]

    Tony James, eef you weel not say yes to Meg’s eenvitation, I weel send my not-declawed boys to whoop your greengo aass. Capisce?

    [/Columbian drug lord]

  127. Oh, he looks so much like my Warlock when he was a li’l grumpty-faced baby (except for the bonnet; I would never have gotten away with that). The cute is too much! I just want to snuggle him and squeeeeee!

  128. golf clap for Mr. Teej Esq, DMD, DTD, FBI, CIA, KGB, GCOW*

    well-deserved, boy-o!
    we look forward to more of your commentary.

    * Guest Cute Overload Writer

  129. A thinker says:

    Yay Teej! Promotion!

    [chant]TJ! TJ! TJ![/chant]

  130. that belongs on >_<

  131. Cat sez: “Some days… it just don’t pay to get out of bed….”

  132. TJ,

    and with the promotion comes the CO official car (a pink VW beetle with rabbit-ear antenna, dontcha think), and the raise, and the corner office (T., are there corners in the CODO?), and port-a-snorlge 24/7, and…

  133. mariser, aren’t *all* the offices on the CODO corner offices? That’s part of what makes it a dream office. And nice wide windowsills for kitties to curl up on.

  134. The CODO also needs the above ground walkways for the kitties like

    Way to go, TJ!

  135. LaurieC,

    you make a good point, but isn’t the Space Needle kinda roundish?
    besides, as long as all the offices have a fireplace, and a corner jacuzzi, and a fully stocked fridge, and a couple of ‘touch-free’ litterboxes, and perfect espressos on demand, and a view of the bay, and…

  136. Mariser — you are quite correct. No corners atall.

  137. T. sez,
    “Mariser — you are quite correct”

    aha! I’m saving this. having it framed. going on the wall at CODO.

    /oh yeah, right…is not real [yet]

  138. Denise in Nebraska says:

    A really bad poem, for Mr. Carlos Muffin:

    Mr. Carlos Muffin
    How do you do?
    I see someone placed a small bonnet, on you.
    I’m sorry. So sad.
    Life cannot be good.
    Things don’t always turn out the way that they should.
    Come here, little cat.
    Allow us to pet you.
    We are laughing out loud but don’t want to upset you!
    You’re cute, you know.
    And that’s no small feat.
    Once Cute O. gets involved,
    you gotta take the heat.

    love, The World

  139. Denise in N., that was great!

  140. bunnajenny says:

    Congratulations TJ!

  141. Hooray, Tony James! And also hooray for the sweet panther family pic – I was going to submit that photo today, but you beat me to it.

  142. Caroline, your post is about 4 syllables short of a HYAK!-u poem.
    TJ- The leopard baby nearly killed me dead. Is it looking at the camera, or the end of mom’s tail? I sure wouldn’t want to be the vet who has to treat that kitten- how to get past its guardians?? (trembling vet voice,”don’t worry mom, I ‘m just going to borrow your baby for a moment and give it an injection,—well maybe it can wait!”)

  143. Doodalalala says:


    poor kitty. You amuse me so.

  144. lurkertype says:

    YAY! for TJ!!!

    TuxKit has evolved into what I like to call “the electron cloud stage” — boinging around the room so fast he’s effectively everywhere at once.

    He found a ping pong ball in there and so we hear that a lot. Watching him run is amusing, as you all know nothin’ beats kittin on a hardwood floor.

    HRTortie slept with and on me, then horked a “present” under the coffee table.

    I can’t pet the lil’ guy right now as he’s too boingy. I’ll get him when he settles. Mr. L went in to see him on his way to bed and reported that TK did head-buttings and purrs since he hadn’t been petted in a couple hours. What a love!

  145. Hoorah hoorah hoorah for TJ!
    The Whizzing Mittens of Death is what did it! 😉

    And YAY, lurker, for the Tuxkit! That is the BEST feeling in the wuuurld!

  146. Elizabeth says:

    I could have gone home with the super villian…. *glares at camera*

  147. Addicted to Cute says:

    The headline alone was enough to crack me up but that FACE! Oh sweet merciful magillicutty that FACE!!!

    Did I mention I love this site? Kind of in the same way I love air.

  148. this is quite possibly, nay probably my favourite pic on cute overload evah!

    and i’ve been watching from the start…


  149. What does the name mean? Is it a reference to a movie? tv show?

    Signed : Clueless in Canada

  150. Carlos Muffin: Ah, with this i will have created the ultimate weapon to rule over all cats and the WORLD!!!

    Diana: Carlos Muffin, come here, it’s time to play dress up!

    Carlos Muffin: What? NO!! Get away!!

    Diana: Look what i have for you Carlos. A bonny bonnet!


    Diana: Who’s the pretty puss now?

    Carlos Muffin: I’ll get you yet, woman! You have to sleep sometime!

  151. o.k. this is a t-shirt I would buy. Mr. Carlos Muffin on the front and the words, “I am Mr. Carlos Muffin…. And I will keeel you!”

  152. This kitty reminds me somehow of that Stewie character from the Family Guy cartoom on Fox. Slightly evil, slightly rediculous…

  153. God! He’s just SO cute! Angry kittens with serial killer expressions are lovely! I’d love to have a kitty just like him, haha.